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  1. I love the one done in thread. The bubble lights really do bring back memories.
  2. Very nice! I love to do the giant granny ghans.
  3. Wow, very nice. It has an Indian or southwestern look to it.
  4. Beautiful!! I love the pattern.
  5. Hello maybell. You're in my neck of the woods. I'm in central PA. Welcome to Crochetville!
  6. Thanks for the list of colors Pattie. I have an unfinished granny square afghan to finish as well. I started it last winter and then got interested in something else and so it's still waiting.
  7. You really finished that quickly. It's really pretty.
  8. Oh, I love your color combo. Can you share what colors you are using. I really, really love this.
  9. If you don't mind me asking where did you get that icon? thanks
  10. I'm basically on the side of thinking it's pretty. I do kind of get not wanting to ruin a doily, but as others have said, you could use the paper doilies and try this. The other thing for me - and don't jump down my throat - I really do love and appreciate doilies, but what can you really do with them anyway besides lay them on something and lay something on top of them. I think something like this puts them to a much better use than hoarding them up and keeping them packed away. Of course I would probably have a different opinion if I had actually made one.
  11. Lovely tote, lovely month, lovely time of year. The flowers we had mostly around our house when I was growing up were forsythia and we had a whole big long row of peony bushes, pink and white. I love the pink ones. My favorite flower. Someone will be very happy with this tote - good luck!!
  12. Congratulations Carol!!! You are so deserving and I knew you were going to love it. Have fun with it. Also, your little extras are beautiful! Happy April!
  13. Oh yes, thank you Janet and Nicole. I knew there was a new approach I just didn't realize that they are archived and gone when done. Thanks so much.
  14. But where are the winter ones - or do they get rid of them
  15. Where are the new lists? When I click on the "moved" label I get a message saying I don't have access.
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