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  1. Gee,I wish someone would send me a mystery box of yarn not much in the way of yarning this week + 1
  2. good afternoon if I had white stucco walls,I'd love those hand drawn motifs
  3. good morning rainy here,through Monday they expect 2-3 " just south of the border in NC,they'll see 5-7 inches
  4. picture Lyn jumping up and down,its snowing ITS SNOWING earliest in Nov. since we've been here
  5. good morning thanks Bgs,I had no clue well winter chill is finally making itself known in these parts,we had been enjoying 70's and more recently the 50's over nite is going to be in the 30's brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  6. good morning just starting to sip on coffee,I think the fair weather days are getting slim,I will have to dig out his long sleeve shirts for school soon have a great day
  7. good morning rain on and off today,need to do a 2 city library run today,and then tomorrow Rene' has an appt. across town and then another two city book run.Ha at all of these we should be on a first name basis with staff
  8. Katy I guess I never noticed it at all above my posting area is a bar with font size and color
  9. good morning was out the door early 7:40 for eye exam,no changes yay,just waiting for the eyes to return to normal after being dilated
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