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    Since I was about 13
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  1. Ellie 13

    2018 Stashbusting CAL

    I forgot to add my points to my last post . I used 1 small (1.75 oz) skein, 3 balls and rolled a 3 oz down (+ 6) . WTD: + 6 YTD: + 134 Ellie 13
  2. Ellie 13

    2018 Stashbusting CAL

    I made a pattern for a small hexagon. They're called Pocket Prayer Shawls (4 - 5 inches). I could try and make a bigger star/hexagons to sew together to make a regular shawl. I haven't written it down. I'll try to write it out, but it might be at least a medium skill level. I'll let you know what I come up with. Ellie 13
  3. Ellie 13


    Thank you. I like the baby elephant from Moogly, but I keep getting "page cannot be displayed" when I click on it. I might have to go to the library, I've never had problems there. I'm going to keep looking for more patterns. I'm still open to more patterns/ideas.
  4. Ellie 13

    2018 Stashbusting CAL

    I got a request from my mom for some more Jewish star prayer shawls for a friend. With that, plus hats for charity and trying to keep up with the demand for pumpkin and spider pins, I'm every spare moment. With all these projects, I'm using a lot of scrap . I used a small skein, 2 balls and rolled a skein down (+ 5) . I didn't have time to go anywhere except work and home, so no new this week. WTD: + 5 YTD: + 128 Ellie 13
  5. Ellie 13


    I need to find a small (6 - 8 inch) stuffed elephant pattern. I tried to convert my pig pattern, but it's making me . I need it by next week at the latest. Thank you. Ellie 13
  6. Ellie 13

    Can anyone help me find this pattern please

    There is lady on here called Darski, she has been making things like that, maybe you can contact her though here. Or go to Stash Busting (pages 22 - 25), that is where she has been showing some of her work. I hope this helps. Ellie 13
  7. When I tried to add emojis or change size/color of my words nothing happened. It seems to work here but not when I was in the Stash Busting thread. I'll try again. Thanks Ellie 13
  8. Ellie 13

    2018 Stashbusting CAL

    I went to Michael's this morning and got 1 skein Impeccable green (- 2), googlie eyes, pin backs and buttons. I finished a teen/young adult hat and scarf set,10 pumpkin pins, 8 spider pins and started a purple pig. For the hat/scarf set I used a skein of multi red/pink/white colored bulky fuzzy yarn (like a pipe cleaner without the wire). I got it from the knit/crochet group, I didn't know what it was, but I liked it. I used 3 balls in green, orange and black on the pins (+ 5). The pumpkin pins only use a couple of inches, but with Christmas coming, I should be able to use the extra green. WTD: + 3 YTD: + 123 Ellie 13
  9. Ellie 13

    2018 Stashbusting CAL

    Most church fairs I've been to the people get a folding card table (square), or they bring one. The spaces are probably 6X6 and they are very close to other tables (8 -10 in. apart). I don't know how much they pay for it. But if you have enough things and think you can make $150 - $200, it would be worth it. Holliday items are very good seller in Nov. Ellie 13
  10. Ellie 13

    2018 Stashbusting CAL

    I didn't see any posting of weekly scores yet, so I'll add mine. I've used 2 skeins and 5 balls (+ 9). But, I gained 3 skeins (14 oz.) and 1 ball (- 8). I made 3 preemie hats, 4 kid/teen size hats, 3 pocket prayer shawls and 1 pot holder. WTD: + 1 YTD: + 120 I can't get color, change size or get emoticons. What's up? Also, I don't like this long skinny format. Ellie 13
  11. Ellie 13

    2018 Stashbusting CAL

    I haven't been able to get here and post a score, so I'll add it to this week. I'm in Maine (U.S.A.). I got here Sat. and I'll be going home tomorrow. I did a lot of since last Mon. I finished a baby afghan and made 6 preemie hats before I left. On the 3 hour road trip to Maine I made 2 preemie hats and 1 adult hat. Sat. afternoon I went to my grand-niece's 3rd b-day. Sun. my parents and I did some sight seeing, so I at night. Between Sat.night and Sun. night, I made 1 preemie hat and 1 adult hat. So for I used 2 skeins, 3/4 (+/-) of a pounder and most of a 12 oz. skein so I rolled them down (+ 6 ). I didn't buy any , even though there's a Michael's practically across the street from this hotel . I'll be on the 3 hour trip home. I should be able add more points by Sat. WTD: + 6 YTD: + 119 Ellie 13
  12. Ellie 13

    2018 Stashbusting CAL

    I didn't get to post my scores last week, but with the get/use/give I had it was 0 anyway. I just at the knit/crochet group at the library and I left a bag of (+ 15 ) , but I took 3 Sugar & Cream cotton skeins (- 6 ) . We talked about how much they did (before I joined) and what charities we make things for starting in Sept. The library is closing in 25 mins. so I have to go now. WTD: + 9 YTD: + 113 Ellie 13
  13. Ellie 13

    What is This Stitch?

    There's 2 booklets from the early/mid 90's called The Elmore Method (I think) by a guy named Elmore from Annie' Attic or Leisure Arts maybe. He created a bunch of "in between" stitches. It could be one of his stitches. Ellie 13
  14. Ellie 13

    Row Gauge Woes

    There's 2 booklets by a guy named Elmore (Annie' Attic or Leisure Arts maybe). He created a bunch of "in between" stitches. Granny Square's idea sounds like one of his. If I can find my books I can check it out. But it sounds like a good idea. Try it and see how it goes. Good Luck. Ellie 13
  15. Ellie 13

    2018 Stashbusting CAL

    I see you didn't post scores yet, so I'll add mine. 2 weeks worth of work and I didn't finish the C2C, but I made 4 pot holders and 6 hats. Used 3 Sugar & Cream cotton skeins, a 3.5 oz. skein and rolled down a 7 oz. (+ 9 ) WTD: + 9 YTD: + 104 Ellie 13