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  1. Thanks for the info Mary Jo. I too am sorry to see them close as I have ordered from them many times over the years. 🙁
  2. ReniC


    They are adorable and you are doing a great job on all of them.
  3. ReniC

    Yarn Brand/Color

    I do enjoy making for the great grand kids. They are not picky and appreciate everything I send them and with joy too. I looked for the fabric to start making the kids masks and can't find it anywhere. It was all kids theme too. 😲 Guess it was lost in the big move. Maybe I can find some online. Now for the big search. Hope you had a great holiday yesterday.
  4. Ah Mary Jo! Such a nostalgic story. Love the deco's too. Thank you for a great story.
  5. ReniC

    Yarn Brand/Color

    I'd choose the same colors as in the photo for my living room. I already have a bag of #5 weight yarn in bright white for my bedroom. I just cannot get to it yet. I've been looking for a very soft blue to go with it for a border (on the white one) to match my bed quilt. No luck on that yet, but, it's not a priority right now. I'm currently making a "care package" for my 4 great-grandkids out of scrap yarns- toys, hats, scarves, etc. I'm also making them some masks to fit them for when they do have to go in public which is hardly ever right now.
  6. ReniC

    Yarn Brand/Color

    Hello Krys- Thank you for your input. Oh boy- babies do make messes, that's for sure, but, I want to make a throw for me in this yarn. It's so colorful and pleasing to my eye and I have always been attracted to multi colors. I've used Unforgettable before, but, just for hats, scarves and shawls. It's easy enough to work with too. I'll keep looking and in the meantime, after I get a long list of scrap yarn projects done and some face masks made, then, if I can't find this particular yarn, I'll try to get the Unforgettable.
  7. ReniC

    Yarn Brand/Color

    It could possibly be individual skeins of yarn as I don't see any color transitions on the rows. It's hard to tell though since the blanket is folded up. I'm inclined to think it's going to wind up being one of those elusive mysteries.
  8. ReniC

    Yarn Brand/Color

    That's funny Mona! I love it.
  9. ReniC

    Yarn Brand/Color

    So far, the only yarn I have found close is Red Heart- Unforgettable- Candied. And it's on sale online at Michel's too. I wonder how long it takes to get delivered. Dang!... My daughter keeps telling me, "Mom, you don't need anymore yarn, unless your out of my colors!".
  10. ReniC

    Yarn Brand/Color

    I assume the colors are what attracted me to the pic. It does look so very soft and I am a sucker for rainbow color schemes, especially pastel of muted. I'll keep looking around as maybe I'll run across the yarn.
  11. ReniC

    Yarn Brand/Color

    Yes on the center being Hairpin Lace and the border being Broomstick lace. I came across the same link. I just love that yarn a ton.
  12. Does anyone know the brand and color of this particular yarn? I was told it might be Red Heart Retro, but in the pic, it looks like it is fluffier and has more lavender and blue in it? Any ideas?
  13. These are so much fun!
  14. I've made this Bunny from a square several times using 12" and 15" squares. They are so easy to make and turn out so cute.
  15. Another lovely project by you. I enjoy seeing your work. Thank you.
  16. This is pretty and Pocket Scarves are very popular right now. I'm into very small projects for now since it is 101°F right now. Maybe for this winter gifts when it starts cooling down in the Fall. Thank you for sharing.
  17. Very pretty. Maybe it's time to make something like this in the near future for me.
  18. These are pretty cool. They would also work great for Independence Day if navy replaced the black.
  19. All look lovely. Thank you for sharing.
  20. ReniC


    This Bee is so cute! it looks fluffy and soft too.
  21. Harry Styles crochet sweater in the news.
  22. Herrschner's also carries it.
  23. It turned out very pretty. I can picture a Nativity set or a Menorah sitting on it proudly.
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