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    Katy Ravensong
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    Been crocheting since 1972, taught myself from a 'how-to' in Family Circle.
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    Benton, TN - at the edge of Cherokee Nat'l Forest
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    reading, crocheting, feeding the birds, am taking a women's spirituality course
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    disabled since 2004, fractured my spine in an accident in 2008, severe osteoporosis & arthritis
  • How long have you been crocheting?
    since I was 16 (1972)
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    shawls, lacy jackets, lapghans, well - anything that catches my fancy at the moment
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  1. Katy_Ravensong

    How You Like It Shawl (free pattern)

    Thank you. I love shawl patterns.
  2. Katy_Ravensong


    I love the blue butterfly.
  3. Katy_Ravensong

    Quickie Ripple

    If I wanted to make a smaller blanket by this pattern (for baby), can anyone tell me how many I would need to chain? I tried calculating from the first of the instruction to the end of the repeat but I got frustrated. Thanks.
  4. Katy_Ravensong

    wicca patterns

    There is a John Deere afghan that I think might be used to honor the Horned God if you just left the words 'John Deere' of and did the deer. I have never learned to read the charted patterns so I don't know the pros and cons of adjusting a charted pattern. It is at: http://crochetparfait.blogspot.com/2013/03/john-deere-afghan.html#
  5. Katy_Ravensong

    looking for tree applique

    Oh, I love the one in your first link but I've never learned to read a chart. I may learn just to do this tree The one with the sun, moon, etc, I added to my favorites at Ravelry so I can get it later.
  6. Katy_Ravensong

    looking for tree applique

    Thank you! I knew I had had one at one time because it was on a square - an apple tree square. Well, I couldn't find it because it was NOT an apple tree square but a 'cherry blossoms square' and it was by Mary Jane Wood. I'm going to check out the links you shared, Empress! But here's the link to the one I found - obviously 'allfreecrochet has picked it and I'm pretty sure it was on an individual site when I found it a few years back. I am thrilled to have found it again: http://www.allfreecrochetafghanpatterns.com/Granny-Square/Cherry-Blossoms-Square/ct/1#
  7. Katy_Ravensong

    Nautilus Shawl

    This is gorgeous! I'm a sucker for shawl patterns! I have three file folders full of printed out shawl/wrap patterns plus a ton more saved on disk to print as I need them.
  8. Katy_Ravensong

    looking for tree applique

    Hi! I'm in the process of doing a quilt block that will be joined with others that friends are doing. Since I really don't know much about quilting - after looking all day for the pattern I want online, I decided I'd do what I do best - I'd crochet and then sew the things on to the quilt square. We've got a 'May Day' theme for the lap quilt and I decided to go with butterflies, flowers, etc. But I would really like to have a tree motif also. All I found online are for Christmas trees and I don't want a Christmas tree. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  9. Katy_Ravensong

    Crochet Pentacle

    I still haven't been able to try this again because my hands have been so stiff. However, I have made quite a few of these and I did it by following my written pattern. When I do it again (as soon as I can) I will do it as if I were someone seeing it for the first time. It's been so long since I made one, it will feel like it is.
  10. I found it just last night and snagged a copy. Love it. Thanks.
  11. Katy_Ravensong

    Crochet Pentacle

    I will try and make another one as soon as my hands will let me. It's been quite some since I've worked with anything this small. Thanks for the heads-upl
  12. Katy_Ravensong

    The Great Green Dragon

    Thanks, Champy Girl. this is great.
  13. This is my favorite also with the 'angel wings shawl' a close second.
  14. I got there too late - is now $4.99 except to 'prime members' which I am not.
  15. Katy_Ravensong

    full length hooded cloak

    Oh I Love the one on Etsy! Hope to get it soon! Thanks!