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  1. Most of my spare time is spent fighting the weeds that are taking over my garden since we had a lot of . I did get 30 or more beans already. I did get in a little , but no used this week. WTD: 0 YTD: + 88 Ellie 13
  2. Looks like US dc. I like the hat. Ellie 13
  3. I think that's right, though I've never seen it written like that. Ch whatever # chs it says, then work 1 sc and 1 hdc in the 3rd ch from hook. You put 2 sts in 1 ch. Since this is worked in the foundation ch, it should say (sk next ch, sc and hdc in next ch). You repeat (sk next ch, sc and hdc in next ch) to the end of the ch, you should end with 2 sts in the last ch. I hope this helps. Ellie 13
  4. Just string beans. My peppers are green and purple (yes, it's a thing). Lots of buds but the only thing really blooming is the rose bush. 5 beautiful roses and I counted 7 more buds so far . A co-worker liked my face mask and wanted one and now others are asking, so I'm making them now. I'm using the Sugar & Cream cotton left over from the pot holders and passport/wallet neck purses I made. I used 3 balls and a skein (+ 5) . It only counts if you wake up and the is gone . I wonder what I would make if I in my sleep WTD: + 5 YTD: + 88
  5. I finished all my squares and them together and did the border in white. Another 24 inch square afghan done . I rolled down the last 3 colors and the white (+ 4). I also made 3 hats and a pocket prayer shawl. I used up 3 balls (+ 3). Not being able to go anywhere on my only day off is good for . I never thought I'd say this, but I'm running out of !! I got my garden planted. I got beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. WTD: + 7 YTD: + 83 Ellie 13
  6. I found some slightly used Caron Simply Soft in rainbow colors under my never ending ball of black. I started another 24 inch square blanket. This is a little harder to work with so it's going a little slower. I only rolled down 3 skeins so far (+3) . I should have all the squares done by Mon. or Tue. I'm still working 6 days/week, so not a lot of time. WTD: + 3 YTD: + 76 Ellie 13
  7. I finished the 24 inch square blanket. It seems very small compared to the 36 - 40 inch ones I normally make, but that's what they want. I finished another hat, used a ball (+ 1) . WTD: + 1 YTD: + 73 Ellie 13
  8. I rolled down the last rainbow skein (+ 1) . I started the squares together with matching colors for each square (instead of black). I'll used the black for the border, but it's a slightly used (2-3 oz. ) never ending skein (28 oz.) so I won't get to roll that down. Add 1 point to my score and I've got double digits this week . WTD: + 10 YTD: + 72 Ellie 13
  9. I missed another week . I'll add the points to this week. I've been making baby hats, 2 small skeins used (+ 4) . I'm also making squares for a baby afghan. I'm using leftover rainbow colors, so I can roll down the skeins now. I rolled down 5 skeins so far (+ 5) . I only have 2 more purple squares to go, then I can roll the last skein down. When the knit/crochet group can start meeting again, I'll have a lot to turn in. I wonder how much the others have done . WTD: + 9 YTD: + 71 Ellie 13
  10. I haven't been here since April 30th so I'll add up everything I did in the last 2 weeks. I finished all 4 bunnies, made 3 baby hats and 7 pocket prayer shawls. I used 3 small skeins and rolled a 7 oz. skein down (+ 7) . Best score I've had in a long time . I don't think I'll get any more points before Sat. night, but I'll try to get here more often. WTD: + 7 YTD: + 62 Ellie 13
  11. I finished the 2nd bunny and started the 3rd. I used the rest of the 1st skein and started the 2nd skein. I gave a friend a ball of red (+2) . Still working 6 days/week and now we have to wear masks. Lots of $$ but not much time to . WTD: + 2 YTD: + 55 Ellie 13
  12. I finished 1 bunny. I used some rolled up quilt batting and it isn't bad. I started with a 3.5 oz skein, I weighed the left over to see how much was used, 1 bunny takes 2.5 oz. I had 3 skeins and think there should be enough, but I'm worried I'll run out. I have a 7 oz. skein of white, but it seems brighter (side by side, you can see the difference). A friend asked me for a sewing needle, then I asked her if she had any stuffing. She found some and gave it to me (she doesn't make stuffies). I think I got the best deal for a needle . WTD: + 1 YTD: + 53 Ellie 13
  13. No scores yet ? I finished the purse, used a skein of cotton (+2) . I found some more white, so I started the 4 stuffed bunnies for a co-worker (even though it's after Easter). I hope I have enough stuffing. Do you think shredded quilt batting will work ? I have some scraps my mom gave me. WTD: + 2 YTD: + 52 Ellie 13
  14. I got a pattern for a crochet face mask so I'm working on one. A co-worker saw my neck wallet pouch and wants one. Since the store is closed for Easter and we can't go anywhere, I'm going to tomorrow. I won't get any more used today so my score will stay the same. HAPPY EASTER ! WTD: + 4 YTD: + 50 Ellie 13
  15. Ellie 13

    Pattern help

    Try redheart.com and look for knit/crochet preemie hats. I made the one that has 48 stitches around with ww # 4 yarn and a I (J ?) hook to get a bigger size hat. You could adjust the 36 stitch pattern by adding more stitches around. Ex: [1 st in first st, 2 sts in next st], adding 18 sts for 54 sts around. With more stitches, you would have to make more rounds, 20 (22) then 2 (3) rounds post stitches.
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