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  1. boy, the things you learn,I would have never thought of umbrella's for cooler weather I was thinking hey that would keep the birds away from them
  2. I took the name Bernadette for my confirmation name
  3. good morning up early, sun is out,what a difference a day makes,it wasn't supposed to rain until the evening rush hour,yet the trip to Va. Beach at 1 p.m. had the windshield wipers on at full tilt and visibility reduced, finishing coffee then seeing what I'll get into today have a great day
  4. pineknott

    Afghan For GD

    that is stunning,hope she loves it
  5. the temperature keeps dropping, hubby said it will be in the 40's overnite, have to make sure I have slippers on my feet so I don't keep waking up in the night. just finished watching a movie on DVD, Tom Hanks in News of the World, didn't interest me at all,I mostly worked on a coloring page, congo/zulu type masks, lots of color,I had the color maroon in 2 pencils, and both points broke, leading to think I wasn't supposed to be using that color, hope you are enjoying what you have left of this day
  6. goodafternoon just got back from Va. Beach , go the last copy of the shell collector by Nancy Naigle from Barnes & Noble seen alot of jockeying for positions to get gas at gas stations, mostly at WAwa's
  7. I don't know when or where I startted doing that, could be stress, no one else has mentioned it, you teachers sooooooooo deserve the summer break and I'm sure extra pay wouldn't hurt any., enjoy it to the fullest when it comes
  8. Tampa Doll yes I know what you mean, poor Jimmy with all his issues wanted so much to help but couldn't, but he'd be the first to offer help
  9. I wonder if I do the same thing, Bill calls it talking in riddles,I just jump right in and expect him to understand what I'm talking about I say the same thing, about I'll ask for help, I can remember what his mom said " I don't remember how to do anything, because its always being done for me " so to me its very important to me to let me try and do it myself, I don't know why he can't just get it, or am I talking in riddles once again ,lol
  10. Bill and his mom suffered from the same thing, I can put something on the counter turn around and back to use it,and its gone, they'd say oh you didn't use it yet? its put away itis funny Bill the neat nik and me clutter doesn't bother me at all,put all my stuff away and I get itchy twitchy I think alot of it has to do with growing up in foster care, where you didn't have much
  11. good morning wow, what a jammed packed family fun time that was,so happy for you. its a gray overcast day here
  12. good morning,Happy Mother's Day took time away this morning to skype with sis in law in Germany enjoy your day
  13. Wonderful Ratdog I'm so happy you had such a wonderful day,I'm glad someone enjoys those rides getting ready to call it a night,if I don't get here at the top of the morning Happy Mother's Day to all you early birds
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