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  1. Sympathies on the crowns. No fun at all. But at least, as you said, it's crowns and not root canals. MS does not have a mask mandate any more, but lots of stores still require them. Hopefully it will slowly be fewer and fewer. I don't know how the people that have jobs requiring masks to be worn all day have done it. I end up with a headache after a few hours.
  2. It's seemed like a long week with not much accomplished, but I'm tired anyway. Went to Lowe's and Walmart today. Bought a new grill which DS put together as soon as I got home. I spent 5 days waiting for the AC company to come put freon in one of the central units. It has been cooler so it wasn't really a problem except for being available in case they came that day. Yesterday's appointment with the estate lawyer got canceled since he wasn't feeling well. I got my gardenia planted in the yard and a dahlia in a bigger pot. The grands and DIL came over and played a while and then went swimm
  3. I finished off a little ball today hanging some reflective spiral bird deterrent "icicles". Four more to hang tomorrow, so maybe that'll finish off another ball. +1
  4. Pretty color and a really attractive texture in the stitches.
  5. Now there's an idea! I often lose track of what day of the week it is. LOL
  6. Learn something new every day! I did not know you could C2C in the round! Glad the yarn is working out that way. Same weather here, but not quite that cool. Older DS is coming for a visit today and then late this afternoon I'll have the grands for a while. So I guess it's time to get the day started.
  7. Scores for the week ending 5/8/21: Gold Medal Winner: pineknott +5 Silver Medal Winner: Ellie 13 +4 Holding steady: PBLKNP 0 greyhoundgrandma 0 No Shoot the Moon Winner this week! Happy Mother's Day to our Mom's out there!
  8. Hello from Mississippi!
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