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  1. So I lied :-( My computer started to act up AGAIN!!!! Maybe I'll be back this week. However, I still haven't done any crocheting so my status has not changed...
  2. ​Ladies!!! I'm finally back!!!! The last 6 weeks have been challenging... I started a new job and had to get certified in 4 different disciplines. That meant lots of studying and lots of class time. Then in between everything my siblings and I had to move our father to a nursing home. I'm quit surprised at how many different avenues you have to pave to get a move like this done. ​Then on top of everything my computer died on me!! It looks like I may be up and running again. Fingers crossed. ​Regardless to say I have not played with yarn for a long time. I'm hoping within the next we
  3. Still no crocheting this week. I started a new job and it is keeping me hoppin' !!!! ​WTD = 0 YTD = +4
  4. I bought, and used three skeins of bulky to make a cap/beanie for my father. The cap is pretty but looks rediculous on him!!! But he loves it so that is all that matters. I also used a skein of yarn for some WUA rectangles. WTD = +2 YTD = +4
  5. I couldn't get to a computer until now... But my score was +2 for the week ending 1/14/2017
  6. I am almost finished with the first round ripple in shades of pink. Then I have yarn ready for a blue RR. I hope to finish the pink in a day or two.
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