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  1. I haven't been around much due to wi-fi connection problems. I did get it to connect today, but it looks like it's not going to stay connected for long. I also need to set up my new laptop but, can't seem to get enthused about i. My DH was always the one that took care of anything like that, so I'm a bit intimidated by it. Not much going on here. We are having very nice weather which I'm grateful for. Low 90's and the nights are cooling off to the high 60's- low 70's. I've crocheted on the blanket here and there a little in the evenings, but, I'm at the point where it's boring because of
  2. Don't know if this is legal or not, but, this magazine is archived here. Acorn Pot is on page 10. If not allowed, please delete and my apologies.
  3. Yup- we had a tinsel tree and the color wheel floodlight also. And a few years ago I saw one at Walmart. Go figure. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  4. Hi Mary Jo: I've not tried any of the Marie Callender's dinners since I try to monitor my sodium intake, but, I l love their dessert pies (especially the apple) and pot pies. Of course, they're not as good as sitting in one of their restaurants and having pie. LOL Another several days in the 100's here but cooler at night which is nice, then the AC doesn't run as much. Happy Sunday!
  5. Good Late Morning: It's still pretty quiet here. No rain, clouds, wind, just heat! LOL I took advantage of the calmness and TV stunk so I read another book yesterday. For dinner I had a Chicken Pub Pie (Marie Callender's). I didn't expect it to be as tasty as it was and enjoyed it. Who'd of thought a frozen meal could be okay? I haven't crocheted again for a few days as my shoulder seemed to drive me nuts off and on. I'm looking forward to completing the afghan and moving on to the next projects. I have a Crochet Bucket List a mile long that never seems to get shorter! Enjoy the
  6. I love the flower petals on this one. Very pretty.
  7. Isn't it funny how rain can put fire under someone's tail? 🤣 Not a lot going on in my little world except cooler weather today. I was hoping Fall would be starting, but, it's back up to the 100's in a few days. Ugh! Soon I hope anyway. Oh! I just found out last night, my grt-grandkids were all exposed in their school to Covid and had to be tested and stay out of school until the results came back. 3 of 4 of them are negative. They're still waiting for the results for the 11 yr old. So far, she feels fine. My, my our world is so upsetting at times. Hope you enjoy your day.
  8. Mona: I did see that video. The destruction from the fire is devastating. Now I wonder if my aunt and uncle's cabin they used to own was burned down or at risk. Many good memories were from that place. We had rain again last night off and on. Good rain though, not a downpour. I'm not sure yet about the surrounding area. More rain coming early afternoon. I hope it's not when I go for a doctor appointment. I'm off of here now as I just heard thunder. Enjoy the day!
  9. Good Afternoon! Doing well here today. Three nights in a row I was able to sleep for a change. Yay! I found out yesterday a small town (more like a village of 2200) 30 miles north of us got hit pretty bad by the storm Sunday. No power until possibly by tomorrow as many power lines were knocked down and destroyed. It wouldn't be so bad except for the excessive heat. We had a bit of a soft rain here last night and a few hits of lightning. More rain predicted late this afternoon here. My DD in northern Calif just texted me to say South Lake Tahoe (one of my old stomping grounds) forests are
  10. I like this one very much. The royal blue against the white makes it stand out so nicely.
  11. ReniC

    Calla Lily

    Another beauty that deserved that ribbon. Congratulations.
  12. ReniC

    Christening Set

    So pretty. Congratulations!
  13. Popping in to say hello. We were supposed to have a huge storm yesterday as hurricane Nora out of Mexico came crashing in, but, it went all around my area and not one drop of rain and very little wind. The storm literally went around us, thank God. We may have a little rain from it this evening, but no worries. My weather woes are not even comparable to what Hurricane Ida has destroyed. I pray for all effected. I haven't crocheted for several days due to a sore shoulder joint, but was able to pick up the afghan and add a few rounds last night. I'm looking forward to Lucy's Attic24 new p
  14. I'm glad it's the weekend, but not really sure why as every day is pretty much the same as the day before. I suppose I'm a creature of habit. LOL My GS came by to visit yesterday and I surprised him with crochet toys for his 2 cats and a notebook laptop for school. Was he ever surprised! He tried college right after high school and got caught up in working too much, so had to drop out. He changed his major from law enforcement to radiology. His girlfriend is going for her RN degree so she may have had some influence on him. That and being a few years more mature, he's realized the importa
  15. A blue and white scarf wouldn't be so bad like this telephone booth. I suppose a bell with a circle could be included if one wanted to represent "Ma' Bell". I remember as a kid feeling creepy if I had to use one such as the one below. They were all over the SF/Oakland Bay Area. I always had trouble closing the door. I like the "phone boxes" in the UK a bit more. More color and more class. I had a eccentric neighbor by my last house that had installed a working pay phone booth just like this one. 75 cents to make a call! He thought he'd pocket a quarter every time someone would use it. N
  16. I used a hand held steamer and far enough away to be sure it would not be too hot. The wool part was fine, it was the acrylic that turned on me.
  17. Hi! Not too much going on here except getting hotter each day, 99° today and 103° by Friday. Yikes! I was reading Monday night when I looked up and a baby snake about 8 inches long was on the carpet in my living room! I was petrified because I couldn't tell if it was a rattler, a gopher snake or what. After I set a little trash can on top of it and a heavy candle on top of that, I texted my daughter for suggestions how to get it in the can. She said she'd be right over, but, my SIL the hero came instead and took it outside for me. It turned out to be a red racer that are very common here
  18. FYI: Simply Crochet Magazine is available for $0 on Amazon's Kindle Unlimited. I just got the Aug. 2021 issue.
  19. They still have phone booths in the UK? Wow- It's hard to find a public phone anywhere here. The scarf is quite nice. Thanks for sharing the photo.
  20. What a cute idea! A little space for everything. She brought a smile to my face.
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