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  1. good afternoon that's heartbreaking that the after effects are so harsh on little kids my mother was 4 yrs old in 1918, when the other one hit, and she had life long heart issues, and died in her 40's they said life expectancy was getting cut 12 yrs off their life span
  2. good afternoon so very hot, then we'll have a wks worth of rain, oh joy stay safe
  3. good morning the 3 H's again Bgs, that painting is sooooooooo beautiful, I'm not a painter either but enjoy seeing other people's work
  4. good morning the days run together here real bad also, when we do our puzzles at lunch time, I write the day and date not much is going on, just one day at a time staying safe
  5. good afternoon just strolling by,we could use a good light rain, not 3 inches in a 2 hr time frame like last week stay safe
  6. good morning the dust cloud was to be here Sunday, don't recall any difficulties, I think it passed this area to the north and I'm okay with that, I'm having enough trouble breathing with this heavy high humidity stay safe
  7. Oh lea thanks for the chuckle about the masked hookers Rene' found a plarn bag at the thrift store in the late 90's, that thing bit the dust about two yrs ago,I try to save bags to make plarn, but someone scoops them up here and brings them to recycle at Food Lion, I was only able to lay claim to their blue ones, they are saved for me.
  8. good morning another 3 H 's here plus the Sharan dust cloud not much going on, just plugging along stay safe
  9. good morning that llama is so cute, thanks for sharing that,USpolishgirl its extreme heat here today, stay safe
  10. wonderful news on the grands, Lea all I could think of was a Chunky Drunk Hunk, yep doesn't take much to amuse me these days, had a good hardy laugh this afternoon, Bill said the president said the Chesapeake campus of TCC was closed because someone tested positive for covid19, he ( Bill ) is at the Portsmouth campus, I said how does Trump know thats going on here,does he have someone there? He said you only half heard what I said... the president of TCC said that campus was closed, Oppppppppppps
  11. good morning so tired of rain, it needs to go to another state, the lightning was right over our area for a long time, but no power glitches, thank goodness stay safe
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