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  1. Peggy85225

    Happy Owl Afghan and Stuffed Owl

  2. Peggy85225

    Thank You Florida FGM

    What a lovely surprise arrived in my mail today. The most beautiful porcelain doll in a rich purple dress with pearl trimmings and lovely little broach and even a tiny recticle on her wrist and a fur wrap on her shoulders. She is just fabulous. And to top it off the beautiful fall potholder with the squirrel and his nuts and a dishcloth ready for Veterans Day. It was a wonderful surprise and a day brightener. The neelework is just fantastic. Thank you so very much my lovely FGM you made my weekend!
  3. Peggy85225

    Spuirrel Potholders

    So very cute.
  4. Peggy85225

    These toys are off to PCH this week

    With the help of two fairy godmothers here on the forum these toys are going to the cancer kids at Phoenix Children's Hospital tomorrow.
  5. Peggy85225

    Gnome Family

    Thank you all so much. They were a labor of love as the pattern is only available in German and I don't speak or read German.
  6. Peggy85225

    2018 Mini Christmas Stocking Drive

    Here are my contributions for this year. Now to stuff them into an envelope and get it mailed off. The pattern I used was one Mary Jo shared with me. A fun quick and easy one. The yarn this year was donated by a friend of a friend it was in some leftovers she was getting rid of. I hope she'll be pleased with what I did with it.
  7. Peggy85225

    C’Ville Tote #142 Once Again

    It's just perfect, I love the colors. Fun to be had by all once again as the clues make everyone guess who the new lucky bag lady/gentleman is!!! I bet everyone has missed this, I know I have.
  8. Peggy85225

    Gnome Family

    Made from a German pattern. Too cute not to try to make them, in my opinion of course.
  9. Peggy85225

    Thank You FGM

    A big thank you to my other FGM in Florida who sent these sweet teddy bears for the caner kids at PCH. Jeremy has his scans in July so they will be delivered then. Many thanks on behalf of the kids I know will be so happy to receive these bears.
  10. Peggy85225

    Thank you Florida FGM

    My wonderful Florida FGM made all these cool toys for Jeremy to take to Phoenix Children's Hospital for the cancer clinic's prize closet to comfort the sick kids when he has his next scans in July. There are three adorable dolls, two fun monsters and two wonderful monkey's. The kids are going to love them. They get to choose a prize from the closet before they have their treatments. Thank you so very much fairy godmother.
  11. Peggy85225

    Meet Hairy Harry

    Hairy Harry tickled my fancy and made me laugh.
  12. Peggy85225

    Crafter Granny

    Saw this pattern and just had to give it a try. Her skirt sits on top of a mason jar with buttons inside.
  13. Peggy85225

    Meet Frank & his new toys:)

    Franks a lucky dog.
  14. Peggy85225

    I am groot (too)

  15. Peggy85225

    Cute For Baby Clothes Pattern Crochet

    So pretty. Love the stitch and the colors.