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  1. Ellie 13

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    This week I did more baking than . I noticed 1 of my potholders is stained, faded, and has a burn mark. While trying to get a pan out of the toaster oven, my good potholder touched the heating coil and caught fire. I blew it out and tossed it in the sink (didn't set off the smoke detector ). So, now I need 2 new potholders. I got out the bag of cotton and found 1 skein Sugar & Cream and 2 big balls cotton (slightly used). So, this week I made 4 pocket prayer shawls and 1 potholder. I used 2 balls and the Sugar & Cream skein (+ 4) . Last night I found a "gift" by my door, a bag of , 3 balls (- 3). With the (+ 6) I posted Mon. this is my final score for the week. WTD: + 7 YTD: + 67 Ellie 13
  2. Ellie 13

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    Last Mon., at the library, I the last 2 squares, but it took longer than I thought. I had just finished, when the librarian told us we only had 10 mins left (where did 3 hours go ?). So I didn't get to post. All week I was busy so I didn't do a lot , but I got the 9 patch baby afghan done this morning. Since last Mon. I finished the endless skein, donated 3 skeins and used 1/2 a 14 oz. skein (+ 8 ) . I gained 2 balls (- 2) . This score is for last week and this week so far. I hope to be able to add more by Sat. WTD: + 6 YTD: + 66
  3. Ellie 13

    miniature overlay granny square

    I love the square, where can I get the pattern? Made with worsted weight scrap and an H hook you could make 6 inch squares for a nice baby afghan. Ellie 13
  4. Ellie 13

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    I'm at the library because The Cozy Project (knit/crochet group) is meeting here in an hour. The ladies are going to like how I fixed the 5 leftover squares they gave me. I added borders and got them all to 8 inches. I made 2 more squares and will make 2 more tonight. I used up the rest of the endless skein (+1). I brought some to donate, but I might take some too . I'll add my score before I leave (or by Sat.). Ellie 13
  5. Ellie 13

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    I think I messed up my YTD score 1 point I'll fix it. I finished the prayer shawl and finally rolled down the endless ball. I used about 2/3 of it (+1) . I made more flowers and pocket prayer shawls, used 3 balls (+3) . I took 5 leftover squares from the knit/crochet group to put borders on them. I'll make 4 more and make a 9 patch baby afghan. WTD: + 4 YTD: + 60 Ellie 13
  6. I've mixed brands before. As long as the fiber content is the same. Also, most has a number to tell the thickness. 1 - 6 (7?), thin/thread like to super bulky/chunky. Most afghans patterns say to use worsted weight, which is 4. Ellie 13
  7. Ellie 13

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    I was busy and haven't been here in a week (or two ?). I made some butterfly and flower pins. Last Sat. I went to my parents for lunch, then we went to a 3 PM wedding. I did a lot of during the trip. I went to my parents, the wedding, back to my parents and home on Sun. Finished the last 8 squares for a prayer shawl. I 14 of the 21 squares together, but I still haven't gotten to the 1/2 way point on the endless skein (28 oz.). When I finish the shawl I should have 1/2 a skein gone. So I only used 3 small balls (+3). WTD: + 3 YTD: + 57 Ellie 13
  8. Ellie 13

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    I finished the baby afghan and made 3 pocket prayer shawls Fri. night . I used 1 skein and 2 balls (+4). I spent Sat. doing laundry, wrapping the baby gifts and baking 8 1/2 doz. snicker-doodles for the baby shower. With only a toaster oven it took over 3 hours. I spent Sun. at a mermaid themed baby shower at my niece's. I crocheted on the trip to/from the party and got 3 7 1/2 inch squares done, no used yet. WTD: + 4 YTD: + 53 Ellie 13
  9. Ellie 13

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    I made 10 butterfly pins over the weekend and used 1 embroidery floss (+ 1). I went to the knit/crochet group that meets at the library, now I'm using the computer here. I donated 3 slightly used skeins (less than 2 oz. used) and took a ball. (+ 5). Small balls of odd colors are great for pocket prayer shawls and since nobody wants them, I take them. I need to finish a baby afghan by Fri, I have only 6 more squares to attach and the border to add. I should finish a skein and maybe use 1/2 a skein more on it. I'll try to post more on Sat., If I don't I'll add it to next weeks score. WTD: + 6 YTD: + 54 Ellie 13
  10. Ellie 13

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    Last week I got the doily thread and floss I needed for butterfly pins. The thread is for the wings and I crochet chains with the floss for the bodies so I should count it too. I got 1 thread and 2 floss (- 6) . I rolled down a skein and gave away 1 skein and 2 balls (+ 5) . I made 6 butterflies already, so if I make a few more, 1 floss might be gone by tonight. WTD: - 1 YTD: + 48 Ellie 13 Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers here
  11. Ellie 13

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    My couch took my hook, so I had to pull the pillows/cushions off to get it. While fighting with my couch, I found the hook, 2 pencils, scissors, a pack of gum (3 pieces left) and a ball of white I thought I finished . Well, I finished the blue and purple squares and made 3 pocket prayer shawls . I used 2 skeins, a ball and the ball the couch ate (I won't count it, since I thought it was already used). I have to go to Michael's tomorrow, to get doily thread and black embroidery floss (does floss count?). I don't know how much I'll get. If I can't get back here to post, I'll take it off next weeks score. WTD: + 5 YTD: + 49 Ellie 13
  12. Ellie 13

    Looking for this pattern please

    Look in the forum under Town Hall you will find a list of rules. You might find something on copyright laws. You can also go to help and ask any question. When looking for a pattern, buying the original is the option. Ellie 13
  13. Ellie 13

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    I did a lot of this week, I have to finish the afghan before the baby shower (May 19). I finished the green squares and made 3 blue ones. I used up the green, a ball of white and rolled another skein of white (4 out of 7) down. I hope the 3 skeins of white I have left will be enough to finish the afghan. This will be my score for the week, unless I can get here sometime tomorrow with more points. WTD: + 4 YTD: + 44 Ellie 13
  14. Ellie 13

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    I didn't do much this week. The Market Basket has been very busy, with Stop & Shop on strike and Easter on Sun. I worked extra hrs. (more $$ = more ). I finished the yellow squares and will start the green ones this afternoon. Used the yellow skein and rolled the white down. HAPPY EASTER ! ! WTD: + 3 YTD: + 40 Ellie 13
  15. Ellie 13

    Newbie help

    Cute ! You did good for a beginner. I crocheted flat things for a year or 2 before attempting stuffed things. Ellie 13