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    Recycled Materials such as Plarn items
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  1. Such a wonderful cause and thank you so much for sharing this. Many women will benefit from your kindness.
  2. Welcome and there are several people here are always helpful if you have questions on patterns. Just ask and someone will surely reply.
  3. Here is a Danish heart I crocheted for my DIL for a little Valentine's Day gift. Free pattern here.
  4. Wow gorgeous work and such a pretty doily!
  5. Welcome and so glad to have you aboard here. Jump right on in and let's get to know you.
  6. Such beautiful yarn and cute hats! Those are going to be so loved at the nursery.
  7. Welcome to the Ville! I love all your cute little creations. And the hats are very nice. I love the red plaid hat.
  8. Welcome and hope you find lots of ideas to inspire you.
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