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    hats and scarves
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  1. Good Morning computer was dead as a door nail, hubby brought it back to life, now what the heck was that, its only about 2 yrs old, from day one its hasn't been wonderful, it will cut off for no apparent reason, oh well, win some lose some I guess, have a great day
  2. good morning I ask for a prayer and good thoughts for Rene', she is having cancer surgery on her thigh, thanks
  3. going through and tossing alot of skeins I'll never use this is just a start of down sizing wtd + 32 ytd + 40
  4. Good Saturday morning overcast skies today, sun is trying to peek out, enjoy your day
  5. nice hats, glad you are back and running with your new device haven't seen the yarn in the plastic canister here yet, ours are just about 1.5 oz. skeins but limited colors
  6. the mother and child is so sweet, what a nice memento to have
  7. back from getting covid vaccine, she did put it a little lower after asking if I had problems with the first one, I said yes three days of stiffness in that arm
  8. the thing that was kind of nutso here, was them trying to push sports but not in class learning, what the heck message does that send, sports are more important than other subjects?
  9. good morning just got our reminder that we are due for our second covid shot tomorrow I am hearing more and more the second dose kicks your butt enjoy your day, here the sun is shining and tomorrow will be 65, these 35 degree dips are getting old
  10. glad you were able to make it back, awhile back that was not the case for everyone, even regular members but thats all been fixed, I think
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