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  1. This Ravelry user has some good notes on how to get around the issues with the pattern. Maybe those notes will be of assistance to you? http://www.ravelry.com/projects/PiggyWiggy96/aran-toggle-wrap
  2. Thanks Tiffany, Karen, and Marcylka!
  3. Craftyzone, I thought the email only went out to those who had previously purchased the pattern? The pattern is still for sale as a kit, so I doubt they intended to send this to their entire customer base, but who knows...I haven't had a chance to compare to the original pattern yet.
  4. Thanks Rashidah & Wrappedinlove!
  5. Thanks Crafty, and SteelerLady! Crafty, let me know if you need any help.
  6. If you have the time and the patience, it's worth it, especially now that it's on sale.
  7. Thanks Pineapple, Mary, Carol, and Linda!
  8. Good to know! I will do that!
  9. Thanks Suellen. Sugar Baby Stripes is a really nice self-striping baby yarn.
  10. Thanks Peggy, Monique, and Mary!
  11. The errors are not HORRIBLE, but they are definitely there and might drive a novice crocheter to throw down his/her hook. Luckily, the blanket is VERY symmetrical, and if you use stitch markers and count carefully before advancing to the next section/row, you should be ok. The kit is on sale now for $19.97 which I suspect means they are coming down to the end of their inventory for it. The blanket is definitely worth the headache, the FIRST time. Like I said, don't know when I'll attempt to make another one, if ever.
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