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  1. Thanks to everyone for the nice comments on my round ripple. It was delivered today to Warmth for Warriors so it will be with its new Veteran owner soon.
  2. Here is a round ripple I crochet for the Warmth for Warriors blanket drive. It is 43 inches wide so should be a good lapghan. The center is some Caron blue yarn and then I used a Yarn Bee Sugarwheel skein in what they call “That’s my Jam” colorway. Then I just added some blues and black in RHSS I had to finish it off.
  3. The photos are so large when they are inserted into a post. I tried making mine smaller but it is still so big when I add it to a post. I see other people's photos are very large too. Is there a way to resize the photos when we upload and insert them into a post? I am sure the super large photos are using lots of bandwidth on Crochetville and it would be nice to have them smaller.
  4. What a beautiful blanket. Somebody is just going to love receiving that adorable blanket.
  5. Your groot is great!
  6. What a beautiful tote! I love reading your stories each month about your family, childhood and memories. What a sweetie you are for making these wonderful bags each month for some lucky person.
  7. Here is a new pattern for a mini Christmas stocking. This stocking is 6 inches long and features two different options. First one with a ribbed top and the 2nd one with a folded-over cuff. The free crochet pattern is Top-Down Christmas Stocking. I have been making several of these stockings for the Warmth for Warriors for this year's drive. Here are a few pictures to share.
  8. That is sure a beautiful blanket. The stitch pattern is just awesome!
  9. I didn't even remember that but so glad you could fix it. Thank you.
  10. My profile picture is gone with the new template. When I click on profile picture, the box only has a radio button for "No Photo" so not sure how to fix it.
  11. Wonderful! Thanks for letting me know.
  12. Kathryn, I just finished up this baby shell preemie blanket for the drive today. It is 18 inches wide and I will be sending it off hopefully tomorrow with one other little blanket I completed for this year's blanket drive.
  13. Glad to hear. They try and send thank you's when people include their name and mailing address. Thank you again for all your contributions. I think this year is going to be a wonderful year with all the stockings that have been made already and it's just May.
  14. I love your Christmas tree skirt. It is so beautiful and I really like the green trees on the skirt.
  15. So pretty and you did an outstanding job on it!