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  1. Super pretty lacy coasters!
  2. Aww so adorable and love the camo yarn! The deer rack is cool too.
  3. Lovely staging photos of your pretty cloth!
  4. Wow what wonderful gifts! Those are so cool-looking. I really like the big hotpad idea for large items on the table and countertops.
  5. Wow super pretty and just love the wavy color combos you used!
  6. @Bailey4 What a wonderful bunch of Halloween cutie items! I checked out your blog links and am amazed at all the things you have gotten finished up already for the upcoming holidays.
  7. @ReniC Oh so cool to win one and a bowl. I entered. Thanks for the link.
  8. Welcome and glad to meet you. Hope you master the magic circle. Let us know how it goes.
  9. Here are a few new hats I crocheted recently for Warmth for Warriors. I used a new method on the brim of crocheting all FPDC. The pattern and details can be found here if anyone wants to make the hat. Works up quickly and the new brim tightens up nicely for a good fit.
  10. @judianne I love your quarantine blanket! It will be a keepsake as you will always remember what you were doing when you look at it years later. I just love all the different colors and uniqueness of it.
  11. No we aren't doing washcloths any more. This was several years ago. Now Warmth for Warriors is just doing the mini Christmas stockings and hats. Come join us if you'd like to help with those items as we always need more.
  12. Hello Annbell! I am thinking that you are losing a stitch on the ends maybe. Have you tried counting your stitches on each row before continuing on to the next row. I know I have to do that at times to make sure my stitch count is correct. It maybe that you are missing the last stitch of a row when you turn. Do you have a closeup of a start of something that you'd like to share? That might help determine the situation.
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