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  1. Welcome to Crochetville! Hope to see more of your projects and share ideas.
  2. Here is my finished blanket that I delivered yesterday to the VA Outreach Program. It is a rectangle granny that ended up being about 35" by 45".
  3. Super cute and a very cool pin cushion pattern!
  4. So cute and what an adorable set of dolls!
  5. Welcome to the group and so glad you picked up crocheting again!
  6. Here are a few new hats I crocheted for the Veteran's outreach programs and Warmth For Warriors.
  7. Wow that is so gorgeous! I love the colors and how they transitioned into each other.
  8. Very cute Valentine bears in their heart holders!
  9. What a beautiful blanket! It will be such a special wedding gift for the couple. Something like that will always be remembered as a wedding gift and who they received it from.
  10. Thanks! I got a Clover pom pom maker for Christmas and have just been loving using it for things like these hats.
  11. Thank you for the nice comments. You can find the pattern links here in this post. They are all free and use a few different variations but are generally the same base pattern.
  12. Good morning everyone and loved seeing all the wonderful gifts posted already for this year. I will be working on hats and mini stockings again this year for Warmth for Warriors. I did start out the year and crocheted some baby hats for my local hospital nursery. Here are a few pics of them.
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