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  1. I haven't found the pics. Sorry.
  2. I get my 2nd virus shot on Fri., so I'll be able visit my parents soon. Virtual through ZOOM is just not the same. I didn't get to Michael's, so no added points. I used a skein on more baby hats (+ 2) . I'll start squares for a baby afghan with what I have and get more white later. My garden is growing very nicely (even the weeds ). I hope to have fresh veggies soon. WTD: + 2 YTD: + 56 Ellie 13
  3. Is it a square or rows ? If it's square you can frog it. but instead of making a ball, as you frog. If it's rows you might be able to fix the edges with a border. Ellie 13
  4. Sorry I didn't get here last week, had computer problems. I try to get to Caffe Nero for the WiFi, but sometimes I'm just too busy. I had 1 point last week, so I'll add it now. I made some more baby hats and rolled down 3 skeins (+ 3) . I have to go to Michael's to get pin backs and more white . Maybe I'll get just a pounder instead of 2 7 oz. skeins . With 1/2 skein I have left, it should be enough to make another baby afghan. WTD: + 4 YTD: +54 Ellie 13
  5. Are you using U.S. or U.K. stitches? Ch 3, yarn over once = U.S. double or U.K. triple. Ch 4, yarn over 2 times = U.S. triple or U.K. double triple. There are a couple of ways to minimize the line. 1: You could turn after each rnd and work in the opposite direction (both sides look the same). 2: you could make 1 less ch at the beginning, put your 1st stitch in the 1st stitch, work around, and join it the 1st stitch, skip the ch and do not count it (I use # 2). You can never completely get rid of the line. I sometimes use a larger hook and half doubles instead of doubles or doubles instead of
  6. I finished the baby afghan, used 1 1/2 skeins (+ 3) . I made some more pocket prayer shawls and baby hats used up 3 small balls (+3) . The last 2 weeks the weather was mostly , so I did some gardening. I have peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant and beans. My rose bush is full of buds and is blooming . WTD: + 6 YTD: + 50 Ellie 13
  7. Is this Krochet Krystal's pattern (2006) ? She was on Crochetville in the beginning. I have a copy and have made a few. It took me some time to work it out, and I'm an expert at . I found my copy, but I recall it had step by step pics which I can't find. Ellie 13
  8. I missed last week, but I had 0 anyway. Made 2 summery hats (floppy/bucket whatever they're called now) for a friend. I used the rest of the for pocket prayer shawls. I started on the rainbow baby afghan, I used a skein of white and couldn't find any more in my stash, so I went to Michael's yesterday and got 2 skeins (- 4). I used 2 skeins on the hats/pocket prayer shawls (+ 4) . May be I'll use more by Sat. WTD: 0 YTD: + 46 Ellie 13
  9. No scores yet , I'll post mine. Used 2 balls and rolled a skein. WTD: +1 YTD: + 46 Ellie 13 Inkked0317, I love the blue/purple flower square, can I get the pattern ?
  10. A friend wanted some green, blue and black , so I gave her 2 skeins of green, 2 balls of blue and a skeins and 2 balls of black (+ 10) . Today I went to Michael's and got 6 skeins medium pastel rainbow colors for a baby afghan (-12) . If I use up 2 balls or a skein by Sat., I'll back on the + side. WTD: - 2 YTD: + 45 Ellie 13
  11. When matching a square with a design in it, I use some of the same colors. A basic 12 in. solid or granny square with the same colors as the as the butterfly square will work. Just be sure to have the same number of stitches on the sides as the butterfly square (easier to sew together). Ellie 13
  12. When I create my own design, I make notes in case I want to make it again (the happy face, to the left, is my design). Most of my ideas came about from entering crochet contests, or requests for items. I've actually written many patterns and put them in a binder. Some day I hope to get a book together. I'm constantly finding scraps of paper (even napkins ) with notes. Sometimes I forget what it was, so have to crochet it just to find out . Ellie 13
  13. To all the mom's here: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY ! !
  14. I made 3 more baby hats, 14 pocket prayer shawls, some flower and butterfly pins. I used up 4 balls of (+ 4) . I didn't go shopping all week (except for food), so no new . A co-worker asked for a dozen butterfly pins, so I might use up some thread. WTD: + 4 YTD: + 47 Ellie 13
  15. I did some this week, but didn't use much . My niece is having a another baby so I've been going through my stash looking for for a baby afghan. I found some rainbow colors plus black, mostly full/almost full skeins, but only a little ball of orange (used for pumpkin wall hangings in Oct.). I'm going start with the colors I have, maybe I can make something with primary colors and green. I don't want buy more , if I must . WTD: 0 YTD: + 43 Ellie 13
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