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    My goal in life is to somehow fit my personal life, my work life, and all the other elements of existence into my busy knitting and crocheting schedule!
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    Granby, CT
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    Crocheting, Knitting, Writing, Reading
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    IT Developer
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    Sweaters, Afghans
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  1. Scores for the week ending 10/16/2021: Gold Medal Winner: Ellie 13 +3 Silver Medal Winner: PBLKNP +2 and Inkked0317 +2 Bronze Medal Winner: pineknott +1 Holding Steady! greyhoundgrandma 0 No Shoot the Moon Winner this week! Have a wonderful week, everyone!
  2. I’ll probably do the totals around 10:30 tomorrow morning. I managed to use up a skein this time! I’m on the home stretch with the afghan I’ve been working on. I’m also doing a crochet-along with my LYS. We’re making a Tunisian Crochet Entralac infinity scarf. We’ve been doing the sessions over Zoom.
  3. I believe that’s happened to me, too! They have you coming and going. 🤯
  4. Scores for the week ending 10/09/2021: Gold Medal Winner: Ellie 13 +5 Holding Steady! greyhoundgrandma 0 Shoot the Moon Winner: PBLKNP -2 Have a great week!
  5. Thankfully, her husband, who’s a bit younger, has been very supportive, and he’s worked as a carpenter, so he’s making changes to the property to help her. She’s also in a support group (Zoom), which she’s getting a lot out of. She is looking into finding something creative she can do—as she put it, “I’m going to go nuts if I can’t do something creative.”
  6. First of all, I had a massive influx of yarn: Stashbuster Total: WTD -38 YTD -44 However, it is for a sad reason. A very good friend of mine in her mid-70s called and asked me over this afternoon because she said she had some yarn she wanted to give away. Thinking it was an instance of her trying to offload some crap yarn she didn’t want, I went over figuring I might get a few skeins at most. I know she’s been suffering from Essential Tremor for a while now, but with COVID and not being able to get together for ages in person, I had no idea how bad it’s gotten. Come to find out,
  7. I managed to work through another skein! Yesterday I was feeling sad about not being able to get out to be with people (things have gotten more restricted with the delta variant lately). I decided to check to see if our local yarn shop was still doing the outdoor open knitting/crocheting, and they were! I had a wonderful time catching up with people. WTD = +2 YYD = -6
  8. I’m still working on the afghan, but no skeins used up this week, so: WTD = 0
  9. I’m sending best wishes and prayers to you on this day. I hope DS and you have a good visit! ❤️
  10. I’ve been plugging away with the blanket, and managed to use up a skein, so: WTD = +2
  11. I’ve started another afghan that’s using Bernat Softee Chunky, so it’s zipping along (it’s a knit kit, so it’s a tad dull 🤣 - just garter and stockette). I’m planning to give it to my son-in-law for Christmas, as it’s nice neutral colors. So: WTD +6
  12. How did you fare with the storm? I pray you’re all safe!
  13. I do, too! We were terrified up here with Henri, and that wasn’t even a category 1 in the end. May you all stay safe! Mona, are you on the coast or further up?
  14. I pray that everything goes okay for you with the storm! It sounds like Ida is really going to pack a wallop.
  15. Yes, we really lucked out! We had one tree come down in the wind and rain, but it was dead anyway and fell right along the back of the yard, so no threat to anything. It made quite a thunderous noise, though! We had neighbors inquiring if we were okay. 🤣
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