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  1. Ellie 13

    Pattern help

    Try redheart.com and look for knit/crochet preemie hats. I made the one that has 48 stitches around with ww # 4 yarn and a I (J ?) hook to get a bigger size hat. You could adjust the 36 stitch pattern by adding more stitches around. Ex: [1 st in first st, 2 sts in next st], adding 18 sts for 54 sts around. With more stitches, you would have to make more rounds, 20 (22) then 2 (3) rounds post stitches.
  2. Beautiful eggs. HAPPY EASTER ! ! Ellie 13
  3. I have a new grand niece, born 02/22/20 (nice number ). I've been working 6 days with Thur. off, so didn't get to post again. I'll add it to this week. Since I don't go anywhere on Thur., I get to . I made 2 baby hats, 2 stuffed Easter bunnies and some bunny pins. I used a small skein and rest of a 14 oz. skein of white left over from a baby afghan (+ 4) . I'm going to start some squares for a baby afghan, so maybe I can use up some 1/2 skeins I have. WTD: + 4 YTD: + 50 Ellie 13
  4. Sorry I didn't get to post, but it was 0 anyway. I work at a Market Basket and because of the Corona-virus everyone has been going crazy. Some employees over 60 have been taking time off, so I've been working 6 days a week. I haven't had much time to . I did make some flower pins and bunny pins, but didn't use enough to count. I'm running out of pom-poms and pins, but I don't know if I can get more until after this over . I can't wait for things to get back to normal. WTD: 0 YTD: + 46 Ellie 13
  5. Gold medal with + 3, come on people, you can do better! What happened to all the other players? I made another hat and 2 pocket prayer shawls. Used up a small skein (+ 2) . I got a big ball of blue from a friend to finish another UFO I found (- 1) . Still on the + side though. WTD: + 1 YTD: + 46 Ellie 13
  6. I have 4 of those. My mom gave me one in the '80's, because I liked her's. I got one as part of a prize package, came with a set of hooks, pattern booklets and in the early '90's. I inherited my grandmother's, it's very old. I bought one at a yard sale, possibly from '70's. I'll most likely get my mom's, also very old. I mostly use the one from the '90's, the others are stored away and full of stuff. It's not that ugly, I say keep it because it's special, but make a removable cover if you want. Ellie 13
  7. I got gold with + 2 ? I made some more shamrock pins and 3 baby hats . I used a 3.5 oz. skein and a ball (+ 3). No knit/crochet group until April . The library has suspended all group activities because of the coronavirus . baby hats/afghans at home is O.K., but it's better with friends . WYD: + 3 YTD: + 45 Ellie 13
  8. I didn't do a lot of this week, but I finished another passport/wallet pouch and some shamrock pins. I used 1 skein Sugar & Cream cotton (+ 2) . My brother loved the pouch I sent, so I decided to write out the pattern in case I need to make more. I might have to go to Michael's for more buttons next week. I'll try to keep from getting in my basket. WTD: + 2 YTD: + 42 Ellie 13
  9. I sent the wallet/passport pouch to my brother on Sat., he should get it by tomorrow. I should get an e-mail from him when he gets it. Meanwhile, I made 2 baby hats, 2 pocket prayer shawls and another wallet/passport pouch. I used 2 small skeins and a ball (+ 5) . Earlier tonight, at my knit/crochet group, I taught a new member how to make a granny square. It's nice to be able to pass on your skills to someone else. WTD: + 5 YTD: + 40 Ellie 13
  10. Great idea. I tried it for a project I'm doing and it works. Ellie 13
  11. Love the dragon! I've been working on a purse/pouch thing that hangs around your neck. My brother wants some for him and his friends for passports/wallets when they go to Germany next summer. He sent me a photo of something from L.L. Bean to give me an idea. I've made small purses with neck straps before, but he asked for cotton, a certain size and adjustable straps. A got a prototype done, it took a skein Sugar & Cream with a yard +/- left (+ 2). I'm sending it to my brother to see what he thinks. I might get another one done by Sat. WTD: + 2 YTD: + 35 Ellie 13
  12. I didn't get to post the last 2 weekends. Since Jan. 26th I've used/given away 20 balls (+ 20). I bought 1 skein of pink to finish a UFO I found while going through bins in the basement (- 2) . In the last 2 weeks I finished a baby afghan (UFO), made 3 hats and 6 pocket prayer shawls. So I'm starting this week off great. Hope to have more done by Sat. WTD: + 18 YTD: + 33 Ellie 13
  13. I made 3 baby hats and 8 pocket prayer shawls. I used 3 balls (+ 3), but then a friend gave me a skein (- 2). I'm getting all the balls and going to make pocket prayer shawls, then give away what's too small. I hope to have a better score next weekend. WTD: + 1 YTD: + 15 Ellie 13
  14. No scores yet ? Good. I finished the afghan . Sat. I did a MLK service project crocheting hats for charity. I took some skein/balls to donate. I donated 1 ball and 2 skeins (+ 5). I made 5 baby hats, I used 2 small skeins and a ball (+5). I took home 3 skeins and a ball (- 7). So I'll add + 3 to my score. WTD: + 8 YTD: + 14 Ellie 13
  15. I'm finishing a baby afghan for a grand niece/nephew due in March (I prefer not to know). I'll find out at the baby shower, Feb. 1st. More heart pins for friends and co-workers. Then I'll be making baby hats with my knit/crochet group. After that, anything goes. Ellie 13
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