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  1. Love the camo! Wonderful blanket for sure.
  2. RecycleCindy

    Big cat

    Cute and loved seeing all the adorable poses. Thanks for the smiles you provided me!
  3. Hello and welcome. Glad you got the help you needed.
  4. Welcome and glad to have another crocheter here!
  5. Here is a Aggie May Round Ripple I just finished up for a local VA outreach program. They are currently shutdown but I will hold this for them for when they reopen. Now I am starting on some hats for Warmth for Warriors. I went into work this morning to do a few essential things for our police dept. I do double duty as their police clerk. Things are quiet though as everyone in Washington and Idaho are under stay at home orders. I live right on the border so now both states are under these orders. Stay safe and healthy everyone. These are challenging times. So far our community has not had any Coronavirus, I just pray that we all can remain healthy.
  6. Hello and welcome. I always love Bev's Cottage patterns. Check out this link at the site for some pattern ideas.
  7. Love all the recently shared projects. Lots of cute stuff! My office is now closed and only going to work as needed. For sure on March 3 to do month-end and reports. Strange times but gives me more time now to crochet. Stay safe and healthy everyone.
  8. A very nice new pattern. I like the stitch pattern look. TFS!
  9. LOVED your photo! Made me laugh when we all need a good laugh these days.
  10. Ratdog - Sweet baby doll beds! Those are just so cute. Tampa Doll - Thanks for the fun post about quarantine. I thought the same thing myself. Things are getting so concerning around NE Washington and Idaho here. Stay safe and healthy everyone and praying that we can get passed this soon.
  11. Ratdog - Love your blanket buddies! I've made that pattern before and it's a great gift. Apak - Wow that is one huge group of whales. So cute and love all the colors..
  12. Here are some mini 6" Christmas stockings I crocheted for this year's Warmth for Warriors stocking drive.
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