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  1. they are all lovely like the one with the mittens the best
  2. good morning already approaching 90,at least the rain holds off to overnight,I can work with that library runs today,catch up on recorded things from a wk ago and maybe finish the ironing I didn't get to yesterday enjoy your day
  3. 9:55 good morning,its already 90 ugh,its too soon in the summer to be this hot,these are usually August temps Mary Jo,I have scaled back to mostly things on the patio,and four pots that can be seen from our kitchen window,it just got to be too much I don't do humidity very well that new baby doll outfit is so adorable
  4. wtd + 9 ytd + 179
  5. finally pictures,the cactus rock was found about 6 wks ago #2 this cactus is one that I got in 1986,started as a single barrell cactus,about 5 yrs in its morphed into what looks like to me a heart,over the years new ones would pop out,there are three heart shaped and one that single still,another couple of yrs it will be heart shaped too # 3 are some black eye susies that the finches enjoy,you can see that by the half flowers # 4 & 5 companion planting,this is only the second year I've tried this,Bgs in the bird bath planter,you can see one of the elves I painted with bronze paint you can also see its 92 degrees on the thermometer
  6. now I can see why you call him Handy,he is already gathering wood to build the boat,with last nights rain,they could have used boat builders here in this area they had alot of flooded streets
  7. 10:20 never did get back here yesterday,it got too late and the household day had already started,last evening we got tons of rain,thankfully no hail or strong winds,and those strong winds need to stay away,right now the ground is so wet the trees would go over so easy,even had threats of tornadoes have a great day
  8. its 8:30 pm and just dipping down to 80 degrees have blood work in the am,so don't know when I'll be stopping by,the photographer said pictures will be posted tomorrow
  9. 10:35 already 90 in he shade,got some rain overnite,thank goodness not the gully washer type,so I don't have to water first thing this morning Mary Jo that baby tree is soooooooooooo cute,enjoy your day everyone
  10. thanks Bgs,I just could not think of her user name,but I wanted her to know we were missing her. not as humid or hot today,looks like its clouding over,so some rain relief may be on the way yes I have started back on the nests,I so agree about looking over and over in the same spot,I know I do it often enough
  11. been up,finished my book,general goofing off,must be my speciality yesterday we broke the record it topped off at 101,a record that held since 1944,thankfully we got some rain last evening,I think Carolina has been getting much of the rain we keep hearing about.Hey Christmas Carol,sorry your user name escapes me right now,how are you doing??? enjoy the day
  12. Bgs the one plant that amazes me is how delicate the bleeding heart is and it winters out on the patio and comes back every year
  13. 11 am there should be a breathing alert here,the air is so thick and heavy almost makes you nauseas trying to breathe I had beautiful cacti for five yrs,they even flowered,that was '85 till '90,then mil came to live here,in her mind everything had to be watered twice a day,even when I mentioned they only got water from the rain and had been fine,nope she still watered them and killed them by overwatering,I'm really surprised two made it thru,and are still kicking today. I had to water,the promise of rain for two days only came down as three big drops then stopped enjoy the day
  14. it was just a nail trim,I just don't care for the dremel tool they use I've been looking,but haven't found any rocks,forgot to mention the one I found at the library about a month ago, it was a cactus plant,perfect for me,cause they are the one I don't kill off.
  15. 8:45 just a quick buzz by,have a foot dr. appt. this morning enjoy this day