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    Hampton Roads Va.
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    crocheting,volunteer work
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    hats and scarves
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  1. glad to see you back in the fold,I remember you from way back
  2. Bgs I would think the plants would fall under,they got them to improve their mental health,see I have already been thinking how I was going to get my plants,I think at the 45 day mark,I'll want something to make me feel happy
  3. good morning wow,a new month,to me the days seem to drag,it seems like it should be later in the week,and I find myself saying its only Tuesday ? please stay safe everyone
  4. good morning no,I hadn't heard of that,don't blame the family we got shut down here,in part due to all the people who flocked to the ocean front this weekend,ours in effect till June 7th stay safe everyone
  5. in part our stay at home order was caused by the outrageous numbers of people at the beaches this weekend thanks you inconsiderate people
  6. good morning everyone yesterday we saw temps near 90,today in the 60's stay safe
  7. 0 yarn used this week wtd 0 ytd + 86
  8. good morning everyone haven't been out to the store since the 18th as far as freezers between Nor'easters and Hurricanes outtages,we gave up after losing freezer-full 2 or 3 times stay safe
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