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  1. ohmygosh, that is amazing!!! you did a wonderful job!!! for poisonapple's package to arrive
  2. these are going to be lovely when you are finished.
  3. oooh, we had a maillady once who did the same thing!!! I was expecting a package, so I kept checking the mail, after a week I tried to catch her, and one day I finally did, and she told me that she never brings packages because no one is ever home, so after a week then she leaves a notice in your box saying you have two days to pick up the box at the post office or it will be returned. She will not deliver the box because when she does that then the people are never home! and she said her supervisor is ok with this! I lived in an apt, and she drove a large truck! it's not like she had to c
  4. Krystal, just wanted to let you know that I put my donation in the mail today. Maillady comes around 3, so you should get it in a couple of days.
  5. Krystal, I don't have a stash to draw from and my car isn't running but I would like to help financially. I can't afford much but if even just a couple of bucks will help with postage or gift cards PM your address and I will get it in the mail tomorrow.
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