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  1. Just got my order and it's only 3 skeins instead of 6 so I can't start the sweater....-6 = -2.
  2. Pretty! I really like the border.
  3. One more freeze pop holder and some doll size dishcloths and potholder used up 2 more balls...+2 = +4.
  4. Judy, another nice one! It's been same old, same old here. I've decided if I can't say something positive about life then I'll just keep my mouth shut. We're back to the hot but are getting an occasional rain. They've finally started working on the roof of our post office. I've finally gotten back to the crochet hook--little projects--freeze pop holders and toy dishcloths and potholders. I finished one of the girls' sweaters but it took one more skein than anticipated so I'm waiting on an order that is running late to start on the second one.
  5. Hello from Mississippi! I love all your animals!
  6. Hello from Mississippi! The stack of patterns I want to try is probably taller than me. LOL
  7. What is the pattern for--afghan, etc? Do you have a picture of it? Or the exact name of the pattern?
  8. I made four freeze pop holders and used up two balls of cotton...+2.
  9. Hello from Mississippi!
  10. Hello from Mississippi! Pretty square!
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