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  1. Nice and the stitching looks very pretty!
  2. Cute looking patterns! I love the waistcoat look for crocheting and these turned out lovely. I don't see a link to the pattern. Could you provide a link for us. Thanks.
  3. Welcome and so glad to have another crocheter here!
  4. Thanks everyone for all the nice comments. I can't wait to give them the blanket tomorrow and see what yarns they might have for me to use next. It's just about like Christmas the feeling I get when we are talking free yarn.
  5. Here is my latest round ripple blanket crocheted using Aggie May's 12-point pattern. I always love round ripples and this is mostly scrap yarns and a few skeins of vintage yarn I got from a local Veterans Outreach. They are giving me yarn and I am crocheting them blankets and lapghans. Such a wonderful deal for us all. Finished size is 47 inches wide.
  6. So glad to have you join. You and I have been crocheting the same amount of time too. Best wishes and
  7. Wow super pretty and love the colors!
  8. So cute and they make such beautiful decorations.
  9. Simply adorable and love the little bunny in the last photo.
  10. Lovely scarf and thank you for sharing the pattern!
  11. Thank you and you can always send stockings. Even after the deadline and they will use them for next year. Best wishes on the move and it's always challenging to get settled again after a move.
  12. That is a very cute dishcloth!
  13. I have been working on a push for this last week of the 2019 stocking drive. Here are 12 more BLO stockings I crocheted. Added some jingle bells to a few of these. I bought a package of the small bells for just a dollar at Dollar Tree. I think there were about 25 bells in the package so I will have more for next year too.
  14. Oh so very cute! What a wonderful idea.
  15. Cool blanket and love the colors for sure!
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