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  1. Here are a few more stockings that I have crocheted for this year's stocking drive. You can find the different crochet patterns at this link that I used.
  2. Thank you for the message. Glad they arrived safely. I will try and do more baby blankets later this year too.
  3. Here are my first two mini Christmas stockings for this year's drive. The stocking on the left is my top-down crocheted Christmas stocking using the folded-over cuff option. The other one is my version of Sucrette's mini crocheted stocking pattern worked in the round without joining to 6" long.
  4. So cute and a very thoughtful gift!
  5. Thank you so much Brenda for all the lovely stockings you have been making.
  6. That is an adorable bunny!
  7. I just finished off a Granny Mandala blanket. I have wanted to try this round granny pattern and recently got the chance. I crocheted it to 22 inches wide for my 2nd blanket for the NCIU blanket drive this year. I have both blankets in the mail to Kathryn. I hope to make more blankets later in the year.
  8. Yes that looks like thick t-yarn. Try crocheting loosely and with a large hook. Then you can "adjust" the stitches to get it to lay flat. I sometimes when to wrestle with the stitching and pull on it to lay flat and behave. I do find that as I continue to work, it will lay down better. Here is a little tote I did and pattern info.
  9. I have crocheted with t-shirt yarn and it can be very challenging. I cut my t-shirt yarn or t-yarn very narrow as it is easier to work with rather than the thicker stuff. I also curl it. Here is a little tutorial to check out. It can twist and require some blocking once you work a project. How thick is your t-yarn?
  10. Those are adorable slippers! Thank you for sharing your pattern.
  11. WOW what a fantastic way to kick off the 2018 stocking drive!!
  12. In 2018 the Warmth for Warriors organization is once again collecting handmade Christmas stockings to send to our troops.They collect the stockings and fill them with little items such as soaps, candy, toiletries and other small goodies. The stockings can be crocheted, knitted, sewn or woven. Stockings should be around 6 inches long and any pattern style or color is accepted. Stockings that are a little smaller or larger are okay too. We had a wonderful year in 2017 with 2,819 stockings received for the Warmth for Warriors. Let's have another banner year for our troops and give them a little extra Christmas cheer during the holidays. Thank you to everyone that has helped in the past and those stepping up again this year. Shipping address for all USPS packages: Warmth for Warriors PO Box 353 Rudyard, MI 49780 Deadline for shipping stockings to Warmth for Warriors and delivery to them is November 1, 2018.
  13. I've made mats for the homeless and a rug for kitchen sink

  14. Thank you! Thanks Kathryn. I will crochet another one and ship them off together to you.