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  1. There is a John Deere afghan that I think might be used to honor the Horned God if you just left the words 'John Deere' of and did the deer. I have never learned to read the charted patterns so I don't know the pros and cons of adjusting a charted pattern. It is at: http://crochetparfait.blogspot.com/2013/03/john-deere-afghan.html#
  2. Oh I Love the one on Etsy! Hope to get it soon! Thanks!
  3. Welcome to the 'Ville! If you are looking for something in particular, just let us know. Most the 'hookers' here are really good at locating stuff.
  4. Thank you. I love your patterns and I am going to miss them.
  5. I always try to leave a reply on any pattern that I snag for my 'gotta make' list. But this morning I am running behind and trying to get everything done before my grandson gets here for the day. So this reply is a thank you for the several dolls you've got on the 'originals' board today. I love your patterns and you are so generous with sharing them for free. That's the only way I can get new patterns and I'm sure many others are in the same boat. So thanks, Darksi!
  6. Thank you! You are so incredibly talented!!
  7. Do you know if it was a regular Woman's Day that came out every week or one of their specials of crochet patterns? I have some Woman's Day Granny Squares magazines and I'll be glad to look through all my old mags to see if I have it. I know I have one regular Woman's Day from the 70's. If I have it, I'll be glad to tell you which magazine it is. Good Luck.
  8. I think this would fit well in this forum. I printed this one out as soon as I saw it. http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=125548
  9. thank you! snagged it for my folder of baby things to make!
  10. The 'Ville is great at bringing people together. I found a new friend this week. I also found that Ravelry has groups and there are several witchy groups there. I've not had time to check out the boards and see if i can score some more great patterns. Since I had no idea those groups were there, I thought maybe someone elso could also use the info
  11. I don't have the baby dolls but I'm saving them just in case. May find some at yard sales come spring. I am putting all your patterns I have saved into a subfolder with your name. You do such wonderful dolls (well, other stuff, too!)
  12. I'm so, so glad that the poll turned out in Dora's favor!!!! I haven't made any of them but I have saved the patterns for when I find a little girl to crochet for. Thanks!
  13. There are quite a few in this thread if you go back and scan the messages. I have a crochet pentacle pattern and a goddess bookmark. Maria Merlino has some really nice shawls - pentacle & goddess. If you are an Etsy members, you can find some there. Melbangel has some nice patterns. Neither Maria's nor Melbangel's are free however. I just noticed you said free after I'd already typed that in. Good luck and happy hooking
  14. You are so darn talented. I'm going to have to make a folder just for the patterns I've saved that you designed.
  15. I love it!! I don't have a little girl to crochet for but I'm saving the pattern - I declare - I'm going to have to give you your own folder in my patterns like I did with Doris Chan and Maria Merlino!
  16. You are so incredibly talented, girl! I love finding that you have another new pattern to share. Thanks so much!
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