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  1. Ellie 13

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    I spent the night at my parents, I did a little on the bus/subway ride here. My mom found an Othello board game so we played a few games after lunch, she won them all. I did get some in last night. I finished a potholder and started a second one. I'll add what I used to this weeks score. I have tomorrow off but they're saying it will tonight into Mon., so I'm going home today. If it's bad tomorrow, I'll stay in and get a start on the 2 baby afghans I need. Ellie 13
  2. Ellie 13

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    I finished the prayer shawl and took it to the knit/crochet group. The lady who brought the knitted squares liked how I added crochet squares and made a shawl with them. I used a skein, donated 2 skeins and brought 11 balls to my mom (+ 15) . To day mom and I went to Michael's and I got 7 skeins (- 14). WTD + 1 YTD: + 13 Ellie 13
  3. Ellie 13

    Help?! How do I add this to my beanie?

    If you want to have a raised stitch on a hat it should really be added as you crochet the hat. There are a lot of patterns/videos on how to add the bullion to your work. I prefer the puff or popcorn stitches, as they're easier to get them right the first time. You could make a hat band with the raised stitches in it, then sew it around the hat. Good luck in whatever you decide. Ellie 13
  4. Ellie 13

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    There were 10 knitted squares in a bag of yarn donated to the knit/crochet group. They were done on circular needles from the center out, with an X design. I said they would make a nice prayer shawl if more squares were added, so I got the job. I added a white sc edge around the knit squares, then some white squares with a + design. They're working out nicely, I should have it done by Sun. night. I also made some more heart pins and pocket prayer shawls. Used 1 skein and 2 balls (+ 3) WTD: + 3 YTD + 12 Ellie 13
  5. Ellie 13

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    I didn't get to post for last week, but my score was 0 anyway. I didn't do much because my right thumb/wrist hurt, so I wore an elastic glove/wrist support. I went to my Dr. on Mon. and was told it was de Quervain tenosynovitis (di-kwer-VAYN ten-oh-sin-oh-VY-tis). Can be caused by overuse and repetitive wrist motions. Bagging groceries all day and crocheting every spare moment most likely did it. I was told take pain pills, wear the support and not lifting anything heavy for a week. When I was told not to , I thought I would . I made it through to Fri., it was torture. I made a few heart pins just to keep from going , but even small things for 20 minutes was hard. WTD: 0 YTD: + 9 Ellie 13
  6. Ellie 13

    Term Question

    I think someone asked that years ago. Afghans are crocheted or knitted, blankets are woven material and quilts are 2 pieces of material with filling between them. A blanket by any other name is still warm and cozy . Ellie 13
  7. Ellie 13

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    Thanks for posting the scores TexasPurl. Last Sat. night into Sun. it here, no power outage though. Yesterday was warm and rainy, so most of the snow is gone. I had Sat. - Mon. off, so I stayed in and . I needed a little more white, so I got a slightly use skein from a friend (- 2). I finished the afghan, made some pocket prayer shawls and worked out a pattern for an 8 inch Jewish Star hexagon with the left over blues and some of the white. I used 3 balls, rolled down the white skein and gave a slightly used skein away (+ 6) . Now I have to get started on baby afghans for 2 nieces, 1 baby do the end of June, the other early July. WTD: + 4 YTD: + 9 Ellie 13
  8. Ellie 13

    Silly question - I'm a bit stuck

    Does the UK dc = US sc or hdc? Is this a corner space? If so, I think you use the dc as a ch space and work around it. Some patterns do this so you always end in the corner, instead of moving along the side. I do it for most motifs with corners that are worked in a round. Ellie 13
  9. Ellie 13

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    Did I really get Shoot The Moon with - 1 ? Since it was a tie, can TexasPurl do the scores. I can't always get here on Sun. Mon. is Martin Luther King Jr. Day (U.S.), so today they had MLK service day. People volunteer for different things around town. Every year I join a knit/crochet group to make hats/scarves, so I brought some yarn to donate. This week, I made 5 more squares for the afghan, started the squares together and made 3 hats. Rolled down a skein and used a ball (+ 2) and donated 7 balls and 1 skein (+ 9) . Of course, everyone else brought too, so I took 2 skeins, a ball and some odd shaped motifs, like a triangle with the top point cut off (- 5). If I can't figure out how to make more, I might frog them. WTD: + 6 YTD: + 5 Ellie 13
  10. Ellie 13

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    I have spent all spare time 2 shades of blue and white squares for a baby afghan. Rolled down the blues, but hardly used the pounder of white (+ 2) . I need 20 more squares, I hope I have enough . It's so cold here, I'm going to the rest of today and all day tomorrow. Maybe I'll get this afghan done. WTD: - 1 YTD: - 1 Ellie 13
  11. Ellie 13

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    I agree! I didn't get to post Sat. so I'll add it to this week. A friend gave me a $10 gift card and a coupon "spend $25 - get $5 off" for Michael's, so I'm starting the year in the negatives. I got Christmas messages from 2 nieces showing family photos with ultra sounds. So my 3 yr. old grand-niece is going to be a big sis. and my niece, who was married last June, is expecting her 1st. I have to make 3 afghans now, 1 for a co-worker and 2 for my 2 nieces. I have started the afghan needed in April, the other 2 are for June and July. I went through my stash and decided I needed new for my nieces. So I took everything I wasn't going to use and donated it to the knit/crochet group I joined. Some balls, partial skeins and 5 full skeins, all totaled + 21 . I went to Michael's I found the perfect and it was on sale . I was only going to get 8 skeins, but with buy 2 & get 1 free, I had to get 12 (- 24). So $54 of became $36, then with the coupon and gift card I paid $21. I hope I can get my score up by Sat. WTD: - 3 YTD: - 3 Ellie 13
  12. Ellie 13

    2018 Stashbusting CAL

    I finished another elephant, a reindeer and started a hat. Used 1 skein and 1 ball (+ 3) . Didn't get to Michaels, so no new . I might get out tomorrow, so I could be negative for the new year. WTD: + 5 YTD: + 141 Ellie 13
  13. Ellie 13

    Yarn for hotpads?

    Cotton is best for anything that's hot. I use Sugar & Cream for hot pads, pot holders and coasters. With the pattern I have, 1 ball = 1 pot holder (double layer). I have some very old yarn made with nylon/polyester, I don't know how it would hold up. The newer acrylics start to look like a bad blocking job. Wool might felt a little. Quilted pot holders used to be made with wool felt in them. I found one that was coming apart (I think my great-grandma made it), there was wool felt in it. I fixed it with quilt batting and keep it as decoration. Ellie 13
  14. Ellie 13

    Crochet Flowers For Abbie David

    I didn't know how to add a link for the info. but Greyhoundgrandma got it working. It's in the 2018 stashbusting CAL. on page 31, about 1/2 way down (Dec. 2). You only have until spring to send flowers. I sent some already. Ellie 13 Report
  15. Ellie 13

    Adding to the top and bottom??

    Is the blanket worked in rows? You can work in the free loops at the base of the first row (back side of the beginning ch). Turn it so the wrong side of the first row is facing you, attach the new yarn in the first loop with a sl st, make your turning ch, then work as if it were the next row in the pattern. Just make sure you get the same number stitches per row. Basically, you turn the afghan around and work into the ch as if you were just starting. I've done a pattern that started in the middle, some kind of V stitch (shell?). I hope this helps. Good luck. Ellie 13