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    My goal in life is to somehow fit my personal life, my work life, and all the other elements of existence into my busy knitting and crocheting schedule!
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    Granby, CT
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    Crocheting, Knitting, Writing, Reading
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    Sweaters, Afghans
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  1. For the Week Ending on 11/9/2019: Gold Medal Winner - a TIE! Ellie 13 +4 and Inkked0317 +4 Silver Medal Winner! Greyhoundgrandma +3 Holding Steady! pineknott 0 TexasPurl 0 SHOOT THE MOON - me, AGAIN!!! PBLKNP -6 Thanks all! Looks like I'm it again for next week.
  2. Well, I got 3 skeins with the Afghan Sampler Kit, so: WTD = -6 I’ll do the scores probably tomorrow after around 1:00 pm.
  3. I thought so, too! I don’t think these sections are going to take me an entire month to do. I may just do another one at the same time with leftover yarn. That way, I’d end up with two afghans by the end of the year.
  4. Looks like I’m going to be in the negatives again! My order from Annie’s Attic just came in. I joined the Striped Crochet monthly club. I got my first shipment for the first three stripes of the Seaside Sampler Afghan. I’m looking forward to the challenge.
  5. Oh, dear. I was afraid my crazy yarn splurge was going to put me over the edge...it’s all worth it, though! I’ll make a note to do the totals next week! 😎
  6. I confess I went to the New England Fiber Festival today up in West Springfield, MA...I got 8 skeins of lovely yarn! Incidentally, if anyone is in the area, it’s going to be continuing tomorrow 9 am - 3 pm! Stashbuster Total: WTD -16 YTD +9
  7. No new skeins used up, but I did manage to finish my baby sweater for my great niece’s shower! I’ll post pictures later when I get it prepared to pack. WTD = 0 YTD = +25
  8. I'm happy to report I FINALLY got through another skein. I'm hoping to do more this week, as the shower I'm making this sweater for is a week from Sunday! Stashbuster Total: WTD +2 YTD +25
  9. I’m almost done with a skein, but I don’t think I’ll finish it by this evening, so WTD 0 YTD +23
  10. No skeins used up! I’m hoping to have more once I can make more headway on the baby sweater. WTD = 0
  11. Sadly, no major movement of stash. I'm hip-deep in our final coding project, so I've only had minimal crafting time. Next week I'm hoping to be able to have more yarn time! Stashbuster Total: WTD 0 YTD +23
  12. That’s beautiful! I’ve been working on things, but no stash movement, so: WTD: 0 YTD: +23
  13. Lots of activity, but no movement on using up skeins, so: Stashbuster Total: WTD 0 YTD +23 I’m working on my great-niece’s baby sweater, so I’m hoping to use up more skeins soon!
  14. Sadly, no skeins used up. I have started on another project, though, so hopefully I’ll have positives next week! WTD = 0
  15. I've been massively busy with coursework, so didn't get as much time to craft as I would have liked. So: Stashbuster Total: WTD 0 YTD +23
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