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  1. That would be my dream world! LOL What age group is it written for?
  2. Glad he's good to go! Long day here. Saw the chiropractor this morning. Next apt not for two weeks. Stopped by walmart, ate lunch, picked up a plate from Captain D's for supper (actually it'll be two suppers), got a few things done after I got home, did my exercises, and then had a swim with the grands. I'm pretty sure I'll be in bed early tonight.
  3. I don't know what colors cats see, but the scrappy one ought to make them smile. LOL
  4. 11 sc =11 sts (INC, 2 sc) = (2 + 2) 3 times = 12 sts INC = 2 sts 6 sc = 6 sts (INC, 2 sc) 3 times = 12 sts INC = 2 sts 11 sc = 11 sts For a total of 56 stitches.
  5. Hello from Mississippi! You don't indicate where exactly your problem with the pattern is happening, but there is a previous thread about the pattern. https://forum.crochetville.com/topic/161288-field-of-sunflowers-pattern-help/ https://forum.crochetville.com/topic/160753-sunflowers-afghan-petal-help/ Because of copyright issue, it's better to post the row/round or two that you are having an issue with rather than a link to the whole pattern, or if it's a free pattern, post a link to it. You can also post your specific question in the crochet help section.
  6. I just ordered 7 skeins of yarn for two baby blankets. I ordered from Mary Maxim because I had an email about 30% off for 5+ balls of yarn. But holy cow, that just barely covered the shipping cost. Shipping was $17.45!!! I had an email for free shipping but you can't get free shipping and the discount in one order.
  7. Morning, all! I was up in time yesterday to see a very colorful sunrise and then we also had a really pretty sunset. I got the yard mowed. I hope it's the last time but it'll probably take one more. My PT exercises are finally getting easier; hope I can get started walking for exercise soon. Planning to relax some today--hopefully get in some pool time and some crochet time.
  8. Ellie, glad you're feeling better. Take care of yourself and don't rush it. Yes, it definitely looks like you have a good chance of breaking 100. I haven't gotten back to my projects yet, but it's overdue. I've got to make pattern/yarn decisions for a couple of baby blankets that need to be made before February. It may require buying yarn. They are for a boy and I have less appropriate yarn for boys than girls. WTD 0
  9. That's great news, Cindy! Hope it heals quickly. Have fun on your trip!
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