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  1. greyhoundgrandma

    Big cat

    He's cute. Love the colors and the poses.
  2. I used 3 balls making GD a doll blanket...+3 =+4. My stress level just got raised today. DH fell and hurt his knee. Saying a pray it's just a sprain and will be better tomorrow. I definitely need more crochet time. WTD +4 / YTD -42 I forgot that my neighbor gave me two skeins of yarn that she hated. I can't seem to get off of 0 even when I use up yarn. LOL WTD 0
  3. Well, this year just keeps getting funner and funner! DH fell this afternoon going out the door and hurt his knee. Our clinic's nurse practitioner lives down the street. She brought ace bandages and crutches and said he needed to go to the hospital to have it xrayed and maybe an MRI. He refuses to go anywhere close to a hospital. Her husband (who works with our son) and son helped DS get him back in the house and move a recliner to the living room. Ice, no weight on in, and bandage until Monday. If it's not better she'll try to get him an apt at the diagnostic center that's in the same building as the cancer center, hopefully on Tuesday when we're already over there. Praying that it's better tomorrow and just a sprain/strain and not something torn! It sometimes has its disadvantages, but today proved that small towns are great to live in. Plus having family close.
  4. Mississippi has a shelter in place order starting Friday at 5 pm until April 20. Not that it will make any difference in our current schedules. Post office, drug store, dr apt and groceries are our only outings already. I finished the tax stuff this afternoon. I'll take it to the accountant tomorrow. The girls are coming for a sleep over tonight. Hope everyone is doing well!
  5. Hello from Mississippi!
  6. Great use of those scraps! It's always nice to put a face with a name.
  7. Nice! I like how the camo pattern came out.
  8. Pretty! I like the edge on the red one.
  9. I rolled a skein into a ball...+1.
  10. Good morning, everyone! Awake early today. Spent too much time on the kindle. Between the sinus/allergy issues, the rain, and staying in, I'm having a hard time finding my happy pants today. I think I'll crochet a little before DH gets up.
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