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  1. good afternoon was out the door early, for nail trim then the Y its hot hot hot
  2. BP is up more than it should be 185/82 he heard wheezy noises and wants me on an inhaler,I'm very leery of those
  3. cshort she is at the age,that they start screening you, she is happy to report she doesn't have to go back for 10 yrs
  4. good morning it was a rough nite, Rene' is having her first colonoscopy and the prep kept making her sick, it was a combo of miralax and gatorade, so on and off I've been awake since 2:30 enjoy the day
  5. good morning skyping to Germany in a bit enjoy the day
  6. Sorry to hear you are still under the weather,hope you feel better soon
  7. good morning celebrating 51 yrs married today enjoy your day
  8. we had a hospital based one here in our section of Chesapeake,somehow it was a hit in this area and the YMCA moved into that spot, the one at the city seat is still going strong, our area is like the red headed step child of the five sections of Chesapeake it should have read not a hit over in our area
  9. good morning back from the Y,did 3Xs around the track 2 sat awhile then did one more
  10. good morning good luck with the MRI results,MJ
  11. out the door soon to vascular for an ultrasound,its almost a year
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