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    I'm a mom of 3, stepmom of 2, gramma of 5, stepgramma of 9, and love every minute of it!
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    I love to crochet, knit, sew, read, yard sales, and playing with my grandkids!!
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    Everything and anything!!!
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    I've been crocheting over 30 yrs.

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  1. What a beautiful outfit!! Thank you so much for the pattern!!
  2. I can imagine how "comfy" they are!! I love homespun yarn, but I only knit with it. I tried crocheting with it, kept losing stitches, even with large hook. And been that "patience" is not my middle name....never tried crocheting with it again!!
  3. How adorable!! Babies are so cute in their little outfits!! Thank you so much for the patterns!!
  4. What a gorgeous outfit!! The hat is sooo cute!! (I bought 2 Dora's a few yrs. back BECAUSE @ the time my oldest dgd was at the age of Dora and I thought your clothes for Dora were so darn cute(I never made the outfits)........well, my oldest dgd has outgrown Dora, and so has my 2nd dgd!! :blush I have two more dgd's and doggone it I better make Dora some clothes that way when the girls come over they can play dress up with the Dora's)!! :blush
  5. Wow!! The outfits are just beautiful!! Love the "Pink"!! Thank you again for such great patterns!!
  6. Goodness, how adorable!! Beautiful outfit!! (What I remember about my 1st Holy Communion, is that, my mom was in the hospital and my dad had to help me get ready.........and the veil was borrowed from my cousin Susan).
  7. Your cover came out really nice!! I should try and make one for my kitchen aid mixer, it's out in the open and when I go to use it, I always have to clean the mixing bowl!!
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