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  1. Ooh, Debbie, what fun! And what a special friend! No more progress this week. I got myself in the right frame of mind yesterday to make stems and assemble pumpkins but almost immediately got interrupted with the news of company for the weekend. Couldn't face them today (I really dislike putting things together), instead started a new scarf pattern that I'll work on Tuesday at DH's dr apt. Then started on a snowman basket to work on at home. WTD +4
  2. Hello from Mississippi! You have a lot of company here with your disorders.
  3. Yes, I have noticed the same. Oddly not always when I crochet--maybe it depends on where I'm sitting and whether there's an armrest. I don't really know.
  4. Because of changes at yahoo Darski has moved to groups.io. You have to sign up, but her patterns are there if there's something you can't find here. https://groups.io/g/DoraDudz/topics
  5. Pretty! Thanks for sharing your pattern.
  6. I finished a greyhound sweater for DS's smaller than usual hound and rolled two skeins into balls....+2 = +4.
  7. It's been a long day! We had to get out in the cold but at least the roads were ok. We just had a little ice on things in the yard and had trouble getting the doors open on the truck. I got a good bit of crocheting done and finished a skein...+2.
  8. Congratulations on finishing your first project! I like the colors and it looks really warm.
  9. I always wondered how you decided how much yarn to have on each bobbin. I've always been very intimidated by the whole process.
  10. Judy, it looks great! I know it will be treasured.
  11. Jessie, she's cute. I have to be sure my GDs don't see that.
  12. Pam, that looks like an interesting variety of stitches.
  13. Hello from Mississippi!
  14. I almost finished a skein Sunday and used two balls yesterday...+3.
  15. Hello everyone! It's been a really busy couple of days but I got a good night's sleep and now I'm waiting on the grands to show up shortly. I did get some good crochet time in yesterday at DH's apt. It's getting cold today, then really cold next week. I'm not ready for lows in the 20's yet. Hope everyone has a good end to their week!
  16. Mary, hope everything smooths out for you. I agree with Diana on the windows issue. Be prepared with windows 10 for everything to be hard to find. It's been a really long week. DH's test results were what we were pretty much expecting. His markers have increased a little and they are adding a weekly infusion to his weekly shot. I've had the sinus/cold thing going on all week with coughing and sour throat. I'm about sick of it. The pool people came yesterday and winterized and covered the pool. We dabbled with hitting freezing last week but have moderated now and it's been sunny for several days. Hope everyone has a good week!
  17. Scores for the week ending 11/2/19: Gold Medal Winner: TexasPurl +8 Silver Medal Winner: pineknott +6 Bronze Medal Winner: howieann +4 New yarn to play with: Inkked0317 -6 greyhoundgrandma -8 Shoot the Moon Winner: PBLKNP -16
  18. Debbie, thanks! I watched a show on my kindle and actually did crochet some. Pam, pretty colors!
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