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  1. The stores are pretty well stocked here. I haven't been down the paper row, but I was able to get just about everything on my list. The hard thing is not seeing my parents who are only about 5 minutes from us.
  2. I used up a few balls this week: WTD: 3 YTD: 32
  3. We go on lockdown at midnight, so about 45 minutes. Our schools are closed until at least May 1st and I was told in a meeting today that the library will probably stay closed until the stores open.
  4. So pretty! I should make some new ones for us!
  5. howieann

    Baby afghan

    That's so pretty!
  6. howieann

    Dragon lamp

    Wow! That's so cool!
  7. I keep forgetting to post scores! And I'm doing projects that use little bits of colors at a time and all with pretty new skeins. I did snag a skein from my daughter's stash, so I'm in the negative for the week.
  8. We have decided to cancel our trip to my sister's next week. She and I decided it's not worth the risk of her or her roommate bringing something from work to us. My girls are going to be devastated, but I think we're doing the right thing. I read that our governor is making an announcement tomorrow about the plan for the rest of the school year. I have a feeling we're going to be told to come back in August. Very strange times, indeed!
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