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2017 Stashbusting CAL


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Scores for the week ending 1/28/17:

Gold Medal Winner: Inkked0317 +33

Silver Medal Winner: MalisaMeesa +12

Bronze Medal Winner: 3 way tie at +2: pineknott, jessicali, & Ellie 13



yarnscrapper 0

howieann 0


PinkGlitter -1


Shoot the Moon winner: greyhoundgrandma -25

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YTD scores for the end of January:

Gold Medal Winner: Inkked0317 +159

Silver Medal Winner: greyhoundgrandma +42

Bronze Medal Winner: pineknott +17


howieann (running late) +20


Ellie 13 +6

yarnscrapper +4

PinkGlitter +3

jessicali +2


January's Shoot the Moon Winner: MalisaMeesa -11

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Well, I finally finished the bag I started with the plarn I made :yarn  Added white sparkly string to it  :cheer

I love the way the bag turned out but gotta say that plarn is not easy to work with :whew  and it hurt my hands. Don't know how some people make much bigger items  :confused


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I have always wanted to try plarn, and take a t-shirt and do yarn out of that, but haven't ever gotten around to it yet! I'm sitting at a 0 this week so far. Just can't figure out anything to start, or work on! 

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To me it's just a little too tedious making the ball of plarn to be interested in doing it much.


I have two different things I want to start on, but I need enough time and concentration to figure out how to change the size of the pattern first. So I've just been working on scarves for Christmas.

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HI all!! This week I actually did a complete inventory of all my yarn...and I sorted out the stuff that was super old (like I was given it when my grandmother passed in 2006 and it was old then lol) and the stuff that I just will not use because I've learned since buying it that I don't like working with it. The super old stuff I tossed and the stuff I will not use I rehomed. That was a total of 22 balls and 20 skeins (+62).


I've also used a bunch of yarn making several play blankets for my littles, preemie sets, and Operation Gratitude items. I actually used up a total of 4 balls and 16 skeins (I love bulky yarn!  :lol ) so that totals up to +36 there.


WTD: +98

YTD: +257


This upcoming week I'm focusing on preemie sets, each one takes a little more than half a skein and I want to make 1 set in each of the 4 sizes I found each month, all to be donated in late July/early August to the hospital where my friend's sweet triplets were born and stayed in the NICU until they were big & strong enough to come home. These little lovies are going to be 3 years old this summer! She's promised herself that she's going to make & donate 300 preemie hats by their birthday and that's what got me started on my preemie stuff kick. 

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Scores for the week ending 2/4/17:


Gold Medal Winner: Inkked0317 +98

Silver Medal Winner: pineknott +17

Bronze Medal Winner: greyhoundgrandma +6


Holding steady with 0:




Ellie 13


No Shoot the Moon Winner this week! Great job everyone.

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I didn't get to post, but it was 0 any way. Yesterday my mom gave me a large storage tub, so I emptied a box, a small tub, and a paper grocery bag. I sorted skeins and tangled balls and filled the large bin. I donated 5 small skeins baby :yarn  to the knitting group at church. I had to throw out a big tangled mess (about 1/2 a skein), so this weeks score so far + 11 :yay . A friend wants me to make her some pot holders, so I told her I needed Sugar and Cream cotton (1 per pot holder). If she really needs something :crocheting , she gives me :yarn and I subtract it from the price (small stuff I do for free).

WTD: + 11  YTD: + 17   :woo

Ellie 13

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Oh I totally fell off the wagon today!! :lol

We got our taxes done earlier in the week, and Hubs said I could take a certain amount for yarn, which I was planning on holding on to until the tent sale in May. Then my sewing machine broke, so the cost of the repair has to come out of that yarn fund. Then, I realized I have 3 babies (as of now) to make baby shower gifts for before May, and I need specific colors for their stuff that I don't have...and then I saw that Michael's has all Lion Brand on sale for buy 2 get 1 free this week...and a 40% off coupon...and I get the military discount...so I went to Michael's this morning...


40 skeins came home with me. 


37 are for specific baby gifts, they are all Vanna's Choice yarn, so I paid for 25 and got 12 free! 3 skeins are for making preemie therapy octopus dolls, and they are Loops & Threads Snuggly Wuggly for the octo's. I also got a package of stuffing, which the coupon was applied to, and 3 little hooks (B, C, & D). Before the discounts, sales, and coupon were applied the total was just over $180...after everything it was only $109!!! :clap  :clap  :clap I'm a happy hooker!!


So I'm guessing I'm going to grab the Shoot the Moon award this week  :lol cause I've only used up 2 skeins working on these preemie sets this week...I've made nearly 4 full sets but they're so small they don't take much yarn...I've got to get working on at least one of these baby shower gifts though cause the party is next weekend and I have to get it completely made before then...

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