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  1. greyhoundgrandma

    Our House (Part Three)

    It's another scorcher here, too. We decided on a recovery day before going to Sam's after the company yesterday. I've started repotting some houseplants. They needed it and then Cookie (baby raccoon) played in them. I'm going to have to find new places to put them. We have leftovers so I don't have to cook today. Hopefully some quite time and crocheting.
  2. greyhoundgrandma

    A few more Gütermann C Ne 50 doilies

    Gorgeous, as always!
  3. greyhoundgrandma

    Pocket Fox

    Aah, he's cute!
  4. greyhoundgrandma

    destashing giveaway on crochet booklets ect

    The last thing I need is more patterns, but I'm a sucker for bags. So please put me on the list for the first package. Thanks!
  5. greyhoundgrandma

    Our House (Part Three)

    Mary, it was all on the riding mower, thank goodness. It's even hotter this week--mid 90's. And the mosquitoes have come out with a vengeance. We're having a busy couple of days. Had younger GD after nursery school for several hours. Older son and his wife are coming to visit tomorrow, so I'm getting some of the lunch cooking done this afternoon. We're going to Memphis on Wednesday for a Sam's stock-up run. Going with DIL and kids to the zoo for Harvest Fest on Saturday and older GD has her first soccer game Sunday afternoon. Hope everyone is having a good week. Thinking about all who are dealing with Florence.
  6. greyhoundgrandma

    2018 Stashbusting CAL

    You have been truly blessed, Jessie! Praying that everything continues to go smoothly.
  7. greyhoundgrandma

    Hey just a bit about me

    Hello from Mississippi!
  8. greyhoundgrandma

    2018 Stashbusting CAL

    Sounds like fun, Pam, and well worth the points.
  9. greyhoundgrandma

    2018 Stashbusting CAL

    Debbie, those are pretty! Working with thread would not be what I called simple and easy. LOL
  10. greyhoundgrandma

    2018 Stashbusting CAL

    darski, after looking at the other thread and seeing that the "yarn" is in front of a facial scrub, I realized how tiny the "skeins" really are!
  11. greyhoundgrandma

    I find this interesting...Intermeshing

    It's a pretty design, but I can see how it might be tedious.
  12. greyhoundgrandma

    2018 Stashbusting CAL

    Jessie, that's great news! I used up two skeins this week on toddler dresses...+4.......... WTD -56
  13. greyhoundgrandma

    Our House (Part Three)

    I thought fall was here last week when we had a cool spell. But the 90's are back. Hope to crochet some today, but I've got to mow the yard and I intend to swim after that.
  14. greyhoundgrandma

    Hey everyone

    The mermaid's cute! Praying that they find the problem and solution real soon.