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  1. It looks great! That's a lot of squares to join.
  2. Debbie, I love how it's looking. I got the pattern but it may be a while before I can start it. WTD +2. YTD +10
  3. Hello everyone! Welcome to the group, NeutralGround! I love the sweater, Cindy! Really cute. Brenda, nice shawl--the colors work well in your layout. I am so ready for a normal week. DH had two apts this week so two 3 hour round trips. Still getting information to and from the insurance companies on the storm damage. Paid property taxes today. Wrote a letter to go with an AFLAC claim dispute. Phone calls trying to get paperwork started for DIL to adopt her nephew. More calls trying to get our email working after the provider migrated it to a new server. Washing clothes so we can go to a hamfest tomorrow. It's just overnight so not even gone long enough to really have any relaxation time. My brain is throwing its little hands up and saying enough already. LOL It was cold earlier this week and now it's raining--nasty all week. Looking forward to a sunny Sunday. Off to drink a Coke and have a snack before the grands get here.
  4. Can you add a link to the pattern you used?
  5. I just ordered a baby blanket kit from Mary Maxim--6 skeins. Had some yarn, but couldn't find the pattern I wanted to use. Pretty sad statement about the state of my patterns. I really, really need to come up with some system for organizing and storing them.
  6. This is the Mary Maxim Baby Delight blanket for my best friend's granddaughter that's due in March. The yarn is MM Sugar Baby in Pink Fuzz.
  7. Debbie, pretty colors. I looked up that pattern and it is stunning. Very tempting to add it to my list. LOL
  8. Hello from Mississippi!
  9. Pam, I love the colors! I got sucked down the rabbit hole this afternoon. I ordered not one but two yarn packs for Attic 24's Dahlia Blanket CAL. Yes, that really is 30 skeins. I've done a couple of her CALs and with one pack I ended up not doing a border because the yarn was running short. Should be plenty to make the twin size and a lap throw, too. I've just got a couple more rounds to go on the baby blanket. Time to get off the computer, check the dryer and get back to it. I'm on the last round and used up a skein..+2.
  10. I hate when I see a cute pattern and buy the yarn specifically for it. Then as soon as I start crocheting I realize that I really, really hate this pattern. Now I have to find something else to do with that amount of yarn.
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