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  1. up and out the dor early to ortho, for knee check, going back in a week for a shoulder check, can hardly lift my arms to wash my hair,might have to get a pixie cut
  2. good afternoon are village helpers different than resident helpers ? I can still hear people saying You don't get paid to volunteer? they actually said that they thought I was crazy to it just out of the goodness of my heart, hey different strokes for different folks
  3. good evening 4:40 p.m. its good that the 2 doc's have the visits so close only one set of blood work he wants me to have an ultrasound of lft kidney, the one from Aug. wasn't clear. so he wants to be sure there aren't any issues, legs are swelling bad bordering on hurting tomorrow is the biggy, the CT cancer screen, there was an ornament that kinda yelled to me last week , it said I believe in miracles, so it came home with me.
  4. good evening was out the door early for 6 month check up,thanks for the shout out Reni, I'm doing the happy dance my A1c was at 6.0,all other were in line. Tomorrow is the cardio doc
  5. wow, thats cool a farm is such a different vibe than anything else hope it brings you lots of peace and tranquility
  6. good morning Mary Jo, its once every ten yrs? to replace a pacemaker, wow, cause I remember when you said it was slowing down last time, how time flies by kinda cloudy, enjoy your day
  7. good afternoon Bailey4, you are so right,we try not to say things are running smoothly or some such term, because BAM flukey things start to happen, and yes at a cost
  8. good morning back from blood work, 4 dang tubes, must be checking head to toe,lol have a great day
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