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2017 Stashbusting CAL


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OK so this week I made one more market bag, a shrug for myself, and started a new graph-gan. I used up 8 skeins and 1 ball!


WYD: +17

YTD: +126


I also made 3 throw blankets (for 3 of my daughters), a baby doll diaper for my toddler, and started a second, smaller baby doll diaper (cause the first one was WAY big on all of her dolls even though I used the pattern exactly) before the machine decided it wanted to eat the fabric and now it's stuck and I can't get it out so I'll be taking it in for repair before I sew anything else  :no but I've still got plenty of crochet projects to focus on!

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Gold Medal: Inkked0317 +17


Silver Medal: GreyhoundGrandma +10


Bronze Medal: PBLKNP +6

Working that Stash!
Pineknott +5
Yarnscrapper +2
Howieann +2

Even Keel
MalisaMeesa 0

Found New Friends

Ellie13 -1
Ladychris2010 -5




Addicted2Patterns -10

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I finished the prayer shawl, only used about 1/3 of the skein :( ,  so no rolling down. I ran out of red, so I made pink and hot pink heart pins. I used 2 small balls (+ 2) :cheer . I made 9 more pocket prayer shawls and used 2 balls (+ 2) :yay . These small projects use scrap :yarn  and work up fast. I went to Michaels to get more pins and thought about getting red :yarn . I was good and only got the pins. I already have about 20 red hearts and a dozen pink/hot pink ones. I think 30 (+/-) hearts should get me through next week.

WTD: + 4  YTD: + 4

Ellie 13

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This week I made a baby sweater, a baby doll blanket, a floor pouf (to prop my feet on when I crochet & I stuffed it with old crochet blankets that no one ever uses lol), and I tossed some really old yarn that I found that I will never use and was so scratchy I didn't feel right giving it to anyone. I also started making preemie items to donate. As of right now, I've made 22 preemie hats and 2 preemie sized blankets. I'm also making stillborn/preemie burial sets and just finished a top and diaper before I came on here to post. I'm going to be making sets that include a top, diaper, hat and blanket that all coordinate.


All told, I used up 13 balls and 10 skeins this week. 


WTD: +33

YTD: +159


I don't expect my weekly counts to be as high in the future as it doesn't take much yarn at all to make these preemie items. It's heartbreaking how tiny they are....I just keep thinking OMG they're SO SMALL...which is immediately followed by thoughts of my 4 daughters and a prayer of thankfulness for how blessed we are that they were all born healthy & full term....

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Scores not posted yet  :think ? I gave away 2 1/2 skeins (+2). I made more pocket prayer shawls (22 now). I'm still making heart pins so I might use up scrap of red, pink and white doily thread.

WTD: + 2   YTD: + 6

Ellie 13

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