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  1. Bgs I was discussing this post with Bill, who knows nothing about crochet, and said it could be tension, from tight stitches, I'm a loose crocheter and Rene's is tight and I can't pick up her work and try and help her out
  2. good morning found out this morning there is still a pkg. missing, one with good luck piggies for the new year
  3. good morning we had a wayward package too, his sister sent two from Germany, mailed them in Oct. they arrived two days ago, this is the second year its taken sooooooooo long to get to us
  4. good morning, another sunny day , think it will be near 60 have a great day
  5. yes Reni C, no different in our area both big box stores and regular food stores shelves are like that, although with the building boom the stores have followed,we have 3 walmart stores within 10 miles of each other, and about 10-12 grocery chains in that same area
  6. good afternoon sun is shining, that's always a plus plus, not much else going on
  7. Owlvamp if you go to the thread Boxing Day 2021, babypoohsmom ( Denise ) has talked over the yrs about a knitting machine and think she has one or two, that's true you never know what will show up at the thrift stores, but around here they have gotten pricey over the year meaning the thrift stores not the machine,since I haven't seen any
  8. good afternoon That reminds me, I have to get mine scheduled soon
  9. that's good that you pointed that at, for when I get into the mobile network
  10. good Tuesday morning, semi sunny, will take that over grey gloom trying to get a lung dr. appt. is tricky at best, In Oct. they said their April calendar wasn't up yet, and keep trying, yesterday they had barely got it posted when I called, hey I had first pick which was good,breathing test at 9 a.m. Dr. appt. at 10 for results, they did mention in Oct. that I had COPD, no shock there since I was a smoker, the only thing is I'm deathly afraid of inhalers, they forced me to use one in the ER, a couple of years ago,as we were leaving the ER I had Bill pull over cause I was feeling sick to my stomach
  11. super cute, you always make the best things, so fun
  12. so sorry for your loss, Mona, you all will be in my prayers
  13. Mary Jo I know what you mean,this has not been one of my better years either and I'm ready for this one to be OUTTA HERE
  14. my year end score + 131 hope this continues next year
  15. Merry Christmas everyone, we were without internet service from 10 pm last nite till 10 after 7 this evening my sister in law is a Christmas day baby, she would like it any other day glad you were able to get a turkey, Owlvamp, our ziti was good, hadn't had that in yrs.
  16. good Sunday morning,still 50 minutes left of morning it grey and chilly
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