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  1. Just got this in my email for a great idea on how to start a Tunisian Crochet foundation Row by One Dog Woof. She states it does not prevent curling though. This is the only knitting stitch I have mastered! LOL
  2. I do not like the Celtic Weave stitch. It makes a beautiful pattern but is so time consuming and fidgety.
  3. I like most stitches, but especially like the Moss stitch. It's fast going and so easy and relaxing to me. The Crystal Wave is a very pretty stitch but quite the yarn hog too. The Paris stitch and the Suzette stitch are also stitches I really like. I better quit here. Basically, I guess don't really have one favorite stitch. LOL
  4. When I need to make something in a little bit of a rush, I use Red Heart's Soft. It's one of the few brands I can find in my area. One of my all time favorites for throws and afghans is Lion Brand- Vanna's Choice, mostly for it's ease of use and care and the wide range of colors. For baby blankets and scarves I like to use a 3 weight acrylic like Lion Brand-Ice Cream line. Their Cotton-Bamboo yarn is nice and soft too. I don't like using wools for baby's or small children due to sensitivities. Knitpicks.com has some nice yarns also in different weights that I've used several times.
  5. I'd rather be crocheting or working on one of the other crafts I enjoy, so, I don't bother writing patterns since there are thousands in books, magazines and on the internet.
  6. Clover Amour hooks are one of my faves. They help prevent arthritis pain in my hands.
  7. ReniC

    Granny ripple help

    Welcome to Crochetville. Please post a link to the pattern to help you better.
  8. Welcome to Crochetville. I don't have this pattern, but, you're best bet is to contact the seller. You can post a link to the pattern or a very small part of the verbiage of the pattern where you are experiencing problems, just not the whole pattern or photos. If another member on here has made this pattern, I'm sure they'll help.
  9. Interesting. Some should not be on there because they post infrequently. There are some on the list that I follow and enjoy their posts. Thanks for the link.
  10. Huh.... I like the Blues in that video but that's about it. Lion Brand's color of the year is Terracotta. Yuk! Other sites are showing yellows, another Yuk from me.
  11. Brenda: I'm sorry you felt so poorly. Even though it was a short period of time, it still makes for lousy days. I am glad you're feeling better though. It sure is scary how some folks breeze right through their vaccines and others feel so rotten afterwards. There are so many horror stories out there now. And I wonder if age has anything to do with it. If that's the case, I'm going to be in a world of hurt- LOL.
  12. Ohhhh. I never did find any steel hooks back when these first came out. My DH made wood handles on the steels that I used the most. I have the Clover Amour steel hook set and I love them. Although, I haven't worked on thread crochet in a couple of years. I know I have a WIP thread doily that needs my attention. It seems like I'm always working on something else.
  13. No strangers in my backyard here (thank Goodness!) but just a note; the Cactus League starts this Sunday down in the Phoenix area. My SIL is a huge Cardinals fan. I'm looking into tickets for him and my DD. DD says baseball bores her out of her mind, but, she's always passed up going to a live game. I think she'd go this time just to do something different.
  14. Mary Jo: Did you check Amazon.com? I saw several on there the other day when looking for something else. Ebay has them also. And Yarnspirations (don't know what shipping is like though). So does Walmart.com. Hope these help. 😉
  15. Good Day to All! Still no vaccine appt, but, I'm being patient. I am adding 2 new stitches to the afghan. At the rate I'm going, I wouldn't have the dang thing done until Christmas! Wait, that might be a good thing! LOL Never mind- I'll just add the new stitches and get it done. I paid my car tags this morning and that sure puts a crimp in the checkbook since I paid my car insurance the other day. I still don't understand why they don't accept paying annually instead of bi-annually. Weird. Today would have been our 38th wedding anniversary. I have to say, it's a little bit
  16. Thanks for the info Brenda. I was curious as when I get my flu and pneumonia vaccines, I'm given the same type documentations. The link to the article about documentation was interesting. Now, just to get the shot! LOL ETA: I typed this reply the other day. Now, if I can just remember to tap on "Submit Reply" LOL
  17. Well I didn't know that either and I've been to that site a gazillion times. Thanks Brenda!
  18. These would be pretty (to me anyway) in a size 10 crochet thread which would make them a bit smaller than the thread size used in the video. There are several crochet earring patterns on the web that are free for the taking. Just be sure to credit the pattern author.
  19. My aunt who's 90, blisters very easily when crocheting or knitting and puts pieces of this tape on hers hands where the yarn rubs on her left and the hook sits on her other hand. She buys it at her local pharmacy and says it works great. I did forget to ask how difficult it is to remove it.
  20. They are both very pretty and well done. I love Lucy's patterns and her photos of her town. Such a beautiful, historical place.
  21. Brenda: Thanks for the info . I was curious as when I get my flu and pneumonia vaccines, I'm given the same type documentations. The link to the article about documentation was interesting. Now, just to get the shot! LOL Owlvamp: Your dishcloths look great. That's a good idea to make one a day.
  22. OMGoodness that's cute! I really like the size of those squares. Nice job Mary Jo
  23. Good Morning! Feeling good here today- YAY! Sunny and 45°F. It's supposed to get up to 55°F today. That means an indoor day for me again. LOL DD and SIL will come by about 4pm or so for dinner today. My treat, we are splurging with "5 Guys Burgers" so my DD doesn't have to cook and clean up for a change. She's thrilled. Reading everything about your vaccine experiences are interesting. I wonder, do you all receive any documentation such as date received, pharmaceutical name, lot number, etc.? Still no appointment here. Arizona seems to be in short supply, especially the smaller popul
  24. Hi Everyone! I've only been able to pop in once in awhile to glance around to see what all are doing. I had a migraine that lasted too long that made me use the hardcore Rx med, which renders me useless, but, feeling better. It sure would be nice if a preventive medicine was invented for people in my health status and age. I finally started crocheting and reading the other night. I gave up on the "Mosaic" pattern, way too much struggle with the BPdc's. That's probably what triggered the migraine! I'm working on a much simpler stitch for the afghan for my GD. It will probably take longer, but,
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