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  1. greyhoundgrandma

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    Jessie, you've really had your hands full. Prayers for the surgery to go well and for a quick recovery. Take care of yourself. This is the third day DH has been in the hospital. We think they are discharging him today, but there's no definite information yet. He swallowed the camera this morning and wears the receiver until 8:30 tonight. Meantime I finished the lap throw and have started another one. Used up another skein...+2= +4.
  2. greyhoundgrandma

    A group to encourage each other to make gifts in 2019

    Lea, love the blanket. Making that one for my GS is on this year's project list. The trucks/tractors are great!
  3. greyhoundgrandma

    Leaping Stripes & Blocks

    I really like that pattern. Your colors show it so well.
  4. greyhoundgrandma

    A group to encourage each other to make gifts in 2019

    Cute cow, Mary Jo! Judy, that's a sweet blanket; I know she'll love it. ratdog, great idea on the buckets!
  5. greyhoundgrandma

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    I added you to the list Ellie. Cute smiley face! Used up a skein in the lap throw....+2.
  6. greyhoundgrandma

    Introducing myself

    Hello from Mississippi!
  7. greyhoundgrandma

    Introducing myself.

    Hello from Mississippi!
  8. greyhoundgrandma

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    Scores for the week ending 3/16/19: Gold Medal Winner: MalisaMeesa +125 Silver Medal Winner: greyhoundgrandma +4 Bronze Medal Winner: tie at +2--pineknott and KoalaLovesYarn TexasPurl +1 PBLKNP 0 Ellie 13 0 Another week with no Shoot the Moon Winner!
  9. greyhoundgrandma

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    I used up another skein on the lap throw...+2 = WTD +4
  10. greyhoundgrandma

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    Taking it slow this morning. We're back home. DH had some issues this weekend and his intensive chemo has been changed to conservative which will be done locally. Between the hospital and the cancer center I used up a skein on a lap throw....+2. Pam, Belated Happy Birthday!
  11. greyhoundgrandma

    Our House (Part Three)

    Judy, cute turtle! We are back home having been around the roller coaster several times in the last week. DH had major problems with his anemia this weekend (5 units of blood in 4 days) which resulted in the cancer dr deciding to cancel the intensive chemo and go with conservative instead . There are good points and bad to each option, and in the end it is what it is and we just have to go on from there. It's been a very hectic, rather overwhelming week. I just applied chocolate to the situation and now I think it's time to shut down the brain and play a game on my kindle.
  12. greyhoundgrandma

    Thank You FGM

    Thanks so much to the MO FGM for the St. Patrick's Day card! It was a bright spot in a rather overwhelming day.
  13. greyhoundgrandma

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    No crochet time the last few days. Getting everything in order to be gone again. Three weeks is longer than we've ever been away. WTD 0
  14. greyhoundgrandma

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    That's a lot of crocheting in one week! I'm planning my main project to be a blanket for my GS and expect to finish it except for the appliques. It's a wavy ripple with just a few color changes. Haven't decided if I'll take the yarn for them or not. Plus some yarn for a lapghan that is just barely started. How much crochet time I have will partly depend on whether he feels like getting out and doing anything. I'm just glad we'll be in a hotel room and not inpatient.
  15. greyhoundgrandma

    Our House (Part Three)

    I hope our really cold weather/below freezing is gone for the season. Warmer now and a few days of sun before the rain is back. We're home through the weekend. They decided on the more aggressive chemo so we go to Little Rock Monday and chemo starts Wednesday. We'll be there approximately three weeks. So lots to do and rearranged before then. How many crochet projects do you need for three weeks?! Lol Well, off to start the day. Stay warm!