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  1. Love the bunnies!
  2. Brenda, that sounds like a really fun day! I want to come to breakfast at your house, Cindy! It's been another whirlwind week. Lots of paperwork Monday, DH's dr apt Tues and today, and multiple employee problems/drama at the small business that I inherited half of from my father. I just typed up the second termination letter this week and there aren't but 5 employees. But the good news is that there's nothing on the calendar for tomorrow or Friday. Hope we can keep it that way!
  3. Reminder: This is the last full week of the month, so please post both your WTD and YTD scores on Saturday.
  4. Pretty hats, darski! You gotta love those small skeins. They make you feel like you're really making progress.
  5. Scores for the week ending 5/19/18: Gold Medal Winner: darski +4 Silver Medal Winner: tie at +2: Inkked0317 & greyhoundgrandma Holding steady at 0: PBLKNP pineknott TexasPurl No negatives this week!
  6. Pretty! Love the colors.
  7. Finished a skein on the woodland afghan... WTD +2
  8. Safe travels, Debbie!
  9. I'm finally getting back to this project. I'm on color stripe # 41 out of 105.
  10. Nice bag, Cindy! I'm definitely going to try that pattern. Pretty flowers, too. I finally got past my mental block and got a crochet project out this morning.
  11. Some chance of rain predicted here all week, but we need it so no complaints. I went to a monthly meeting that included supper with DH last night. He's always asking me to go but I usually don't. Somehow I seem to always hit the boring speakers. I told him afterwards, three strikes, you're out. It's a history related group and I seem to go for the ones talking about the organization rather than history. And besides that, I ate waaay tooo much! LOL I'm really, really going to crochet this afternoon. I haven't picked up a hook in a couple of weeks. DH has a dr apt tomorrow, so maybe I can take a small project instead of my kindle. I've been spending too much time on it lately. Judy, I wish we had a regular group meeting here. A couple of us informally get together, but too often we get busy and don't do it for a long time. Cindy, I'd love to see a picture of your market bag. New carpet is exciting! Except for all the work. Marlene, this is called a flea market, but is really more of a craft show plus other new but not handmade stuff. Very little real flea market items. It's fun, but a true flea market is too--never know what you'll see.
  12. Brenda, that is an impressive list! My hands cramped up just reading
  13. It happens. I posted that I had used a ball but forgot to put it in large type. LOL It really feels good to finish off a big skein!
  14. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms in the group!
  15. These are not free patterns. This one is free.