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  1. Some yarn came in and equals amounts went out, so still at.... WTD +1
  2. And I forgot to say Happy Anniversary, Brenda! I didn't have the grands yesterday, thank goodness, because I'm just pooped this week. DH had a dentist apt today (short trip) and he goes to the wound clinic tomorrow (long trip). 5 days on the ortho countdown. I'm trying not to get my hopes up about him getting changed to the 90 degree brace. The way things have gone, it's liable to go either way. It's cooler today with nights in the 50's this weekend. It'll be so nice to get us loaded up in the car and not be so sweaty that I feel like I need another shower. LOL I should be cleaning junk off the dining room table--older DS and DIL are coming for a visit this weekend--but I'm headed to relax a little instead.
  3. Looks great! Reminds me that I have pumpkins I never got stuffed last year.
  4. I finished a scarf yesterday but not quite all the skein, down to a little ball....+1. I used up a skein on a scarf, but bought a skein for a cat toy for the younger GD for Christmas (it has to be purple), so no change.
  5. Brenda, I haven't killed him, so I guess that means the week went ok. LOL Counting the days till his next ortho apt--9. Feeling really overwhelmed and short tempered, trying to remember to just take one day at a time. I got a little crocheting done this weekend which was really nice. We didn't get the cooler weather that had been predicted but did finally get a little rain. My plants may survive a little longer. They're again saying cooler and rain next week. Sally may actually bring it but we're on the west side so shouldn't be a lot. Hope everyone is well and has a good week!
  6. Really cute! I agree about not liking parts to attach. If I ever give in to making another critter, this would certainly be the pattern to try.
  7. Got close to rolling a skein into a ball, but I guess close doesn't count. LOL WTD +2
  8. Crochet patterns have a place they belong!?!?!? Not so much at my house. They just sneak around at night and play hide and seek. LOL
  9. I knew I was close to the end of the first skein on a filet baby blanket, so I made myself finish it. Very disappointing quality for Mary Maxim Twinkle--4 knots or bad spots in it. +2 I really want to start on a baby sweater that's a Christmas present, but the dahlia blanket --also a Christmas present --really needs more attention.
  10. Just checking in to say "hello" to everyone. We've got some cooler temps headed our way next week. No particular plans this holiday weekend. Just taking it easy. I thought I had posted this--got interrupted. Then the power blinked off and on and my computer wouldn't come on. Luckily after multiple times unplugging and pushing the button, it came back up. Life is good!
  11. Judy, that must be scary when it happens out in public areas. Hope you usually have someone with you. Glad it at least is not too serious an issue. Mary Jo, I'm not sure I'm ready for winter, but definitely ready to be thru with summer. We have some 70's/50's in the forecast for the end of the week. I have sooo many things that need to be done in the yard. Between the man who has helped for years with the weed eating/weeding and trimming retiring (I do the main yard with a riding mower), lack of time/energy dealing with DH and his knee surgeries, and the heat this summer, a lot of things need attention. Bailey, I don't think I've commented, but I've enjoyed seeing all your Halloween/fall things.
  12. Hello from Mississippi! We love to see pictures of projects.
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