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2017 Stashbusting CAL


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I had a really good week, or a really bad week, depending on how you look at it  :D


This week I finished what I could do on my stashbusting granny square (although I'll be adding to it as I go through projects), made 2 preemie sets, an Operation Gratitude set, 12 preemie hats, and a set of 2 preemie hats and a preemie blanket for my new baby cousin who was born on Thursday at 30 weeks gestation. All these projects used up 14 skeins and 8 balls (+36). I also rehomed 12 skeins to a friend who was running low on supplies (+24). I got my stash down to two bins!!! 


But then I decided to get the yarns I'd need for a Harry Potter CAL and a Firefly CAL...32 skeins (-64)...and then there was an amazing deal with coupons on Michael's on Friday...36 skeins of colors I didn't have in my stash anymore (-72)....but on the plus side, I have now used all the yarn money I had from tax time so I should be held to much stricter buying from here on  :lol  :lol


WTD : -76

YTD: +163


This week I'm mailing out the preemie stuff I made for my newest little cousin and working on the regular baby-sized blanket I had already planned on making him. Once that's finished I'm starting on the CAL squares!! :yay

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Scores for the week ending 3/4/17:

Gold Medal Winner: MalisaMeesa +15

Silver Medal Winner: howieann +4

Bronze Medal Winner: a tie at +2: PBLKNP & Charis


greyhoundgrandma +1


pineknott 0

yarnscrapper 0


Shoot the Moon Winner: Innked0317 -76

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This week I made a blanket for my newest baby cousin! That used 4 balls of yarn (+4). I've also been working on a HUGE blanket that will be half Firefly themed and half Harry Potter themed. I've already made 7 squares, but I have only finished 1 skein (+2) so far because there are so many colors used in these squares. To make sure I don't double credit myself, I'm only going to count fully used skeins until the end of the project.


WTD: +6

YTD: +169


I'll be posting the leaderboard after church tomorrow, so don't expect to see it until the afternoon!!

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been awhile since i have been in here. been working on x-stitching SALs. i did receive my order 6 skeins of yarn on Friday to work on a winter coat for my wife. which I managed to use up one already. I won't be surprised if I shoot the moon lol.


WTD: -10 YTD: -12 for week of 3.11.17

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After being in the plus column, I just HAD to run out and get the yarn for the Mary Maxim Crochet Along!  I was going to use stash, but there was nothing that matched properly, so:


Stashbuster Total: WTD -14 YTD -6


:devil  :devil  :devil

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Yay! I used up all that variegated yarn for my scarf! I went to Joanns this week for patches...I was strong. Didn't buy any yarn!


WTD +2



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OK here's this week's standing!!


GOLD: pineknott and inkked0317 (+6)

SILVER: jessicali (+5)

BRONZE: greyhoundgrandma and charis (+2)


Adding to the stash: addicted2patterns (-10)


Shoot the moon: pblknp (-14)

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​Ladies!!!  I'm finally back!!!!  The last 6 weeks have been challenging... I started a new job and had to get certified in 4 different disciplines. That meant lots of studying and lots of class time. Then in between everything my siblings and I had to move our father to a nursing home. I'm quit surprised at how many different avenues you have to pave to get a move like this done.


​Then on top of everything my computer died on me!!  It looks like I may be up and running again. Fingers crossed.


​Regardless to say I have not played with yarn for a long time. I'm hoping within the next week I might be able to relax and play!!!


​So...  WTD = 0   and   YTD = +4


So I lied  :-(  My computer started to act up AGAIN!!!!  Maybe I'll be back this week.    However, I still haven't done any crocheting so my status has not changed...

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Hi all!!


I'm still working on this CAL blanket, but I did finish a skein this week!  Then I went 4 entire days without touching yarn or hook and I think I'm about to go through withdrawals so I plan on getting in some hooking time tomorrow after church  :D


WTD : +2

YTD: +171

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