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  1. Wow, I did not realize that I had not signed in since January!!!!!!!! I am always looking at posts and just don't sign in. Thank you SueLeigh, I would love your yarn, I have sent you a private message.
  2. What would be the best yarn for this? Maybe "Simply Soft"? Would "I Love This Yarn" be soft enough?
  3. Thank you, MisterBob! Wow, your skull purse is amazing. I think about felting, but then I think that many people would look at my work and not realize it is crocheting. I want people to see my stitches, so I guess felting is out for me!! Thank you for the links for Carol's work, and your help.
  4. Thank you, Flia. I have tried adding some bead to a couple of things, but had to frog them out, because they just didn't look like I thought it should. I have not tried to graph/draw a pattern and put beads on it, yet. So thank you for that. I am not "into" sewing things, especially beads, I REALLY want to crochet them in. Thank you for your help.
  5. Howdy, I love to work with beads on my crochet. The problem? I can only work in yarn, not thread. There are few patterns using yarn. Is there any way that someone would/could tell me how to add beads to any existing pattern? I am NOT a designer and when I have tried to add beads, for some reason I am not satisfied with any looks and have to frog it all out. Maybe someone would take one of their hat or scarf or purse patterns, one without beads: And then, make the pattern useable WITH beads? Please, can you help me and possibly others will be helped too? Thank you for any and all help. Sincerely, Cindi
  6. Thank you, Brenda, for the photos. They really helped! Very good job.
  7. Howdy, This year at our local Delta Fair I won 4 ribbons: 2 second and 2 third. You can see all my entries: http://s277.photobucket.com/albums/kk79/StitchinCindi/2011%20Delta%20Fest/ Thanks for looking! By the way, CrochetSal is the designer of the lion stuffed toy!
  8. Has anyone crocheted this yet? I would love to see it before I start crocheting, because I am not that great without a photo to tell me I am going in the right directions!!! Um, also, what is a gusset? Is it a small piece that connects the front and the back and forms a bottom for the purse?
  9. Are you looking for novelty or "regular" buttons? Are you looking for shank or "holes"? What color(S) to go with the sweater?
  10. Wonderful! I have the Psychedelic(?) color and love that design. Thanks for sharing!
  11. AWWW, he's playing peek-a-boo around his scarf! So cute!
  12. All the work is great! However, I absolutely love the scarf and hat sets!
  13. I am not sure where my quick reply is, but: I said that I loved the table and the tree and your stories and that you should right a book "Memories of Holidays and Childhood." I also asked about the yellow and orange under the doll on the table. Is it a part of the doll or is it a separate doily? If it is separate, is it done in yarn and not thread? If it is yarn, would you happen to remember where the pattern came from? Thanks!
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