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  1. Clarification about the website linked above: The owner of the site does make mention on her site that the original patterns are public domain. Since she has made this claim, I am going to assume she has done her homework and has verified that. Should a copyright holder come to me with information that some of the patterns are indeed still under copyright, I'll at that point remove the link to this site.
  2. I have had to remove the screenshots of images from the blog as well as the link to the blog in question, as it does appear to be one of those questionable blogs that posts copyrighted photos and pattern charts without permission from the copyright holders. (At the very least, I was unable to find any claims they made that they had permission to do so.) We are very happy to provide assistance with patterns, but we must do so while respecting copyright law. That means please only post photos that you have taken yourself. Don't upload photos or screenshots from other sites. Provide us with
  3. Since the original poster's question has been answered, I am going to close this thread. If anyone wants additional information on why we do not allow links to patterns in the Wayback Machine, you can consult our Terms of Use for more information. You're also welcome to send us a message, and we'll talk with you privately about our site policies.
  4. Lydia, welcome to Crochetville! I'm sorry for the late response, but I need to address your comment about sharing patterns. We encourage all our members to share links to patterns or information to where they were published. However, we cannot allow sharing of copies of patterns, as that would be copyright infringement, which is both against the law and a violation of our forum policies. Hopefully, you meant that you like to share information about patterns, and your wording just wasn't quite clear. i hope you have fun looking through all the information on our site.
  5. As Kathy stated, sites like this genially do not have permission from copyright holders to distribute all of those patterns. I have edited the original post to remove the links to the site in question.
  6. I have had to remove the symbol chart of the pattern included in the original final post to check mplynwith our forum copyright policies. These policies state members can only post patterns or pattern charts if they are the copyright owner (generally the designer or publisher). These policies help keep our site and members clear of any legal issues related to copyright infringement.
  7. I am going to close this thread, since we keep getting requests for the pattern (many of which I gave already deleted), despite all the information several of us have shared about why we can't help with a pattern source.
  8. The patterns should all still be here in the forum. These links just no longer redirect. I will need to take the time to search the forum and find the current correct links for them all. Unfortunately, I'm not sure when I will be able to do that. Crochetville is moving in to studio space this week, then I have a big local event next Saturday, and our grand opening the Saturday after that. If any forum members have time to search out good links, if you could post them in this thread I would be most appreciative. I'll update the first post as soon as I possibly can.
  9. The "Report Post" link is grayed out, but if you click within a specific post to select it, the link will turn blue. At least, that's what happens on my iPad.
  10. Sharon, I've moved her topic to the correct area, so I'm going to merge this thread into the original one. It's better if we move topics that are in the wrong place to the correct place. If anyone ever notices something in the wrong place, just use the report button and let us know about the problem. We'll Mbe happy to move a discussion topic to the right location.
  11. Welcome, New Members! We're glad you've chosen to join the Crochetville family and community. We're a pretty friendly, supportive, and helpful bunch around here. We'd love to hear stories and see photos of your crochet projects. Since we've moved Crochetville off our own server into Invisiion's Community in the Cloud, we seem to be getting more registrations than usual. Would you like to share with us how you found Crochetville?
  12. Ellie, due to a server software upgrade, we were forced into a forum software upgrade without advance notice to n which to prepare ourselves and forum members. The forum upgrade would have happened to summer regardless, because the old version was no longer going to be supported and would be vulnerable to threats. With advance notice, we could have made the transition easier. Now Donna and I have to learn new things right along with the rest of you. It's definitely a team effort! Anywat, the emoticons are right there in the new post toolbar as always (maybe in a slightly different locatio
  13. Abbyroselou, as Sharon mentioned, our site focuses on issues related to crochet. We have some members from Australia, but they may not end up seeing this post. You'll probably get more useful advice by asking your question in a forum that is based in Australia so people will be more familiar with the business you're asking about. A forum with a broader focus, such as shopping in general or just home goods, might also be a better bet than one focused on a particular craft like crocheting. Do you crochet? If so, we'd love to have you join in our crochet discussions.
  14. @Avon Lady Collette and everyone, feel free to grumble all you like about the frustrations of having to adapt to a totally unexpected change. Donna and I are just as frustrated as many of you are. You don't want to hear the griping Donna and I did with each other about this change being forced upon us with no opportunity to prepare ourselves and everyone here. The air was blue, I tell you! We truly don't mind comments about general frustration, I promise. A few comments have been hard not to take personally, so it's important to us that everyone really does understand we didn't undertake
  15. Darski, what do you mean by "less sophisticated?" I think the new software has a much cleaner, less cluttered look to it. You mentioned below about something related to photos. Are you wanting to see the photos displayed at a smaller size, and then have to click on them to see them larger? They are being displayed as smaller than their actual size, but I agree the current size is pretty big. Some people like seeing the photos very large right in threads, others like seeing a much smaller image and having to click to enlarge. Donna and I are still discussing the optimal display size for ph
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