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  1. We're finally getting a little break in the heat--a few days of low 90's and around 70 for the lows. I finally got the yard mowed yesterday. We had two thunderstorms come through during the night but still only got half an inch of rain. Brenda, that sounds like a fun day. DH noticed the tire cover the second time he went by it. Lol. I've got to figure out what to do with some RH Holiday yarn. I started using it yesterday and absolutely hate it. It's like using homespun.
  2. WTD +9
  3. Thanks, Debbie and alp1! Pretty pinks, darski!
  4. Thanks, Brenda, it's bright if nothing else. LOL I'm waiting to see how long it takes DH to notice--I put it on this afternoon while he was gone. A couple of years ago I had a solid colored--tan--one made from a doily pattern. After about 2 years it started coming apart. This one was a lot quicker to make.
  5. I used up a skein in a baby blanket....+2 = +9.
  6. Both are so pretty!
  7. Your bears are always so cute!
  8. Here's my new spare tire cover.
  9. This is the third shawl for the nursing home and my new spare tire cover.
  10. Brenda, I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. Sometimes you just really don't know a person or there's another side they don't show. I won't even go into mine, just glad she was interested in money and we bought out her interest in my dad's business so no more contact is necessary. Mary, this must be dentist week--lol. We're waiting to hear from the oral surgeon about what our insurance will pay and when the appointment is to extract a tooth--luckily it's DH, not me. I should be mowing the yard, but it's 93 with a heat index of 113. We have a heat advisory today and tomorrow, but maybe Saturday will be better. I did run the 3 shawls and 2 lap throws to the nursing home this afternoon. Since it's almost and hour round trip, I had hoped to combine it with taking the cat to the vet for annual shots, but she disappeared and couldn't be located. She's good at that.
  11. I finished up a skein and two balls...+4 = +6. Rolled a skein into a ball....+1. = +7
  12. Brenda, I hope y'all can find the perfect place that fits what you each want to keep. I don't have to worry about ever downsizing. DH would absolutely not be able to. I tell people if he goes first, I can live off eBay for a long time--assuming I can figure out what stuff is. Lol But we really do need to get rid of some stuff. Even with a big house after while you run out of room. Mary, your pesto sounds great. I need to try freezing some, too. We've gotten a tiny amount of rain the last two afternoons. A tenth of an inch is not much, but better than nothing. I can't figure out what I could possibly have done yesterday, but my left knee is very sore this morning. Hopefully the ibuprofen will kick in soon. I might be forced to sit and prop it up all day--and crochet.
  13. I used up a skein yesterday, almost done with the shawl. Then it's back to the spare tire cover. +2
  14. Cute!