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  1. I haven't been here since Aug. 22. I've made some pot holders (6 done), 2 hats and 2 and 1/2 Christmas stockings. I used 2 skeins a ball and rolled 2 skeins down (+ 7) . Tomorrow I'm going to pull up the bean and cucumber plants, they're done for the season. I think the peppers, egg plants and tomatoes will be O.K. for another week or two. When I finish the Christmas stocking, I'll be able to roll another skein down. WTD: + 7 YTD: + 89 Ellie 13
  2. I made another hat and 1/2 a pot holder, rolled down a small skein baby (+ 1) . I picked 4 tomatoes, a few more beans, 2 cucumbers and a green pepper. Had myself a nice little salad last night. I'm back to working 5 days/week, so I have more time , but not much . WTD: 0 YTD: + 82 Ellie 13
  3. Thanks Greyhoundgrandma. I made 2 pot holders and 3 more hats. I rolled down 2 cotton skeins, used 2 balls and gave away a ball of (+ 5) . I still haven't used up enough to get back on the + side though. I still have tonight and tomorrow, so if I make 1 more hat or pot holder I might get back to 0 . WTD: - 1 YTD: + 81 Ellie 13
  4. UK terms and ways of doing things sometimes seem different the US way. I always try to translate into US if it says UK terms. Ellie 13
  5. I've used Fabri-Tac and it's good for things like that. I had trouble finding it once and someone recommended Jewel-It. Bonds hard-to-hold items, plastic, glass, metal, etc. to fabrics and it works great on crochet items. It's white, but dries clear. For baby/child under 3 yrs, I embroider eyes, noses and mouths. Ellie 13
  6. I missed last week, but it was only 2 points which I'll add to this week. I finished the 24 inch afghan and made some baby hats (+2 from last week). I went to Michael's today (1st time I've been out of town since Feb.). I needed pin backs and plastic rings, I had a 20% off all non sale items, so I got 4 skeins cotton (- 8). If I start making the pot holders right away I might get some used up by Sat. I searched through some bins in the basement and found a 14 oz. Premier Home cotton/polyester blend, is it O.K. for pot holders ? Or would the polyester part (15%) melt if it gets too hot ? It's beige and might make a nice hat. WTD: - 6 YTD: + 76 Ellie 13
  7. My big sis taught my granny squares when I was 9 (10 ). I was not good at it, they came out lopsided. I learned basics as part of a sewing class in 8th grade. Then I collected books and taught myself. I all the time and take it everywhere. Ellie 13
  8. I turned 59 Feb. 13 (59 1/2 soon). My big sis taught me granny squares when I was 9 (10 ). I learned basics in 8th grade as part of the sewing class. Then I collected books and taught myself and I've been ever since. I take my "knitty ditty" bag (as little sis called it) everywhere. I never paid attention to people looking, unless they asked questions. Ellie 13
  9. Since the baby afghan is getting too big to take with me, I started baby hats during my lunch break. I made 3 hats, used 2 balls and rolled a small skein down (+ 3), actual points this week ! My garden is doing well. Red tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, egg plants, but not so many beans now. One of the "weeds" I've been getting turns out to be purslane, a highly nutritious "vegetable". A friend says some health food stores actually sell it and you can get seeds to plant it. I tried it and it's not too bad, so I started snacking on it every once in a while. Every time it's come up (off/on for years) I've been tossing it out. WTD: + 3 YTD: + 82 Ellie 13
  10. I started the 3 inch squares together, and found out that 6 together is 21 1/2 inches, so I left off the white. I'll do 6 X 6. Still no used though. What will I do with the 7 white and 6 rainbow squares left over ? WTD: 0 YTD: + 79 Ellie 13
  11. I've been working a lot, so not much time. The squares I'm making just 3 rounds of a granny square (3 in.), so I'm getting some done during my lunch break at work. I've got 7 colors (6 rainbow & white) for 2 rounds with 1 round of black. A 7 X 7 baby afghan together will be 22 (+/-) inches. I can make it 24 with a nice border. The balls are getting smaller, but the Endless Impeccable black still seems to be going nowhere . As for my garden, the beans are still coming, I've gotten 6 cucumbers. I'm starting to get eggplants and peppers, and some of the cherry tomatoes are turning red (the weeds are doing well too ). WTD: 0 YTD: +79 Ellie 13
  12. I made 2 more bunnies, 3 baby hats and 2 pocket prayer shawls. I used 2 balls and a skein (+4). I started some more rainbow squares. When I get them all done and together the balls of rainbow should be gone. I've got plenty of ideas, but I'm running out of . Good for this game, but not for my sanity. WTD: + 4 YTD: + 97 Ellie 13
  13. Ellie 13

    All in one pattern

    Patterns worked "in the round" , from the center out, such as large squares, rectangles or round ripples don't need borders. If your afghan looks good without it, skip the border. Ellie 13
  14. I some more face masks, used 5 balls cotton (+5) . My garden is growing great, but the weeds keep trying to take over . I have many green tomatoes, but I've picked so many beans plus my 1st cucumber . WTD: + 5 YTD: + 93 Ellie 13
  15. from north of Boston MA. Been since I was 12(+/-), 59 now. It's great have some experienced people joining too. We can help the beginners. Ellie 13
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