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  1. Oh well... good thing I don't have to count anymore but then I have 3 huge bags of yarn that I am donating would have hundreds of points for those.
  2. a question to consider. I was part of the stashbusting CAL and was doing rather well while I was crocheting. so. I saw this yarn at my Dollarama and wanted to use it to cover this wreath form. I have been debating -in my little pea brain_ whether it would qualify as a yarn purchase since it was for a craft and not for crochet. Food for thought hmnnn actually I don't think I could have crocheted with this yarn as it has bobbles instead of regular fake fur.
  3. I love this craft using a pop bottle - even though I am not overly adept at glue and stuff. I plan to donate this to a young woman whose dear friend is dealing with cancer and not faring well. I'm thinking that Sherry could put a little something in this to help her friend along. It took a whole lot of planning and fussing to get this so I don't think I will make another.
  4. I do love this look but not one of mine. I love the effect of the vari yarn here.
  5. I shouldn't have barged into this conversation but I think the fact that my friend recently had the 1st anniversary of her husband's death has got me thinking along those lines. I've always been of the opinion that men and women are 2 separate species and humour is the only thing that gets us thru. Love y'all and sorry I intruded in an interesting thread.
  6. I can appreciate the "married for better and for worse but not for lunch" thinking, but I have to say that I would give just about anything (but my eternal soul) to have had my husband around for the last 30 years. My husband and I each had different interests and hobbies so we could share space all summer while he was not teaching. To this day I will often see something and say... Oh I must tell Phil about this. sorry. this thread just touched a chord I guess.
  7. Just checking on the pattern and links again
  8. I added the PDF to the OP. sorry didn't get to this one when I was doing them
  9. My dear sister in Christ lost her shih tzu a year ago and when I saw this technique on You Tube I just had to make one. I made it in blue so that it would not completely reminder her of Angel. I showed her this pic and she loved it. If she wants it I will give it to her but I'm not pushing. it looks so cute in real life but unfortunately I have to do pics to share her.
  10. I saw this idea on Pinterest and I was thinking it would be a neat thing to make for special Valentine's Day projects. I need to improve my cutting skills :(
  11. Yes it is a Divine hat... my goto hat pattern. I decided to try crocheting a hat because I had used that purple in a craft item and just had to try again. These Hat Ornaments are so cute and such fun to make. this is the video I followed to make them... even kids can do this
  12. Woohoo!!! made this in only 2 days - I'm not counting on anything but it felt so good.
  13. Totally WOW. I am so envious of your ability to make the nests. In my best days I could not work something so tight. I would have loved to make those and donate them to our local society. You are very blessed to be able to do this work. (((hugs)))
  14. sorry, I don't seem to get notifications any more. the up down stitch in this case is about working: sc in 1, dc in next. on following rows you will work a dc in sc and sc in dc.
  15. I love the look of that. The way the yarn played out is so pretty. I so loved making shawls. "Shawl we Crochet" was my fave CAL I think. got so many pretty patterns found that year.
  16. I never thought of the hospital gift shop... will have to check them out. TY.
  17. @ Denise. i love the colourful cat mat. I think that furbabies in care have a special need for lovely stuff. I am at a loss as to where to send my crafts. I'm wondering if I can sell them somewhere and donate the money to a ministry here. Goodwill just has a dodgy name around here for their attitude and high prices.
  18. You are correct. I heard nothing of this. I just donated a ton of houseplants and they gave me coupon. I liked this store and it was Christian based. Oh well. I can always try the Humane society to see if they still have a store
  19. yes, I thought that may be the case. I like that idea.
  20. I have a bunch of hats/scarves etc. Would you like to have them? they are all sizes though - and I think mostly girl sized. Feel free to say no.
  21. I posted some pics here yesterday and they seem to have disappeared. I show the "window" against both dark and light backgrounds I hope Redeemed Goods can get a pretty penny for this as the multi-picture frame cost me a good bit
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