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Found 84 results

  1. Hello everyone! My name is Asher. Recently I became an affiliate with Amazon. What this means is that I help sell stuff for Amazon in exchange for a small commission. After looking over recent demographics, I have found knitting and crochet to be incredibly in demand activities. Thus, I built a website specifically for selling knitting and crochet products. We have many different kinds of hooks and needles, a large selection of yarn, and a few books to help you learn more about the art. These products are mighty cheap and they aren't going to be around forever! If you are interested in purchasing these products, my website is: If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! Thank you!
  2. 2017 Stashbusting CAL This is a continuation of last year's game. With the start of the new year, you get to start with ZEROS for your point scores. If you want, keep your 2016 score in your signature to remind you to "Do Better". Here are the general rules: Please sign up to this thread. I will be putting all the names at the end of this post so that we know who's playing. Also, please put a line in your signature for Stashbusting score. Example: WTD=+5 YTD=+27. Please post your scores by Midnight on Saturday, so that the scorekeeper can pick them up. Shortly after that, the scorekeeper will be tallying the scores and posting them on Sunday. Please make your score easy to be seen. Large numbers and pretty colors really help. Example: WTD=+7 YTD=-9 WTD= week to date and YTD = Year to date. First (gold), second (silver) and third (bronze) will be noted on the scorekeeping list on Sunday, along with all the other scores. If you have the largest total in receiving yarn and not using it up, it is called the "Shoot the Moon" award. The "Shoot the Moon" winner from the previous week will be responsible for posting the scores the following week. If the "Shoot the Moon" winner is not available to post the scores, please contact greyhoundgrandma as early as possible so that scores can be posted in a timely manner. The scorekeeper should post by 12 noon Eastern Time on Sunday. If it will be posted at another time, due to work, church, etc., please notify the group so that they will know when to expect their scores. Scorekeeping For every skein of yarn you use up completely, you get two (2) points. For every skein of yarn that you roll into a ball, you get one (1) point. For every ball of yarn you use up, you get one (1) point. For every skein of yarn you buy, receive, or inherit, you lose two (2) points. For every ball of yarn you buy, receive, or inherit, you lose one (1) point. A skein of yarn is a brand new bundle that you have bought at a store or its equivalent. If you roll it into smaller cakes or balls, it will still count as two (2) points when you use them completely. You count points for yarn that you use in crocheting, knitting, crafting or give away. This is an on-going CAL. Feel free to join at any time! When you start playing with us for the first time, you DON'T COUNT what's in your stash. For many of us, that would be impossible. You get points when you use up what's in your stash or lose points when you add to your stash. Your first scores will be posted January 7th, and the first list of scores will be posted on January 8th for the week ending on January 7th. If you have any questions just post them to the thread. Good luck with your stashbusting! 2017 Stashbusters: Addicted2patterns Cesa Charis Crafty Witch Ellie 13 greyhoundgrandma howieann Inkked0317 jessicali ladychris2010 MalisaMeesa Montessorimom PBLKNP pineknott PinkGlitter yarnscrapper
  3. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm making a doll right now which I want to have loose curls. Various articles says to curl the yarn around something then use glue to keep it in place. Bit hesitant to do that as I would imagine that would leave the "hair" feeling rock hard. I was thinking the best idea would be to split the yarn but not sure if the wisps would stay. What would you say would be the best option? Thank you in advance
  4. Most of the crochetting I do is amigurumis. I buy red heart because it is easy to find, cheap and I think it's stiffness is actually a plus for the toys. I have noticed difference in quality depending on the color, some could be very plasticky and some felt nicer. But the last two balls had slightly different thicknesses, enough to ruin my project. It was a very small doll. It was a promised gift so I modified the pattern a bit and it looks odd but ok, but now I am left with all this yarn that I can't combine well with other yarns of the same brand. Has anyone had that problem before? I know it is not a very fine yarn but, given how artificial and "industrial" it looks, I expected it to least not vary in thickness.
  5. Hello there everyone! My name is Bre and I am the proud owner of a brand new indie-dyed yarn shop called "This Is How I Dye Yarn and Fiber." We specialize in natural fibers and we try to keep our prices as low as possible. We believe that everyone should have access to quality fiber! This shop has been operating for just a couple of weeks now so your support is needed! Give us a like on Facebook and Etsy. We will be doing some promotional events in the coming weeks so make sure to follow us so you can get in on the fun! Here is an image of one of my personal favorite colorways that we offer called "Pretty In Punk!" Thanks for reading and we hope to see you around!!!
