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  1. I'm hoping to still finish up another skein today, but I'll definitely be in the positive for the week!
  2. Very cute! Snoopy is a lifelong favorite!
  3. Krys - I love the Santa wreath! Mary Jo - the llama blanket is so cute and baby is adorable! I spent the weekend at a scrapbooking retreat. It was fun to get some memories down on paper and to get away!
  4. I was out of town, so didn't post. But I finished up 2 skeins last week! WTD: 4 YTD: -10
  5. Our life has been consumed with sick kids for a couple of months. Finally everyone is feeling mostly better and my oldest is gaining back the weight she lost. She felt so terrible that we could hardly get her to keep anything down. This weekend I'm running away and spending a couple of days just being me... not mom, not wife, not library manager. It's my mental health weekend.
  6. I finished a skein! 1 down... 16 more in the kit!
  7. My sister and I think we need a trip to Philly to see it. Any excuse for a sister trip!
  8. My oldest is finally feeling better, but now the youngest is starting. It never ends! I don't get enough computer or crochet time these days, but I try to hop in when I can.
  9. We've been fighting sickies here for weeks. My poor teenager can't seem to catch a break.
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