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  1. All of these were taken to PCH (Phoenix Children's Hospital) to the cancer floor as today Jeremy has scans again. My daughter took the picture and posted to Facebook she says these mean so much to the kids there undergoing treatments. A new friend to cuddle and hold and keep them company. I'm now waiting for his scan results. My FGM in Florida helped out so much. She made the beautiful mermaid, The little doll with the mop cap right next to her and the doll on the far left with the pink mop cap, Bugs Bunny and Sylvester. She is so very generous with her time and talent and I know the kids are going to love her creations. Thank you so much FGM. (We all know who you are as you're so well known for your love and generosity. )
  2. Thank you all. I gave it to my niece tonight and she does love it. She also let me know it's actually "The Good Dinosaur". Oops! I don't watch cartoons so I got mixed up. I do know his name is Arlo.
  3. This is for my niece who's expecting a boy in May and decorating in dinosaurs.
  4. Just wanted to make one.
  5. Saw this and thought he was too cute not to make.
  6. Too cute! Love him and his beady little eyes too.
  7. Wonderful afghans and beautiful work.
  8. Can't seem to get a decent picture of this project but you get the idea anyway. Lots of fussiness and little pieces but still fun. I intended it to be a gift but finished it too late so now it's mine.
  9. A stunning afghan.
  10. It's sad to see a wonderful tradition end but we all understand your desire to take a break. This bag is a treasure for many reasons, it's color and cheer, the meaning behind it and the honor of being the last in a long beautiful line of Crochetville Totes. Can't wait to see who the very lucky recipient will be as it's sure to make that person's day merry and bright. Heartfelt thanks for all your hard work and generosity over the years Mary Jo. Have a wonderful holiday season.
  11. Cow I made for my cow loving cousin for this Christmas.
  12. Cat by VendulkaM Hopefully this will take you to the page that pattern is listed on, along with some of her others.
  13. Stunning fall colors. Love it.
  14. More toys for PCH.
  15. Thank you, I bought the pattern from Etsy: