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  1. I just love looking around online. Keeps me busy and out of most trouble LOL! Well, that and I've used the Internet for too many years to count. I got my first computer in 1985.
  2. The author listed that she used the color #27940 Kuma, which is a soft grey with darker tinges on it. Looks pretty. It's on sale there too!
  3. Hi Krys- Been sort of a rough week here with health problems still so I missed this post. I never did find the candy cane forms last year. I did get the round one and a Santa face but didn't make it in time. It's still sitting on my shelf closest. Maybe next week, if I'm up to it. And thank you for the well wishes.
  4. Awe- Thank you Mary Jo. You always bring a light to the gathering.
  5. That was 20+ years ago, so, not too bad for the price paid.
  6. Thanks! ETA: I found the original pattern! It's in Crochet World-April 2013 issue and I have that one. Yay! I think the pattern would make nice gifts. Thanks again.
  7. Welcome to Crochetville from Arizona. Nice headbands. I think I like the rose colored one the best. I made one similar and was told the style is the most comfortable.
  8. Tomato cages would work very well as long as it's the correct shape (like a cone). I saw 3 and 4 foot crochet trees at our annual Cancer Craft Fair one year. It took the gal 2 months to make just one and she said never again. She sold one for $300.
  9. Welcome to the 'Ville. Your inquiry would probably receive more responses if it was posted in the Seeking Patterns category. In the meantime, this pattern could certainly be made taller and so could this one. You would need to keep adding row after row to your desired height. You probably would need to insert some kind of base like a tall Styrofoam cone or a wire frame to keep it from collapsing. Hope this helps in your search and you have a wonderful holiday season.
  10. Hmmm... I like that blue variegated color yarn. Does that pattern give a yarn ID?
  11. ReniC

    Rough Scratchy Yarn

    We probably did. 😄
  12. I've had the same glue gun for about 30 years now, so, I was thinking about getting one of the dual temp guns but haven't looked into what brand. I saw one in a DIY video to make a Christmas wreath and the gal recommended a 3 temperature gun was a must. I didn't think at the time to see what brand it was and cannot find the video now. Duh on me.
  13. Another lovely to bring cheer to your home. You are talented!
  14. The set turned out lovely. I am loving the extra touches.
  15. Oh so pretty. I love the touch with the ribbon.
  16. ReniC


    Super work! Someone surely will enjoy this one. Thank you for sharing.
  17. Good late morning: I am doing better today with the hip problem. Thank you all for good wishes to recover soon. Nothing different going on here, The sun is shining and no wind today. That's a plus here! Mary Jo: The llama blanket is beautiful and the baby is so precious. You did a fantastic job. Pineknott: Hang in there. Time/practice will get you back on track. I'm cheering for you.
  18. I did a photo search and came up with nothing different than the video offered on the link you supplied. There were several other stitches that came up when I typed in Rhombus (a geometric term) Stitch, but, none like the one you seek. The only one I have made remotely similar is Piper's Reversible Shell which is a lattice type stitch in 2 colors.
  19. ReniC

    Rough Scratchy Yarn

    For scratchy yarn, Red Heart has a Scrubby yarn or Scrubby Sparkly, typically used to make pot scrubbers, but, the skeins are not very large.
  20. Oh my Goodness! Everyone is having such strange happenings. Falls, awful storms, flooding. Wow! 2020 is the year of such upheaval. I 'm sending prayers up for everyone to be safe and healthy. Yesterday I made the mistake of stepping down into my garage crooked and pulled something in my hip again. It took almost 5 weeks for it to heal on the last injury. Mind you, this is not a big step. Maybe 5 inches. So, I'm back on the walker again since my other knee is discombooberated and has me on a cane permanently. Grrrr. I've been crocheting every day/evening this week. Yay! I'm on the 3rd earwarmer for the great grands. The little boy is going to get a hat with a Paw Patrol motif on it. All of a sudden he decided he finally likes hats- Yay for me. I'm just waiting for the Faux Fur pompoms I ordered for the scarves I made for the girls. They should arrive tomorrow. I also splurged and ordered me some perfume. Philosophy- Pure Grace. Love that stuff because it's so clean smelling. Next week is my SIL's birthday, so, we are having a small get together for him. DD is doing all the cooking and baking. The other day I made him his favorite- a batch of Peanut Butter Cookies as one of his gifts. They turned out so good. Krys: I loved the Santa wreath and seeing it again reminded me I had supplies from last year to make something similar but never got around to it. I'm happy for you that people made the effort to compliment you on how beautiful your work is. Everything you've ever showed us is exceptional. Hope all are being careful, safe and healthy. Toodles for now- Reni
  21. What Granny Square said with just one little thing to add; "MR" can also mean Magic Ring. Video
  22. Thank you for the info Owlvamp on the yarn. I was able to get in the site and they have the yarn. However, I called a friend since I remembered she ordered from there sometimes. Her order was placed before Oct. 1 and just came this week. Their website says orders may take several weeks due to Covid. I can't wait that long since this was going to be for Christmas gifts and also has to be mailed. I do appreciate your help though. I think I'm going to use a differnt yarn to play it safe.
  23. Mary Jo- I use quilters rust proof pins for anything that might get damp/wet/ I've never had a problem with them. Quilt shops are the best place to get them. Any fabric store should have them also.
  24. Mona (GreyhoundGrandma): Sorry I missed your question earlier. A couple of times I have drawn faces on tracing paper, pinned it to the crochet project, then embroidered on the features with embroidery thread, then removed any paper showing. It worked well as long as I took my time with the stitches. Ratdog: The blanket looks lovely and such a neat idea to match up with the young lady's career. Last night it rained a little, then sleeted for 5 minutes, then snowed for awhile! That snow wasn't expected. It didn't stick though so there are just puddles around this morning and Chilly! I got some rain finally though- I was so happy!
  25. Good day to everyone! Owlvamp: I too have been looking for the RHSS Stripes Retro. I wanted to make hats and gloves for my Grt-grand kids for Christmas but so far, all I'm finding is it's discontinued. Finding any will be a big surprise. I'm wondering if another company has anything comparable in color. And yes, there are not any craft stores here so I'm having problems finding what I need for yarn, beads, etc. The stores are already having empty shelves again for paper products to. Grrr..... Baily4: I binge watch on Netflix, On Demand, a few programs on local TV (actually it's Phoenix) and PBS and a few documentaries on satellite TV. I steer away from the news as it's too depressing for me. If something major comes up, my daughter let's me know. bgs: Woo-hoo on the successful surgery for Sis! I bet you're relieved. ratdog: I agree on the Christmas movies already on Hallmark. Way too soon. What happened to the mystery movies on their shelves, and not the ones they were showing over and over during lockdown? I think I'll send them a note and ask them. I'm finally finishing the scarf up with only about 1/3 left of the sc border. Then the pompoms go on. It sprinkled again yesterday for about 15 minutes. Not even close to what we need. Thankfully not as much wind today. The temps have gone done though- 45°F right now, 70% rain and 30° tonight. 🥶 Time to put the heater on a little. All in the paths of these ugly storms, I send prayers your way for safety and comfort. Take good care all. Ta-Ta! Reni
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