  6. Hi! I am new to crocheting and had a question about yarn. I am making a baby blanket that calls for 300g soft acrylic, 4 ply worsted weight yarn. I was wondering if I could substitute this wool yarn for the acrylic- Will it make the same size baby blanket? Also, when it says, "Weight 100," does that mean 100 grams? Thanks! I really appreciate the help! Here is a link to the pattern:
  7. Hi, everyone! My name is Paula and I'm pretty new to crochet! I have been teaching myself how to crochet since this past summer and I swear I learn something new every day! I have learned the most from watching Youtube video tutorials! I find them easier sometimes to learn from them than an actual pattern but I am getting better at reading patterns, I just like to follow along with a video to help in case I get stuck! No one in my family was ever into crafts, let along knitting or crochet and I've always wanted to learn crochet and how to quilt. My first project was a gray C2C which is sitting on the back of my couch! Since then, I have made a couple more c2c's as gifts, a beautiful shells blanket, 2 cosy stripe blankets, 8 messy bun hats, 6 different kinds of scarves, fingerless gloves and a pom-pom hat! I usually have a few projects going at the same time and always have a tote bag ready to take to doctor appointments etc. This week I was approached to sell my latest throw blanket and I am still quite in shock that someone liked it that much and they were willing to pay for it! I had no clue as to what to charge for it, so I asked a few people in my facebook crochet groups and as always they were beyond helpful and very supportive! Money has been very tight for my family lately, so the money I made off the blanket really came in handy! It took me just over 2 weeks to complete the blanket and I only spent about $25 in yarn because I ordered a color pack with 17 skeins from a store in the UK! When I named my price of $150 for the throw blanket, I was certain she was going to try and talk me down and maybe even say that was too expensive but she didn't do any of that- she just said, "OK, great!" She told me that she is opening a shop in a very pricey shopping area and wants to use the blanket in her storefront window-Talk about exciting! lol I am looking forward to being a part of this group & getting to know you all!
  8. ISO Red Heart Preference Candy Yarn. This is an old yarn & was discontinued long ago.(was in my Gram's stash ) I love the color & am looking for any I can find. I made a baby mermaid cocoon with it, came out awesome! Thanks!
  9. Hi! How are you? Happy sunday for all of you. Welcome to this special tutorial that I prepared for you. The best way to start a day is making this. I am going to teach you how to make a Yarn Bowl that is very beautiful and useful at crochet or knit time. See the tutorial here: ↓↓↓ The necessarily materials: *100/150 g of cold porcelain. *A mold that can be a bowl. *Scissor. *Oil or flour. For colour it: *Acrylic paint (If we want a uniform color, add it to the beginning). *Coffee + Vinilic glue (When dry, apply two hands with the aid of a brush. This will give you a feeling of wood). *A Brush. Show me your creations using #CraftyDomingos or #CraftySundays in any social media, so I can see it. Thank you for all your comments and messages that I receive during the week. Don't forget! Share the video and subscribe to my YouTube Channel, I need it. The tutorial was made by my son. Special thanks to my subscriber and follower miu_kokoro for helped me to made the porcelain. Greetings and blessings.
  10. I love working with soft, yummy yarn, but have experienced it "unraveling" as I work with it and "splitting" as I crochet so I am only picking up a thread or 2 instead of the whole strand, Very frustrating. Any advice in technique or yarns that don't split like that?
  11. Hello all! I am very new to crocheting and am in need of some assistance with a blanket. I would love to make a replica of this (I've attached a few photos of the blanket in question) but I cannot figure out what kind of yarn this is. This was a gift to my family from a friend of ours about 12 years ago. I'd love to know if anyone can identify the type of yarn that was used for this. It is a very heavy blanket (we call it the coma quilt - it is certain that you will fall asleep when you have it on top of you). I've reached out to our friend about it but she cannot remember what kind of yarn she used. I'd really appreciate any help you can give me. I know it might be hard to identify yarn without touching it in person - but any information would be great. Thank you so much! ~ Jenny
  12. Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing well. I made a pair of bunnies. The first in a long line of new bunnies that I have come up with. I recently created a facebook page to display all the creations I have made over the years. If you want to see them here is the link. If you like what you see, please like my page. I need 25 people to like it so I can get a dedicated link. Thanks all.
