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  1. I know there is never a good time for air and heating system to go on the fritz its tolerable right now since temps are not extremely high or low,hope for a good turn of events before the temps nose dive.
  2. yes, Mona, getting better every day,its been a long and hard two months
  3. good Tuesday morning a brand new day,make it the best it can be, mask up and stay safe
  4. very cute and just right for a toddler to carry around
  5. good morning wishing them a speedy recovery , Lea, how scary a gloomy few days here, wonderful for flowers but not much for working in the yard enjoy your day
  6. they had me try the cane, I don't know why but I couldn't get out of my own way and almost tripped over it a few times kept asking if I was doing it right,she said I was
  7. good Tuesday morning cool brisk Fall morning, loving it, heading out to finish planting the pansies,glad I found plain yellow for what I plant as my ( Pot Of Gold ) have a great day
  8. oh I didn't realize there wasn't an interest in this anymore, I 've been out sick and this is the first I've been back in months
  9. good Sunday morning to everyone Lea, I'm doing good, thanks,OT has released me, PT, just need to get more confident on the 3 steps we have out back, told her I wanted to get that done, cause I want to plant pansies this year and tend them
  10. good morning rather dreary here in the 757. want to go to Walmart but not if its pouring rain, sigh
  11. good morning everyone,out the door for 1st. appt. of the week,will check back later
  12. good morning, up and down night,was nice when I had two nights where I slept straight through the night skies are gray,some areas still have flooding, not in our development but up the street about half a mile. take care, stay safe
  13. Good evening, thank you Bgs for brightening my day with the card and letter
  14. good morning,first time on lap top in a while, but can't sit here long
  15. Good morning I like the feel of homespun,for me it's a nightmare to work with Glad your friend had something so cuddly soft to wrap herself in
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