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  1. Such an adorable baby dress and that blanket is gorgeous!!
  2. Thanks! I got them shipped off to you last night.
  3. Here are two more mini Christmas stockings I crocheted this weekend. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.
  4. Wow what a super cute outfit. Thank you again for providing us all such wonderful patterns.
  5. Thank you for the nice comment. I hope some family will find comfort from this at the NICU.
  6. Finished up two little round ripple blankets using Aggie's round ripple pattern. I used up several bits of old vintage variegated yarns while working the blankets. I had to add more white yarn to fill in on the one so I tried a new edging on this one. Check it out below.
  7. Lovely table and I love all the outfits and other items. The angels are beautiful and I loved reading the story behind each item.
  8. Thank you all for the nice comments on my towel toppers.
  9. Thank you both! They are so fun and quick to make and I have more towels to do before next holiday season.
  10. Here are some early Christmas gifts I have been working on lately. I got all these towels after Christmas last year and add toppers to them. More details and the free pattern links found here.
  11. Wow so gorgeous and it looks very lovely on your table.
  12. What a lovely blanket and it would make such a nice outdoor play mat.
  13. Beautiful and low-cal too!
  14. Here are a few more stockings that I have crocheted recently. Some team colors and I also played around and tried my hand with some patriotic colors.
  15. Very pretty and I love the graph image with the different colors. Super job!