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  1. Great idea. I tried it for a project I'm doing and it works. Ellie 13
  2. Love the dragon! I've been working on a purse/pouch thing that hangs around your neck. My brother wants some for him and his friends for passports/wallets when they go to Germany next summer. He sent me a photo of something from L.L. Bean to give me an idea. I've made small purses with neck straps before, but he asked for cotton, a certain size and adjustable straps. A got a prototype done, it took a skein Sugar & Cream with a yard +/- left (+ 2). I'm sending it to my brother to see what he thinks. I might get another one done by Sat. WTD: + 2 YTD: + 35 Ellie 13
  3. I didn't get to post the last 2 weekends. Since Jan. 26th I've used/given away 20 balls (+ 20). I bought 1 skein of pink to finish a UFO I found while going through bins in the basement (- 2) . In the last 2 weeks I finished a baby afghan (UFO), made 3 hats and 6 pocket prayer shawls. So I'm starting this week off great. Hope to have more done by Sat. WTD: + 18 YTD: + 33 Ellie 13
  4. I made 3 baby hats and 8 pocket prayer shawls. I used 3 balls (+ 3), but then a friend gave me a skein (- 2). I'm getting all the balls and going to make pocket prayer shawls, then give away what's too small. I hope to have a better score next weekend. WTD: + 1 YTD: + 15 Ellie 13
  5. No scores yet ? Good. I finished the afghan . Sat. I did a MLK service project crocheting hats for charity. I took some skein/balls to donate. I donated 1 ball and 2 skeins (+ 5). I made 5 baby hats, I used 2 small skeins and a ball (+5). I took home 3 skeins and a ball (- 7). So I'll add + 3 to my score. WTD: + 8 YTD: + 14 Ellie 13
  6. I'm finishing a baby afghan for a grand niece/nephew due in March (I prefer not to know). I'll find out at the baby shower, Feb. 1st. More heart pins for friends and co-workers. Then I'll be making baby hats with my knit/crochet group. After that, anything goes. Ellie 13
  7. I got all the squares together and the 1st round of the border. I'll make the shell edge this weekend. I went to the knit/crochet group, I donated 2 skeins then I used a ball a baby hat (+ 5) . I went to Michael's and bought some more pins and plastic rings. I didn't let get in the basket. WTD: + 5 YTD: + 6 Ellie 13
  8. Got all the squares done and 30 of them together. I made some heart pins, used a small ball of red (+1) finally a point. My thumb/wrist started to hurt again, so I had to stop for awhile. I hope I can get the afghan done in time. Mon. I'm going to the knit/crochet group to work on hats/scarves/prayer shawls, whatever we decide, for charity. WTD: + 1 YTD: + 1 Ellie 13
  9. Count me in. I'm working on a baby afghan for a baby shower on Feb. 1st. I've got 30 squares done (6 more to go), but no used yet. The rainbow colors took about 1/4 (+/-) of 4.5 oz. skeins, the white is 14.1 oz. and the black is a 28 oz. Endless Impeccable. When I'm done, there might be enough left for 2 more baby afghans (or 1 large one). WTD: 0 YTD: 0 Ellie 13 HAPPY NEW YEAR !!
