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  1. I love the color of this and the bustle is so cute.
  2. So cute. Boy, Darski, you've been busy. These are great patterns.
  3. This is so cute Darski! I wish I had a Dora doll. Very clever and cute hat pattern.
  4. Thank you Dot for all the wonderful patterns and thanks to you Amy for working this all out. I'm so glad Dot is okay.
  5. I've done mixed brand afghans before. I think you just have to pay attention to fiber content and yarn weight.
  6. Ooooh Darski, really pretty pattern. Thanks!
  7. That is so cute. You should publish a book of your doll clothes patterns. Or maybe even a couple books. Great job!
  8. Gosh are they cute! My favorite is the coveralls - adorable.
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