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  1. Hello CD! Glad you found us and crocheting. I love crocheting and was home for a while too during the shutdown and found crocheting really does fill the hours and is a wonderful thing to do while at home.
  2. Hello and welcome. So wonderful to hear that you rediscovered crocheting. Best wishes to you.
  3. Love your tree and all the patriotic dolls and outfits! Happy 4th of July to you!! 🎆 🎆
  4. Here is my latest round ripple blanket. I was able to get some additional brown yarn donated to me by the senior center so it is 52 inches wide. This will go back to the senior center for their Veterans Outreach Program. The crochet pattern is Aggie's round ripple pattern.
  5. Loved all the colorful whales you made and the basket with items is wonderful. What a great fundraiser for cancer.
  6. Welcome and 51 years of crocheting! Wow!!
  7. I just realized that I didn't share the two baby blankets that I crocheted for Kathryn's NICU drive. She hasn't posted on Crochetville but I emailed her and see is doing the baby blanket drive again this year through Facebook. Here are the blankets I sent her recently.
  8. Love the dog blanket Judianne! Tampa Doll - What a great doll outfit and love the pom poms!
  9. Here are a few new mini Christmas stockings for the Warmth for Warriors drive. These are crocheted using the fold-over option of this mini stocking pattern. I used up several different bits of scrap yarn to make these. It is always nice to have little projects like these to use up those small scraps.
  10. Welcome and so glad to see you here as another member of Crochetville!
  11. Hello and welcome. I remember when I first was learning to crochet and trying new patterns. Hang in there and ask question as you need to. We are all happy to help.
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