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  1. (Gulp)....ten large totes.......am I bad???? Juli from Texas
  2. Simply Stunning!:manyheart:manyheart You have created an heirloom. What a beautiful gift. Juli from Texas
  3. Gorgeous! WHAT is the name of the yarn you used? I've tried the LB pattern you used, but I could never get the hang of it, but it's just me; I have trouble with LB patterns. Your work is beautiful. Juli from Texas
  4. Simply beautiful, and a generous labour of love; your work is an example of what's called, "Heirloom Quality"; with care, your beautiful set can be passed down through the generations. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work. Juli from Texas
  5. Red must not be "in" right now; I can't find a nice, simple red shirt, or pants either, and I LOVE red. Also, it's harder to find home decor in red (other than Christmas decorations). Everything's "cranberry" now. Grrrr. I looked at my local Hob Lob, and the only red yarn they had was either variegated or had "speckles". No, you aren't alone. Juli from Texas
  6. So cute and colorful, and each one is unique; which is important, especially girls (lol). Nice work! Juli from Texas
  7. Donna, your afghan is beautiful! I feel so humbled; I made a five-point "star-ghan" in cream, baby blue and mocha last month for a baby shower, but I can't seem to get the hang of any more "points" than five. The "light bulb" just hasn't gone off yet for me. Your color palette is equally beautiful; you've combined skill and talent, and it's resulted in a beautiful labor of love. Juli from Texas
  8. Oh, how gorgeous!!!! I've always liked that shawl pattern (in spite of the fact that I "boycott" the LB site since I can't ever remember my name and PW and it annoys me that I have to log in just to see the patterns), but you've taken the shawl to a whole new level with the yarn you used and the edging. Breathtaking! Juli from Texas
  9. Since I'm not proficient at copying and pasting, try typing in "larger size BICO" in the "Search" feature here on the 'ville. I did it and over a dozen posts came up with pattern size changes for the BICO sweater. Good Luck! Juli
  10. Dear Lee, I'm originally from the East Coast, but have lived in Texas for the past 17 years; Dallas for the first ten, and East Texas for the past seven years. I think Wylie is close to Dallas, where you'll find many great "LYS"; from large chain stores like Michael's and Hobby Lobby to small, independent yarn stores - loaded with gorgeous (expensive) yarn. Good luck with your move; I hope your experience will be like mine and you'll end up loving the "Lone Star State"! Juli from Texas
  11. In August I will finish the pale lavender baby blanket and make the matching cap and baby booties to complete the set. Juli from Texas
  12. Doris, WELCOME!!! You're so fortunate; many of my friends from Europe were taught needlework in school, and create beautiful hand-crafted items for their home and friends. Growing up in the United States I only had "art" class, and was never taught needle arts. I'm a self-taught crocheter, and, like you, love my animals and love my crochet! Juli from Texas
  13. SO PRETTY! I love the colors, too. Your work is beautiful! :clap:clap:clap Juli from Texas
  14. I'm 56 years (young! LOL) and the older I get, the more I realize how little I know. It's humbling; but there are some things I'll NEVER figure out. Part of me would be thrilled to pieces to see one of my "labors of love" (crocheted gifts) proudly displayed in a loved one's living room to be seen and used EVERY day. Another part of me would CRINGE as I watched the dog dig into all those stitches I worked so hard to complete. But, having said all that, I think I'd be even more hurt/upset/distressed if I ever found out my gift was hidden away in a closet and NEVER used or appreciated. After crocheting for years and giving away HUNDREDS of afghans, hats, scarves, baby items, etc. I've come to the conclusion that some people will "ooh and aah" over your work and truly APPRECIATE what you've given them, and others have NO CLUE about the time, attention, and love that goes in to a hand-crafted gift. That's just the way it is, like many things in life. I LOVE to crochet, and I'll keep it up (God willing) for the rest of my life; it's a blessing for me, and one I love to share with my family and friends. Juli from Texas
  15. Oh my goodness; how adorable!!! I'm visiting Mom and Dad in three weeks (Florida) to help take care of my Dad (very ill with cancer). This will make a lovely little "I Love You" present for Mom. Thanks for showing your great work; the pics are great! Juli from Texas
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