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  1. good morning brrrrrrrrr,we are in the 30's this morning,have a safe and warm day
  2. doing those birdnests for the wildlife team,really eats up those small and mid size balls pretty quickly
  3. its been a great week and reducing little balls left and right wtd + 19 ytd + 31
  4. next Saturday I will be meeting with a local re-habber at a wildlife expo,to drop off some nests,I connected with her through facebook,she said she will gladly take them,she'll distribute locally,then state,and then on to NY or MS. Its an hour away out in the toolies,or boonies,going toward the NC state line. I think I have about 40,last time I counted. Haven't done any hats this week for pantry Tuesday,have a bit of time,they are due 1/28
  5. good morning Darski, I hear you about the high prices,the meaning of thrift has been lost. They used to sell their paperback books 5/1.00,someone else took over and decided they should be half of the cover price,time after time the same books sit there,no one is going to pay that price. the only other place I was thinking was a hospital gift shop,do you have farmer's markets up that way?
  6. oh drat,the time just turned to noon,so good afternoon,was busy listening to a thriller and time got away from me this our last day of semi warmth,the bottom falls out tomorrow,hello 30's,nothing like a 30-40 drop in temps to get you movin enjoy your day
  7. hello from another leftie,but I crochet right handed hope someone will be along soon to help you out I can't seem to get the hang of the corner to corner either,and ripples give me fits,they go off on a weird angle,the person who showed me how to make them,said she never seen anything like what I was getting
  8. Owlvamp Its on pg 68 about mid page, A January 3rd post by Ratdog that shows the rosary
  9. good morning heading to the Y again today,for another 4X's around track,will try for 5 X's next week it rained overnight,still mild,50- 60,have a wonderful day
  10. if we were having winter olympics that bear would fit right in,all your creations are lovely,hope to see more when you return again
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