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    40+ years
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    Recycled Materials such as Plarn items
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  1. RecycleCindy

    Kitchen Curtain

    Wow that is so beautiful. What a lovely kitchen curtain! I bet everyone that sees it is just amazed.
  2. RecycleCindy

    Lazy Cow

    Oh so very sweet. That is just an adorable cow toy!
  3. RecycleCindy

    English Bull Dogs

    Aw so cute and what a thoughtful gift.
  4. RecycleCindy

    Double Post Baby Hats

  5. RecycleCindy

    March 2019 Table

    Such a lovely table and I just love seeing all your pretty dolls. The tablecloth is prefect and I love the shamrocks on it.
  6. RecycleCindy

    Lacy Baby Bibs

    So very pretty and those will be lovely gifts.
  7. RecycleCindy

    Bunny & Bunny

    Such cuties and will be so loved for sure!
  8. RecycleCindy

    Double Post Baby Hats

    Thanks everyone! I do hope you enjoy the pattern and give it a try.
  9. RecycleCindy

    Pig (If you give....)

    So cute and looks like a wonderful book! The little skirt is adorable too.
  10. RecycleCindy


    Welcome and it is always great to have a new member.
  11. RecycleCindy

    Holiday, Seasonal, and Misc. Potholders and Baby Items

    Wow so many cool things and I loved all the photos. Your baby sets are adorable and I just love all your cute potholders. Thanks so much for sharing all your cute creations.
  12. RecycleCindy

    hats for school kids

    Lovely hats and I think the pom pom ones are just adorable.
  13. RecycleCindy

    Double Post Baby Hats

    Here are some new hats I crocheted. I call them double post baby hats. It is just the basic baby hat but with a double post for the ribbing. Here is a free pattern link if anyone wants to crochet the hat pattern. These went to my local hospital's nursery last week along with a few other hats I crocheted.
  14. RecycleCindy

    18" Doll Cheerleader Outfit

    Cute outfit! Thanks for sharing.