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    crochet, collages, glitter, and pink things!
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    Office Assistant
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    hair bows for my daughter, baby hats and diaper covers, clutches
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  1. I love it! I have made plarn and used it a couple of times. I crochet it with a very thin yarn for added strength.
  2. Hello from Texas!
  3. Hello from Texas! Have you tried watching crochet You Tube videos? That helped me a lot to be able to watch, stop, and rewind at my own pace
  4. Hello from (hot and humid) Texas!
  5. I have four vintage books I no longer need and would like them to go to a good home. I believe I got them from someone here a while back but I'm done with them and want someone else to enjoy them. Please comment if you would like to enter my giveaway. I will pick a winner this Saturday and mail books out to them.
  6. hello from Texas!
  7. Hello from Texas! That is awesome! I have crochet tiny hats for micro preemies thru CHeck out their website, they have a pattern's page there too.
  8. Hello from Texas! Did you write the patterns? I'm looking for a cute and easy stuffed animal pattern for my nephew's first birthday
  9. Hello from Texas!
  10. Hello from Texas!
  11. Hello from Texas!
  12. Hello from Texas, Ankit!
  13. Hello from Texas!
  14. Hello from Texas!
  15. Hello from Texas!