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    40+ years
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    Recycled Materials such as Plarn items
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  1. RecycleCindy


    Hello and welcome!
  2. RecycleCindy

    Froot Loops plush

    Super cute!
  3. RecycleCindy

    2019 Afghans for NICU babies for Christmas

    So glad to hear! I hope to make a few more this year is possible.
  4. RecycleCindy

    2019 Afghans for NICU babies for Christmas

    My 2 blankets were shipped today and on their way to you Kathryn.
  5. RecycleCindy

    2019 Mini Stockings for Warmth for Warriors

    Here is another group of stockings I crocheted using a big skein of Herrschners Holiday Sparkle in Colorway Victorian Christmas. I add some scalloped edging trim and the loopy trim on the bottom one.
  6. RecycleCindy

    cross I made.jpg

    So very pretty! Thank you for sharing the photo.
  7. RecycleCindy

    Back After About a Year or Two...

    Welcome back and it's always wonderful to have another bag lady here!
  8. RecycleCindy

    Recycled Wine Bottle Holder

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments!
  9. RecycleCindy

    Hello from the Show me state

    Welcome! A very pretty little bag for sure.
  10. RecycleCindy


    Welcome Tracey! Such fun to crochet and glad you found Crochetville.
  11. RecycleCindy

    Recycled Wine Bottle Holder

    Here is a new recycled plastic bag project of mine. These are wine bottle holders crocheted using about 14 plastic bags cut into plarn. The free crochet anyone is pattern is found here if anyone is interested is making it. Pretty quick project and doesn't take too many bags to complete. These are filled with 750 ml wine bottle for a local auction fundraiser coming up.
  12. RecycleCindy

    June Table 2019

    Wow what a lovely table of ladies. I love all the beadwork on the dresses. The roaring 20s outfit is fantastic.
  13. RecycleCindy

    2019 Afghans for NICU babies for Christmas

    Here is my 2nd blanket of the year for the drive. It's a preemie granny blanket 18 inches wide. I used Baby Blanket yarn in baby hush pink to crochet most of it. I got the yarn at a thrift store so had to go small to complete the blanket with just this one skein.
  14. RecycleCindy

    2019 Mini Stockings for Warmth for Warriors

    Woohoo! Such cute stockings and thank you again for all your stockings for this year's drive.
  15. RecycleCindy


    Awww such cute little chicks!