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  1. good afternoon won a prize at the library, not the grand prize, one of the lesser prizes,they had a area called take it or leave it, I did 13 different ones, got a 25.00 gift card from Amazon and a book journal
  2. with the colored thread, it makes a beautiful piece
  3. good morning 29 degrees, sun is shining would like to stay snug in the house, but there are holds on a movie we borrowed at the far away library, 2 bridges and boo-koo construction, plus our appt. with track at the Y, we can't keep letting it line the pockets of the Y corporation
  4. good morning its still dark out at 6:55, temps are dropping have PT,a bit later
  5. good morning yesterday on the football game, they mentioned one of the guyys was from Lee's Summit, told hubby thats where our friend Brenda is from. well people, we are going backward in this state, colleges going back to remote learning, libraries are going to curbside pick up, churches are returning to zoom
  6. Carole S did you get to go to a 50th anniversary for Disney ?
  7. good morning a cloudy day,need to do laundry take care
  8. I have a question,is it two or three strands of yarn, I crochet yarn nests for the Va Bch SPCA, re-habbers,that take in injured birds squirrels, rabbits, they caution those have to be tightly stitched,so that the animals, don't get injured, the ones in the pictures do look fairly tightly crocheted
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