  13. Hello. My grandma passed away last March and left behind a half knitted blanket that she was makingredients for my sister. I wanted to finish it for her, but I'm not sure I have enough yarn to and the yarn I do have is unlabeled.I found a pattern that seems to be what she was using and it says that it uses "coats and clark's red heart worsted" but searching that lead to no avail. Can anyone help me find this yarn? If you need anymore information about it let me know, and thanks ☺ (Ps I know this blanket isnt crochet but help a sistah out?)
  14. Hi, I am new here and are just learning to crochet. I am from New Zealand and we have quite a small selection of reasonable priced yarn. I have been looking to purchase some from Amazon or another online shop, but are unsure of the quality of the yarns they offer, as most of these are available in the states I was wondering if your guys could let me know what yarn products are nice and soft and good value for money, this will give me a good idea of what I should order. Thanks for any info you are able to pass on to me. Andrea
  15. Hello, I'm new to this community and am seeking some help. I discovered a wonderful afghan on a favorite show of mine. I would love to crochet it very badly but can't find a yarn that's similar enough to the colors that I need. The pattern I can figure out (unless anyone has any ideas on that as well) I've posted a cropped picture of the afghan. I'm sorry that it's a little blurry but you can get still see the colors. I would like to find something as close as possible because all put together it's perfect for me. Thanks!!!!
  16. I was hoping to finish this quick bulky soft blanket. Kids have spring break and I wanted to finish while at the park during their activities. Well, I ran out of the yarn. I go to Michael's, Hobby Lobby and Jo Ann's in town today with no luck. Even seeing sales on the same brand just not the right color. I finally had to order some online. BUMMER! I'm sure you ladies have been in the same boat. I'm so disappointed - I had extra time to finish my blanket. I'm even on vacation for once from work. Hoping my yarn arrives in the next few days.
  17. I'm thinking of making a crochet sweater as my next project but the pattern suggests a 75% cotton, 25% viscose yarn in DK weight. What would be the benefit of using a yarn with viscose in? How would the result differ from using 100% cotton? Thank you
  18. Hi Everyone! I have mine stored in wicker baskets. Show me how you organize your yarn and supplies or what you want to create to organize your yarn. I keep coming back to something like this...I found it on pinterest...
  19. I made these for an 8 cubby Ikea Expedit shelving unit. Here is my blog post about finishing the 8th basket, and here is a group photo:
  20. Hi there! So a while back I attempted to make some children's gloves Halloween-themed [as it was mid-October] just to try my hand at graphing, and I've also been interested in doing a graph-gan or two [if I ever get this granny-square blanket done]. However, I'm curious on something. What I noticed when attempting the gloves was that anywhere I was constantly switching colors, the gloves were thicker since I was carrying the yarn. But I disliked carrying the yarn as well because I was using orange and black, and the carried yarn liked to show up underneath. So what I wanted to ask was: for graph crochet, is it better to carry colors or to not carry colors? Which do you prefer, and which tends to be easier? Is there even a way to do a graph-gan without carrying colors, and if so, how? Thank you for all of the wonderful help! -Sammie
  21. I've seen a lot of new crocheters join this forum lately, so I though I'd start a topic on yarn. I'm hoping that others join in with their tips. (Also, please correct me, if I'm wrong about something!!!) There are quite a few discussions on yarn weight and the Yarn Council's Weight Chart is a great source for finding out about yarn weights. There are also quite a few discussions on yarn fibers and everyone seems to have different preferences. So, I'm going to start out with ... Yarn Textures: 1. Plied - Plied is when 2 or more strands are twisted together to form thicker yarn. It's the most common yarn texture. Tight plies are good for rigid projects where you don't want elasticity. They are also good for showing off stitch definition. Looser plies are better for drape and elasticity. 2. Roving - Roving is when the fiber is either not wound or wound very loosely (aka 1-ply). Lion Brand's Landscapes and Red Heart's Boutique are examples. It is great for softness, but tends to split easily and has a lot of loose fibers. 3. Homespun - Homespun is a cross between plied and roving. It's loose fiber bound with a ply of thin yarn. It tends to be bumpy and bulky. It's great for cozy. 4. Chenille - Chenille has a spine with small bits of fiber attached. It's very soft and has zero rigidity. When I make something with chenille yarn the most common comment is that it feels like a cloud. Some chenille yarns unravel at the ends. Just snip off that part. Make sure that you have a long tail at each end, because of the possible unraveling and it tends to be slippery, so you really have to weave in the ends well. 5. Boucle (Boo-clay) - Boucle is a very bumpy yarn. It's got a spine with little to big bumps woven into the spine. I've only done 2 projects with boucle and they were very soft, but there was no stitch definition because of the texture. 