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  1. Super cute and love the yellow and white together. The little sprig of green is a beautiful touch to the outfit.
  2. Just sharing some new Mother Bears I crocheted. There are crocheted seamless and are for the Mother Bear Project.The 2nd two bears are crocheted in back loops only which I found to be an easier way to make the bears and a bit easier on my hands.
  3. Welcome back and glad to have more people here again.
  4. Beautiful and I love the colors you used in the shawl. Stunning!
  5. Adorable bear and love the color!
  6. Cute potholders and my granddaughter loves pink too!
  7. A beautiful 4th of July table and decorations. Happy 4th of July Mary Jo!
  8. Very life-like cherries!
  9. Thank you!
  10. Wonderful to have you back. We need more people to come and be active here.
  11. Wow what a lovely bunch of cloths!
  12. Thanks and I love using the bells too.
  13. Thanks ladies for the kind comments on my recycled tote bag!
  14. Thank you all for the nice comments!
  15. What a wonderful group of mini stockings. Thank you so very much!