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  1. RecycleCindy

    Dot's Little Ditty Bag

    Hello and welcome. Looks like you are on the right track with your bag. I even made one out of plastic bag yarn before using this pattern. That is one wonderful thing about crocheting, you can make so many different things from the patterns and ideas shared here.
  2. RecycleCindy

    2018 Afghans for NICU babies for Christmas

    Thanks Kathryn. I have more of the Red Heart Stripes yarns so will do at least one more before sending these off to you.
  3. RecycleCindy

    2018 Afghans for NICU babies for Christmas

    Just tried a Red Heart Stripes skein for a round ripple. I did add a bit of orange to finish a few rounds and then added blue for the final round. I did a slip stitch trim as I was running out of yarn. This is Aggie's round ripple 12 point pattern. Finished size is 23 inches wide.
  4. RecycleCindy


    Hello Evelyn and welcome to Crochetville.
  5. RecycleCindy


    So good you were able to join today. They just did a big upgrade here this morning and everything looks a bit different now. Glad to hear the glitch was fixed for you. Welcome and glad to meet you.
  6. RecycleCindy

    Crocheting directly onto denim

    I've crocheted into denim when I've made little Christmas stockings. I used a steel crochet hook to make the hole for my stitch. The first row is hard but once you get past that, you are on your way. Here is a link to my picture tutorial for the denim stockings. Scroll down and look at the picture of going through the denim. You might use a big sharp quilting needle for making the "pilot holes" into the denim too.
  7. RecycleCindy

    Cabled Hat

    Cute hat and I love the cables on it. I may have to add that one to my queue.
  8. RecycleCindy

    Filet Table Runner

    Wow that is gorgeous! What an incredible work of art that is for sure.
  9. RecycleCindy

    Our House (Part Three)

    Oh Brenda, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope everything works out. It must be terrible not to be able to see very well or crochet. Take care.
  10. RecycleCindy

    I find this interesting...Intermeshing

    Looks beautiful and I have not tried that stitch pattern before. Something that I'd like to try sometime though.
  11. RecycleCindy

    Chemo blankets

    Your blankets are beautiful and will bring such comfort to people getting chemo. Having been through chemo myself, I know how our chemo suite used handmade blankets to cover people undergoing treatment. It was very comforting to have a pretty warm blanket to cover up with such as the ones you have made. Thank you for doing this for cancer patients.
  12. RecycleCindy

    Hey everyone

    Aww so cute and love the bikini top. Hope you are feeling better and can come back and visit again soon.
  13. RecycleCindy

    Butterfly stitch

    Wow that is so pretty. Those butterflies are so beautiful on the blanket.
  14. RecycleCindy

    Cast Iron Handle Cover

    Thanks ladies! I love my cast iron pans. They will last the rest of my life and probably the children's too.
  15. RecycleCindy

    September 2018 Table

    I love your back to school table and hearing the stories. The Eagle's cheerleader outfit is adorable. So fun to see your tables.