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  1. Here is the latest number of stockings received for this year's drive. DRUM ROLL... 2805!
  2. Oh so many beautiful and amazing Christmas decorations. I love the little crocheted Nativity set!
  3. Congrats Anne and welcome to the Bag Lady Club!
  4. Very lovely blankets! Each is very pretty and looks to be super cuddly.
  5. I tried a new ribbed baby hat pattern from Beverly Qualheim. I chained just 30 sts to start to get a newborn sized hat. My hats came out 6.5 inches long flat by 10” cir. Here is the link to the free baby hat pattern. It was a fun pattern that is worked side to side and gathered at the top. .
  6. Autumn Leaves tote is gorgeous and someone is going to just love receiving it!
  7. That is a beautiful color and a lovely C2C!
  8. Welcome Dora! You can add your website and a link to your signature profile so everyone can find you. I think it is okay to post your blog site in a post too. Anyway welcome and glad you found Crochetville.
  9. A very pretty scarf and I love your photos. Such a beautiful setting for your scarf!
  10. Thanks everyone for all the nice comments.
  11. I have been crocheting more dishcloths for an upcoming charity fundraiser. Here is a new pattern I just tried called The Ship's Helm. This is a super fast and easy dishcloth pattern. Here are three cloths I did in the pattern. Then I crocheted 2 star dishcloths using My Star Dishcloth pattern. These were done with different bits of leftover cotton scraps I had on hand.
  12. Mary Jo that is just adorable! What a wonderful decoration for Halloween. You really out did yourself on this project.
  13. Thanks ladies!
  14. Here is a recycled jar that a flower arrangement came in. It was just such a pretty green that I used it to stuff two dishcloths in for a charity fundraiser. I added a strand of ribbon around the rim for an embellishment. Here is a closeup of the houndstooth stitch cloth. This was my first attempt of a dishcloth with this new stitch I recently learned.
  15. I love your strawberry kitchen set! So cute and so useful.