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    My goal in life is to somehow fit my personal life, my work life, and all the other elements of existence into my busy knitting and crocheting schedule!
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    Granby, CT
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    Crocheting, Knitting, Writing, Reading
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    IT Developer
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    Sweaters, Afghans
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    Since 2005
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  1. Oh, my! Well, I can do the totals next week, unless howieann would rather. 🤣
  2. I did a certain amount of work this week, but then the Annie’s Attic shipment for the Seaside Afghan showed up! (Darn) So: WTD = -6. YTD = -50
  3. Almost forgot to post! I used up one skein this week, so: WTD = +2 Happy Sunday, all!
  4. I used up another skein on the Seaside Afghan. I've been alternating between knitting and crocheting, but lately my arthritis in my hands had been very bad. Is it me, or do you all find, too, that it's easier to crochet rather than knit with arthritis?
  5. Beautiful! I love the color combinations!
  6. Scores for the week ending 5/9/2020: Gold Medal Winner: A TIE! greyhoundgrandma +2 and PBLKNP +2 Bought more stash! Inkked0317 -32 Shoot the Moon Winner: TexasPurl -162 Thank you, all, and may you stay safe! Happy Mother’s Day!
  7. Thank you so much, but I'm working on it now...should be out soon!
  8. I know I’m on the hook to do totals. I’m probably going to do this by 9:00 am, as we are going to visit my mother’s grave tomorrow (we do this every Mother’s Day). It’s a long drive so we’ll be setting out early. We figure a graveyard will be a safe enough for “social distancing.” We just won’t be able to eat at her favorite restaurant afterwards.
  9. Oh, Lord, I’ve done it AGAIN. Well, I’ll make a note to do the scores next week! I don’t about the rest of you, but my WIPs are out of control since this shut-in began. I keep jumping from one project to another—I’ve lost track of how many I have going! Right now, I’m working on the Seaside Sampler.
  10. I was hoping to get through a skein, but such was not meant to be! I finished a knitting project, but just got three more skeins for the Seaside Sampler Afghan from Annie's Attic this week (not that I mind the opportunity to switch gears and work on more challenging stripes): WTD = -6
  11. Thanks! So sorry. I do try to be on time. In fact, my Sweetums usually reminds me. 🤣
  12. Oh, no! I’m a day late and a dollar short. My totals were: WTD = 0 YTD = -40
  13. So sorry you're going through so much! I have a spouse with MS, so I can sort of relate. I've had to be the one to get things we need (with a mask and gloves). I just spent HOURS trying to find everything we need - the hoarding is unreal. The stores are starting to limit people to a limited amount of things--they should have done this ages ago. I did manage to use up a skein this week, though! WTD = +2
  14. We about to get SNOW up here in CT! We're usually done with the white stuff by now.
  15. With the big shutdown, I've been crocheting up a storm on my striped afghan, but no skeins used up, so: WTD = 0 Happy Easter and Passover, all! 😇😎
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