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  1. Well, not as bad as I thought it might be. I did finish up several skeins, so it helped. And yes, I do have lots of possibilities for the new year! WTD: -34 YTD: -92
  2. So cute!
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  4. I will probably have an ugly week. I brought home some yarn that I had bought for a library program. It wasn't used and I wasn't going to be reimbursed because I misplaced the receipt. So I also wasn't going to donate it. I also had an order come in for a tree skirt for my daughter. I ordered the kit for the Woodland CAL, too! I love the colors! I really need to finish up the Moorland one. It just needs the border, but Christmas-ing has gotten in the way!
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  8. I want to stay in another year!
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  11. The girls were both back at school on Friday. It's been a horrible couple of weeks with them being sick! I ended up calling off one day, mostly just because I'm so tired that I felt horribly sick.. Then on Thursday, after our manager meeting we all went out for lunch and (with prior approval) took the afternoon off. We needed that laid back time and the chance to head home early. I'm working on a couple of doll dresses for Christmas and then I need to get photo albums put together. And presents wrapped. I'm hoping that it will be approved for me to take the week after New Years as vacation. Then I can rest a little.
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  14. I had assumed the email list was being shared with everyone. My Alicia went back to school Monday. Sami came home sick yesterday. She and I are both home today. Me more because I'm just worn out, but I do feel yuck, too.