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    Mom to 2 prince's & 1 princess. Lover of my husband & yarn & crocheting ;). I also enjoy blogging! I sell Thirty One bags on the side.
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    Oak Grove, MO
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    crocheting, blogging, taking pictures
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    WORK at home mom
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    flowers, hats, blankets, granny squares, amigurumi
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    Valentines Day 2010

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  1. Really pretty ! I love the yarn color!
  2. While this is an old thread, I do love how the pattern came out! Did you end up having to do "planned pooling" or did it naturally come out like that?
  3. Pretty color! I've been debating getting a new phone, and need to make a case for it, but I have to decide first which phone to get & whether or not I'll get a more protective case to go on it before I make a case! I love otterbox cases, but I've recently found out that if you drop a phone just right, the otterboxes don't work as they should! This is why my Galaxy S8+ has a crack going down the left side of the phone! Oops!
  4. jessicali

    Crochet Bear

    Thank you all The 2nd one I made was a teal color with lavender heart & cheeks. The current one I'm working on is RHSS Flamingo with the blue/green pictured above.
  5. jessicali

    Crochet Bear

    They end up being about 8 inches from butt to tip of ears. https://helloseattlecrochet.org/2018/05/06/crochet-bear/ is the link to the free pattern.
  6. jessicali


    Adorable! There's a super cute Pokeball pattern that I know of! It's for a hacky sack, but could be filled with Polyfil to just be a ball!
  7. jessicali

    Crochet Bear

    I love making amigurumi and here's one of my newest items! The amount of requests I've had for this is awesome, and the amount of different color combinations are awesome too! I'm currently doing one in RHSS Flamingo and RHSS Minty! They're so easy & the pattern is free too!
  8. froggy, i agree with you! I don't like the reverse single crochet edging either!
  9. +1. Rolled a mess of a skein that I used for a Monster hat into a ball. Hate when they get all tangled!
  10. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! (Only a month late ) Welcome!! I didn't see a thread for this CAL yet, so I figured I would go ahead and start one. This is a CAL for those who wish to share the afghans they make throughout the year. There aren't any real rules or anything. Feel free to ask questions about patterns or problems you might have. I will add a line in my signature like this: "Any Afghan CAL 2018 +0" and once I finish an afghan, I will change the number at the end. As always, please share pictures of your creations! I love drooling over afghans! They're
  11. I'd like to join in again this year! Maybe the boards won't mess up on me mid year so I can still post stuff! Anyways, looks like I'm beginning this years stashbusting CAL with a -6, because I had a request to make an afghan for my cousin's wifes niece. LOL.
  12. I haven't actually sat down & figured out how big it will be. I don't think it'll be HUGE like some of the others I've seen posted.
  13. The idea behind this is to record your high or low temperatures each day and crochet a row, square, etc in the color you chose. My colors are as follows for this year. What is a Temperature Afghan? 0-10 - Lavender 11-20 - Purple 21-30 - Royal Blue 31-40 - Light Blue 41-50 - Paddy Green 51-60 - Teal 61-70 - Spring Green 71-80 - Yellow 81-90 - Orange 91-100+ - Red Honestly, I just chose colors IN my current stash so I didn't have to buy any more yarn. If anyone else plans to make one, or wants to start in, it's not too late! I figured I would start t
  14. Thanks ladies for letting me know about the link! Turns out I shouldn't post on here from my phone lol. Link is now fixed!
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