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    crochet, collages, glitter, and pink things!
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    Office Administrator
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    hair bows for my daughter, baby hats and diaper covers, clutches
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  1. PinkGlitter

    Newborn Suspenders & Hat Photo Prop

    super cute! I'm looking for a pattern like that now. My friend is having her first boy and asked I make something like this.
  2. PinkGlitter

    bag made for a friends little niece

    too cute!
  3. PinkGlitter

    Japanese Knot Bag

    super cool! I made a wristlet out of plarn last year... it was hard to work with so I didn't use it again.
  4. PinkGlitter

    Granny square lined bag

    so pretty! I've been wanting to make a granny square bag myself and line it but I haven't made myself do it just yet...
  5. PinkGlitter

    sunflower/daisy square pattern..

    very pretty!
  6. PinkGlitter

    Returning after many years!

    Hello from Texas!
  7. PinkGlitter

    Hi, I'm not new, just returning........

    Hello from Texas!
  8. PinkGlitter

    Mini Style Backpack

    so pretty! great idea!
  9. PinkGlitter

    Dual Handled Recycled Tote

    so cool! I made a wristlet from plarn. I find it hard to work with otherwise I would use it more often!
  10. PinkGlitter

    Shark backpack

    so cute!
  11. PinkGlitter

    Introducing myself

    Hello from Texas!
  12. PinkGlitter

    Introducing myself

    Hello from Texas!
  13. PinkGlitter

    Hello From NorCal

    Hello from Texas!
  14. PinkGlitter

    Hello from Saint Louis!

    Hello from Texas!
  15. PinkGlitter


    Hello from Texas!