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  1. Yes, I wanted to build a snowman!
  2. Two bitty dolls.
  3. The one in pink, Friendly Molly, is approximately 12 inches. The Sleepy Doll in lavender is approximately 18 inches.
  4. And friends.
  5. Made her last night.
  6. These are dolls from two CAL I participated in.
  7. This was a test pattern.
  8. A get well tissue cover for a friend.
  9. Thank you! I'll pas this information along to my friend who doesn't crochet but does sew and see if she'd like to participate.
  10. Too cute.
  11. I'll be helping. Is there a pattern for sewing the mini stockings available? My friend might help if so.
  12. Sweet.
  13. She's the most beautiful mermaid I've ever seen. Sure to bring joy.
  14. The afghan is beautiful. You did a wonderful job. This will be a treasure for years to come. Thank you for all your hard work and for organizing this.