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  1. Oo, Mary Jo. Please be careful if you cook in the house with a grill. Last week they were telling people in Texas not to do that because of the fire risk. They also said not to use a generator indoors because of the fumes. I hope you guys willl all be ok. Things can be replaced but you can't!
  2. Oh Katy, that's so sad! Although, as much as you loved her, I'm sure her family loves her too and is happy to have her back. ❤️
  3. Go go go! It looks great! You can do it!
  4. Blech! That tire thing is annoying! When do you start back at school? I either didn't know you were a teacher or forgot, what do you teach? Katy, I think my fav is doilies and snowflakes or anything thread really. Glad the kitty is doing better. Cats in heat give me the heeby-jeebies. I lived with a cat in college and she creeped me out when she was in heat, the weird noises. I'm not a pet person, can you tell? I can appreciate them but not for me, plus now I'm apparently very allergic to cats. So I guess it's good that I'm not a pet person. Hah!
  5. We start the 28th. I have meetings next week. I don't think I've used a post it but I use basically the same technique, cover up the other lines when I get confused. Doilies and snowflakes are tricky. I can't watch anything while doing them, just music.
  6. Wow!! Those are awesome!!
  7. Nice!! Welcome to the bag lady club!!
  8. Oh my goodness! I was just catching up! Apak, my first crochet projects were the donut and cupcake seen in my avatar!! It made me smile to see yours. Mine we're part of a little kit I got for Christmas one year. gorgeous projects every! Really! Summers are so weird, but now it's back to work with school time. I'm working on a baby blanket for my new nephew although I haven't brought it out of the closet for a few weeks. The pattern is super annoying. The kind that you can kinda memorize because it's 2 rows repeated BUT the ends are not the same and I cannot remember which is which so I have to actually pay attention.
  9. Wow! That sounds nice!! well I just got caught up with everyone's news!! Sounds like you're all doing well. Mary Jo, LOVE the princess squares!! Who ever gets that blanket will be lucky!! Also, thank you for making such a beautiful blanket for Terri. Katy, Mini is just the adorable!! not much else going on up here in NH. Kind of a lull where I go back and forth from getting school stuff done and loafing about the house for half the day. ? I've had a busy summer though! I went to a voice technique workshop where I learned how to sing better followed by an 8 day visit from my parents from NE and brother from Seattle. We had a blast!! Since then I've just been working my retail job and school work and loafing. School meetings start next week and school starts the following week. Oh! But we do have some good news! My husband got an awesome job this summer that he actually enjoys and is a short commute. He had a really bad job that was 75 min away for a year! Ugh! AND we have a new nephew! His brother had a little boy who is just a cutie! Csection at 37 weeks but I guess he was ready! 8lbs12oz and 20 inches! He had some jaundice though so he had to go under the lamp and have a bibi blanket. My SIL went back to the hospital 4days after the birth with pre-eclampsia! That was a bit of a scare, but she's ok now. We'll get to meet him at Christmas. Can't wait! Haven't been crocheting since my parents visit. I was making the new nephew a blanket but I put it away while the folks were visiting. Then after they left I was finishing a good book instead of hooking. Happy Thursday everyone!
  10. Hubby has the day off so I think we are going for a walk later. It's glorious here! 80 degrees, sunny and no humidity. I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts. I'm sure it won't be lasting too much longer. didnt do anything for the 4th. Just played board games with friends.
  11. Wow! Just saw this thread, great work ladies! I'm only sorry I didn't see it sooner. Can't wait to see the finished blanket!
  12. Super cute!!
  13. Haven't decided yet. Found one called loopy love on Ravelry. I'm going to make a swatch and see if it passes approval. I let DH have an opinion on gifts from both of us. He even helped pick out the yarn!
  14. Yeah, I didn't think it had been that long but then I checked my last post date! Well, gotta go to work now, catch you ladies later!
  15. Mary Jo, love the bag!! That yarn reminded me of watermelon too! What a great job! Congrats to our newest bag lady!,