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  1. We had the yuck weather here, too. Snow yesterday turned to icy rain and then rain overnight. Now the temperature keeps dropping and now it's all a sheet of ice out there. Yuck!!!
  2. Mars would be a nice escape! Life is just a little crazy sometimes!
  3. I finished off a couple of balls and one skein. WTD: +4 YTD: +4
  4. I am making hats for a friend's project. I'm also working on a cat for my youngest daughter. I have a couple of blankets in various stages that I'd like to finish up, too.
  5. howieann

    Baby Yoda

    Very cute!
  6. I appreciate the offer, but they are only doing adults for this project. They are also keeping everything very neutral so that they don't have to do separate men's and women's backpacks.
  7. Congratulations! And the dress is beautiful!
  8. My friend is hoping to have the hats done by the end of the month to take in February. My Sami-girl enjoys making the hats, but gets bored with it fairly quickly. I'm just happy that she wants to help!
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