6. Tubular - Just like the name implies, it is a tube of fiber or fabric (t-shirt yarn). Patton's Mettalic yarn is an example. 7. Ribbon/Sashay - I put these in the same category, because they are flat and wide. 8. Eyelash/Furry - Eyelash and Furry yarns have a spine with long fibers attached. They are a lot of fun to work with and are great for accessories and fun borders. 9. Other - There are other textures and fancy yarns out there. It's impossible for me to name them all! LOL Prepping A New Skein of Yarn: Most yarn that you can buy at the big craft stores (AC Moore, Michaels, JoAnn's, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, etc.) are designed to be center pulled. You don't have to wind them into a ball. In fact it's easier if you don't rewind it. If you do wind it into a ball, make sure that the ball is not wound too tight. It should be squishy when you're done to protect the yarn. Yarn also comes in twists, cones and wound around a center tube. Here's how to start a center pull skein of yarn ... 1. Do not remove the label. It helps keeps the skein from knotting. 2. Look for the end that starts the outside of the skein. Tuck it under the label to get it out of the way. 3. Stick 1 or 2 fingers in the middle and pull. You'll get a small wad, called yarn barf. 4. Find the end in the yarn barf and start crocheting from that end. Once you get through the yarn barf, it will pull out easily and the skein stays nice, until the very end. Note: you might have it catch a few times until the middle is loose enough. 5. If you have leftover yarn, use the label as a center and wind it around the label. Protect your yarn while you're using it ... Yarn that is handled a lot can get fuzzy. Yarn that is not in a container can get dirty, roll away from you and/or played with by a pet. There are a few commercial yarn holders out there. The vinyl/plastic ones have a zipper for storing the yarn and a rivet for feeding the yarn. There are yarn bowls, ceramic or wood, that have a swirl carved into the side for feeding the yarn. I saw a post recently about cutting a door into a 2-liter soda bottle and using the top to feed the yarn. You can also crochet yarn baskets. I put my yarn in a mesh laundry bag (3 for a $ at the dollar store). I then weave the end from the center through one of the holes in the mesh. The yarn stays nice and clean from pet hair, handling, etc., and it pulls really easily. After I get through the yarn barf, I rarely have to feed it before crocheting. Pro: It's inexpensive and you can store your work-in-process (WIP) in the same bag, until it gets too big. Con: Crochet hooks can and do fall out! So, if you're storing your hook with your WIP, make sure that it is secure. I also use the bag to store pieces of a project before they are sewn together. It keeps them from getting lost, especially when they are small. Please reply with your yarn tips!!
  22. Hi! I want to make some baby dungarees but I don't know what yarn to go for! The pattern specifies DK but I don't know whether to go for a soft acrylic or cotton? Any advice? They are for a 18 month old child.
  23. Hello all! Looking for some help! I'm a teacher, and I may start teaching an afterschool class at my school with crochet. It would be potentially 2nd grade-middles school ages. I'm pretty comfortable with how to teach and in what order (thinking I'm going to start with chains and see how it goes). What I'm really looking for is specific recommendations for yarn and hook size. The kids will be picking the yarn up before class, so I'm looking for a yarn that is readily available at a chain store like JoAnn Fabrics or A.C. Moore. Doesn't have to be the absolute cheapest available, but not expensive, available in a variety of colors (I'll tell them to pick a light color). It also can't be wool (allergies). Any ideas? If anyone has other recommendations about a specific pattern (probably going to start with chain, go to single crochet and make a simple scarf) or ideas for teaching them how to position hands correctly, I'd certainly love to hear that as well! Thanks so much!
  24. Hello crochet friends I really love this pattern and its great for using up left over balls of yarn, Looks great in thin or thick stripes Here is the written pattern I hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I did making it
  25. Hi all, I am new to the site and somewhat new to crocheting as well and have come here for some help after rudely being kicked out of a facebook group for asking for help . I am making an awareness ribbon shawl for my mom for Christmas. I've already picked out the yarn which is a 4 (Medium) and is said to be the same as the Red Heart Super saver that was used in the instructions I am using. I tried my first 5 or 6 rows but found that the awareness ribbons weren't very clear. They looked more like x's. So I went back and read the needed sized hook and found that I got a 3.50mm instead of a 3.75mm hook. I thought I'd just go out and by the next size up but then found out that my yarn calls for a 5mm hook. Do I need to change yarns or hook? And if the hook, what size? Any help is greatly appreciated since my last group experience led me to tears. I can add the link to the pattern if it will help but don't want to break any rules so if someone needs to see it let me know!