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  2. Not lots to say here. The girls are enjoying school well enough so far. My oldest had her first real homework over the weekend, but was able to knock it out pretty quickly. Tomorrow is eclipse day! In the afternoon, we will stop getting the calls at the library asking if we have glasses! Hooray! Ours were gone a week ago in about 20 minutes.
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  5. I know I haven't checked in forever. Life has been crazy and I haven't been chatty. School starts up tomorrow - the girls are in 1st and 7th grades. I spent part of the summer worried about my eyes. During a normal checkup, they found what looked like swollen optic nerves. After several tests and a couple of different doctors, it seems that I just have strangely shaped nerves, so that was a relief. Hubby is having back surgery in a couple of weeks. Just craziness! Mary Jo - that princess blanket is on my list for my younger daughter. Their Star Wars one is on my list for my older daughter.
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