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    crocheting,volunteer work
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    hats and scarves
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  1. good afternoon on this Thursday,yikes only oneweek to go,till gobble gobble
  2. was supposed to say Godwin Blvd closed down for hours,some pigs got loose and ran off
  3. good Saturday morning to all, sun is shining ReniC, feel better soon need muscle memory to kick in both in mind and right hand after a 5 month break on crocheting,its taking a couple of hours ?? to do a hat, its a kid's hat, what the heck
  4. good morning flood watches galore, an overturned hog truck,since 1 a.m. , probably rain related,road closed for hours. it gets better later in the day, maybe a peek of sun, have a great day
  5. you are looking for stainless steel pins that don't rust also brass pins won't rust
  6. good morning everyone prayers for your sister, Bgs, hope everything goes well,and she is on the mend
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