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Dot Matthews (bythehook) Pattern Directory


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Crochetville would like to give a special thanks to Dot Matthews for generously allowing us to host her patterns here and give them a special permanent home on the internet. This thread will be a directory of all Dot's patterns here at Crochetville, arranged by type.


We are slowly getting all her patterns added, so please be patient with us as this list grows. (Only 7 more patterns to add!!)



Dot's Extenda Bag

Dot's Little Ditty Bag

Ear Cozy

Flower Pin

Mom's Water Bottle Bag

So Simple Wimple

White Twinkle Choker



Basketweave Baby Blanket



Baby Bows and Arrows Poncho

Baby Knee High Booties

Baby Perky Puffs Hat

Baby Short Round Poncho

Cuddle Me Hooded Baby Sweater

Drawstring Baby Pants

Lil Darlin' Baby Hat

Lil Darlin' Baby Sweater

Ruffled Baby Bonnet



Gracie's Hooded Scarf

Half Pint Child Hat

Sassy Child Hat



Bobble Beauty Hat

Bows and Arrows Hat (matching poncho and stole patterns)

Bubble Eshus

Butterfly Beauty

Cluster Craze Hat (matching scarf pattern)

E L Brimmed Hat

Eastwoodly Hat (matching poncho pattern)

EZ Breezy Hat

Fancy Fans Hat (matching stole pattern)

Fast n Fun Hat

Flower Hat

Giddyup Go Cowboy-Style Hat

Hascarf (hat scarf)

Honeycomb Hat

Light & Lacy Hat (matching stole pattern)

Lovely in Lace Hat (broomstick lace)

Mr. Stylin' Santa Hat

On Safari

Owata Hat

Perky Puffs

Puff N Stuff

Ribbed Beret (matching neck/face warmer)

Ribbed Ski Hat

Sarah's Shells

Sassy A

Stylin' Santa Hat

Sweetness Hat

Totally Looped Hat

Ugly But Warm Hat

Very Berry

X's and O's



Scrumptious Scraps Afghan



Lacy Leg Warmers (adult)



Bows and Arrow Poncho (matching hat and stole patterns)

Diamond Trellis Poncho

Diamonds and Lace Poncho

Doover Poncho

Eastwoodly Poncho (matching hat pattern)

Elegant Lace Poncho

Gentle Ripples Poncho

Lizzy the 4th Poncho

Peaks and Valleys Poncho

Pleasing Pineapples Poncho

Reflections Poncho

Short Round Poncho



Cluster Craze Scarf (matching hat pattern)

Gracie's Hooded Scarf

Ribbed Neck/Face Warmer (matching hat pattern)

Scarf for Lizzy

Scrap Happy Scarf



Bows and Arrows Stole (matching hat and poncho patterns)

Elegant Lace Stole

Fancy Fans Stole

Light & Lacy Stole (matching hat pattern)

Pretty as a Peacock Stole

Zig Zag Shells Stole



My Cardigan

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Here is what Dot has asked me to pass along to everyone: She thinks of all her friends here often and she misses you all a lot. She hasn't had time to write patterns or crochet since her darling granddaughter moved in with them permanently. Her health is about the same, but she's a little weaker, a little slower, and as she says, "my brain seems to have taken a hike, lol!"


If anybody wants to post comments to Dot here in this thread, I'll send her a link to it after I get all her patterns posted. That should give people plenty of time to say something to her. Just remember, there are thousands of us and only one of her, so try not to say something that would make her think she'd need to respond to each and every post. She'd never see the light of day again! :lol



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:hugThank you Dot for so graciously allowing Crochetville to host all your wonderful patterns. And thank you Amy for arranging them so we can all find them so easily.


What a wonderful thing to be thankful all. Hugs to you both:hug

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I am so glad to see these patterns here and to know that Dot Matthews is indeed alive and well. I love her patterns so much and have made many of them. It's good to know that others will be able to use them too.:)

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This is wonderful news to hear that Dot is alive and well. So many of us love your patterns and appreciate the time and effort you put into them as well as your willingness to share them so generously with us. We may never have met, Dot, but you have made a difference in my life and my crocheting. My mother-in-law needed caps while she was in chemo and your patterns were perfect. My daughters love your Little Ditty bag. I think of you and Spike often and have wished for the chance to tell you "thank you" personally. I am so grateful to hear that you are well. Don't worry about responding, I know you are busy. It made my day to know that you are still with us. :) Laurie


Thank you, Amy, for the update.

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Amy, what a sweetheart you are for doing what you're doing with Dot's patterns!! Finding a home for them here at the 'Ville!!


Hi Dot!! Glad to hear you're doing fine!! And thank you for letting Crochetville host all of your really neat patterns!! :clap :clap

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How kind and thoughtful of Dot for so graciously agreeing to allow her wonderful patterns to be archived on Crochtville! We are so blessed to have people cross our lives as wonderful as Dot.

And many thanks also to Amy for donating her time to the archiving.

:hug to both of you!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks so much, Amy! I dearly love Dot's patterns and had already saved a lot of them. But in order to make room on my hard drive (I've an older computer), I had to move all my patterns to cd. They're packed up since we're getting ready to move so I couldn't check to see what I already had. This list will help when I do. Wishing Dot health and happiness!

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So happy that all is well! Thanks for allowing Amy to post the patterns here! Lots of hugs and love to you and your family! Happy Holidays to you and yours, too!

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I’m still a novice at all this, but even with my inexperienced eyes, the first glimpse shouted “Pay attention John, you’re in the presence of true art.” What a marvelous gift. Thanks, seems such a trite thing to say, but I’m at a loss for one better.

John Hablinski, Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

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Praise God! Every time I go to Dot's pages to see if there's an update, I get so very sad thinking someone who has touched so many hearts online is lost to us. I have every pattern and picture she ever posted and love making them still. Please send her best wishes & hopes for good health to continue. She has been sorely missed. Thanks Amy! We sure had no way to "track" her down. I know I'm not speaking for just myself when I say I love her for her caring and generosity and wit. If you need any pics, etc. just let me know. I'd be glad to share.

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Dot, I don't know you, but I am falling in love with your patterns! What a treasured legacy of creativity!


And Amy, what a labor of love to make that treasure accessible again!


Wishing all of you a happy and healthy 2010!



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Thank you Amy and Dot! Dot, your patterns are simply the BEST I've ever crocheted from, and I've been wondering what happened and looking for you for the past three years. I'm so glad to have read an "update". You are a jewel; I almost feel like I know you just from your incredible patterns. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity and creativity.




Juli from Texas

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Hi, This is my 1st post. I have been a lurker for a long time. I love all of Dot's creations. I was so upset when I saw that her site was not being updated. I was also worried about Dot. I am thrilled that she is doing good and thrilled that her beautiful patterns will be available. Thanks Dot & everone else that is helping with this!!


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