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  1. good morning everyone,out the door for 1st. appt. of the week,will check back later
  2. good morning, up and down night,was nice when I had two nights where I slept straight through the night skies are gray,some areas still have flooding, not in our development but up the street about half a mile. take care, stay safe
  3. Good evening, thank you Bgs for brightening my day with the card and letter
  4. good morning,first time on lap top in a while, but can't sit here long
  5. Good morning I like the feel of homespun,for me it's a nightmare to work with Glad your friend had something so cuddly soft to wrap herself in
  6. Good morning,rainy day ,,here, nurse coming later Slept through the night with no hot spots on hips when I woke up,yay
  7. Good morning, cooler today, had a rough night, only remember getting up once at 11:30,Bill said I. was up twice more, can't wait for things to settle down, enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend
  8. Good Sunday moring Slept good,feel rested,wish the leg swelling would go down,water pills plenty of water and tons of walking,just takes time I guess Skyping to Germany later
  9. Good Saturday morning,woke up to a jungle tune on his phone at 6AM, made me laugh,have a catch in my back I'm trying to work out,tried heating pad,no help yet,all therapies went well this week,can't believe it's almost going to take 6 weeks to recuperate from this. This reminds me of the song long and winding road for some reason.
  10. Good afternoon What a beautiful mountain you get to visit Alp1 Slowly coming off the high risk for falls,him we differ in opinion I don't feel wobbly,no wonder the darn people hovered so dang close
  11. Good Friday morning Woke up twice in the night, 2 and 5, up since 6, watching GMA Take care,Katie, I'm home a week now
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