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  1. WTD 0 this week! Unfortunately, the skeins I’m using are enormous, so it takes ages to get through one!
  2. Lots of work, no skeins used up yet! WTD = 0
  3. I’ve been working on a few different projects, but no skeins used up, so: Stashbuster Total: WTD 0 YTD -66
  4. For the week ending 8/22/2020: Gold Medal Winner! TexasPurl +8 Holding Steady! Ellie 13 0 greyhoundgrandma 0 howieann 0 PBLKNP 0 No shoot the moon! Have a great week, everyone!
  5. I’ll be doing the totals around 10:30 A.M.
  6. I know what you mean, in a way. I can’t relate to everything you’re going through, but I find that ever since the pandemic/lockdown began I’ve been such a nervous wreck over making one wrong move and infecting us (my spouse is immune-compromised), that it’s been tough to do anything other than simple projects. I do both knit and crochet, but I find that I’m doing more crocheting than knitting...I find it to be more relaxing. I keep wishing for things to go back to normal, too. I have a knitting/crocheting group that meets once a week—it’s just not quite the same thing over Zoom.
  7. I’ll make a note to do the totals next week!
  8. Oh my goodness! Good luck, and may it go well. I’ll be praying for you.
  9. No skeins used up (plus my big haul this week), so: Stashbuster Total: WTD -12 YTD -66
  10. I’ve had a wild and crazy yarn week! I got my final yarn shipment in for the Seaside Sampler Afghan, and I went down to our LYS and bought 3 giant skeins of yarn for a knit-along they are going to be doing (via Zoom). I suspect that I may be shooting the moon... 😈 😊 🐑
  11. Well, I didn’t use up any skeins, so: WTD = 0 I’m almost done with the Seaside Sampler Afghan! The last bit will be the border. I still have to figure who I’m giving it to! 😎
  12. Well, it's an odd one this week! For the week ending August 1, 2020: Gold Medal: PBLKNP +2 Holding Steady: Ellie 13 0 greyhoundgrandma 0 howieann 0 TexasPurl 0 No Shoot the Moon this week! Congrats to all!
  13. I managed to make it through a skein! I’ll probably do the totals around Noon tomorrow. Stashbuster Total: WTD +2 YTD -54
  14. Me: The totals are looking like I shot the moon again. Spouse: Hasn’t it been a while since you did that? Me: I think it was only two weeks ago. Spouse: For you, that’s a lot...
  15. Oh, my...I have to adjust my totals. I just went through another skein this evening! Stashbuster Total: WTD -4 YTD -56
  16. You KNOW you’re getting old when...I announced at 6:00 pm (Saturday night) that I’m “breaking out the crocheting for the evening” and my spouse declared “time to PARTY ON DOWN!” I’ve been feverishly working on the Seaside Afghan, but I did get an influx of yarn in from Annie’s Attic, so: Stashbuster Total: WTD -6 YTD -58
  17. Looks like I’ll be in the negatives this week, as my latest Seaside Sampler Afghan monthly shipment arrived! However, I’m making good progress.
  18. I’ve been frantically working on the Seaside Afghan before the next Annie’s Attic installment come in. No skeins used up, though, so: WTD = 0
  19. I finished my Woodland Throw! Not sure why the picture uploaded sideways...
  20. I’m at the home stretch on the Woodlands Stripe Throw! I’m doing the crab stitch border, which is ghastly on my arthritis, so I’m taking frequent breaks. Then I need to play catchup on my Seaside Sampler Afghan before the next Annie’s Attic yarn shipment comes in. So, this week I managed to use up a skein. WTD = +2
  21. We have the opposite issue here! Not enough rain. I'm hoping we'll get more this week for the garden.
  22. I still am working on my Woodland Stripes afghan—I’m ALMOST done. However, no skeins used up, so: WTD = 0
  23. I see TexasPurl beat me to the totals! I’m hoping to use up more stash this week with my afghan. 😎
  24. I'm probably going to post the scores around 10:30 tomorrow morning. I was doing well until my step-daughter came by our place and dropped off yarn! She's been suffering from carpel tunnel, so she can't crochet for a while. I feel badly for her...but I got more yarn... So, I'm at WTD = -10, and YTD = -54 I believe this is the week we have to post our YTD scores as well?
  25. Oh, no...again!!! I’ll make a not to do the totals next week! I’m probably going to be in the running to shoot the moon NEXT week, too, as we had a “socially-distant” visit today from my stepdaughter, her hubby, and the grandchildren. It was lovely to see them (from 6’ away), but she’s been having trouble with her wrists and carpel tunnel, so she’s decided to give up crocheting for now. She just gave me 6 skeins of yarn!
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