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  1. Cow I made for my cow loving cousin for this Christmas.
  2. Cat by VendulkaM Hopefully this will take you to the page that pattern is listed on, along with some of her others.
  3. Stunning fall colors. Love it.
  4. More toys for PCH.
  5. Thank you, I bought the pattern from Etsy:
  6. Just some kitties.
  7. For my pregnant niece.
  8. These wonderful toys were sent by my Florida FGM for the Phoenix Children's Cancer Clinic. I assure you my pictures do little to show off the wonder of these beauties. They're going to make several children very happy and Jeremy too as he loves taking in things for the little kids. Many grateful thanks to you my FGM.
  9. Had some "frogged" yellow yarn to play with so.............. made this little girl. I think she needs a little trim.
  10. This is my otter and my other otter. They're in love. Rafting sea otters sometimes “hold hands” to stay together.
  11. Thank you. It probably took me about 12 hours total. All fun and easy pieces.
  12. Finished this morning.
  13. The bunny is a free pattern from here: The baby is tweaked by me.
  14. Yes, I wanted to build a snowman!