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  1. There's 2 booklets from the early/mid 90's called The Elmore Method (I think) by a guy named Elmore from Annie' Attic or Leisure Arts maybe. He created a bunch of "in between" stitches. It could be one of his stitches. Ellie 13
  2. There's 2 booklets by a guy named Elmore (Annie' Attic or Leisure Arts maybe). He created a bunch of "in between" stitches. Granny Square's idea sounds like one of his. If I can find my books I can check it out. But it sounds like a good idea. Try it and see how it goes. Good Luck. Ellie 13
  3. I see you didn't post scores yet, so I'll add mine. 2 weeks worth of work and I didn't finish the C2C, but I made 4 pot holders and 6 hats. Used 3 Sugar & Cream cotton skeins, a 3.5 oz. skein and rolled down a 7 oz. (+ 9 ) WTD: + 9 YTD: + 104 Ellie 13
  4. I gave 3 skeins and 9 balls of to the knit/crochet group at the library tonight (+ 15 ). But I took 5 skeins and 1 ball of (- 11 ). The skeins are 1.75 oz. each, so they should go fast. The ball is about 1/3 of a 7 oz. skein, enough to make 2 hats. I should be able to get them used by Sat. I might finish my C2C this week too. WTD: + 4 YTD: + 95 Ellie 13
  5. Ellie 13
  6. I made 3 preemie hats, used most of a 5 oz. skein. There's wasn't enough left to make anything with, so I put it in a bag with 3 other small balls. I added 1 skein and 2 partial skeins to the bag and took it to the senior center (+ 9 ). I've passed the mid point on the C2C, it's all downhill now . I should be done sometime next week, then I'll get to roll some down. WTD: + 9 YTD: + 91 Ellie 13
  7. When I try to use the emoticons I get a few smileys then a bunch of dots. It's hard to find what I want. When I click on a link someone posts it says "Page cannot be displayed". Ellie 13
  8. Last Mon. I joined the knit/crochet group. They have cabinet in the meeting room at the library where we can exchange . After we finished for the night, I added 6 skeins and 2 balls (+ 14 ) then I took 2 small skeins that came with a kit (2 oz. ?) and 1 regular (- 6 ). Wed. a friend gave me 4 Sugar & Cream and 2 large balls of cotton (- 12 ) During the week I made 2 preemie hats and 4 potholders. I used the 2 small skeins and the 4 cotton balls (+ 12 ). I also worked on a C2C baby afghan, but didn't use any . WTD: + 8 YTD: + 82 Ellie 13
  9. WOW! The biggest squares I've ever made were 12 inches. I made a nine patch (3 sq. X 3 sq.) baby afghan with them. Ellie 13
  10. I have not been here since Feb. . I'm going to start all over because I lost count of my (got/gave/used, I can find my YTD though). So I'll start this week with 0. I'm at the library. Every other Mon. the knit/crochet group meets here at 6 PM to work on things for charity. I brought a big bag of and my hook so maybe I'll have points by Sat. I'll try to get here more often. WTD: 0 YTD: + 74 Ellie 13
  11. I'm sorry I haven't been here since last Christmas. I've done a lot of since then. I've made 35 (+/-) preemie hats, 20 pocket prayer shawls, some with a Jewish star (thanks to those who helped me find a pattern ) and a ton of pins. On Martin L. King service day I sat with other crocheters/knitters and made hats for charity. I brought , thinking I could get rid of some stash . I guess everyone had the same idea, because I went home with more than I brought . I started a C2C with a pounder of white and 8 oz. multi colored . I was about 10 rows away from being done when I saw it was not quite square. I found the mistake just before the center line, now I have to frog 30 (+/-) rows . With all using, giving and getting my first score this year is: WTD: + 4 YTD: + 74 Ellie 13
  12. Very nice. I think it's what they used to call "bat wing" style. Ellie 13
  13. I haven't been here since Dec. 2. I've been making hats and wreath pins. I used up 2 balls and rolled down 2 skeins (+ 4) . A friend wanted a black hat, but I didn't have any black , the next day she brought me a skein and said I could keep any extra (- 2). I made her a hat, and rolled the skein down (+1). WTD: + 3 YTD: + 70 Ellie 13 MERRY CHRISTMAS !
  14. Thank. I posted in the ISO section and found one I could use. I didn't know there were so many star patterns out there.