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  1. Katy! I just got your squares! Thank you so much! They are very nice! the top squares are from Mary Jo and the bottom ones are from Katy! Thanks guys! So pretty!!
  2. Oh my gosh! I love all your projects!! So pretty! I can't believe it's November!! Aaahhh!!
  3. Thank you Mary Jo for the card and squares! I'll post a pic soon! Today is my birthday and I got them yesterday!! Thank you they are so pretty! Hubby is making me a birthday dinner and he got everything FLOWERS!! He doesn't get me flowers very often anymore cause I'm always the one who goes to grocery store.
  4. Oh it wasn't a snow storm. Apparently Tropical Storm Phillipe met up with some other pressure system and went crazy. It basically was a nor'easter storm but it's not cold enough for snow yet. Just got a TON of rain and very very windy. I think the rain is past but it will be really windy all day.
  5. Wow!! Mary jo! That is so so pretty!! Well done! Who knew brown could be so pretty! November is such a great month! It has my birthday and a ton of family birthdays! Thanksgiving memories are the best too. I'm not sure what mincemeat pie is either... my fav. Fall activity is trudging through big piles of crunchy leaves and making paths in them when they carpet the ground. ❤️❤️
  6. Wow! That came out nice!!
  7. Hiya! Brenda, I'm so sorry to hear about your cat and now your husband's dear cousin. He is havin a month of it! Poor guy! sounds like everyone is keeping busy! Love catching up with all the news! We had that crazy storm last night/today up here in New England so everyone had school off. There are a ton of people without power and tree junk down everywhere! I didn't get the memo about school being cancelled until I had raced down the 25 minute commute only to find no one there!! That was quite surreal, what a morning not to check my Email or VM! Oh well, I'm home and cozy now. Not much else goin on to be honest. Same old same old. Life, love, God, happiness, music, cute kids, annoying kids, friends, board games - repeat! I haven't picked up the hook in a month, today's the day!! hey did anyone try to reach out to our moderators via Facebook? They prolly check that more frequently.
  8. Yo! About to go to bed but I remembered I hadn't caught up on the Florida news. Rey glad you are safe and sound Mary Jo. We were worries about you! been a busy month with some trips with the in-laws. Quite fun but made some busy weekends. I finally got some cleaning done on Sunday, managed to vacuum the floors and the couch. It was enough, my allergies were in rough shape after. Guess I'll have to save the dusting to next weekend. But exciting news, my WIPs made it out of the closet tonight and I'm determined to get back to work! It's almost OCTOBER!! Yikes! night ladies!
  9. Oo, Mary Jo. Please be careful if you cook in the house with a grill. Last week they were telling people in Texas not to do that because of the fire risk. They also said not to use a generator indoors because of the fumes. I hope you guys willl all be ok. Things can be replaced but you can't!
  10. Oh Katy, that's so sad! Although, as much as you loved her, I'm sure her family loves her too and is happy to have her back. ❤️
  11. Go go go! It looks great! You can do it!
  12. Blech! That tire thing is annoying! When do you start back at school? I either didn't know you were a teacher or forgot, what do you teach? Katy, I think my fav is doilies and snowflakes or anything thread really. Glad the kitty is doing better. Cats in heat give me the heeby-jeebies. I lived with a cat in college and she creeped me out when she was in heat, the weird noises. I'm not a pet person, can you tell? I can appreciate them but not for me, plus now I'm apparently very allergic to cats. So I guess it's good that I'm not a pet person. Hah!
  13. We start the 28th. I have meetings next week. I don't think I've used a post it but I use basically the same technique, cover up the other lines when I get confused. Doilies and snowflakes are tricky. I can't watch anything while doing them, just music.
  14. Wow!! Those are awesome!!