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  1. you wonder what the deal is with insurance calling all the shots, and how the heck did it happen, must have been a slick and lucrative deal,Rene's is really high evidently Medicare is not into preventative care, as a prediabetic I rated shoes, 65 and medicare kicked in, I got a notice you no longer qualify you have to be a full diabetic to rate us paying for your shoes,so now we pay
  2. good morning oh my, the sun is out,its been a gloomy few days without sunshine,temps are cooler
  3. good morning brother in law in Germany, is a big hockey fan. I think first it was the Rangers, then he switched over to the Islanders, they lived in NY before moving back to his homeland, he subscribes to the NHL streaming service. I always hear about the withdrawals he goes through when the game isn't on. find some joy in your day😁
  4. the rain is stalled north of us, but they will pop up later than they thought, under flood watch
  5. good morning we are in a rainy pattern for a few days,not much going on have a fun day
  6. wish we lived closer Lea, you sound like a hoot, with never a dull moment its starting to get overcast, just fixed my old ortho shoes that have splits in the sole, grey duct tape is a wonderful thing it would be chic if I had some camo color
  7. they called me to come in today for MRI, since they had a cancellation, now I'm stiff as antything from laying on that metal slab on my back 30 minutes
  8. good morning sunny here gonna be in the 90's on and off showers may you find joy in your day
  9. seeing alot of commercials for Disney World's 50th anniversary on Oct 1st thinking back when we down there in '71, they said we could come in and look around, they would still charge the admission,we passed on that. on our way to Japan in 1979 we did get to Disneyland, celebrated a second childhood at age 30,lol
  10. good morning hope you start feeling better soon Owlvamp going for the MRI on the 10th,Thursday enjoy your day
  11. never heard of lake Anna,looked it up, its 3 hrs from us,so I guess more toward Richmond
  12. good morning MRI scheduled for the 10th, having the first watermelon of the season have a wonderful day
  13. they sure are coming up with some weird names,I thought someone was joking when they said jumbo shrimp
  14. for some reason, my hair isn't growing as rapidly as before, nails slowing down too
  15. good morning its still dark out,well its 5:10a.m., nothing like getting an early start on a Sunday have a great day
  16. finally got my patio plants,stopped in two dollar stores but they didn't have what I wanted
  17. hey everyone, we have sunshine after 3 days of on and off rain check engine light keeps coming on, the Dakota enjoy the day
  18. good morning wow, slept in this morning, must be from the gloomy rainy days we've been having not much else is new here, enjoy the day
  19. good morning up since 5:30, just couldn't get back to sleep Happy Birthday Brenda, hope you have a wonderful year, I remember you said you had dental today, in a dental chair does not make for a great day,glad you had a fun day earlier, hugs
  20. I did the same thing about my mom, she passed away at age 44 I have now outlived her by 28 yrs
  21. Reni thanks for letting us know what a haboob was
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