  10. I got home from my parents early enough today so I'm at the library. I decided if I donated to the knit/crochet group today instead of next week, I would get back on the plus side . I gave a skein, 2 1/2 skeins and 2 balls (+6 ), but I'm taking a skein of Bernat Blanket (- 2). I'm adding + 4 to my score, so now I have 0 for the week. WTD: 0 YTD: +115 Ellie 13
  11. Welcome. Go to the charities section and maybe you can get people to send hats or spare yarn/hooks. I make hats/scarves with my local knit/crochet group for the Mission of Deeds. Ellie 13
  12. Congratulations ! I have 2 new grand nieces, born on June 28th, the other July 4th. 1 will be 6 months in 2 days, the other will be 6 months in Jan. I also have another grand niece/nephew (won't know until the shower, Feb. 1st) due in March. I've seen lots of heart afghans. There's a book with afghans for each month/holiday (something like a "year of afghans" title). Search holiday afghans too. Ellie 13
  13. Last night I thought I made a mistake in my score, so I edited my post. I forgot to say that my mom gave me 3 skein of for Christmas (- 6). At Thanks Giving, she said I was worried about running out of white, so it gave her the idea. I got white, black and a multi gray/black , don't know if it's . I made 3 more squares after lunch while mom and dad napped. I rolled a skein down (+ 1) . If I finish at least 24 squares for the afghan (need 36) before Sat., I'll be back on the plus side. WTD: - 4 YTD: + 111 Ellie 13
  14. I haven't been her since Dec. 12th, but had 0 points anyway. I finished the penguins, made 5 more wreath pins and made 4 squares for the afghan. I only used 1 ball so far (+1). Since I started the afghan with full skeins, I should use more in next year's game. The baby shower is Feb. 1st, so I'll be working on the afghan every spare moment. WTD: + 1 YTD: + 115 Ellie 13 Merry Christmas ! Happy Hanukah
  15. Since Thanks Giving I've made 10 wreath pins, 4 hats, 3 penguins, 2 Christmas Stockings and finished the teddy bear. I used 3 balls and 2 small skeins (+7). Got all the Christmas stuff done, just have to wrap and send it. I have orders for 2 more penguins and I have to start squares for a baby afghan for a grand niece/nephew due in March. WTD: + 7 YTD: + 114 Ellie 13
  16. I know this is an old thread, but I think the back back stitches are called Camel Crochet (working in the back "hump"). The booklet I have does with it hdc or dc, so the front/right side of the piece looks like knit. I got the booklet in the mid 90's from Leisure Arts or Needle Craft Shop ( ). Back then I bought lots of books offering "new" crochet techniques/stitches. Ellie 13
  17. HAPPY THANKS GIVING !! TexasPurl, I love the pumpkins. I crocheted on the bus/subway ride to my parents on Wed. I finished a hat I started Mon. and made a baby hat. I used 2 balls and rolled 2 skeins down (+ 4) . My SIS and BIL are here too and we played games last night, so no . I got a little in when everyone slept after lunch , made 1/2 a hat. We'll probably play games again tonight. I'm staying until Sat. and we'll go shopping then (we don't do "Black Friday"). I might get some more in after lunch tomorrow, when my parents nap. WTD: + 4 YTD: + 107 Ellie 13
  18. Cute! The egg sounds cute too. I bet if you google crochet food you might get some more items. Maybe bacon or toast with butter/jam. Yarnspirations had a pizza slice, hot dog and hamburger Christmas ornaments. Maybe you could make a plate with bacon and eggs on it. Ellie 13
  19. I didn't get post last week, I had computer problems. So I'll add my 1 point to this week. In the last 2 weeks I made 24 turkey pins, finished the turtles, made a dress for the 2nd bear, made a hat and started a 2nd hat. I used up 1 ball and rolled down 2 skeins (+ 3) . I went to Michael's to red beads, pin backs and plastic rings for wreath pins. I didn't let any sneak into my basket. WTD: + 3 YTD: + 103 Ellie 13
  20. I did some this week. I finished a teddy bear, started another teddy bear and made parts for another turtle. I used a skein, a ball and rolled a skein down (+ 4) . I got ball of yellow from a friend for turkey pins (- 1) . I need to assemble the turtles, make at least 12 turkey pins and 1 or 2 hats this weekend. Maybe I'll have more points by Sat. night. WTD: + 3 YTD: + 100 Ellie 13
  21. Bernat Baby Coordinates, possibly 6 oz. skeins. I think you can still get it in smaller 5 oz. skeins. I got some last year at Michael's or A.C. Moore. Ellie 13
  22. Didn't post last week, but it was 0 anyway. My wrist hurt so I didn't much this week. Thurs. I went Trick-or-Treating. I filled 2 boxes and a grocery bag with stuff for the food pantry, plus I raised $82.28 for Unicef. I did get to a little today. I got the parts for 1 turtle done and most of a teddy bear, just need to stuff it and add legs. Still no used yet. WTD: 0 YTD: + 97 Ellie 13
  23. I used a ball on a dress for the teddy bear and got 1/2 a teddy bear done. I used a ball on a child sized hat and donated 7 balls to my knit/crochet group Mon. night (+ 9) . I looked through the group's cabinet of and found 3 different greens, perfect for the turtles. So I took 2 balls and a 3.5 oz. skein (- 4). I'll wait until Sun. to get more tan so I can put it towards next week's score . WTD: + 5 YTD: + 97 Ellie 13
  24. I used a ball on more Halloween pins (+ 1) . The bear is taking more than I remembered. I have enough to make 1 bear and maybe start the 2nd. I'll have to get another tan and the greens next week when I have more $$. I have enough to make the baby afghan though. WTD: + 1 YTD: + 92 Ellie 13
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