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Found 22 results

  1. Do you have a fave shaver? The one I have used for many years on sweaters and socks that I have made is from Knit Picks. https://www.knitpicks.com/lint-shaver/p/80635
  2. Craft Yarn Council https://www.craftyarncouncil.com/standards/yarn-weight-system https://yayforyarn.com/yarn-weights-guide/ https://www.laughinghens.com/yarn-conversion-chart
  3. Wonderfluff Bulky Yarn | KnitPicks.com Sooo, I bought the kittycat pattern from Polushka to make for that grandbaby that'll be coming next year. She mentioned DROPS Air(10 ply/aran/worsted) as the yarn she used, but says KnitPicks Wonderfluff is equivalent. It's rated as bulky what's currently online, not sure if there was another weight. Has anybody used it before?
  4. Hello, I am hoping to find a substitute for the yarn Big Twist by Joann in the color Rose. I started making a scarf and I'm more than two quarters of the way done and have run out of the yarn. I'm holding it together with an alpaca yarn to bulk it up but I really don't want to start over. I have looked everywhere for it and it has been out of stock for weeks.
  5. How much yarn have you squirreled away? I don't have too much, just enough for about...10 projects maybe. I know some people have a ton of yarn though. Can you imagine how much money was spent to stash away all the yarn in these pictures? How do you organize your yarn stash? Also, some handy tips on organizing your yarn stash in this Instagram post. Oh, and did you know that there is a tag on Instagram called #yarnporn? It's basically pictures of yarn stashes lol.
  6. Okay so I specialize in womens clothing... more so bralettes and things of the bikini nature. With that being said I started to look into elastic yarn but all I could find was the diva stretch yarn by Alize. I wasn't sure if any one knew of any substitutes I could use? I tried yarn.com but all I could find was the diva yarn by Alize not the diva stretch. This has been incredibly frustrating to say the least.. send help!!
  7. Hi, I am using Wool and the Gang Tshirt yarn with a 12mm hook and cannot get it to lie flat, it is so chunky even in a magic circle that I can identify the stitches. It looks like a mangled jumble of knots! I have already tried with a 9mm hook. Is it the tension of my stitch or am I doing something completely wrong?
  8. FYI as posted by others: Yarn Substitution
  9. This was in an email from Lion Brand. Obviously it's only a ball park figure because different stitch patterns need more or less yarn. Also a baby blanket, afghan, etc can vary greatly in size. But it may be a starting point for deciding on yarn amounts. Also the small print at the bottom says yardages have been rounded up to account for differences between knit and crochet--so again ball park figure.
  10. Howdy folks! newbie here who has mostly done blankets and toques. looking for garment yarn (adult and toddler sweaters mostly) recommendations. Nice drape, something soft and not scratchy and machine washable. And, easily available in Canada:) Either online or in store. Like Michaels or yarncanada. Some of the reading I’ve been doing, plenty are suggesting a 3 yarn. I appreciate any insight from you knowledgeable crocheters!
  11. Introducing O'Go Yarn! - Repeat Crafter Me Not brand new...new skein type.
  12. really need this yarn for a project but it’s sold out online and at every store near me. i’m not sure if they would restock any time soon. anybody know where else to get it besides michaels? also willing to buy it from someone if they happen to have it
  13. Does anyone have a pattern for a dress like this https://images.app.goo.gl/3j6owN5Nxowx2Zjm9
  14. https://www.mooglyblog.com/caron-little-crafties-giveaway/ she has projects and a giveaway you can enter.
  15. Hi, I recently started crocheting over quarantine using videos. However I have recently started using crochet patterns and I don't understand one thing: What does it mean when there are brackets? For example (3dc, 2dc in next stitch) I'm not sure what I do for them. Thanks, Amily
  16. Hi guys. Again thanks for allowing me to be part of this great community. I have a sale on Lion Brand Yarns. Please visit the links below. Thanks and happy crocheting. Grey Marble https://nyasbox.ecrater.com/p/37350294/lion-brand-wool-ease-thick-and Fisherman Blanc Casse https://nyasbox.ecrater.com/p/37350217/lion-brand-wool-ease-thick-and
  17. Horsy

    Yarn for skirt.

    G'morning. I thought of making a skirt for myself and was wondering if certain fibers could possibly become deformed in the back of the skirt where you sit. Does anyone know which yarns might be more suitable for such a project? Thanx. My thinking is bamboo or silk but am not sure even of those. And silk would cost too much.
  18. I'm not a huge fan or multi-color yarns that have abrupt color changes but I liked the way Caron's Latte Cakes looked so picked up a few cakes. I have since decided that I really like it! Now, what happens a lot of times is I find something that I really like and it then disappears! I know it's a Michaels exclusive. The first time I got it there was a huge center aisle display and I bought some again last week. Since the "buy 2 get 1 free" sale was still on I went back yesterday for more. There was none. Some of the cake style yarns were in a bin they told me was clearance but none were the Latte version. The employee also told us that sometimes they big center aisle display can mean that they are not going to be carrying it anymore. Has anyone heard about the Latte Cakes being discontinued??? I made a large blanket out of it and it's nice and heavy and soft and, since I used the moss stitch, very breathable. I really hope they are still making it. I sure don't want to buy it second hand. I've seen it being offered for $20 or more!
  19. FYI Just got my Herrschners Fall catalog with Fall Yarn Sale listings and on the back a new yarn called Premier BASIX, introductory price $2.99 a ball of 359yds/200gm/7oz. 49 rich colors.
  20. Hi everyone! My name is Rosie. I used to knit but started crocheting a couple years ago. I fell in love and quit knitting altogether! I jumped right into amigurumi and have created many of my own patterns! I just can't stop! That being said I am also unable to afford my yarn most of the time. I use it as therapy for several issues. It is my one true love outside my family. I just wish I knew where I could get inexpensive yarn. At the moment all I can afford is Wal-mart.... but am trying to find an online store that I can afford and has a good selection of colors. Anyone have some advice?
  21. Hello! I am very new to crocheting. I have been a knitter for the last 30 years. My mom has always preferred to crochet. She is going to be 80 soon. After a recent hospitalization, we decided to make a quilt together with my 14yo daughter. After looking for a while, we came upon Ellen Gormley's triangle pattern found here: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/triangles-afghan The pattern calls for 3 colors. However, I found a picture (attached) that shows the same pattern but using 6 colors. The pattern also specifies worsted weight, 5.0mm needle. Both my mom and I have tried to do practice triangles. And they are not coming out like the pictures. 1. The holes in ours are way larger than the holes in these pics. The hole comes from creating a ch3 followed by a 2dc. I tried decreasing it to ch2 instead but the holes are still too big. 2. I'm thinking tha worsted weight yarn may be too heavy for what was used to create the red and blue blankets. I would LOVE to get your help for: 1. How to make the holes smaller. 2. What kind of weight yarn may have been used in the 2 pics. This blanket is special for us. I would love us 3 to create something beautiful as well as the memories to go with it. Thank you for your help! Sofia
  22. Hello crochet friends I really love this pattern and its great for using up left over balls of yarn, Looks great in thin or thick stripes Here is the written pattern http://www.bobwilson123.org/afghans--granny-squares.html I hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I did making it
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