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  1. Granny Square


    Welcome to the ville! The reference that Bgs found is similar to what occurred to me before I read it, as in 'start working in a different direction in some way'. It not a standard crochet term. A pattern writer could define a stitch sequence and name it after their dog if they want, as in " sc, ch1, dc in the next stitch - Fido stitch made", but in that example the designer has clearly defined what Fido stitch means and the next mention will be 'make Fido stitch in the next stitch'--as hopefully your pattern has somewhere defined 'swivel row'. Is there a 'special terms' section in your pattern? Sometimes it's at the very end of a pattern.
  2. Granny Square

    Pinwheel doily question

    I think it will, it looks slightly less 'bad' than mine was. My blocking method is similar, except I use a 'presentation board' that I got at Michael's long ago; it's .5" thick paper covered foam, 20x30 inches. And very important, rust proof pins that I think I found at Walmart. I have created different paper templates for blocking at various angles that I've re-used so much the dampness (in spite of covering with plastic wrap) has made them all wavy. The templates are polar graphs that I make by hand (I still have my protractor and compass from my 5th grade geometry class in the middle of the last century, lol!). Tape together letter size paper to sufficient size. Draw a line mid way across the paper, or use the taped seam as a center line. Find the center of the line (a yardstick is something I couldn't live without). Mark the angles with the protractor; for 8 divisions, angles would be 45°, 90°, 135° from the center (of course also the 0/180° line that you originally drew) , then turn the protractor upside down and mark the same angles on the underneath side. Draw lines connecting the dots, bisecting the center. With the compass, draw some circles about 1 or 1.5 inches apart, from the center with the compass (I just eyeballed; when pinning out sometimes it works to pin to a circle line, sometimes I eyeball 'pin a quarter inch below the fourth circle' or whatever). For actual final blocking, I wet thoroughly and spray generously with spray starch, and squeeze the excess before pinning. Since you are worried now, you could very roughly dry pin it to shape - that's what I did on mine in process when I said I wasn't worried 'because it blocks out'. I wasn't kidding when I mentioned 'medieval torture rack' earlier, I didn't measure but I probably added a couple of inches to the diameter when I blocked mine.
  3. Granny Square

    Need help determining pattern

    I had the same thought as Bgs to pull out a stitch and reverse-engineer it. There is a good source of stitch patterns here, but so many it might make you dizzy! Go to 'stitionary' at the top menu. https://newstitchaday.com/category/stitchionary/crochet-stitches/ It's very sweet of you to finish this for your friend. A thought, if you can't find the pattern-finish it in a plain stitch, example rows of DC in the direction the pattern left off for half the distance to finish, then work from the chain edge in the other direction for the same distance, so the Mom's work is framed in the center. Or make a wide border all the way around in a plain stitch to make it blanket sized. Sort of like what archaeologists do to repair old temples - the repair fill-in of missing bits purposely contrasts in some way to the original.
  4. Granny Square

    Pattern help

    Chiming in to say I don't recognize it either. It is interesting, tho. I agree that the last-made row was not made in a conventional way, but I don't think it's in the back loops of the shells because there are 2 top loops of the shells showing - BLO would have 1 loop showing. The shells themselves appear to be made into chain loops, which makes me wonder if that last row of DCs were made in chain loops made into the backs of the shells - sort of like Irish roses are made, with a row of petals, a row of chain loops behind the petals, then the next row of petals into those chain loops so the second row of petals sits behind and between the first row of petals. The first (lower) set of shells are interesting in that they are 2 rows tall and made to tilt to the right. Which makes me think it's a teensy bit odd that the second row of shells weren't designed to correspond and tilt to the left, but it is more interesting this way. Sorry, none of this is a bit of help. The only good thing is you haven't gotten very far, so if you can't find the pattern it won't be TOO painful to rip and find another pattern.
  5. Granny Square

    Unicorn Mandala Free Crochet Pattern

    Good grief, thanks for spotting that Greyhoundmama. I was focusing on the English instruction wording and didn't even look at the yarn , where''s the head slap button !
  6. Granny Square

    HELP - with Woven Lacy Ribbon pattern - Motif A

    You're welcome, I hope the rest goes smoothly!
  7. Granny Square

    Unicorn Mandala Free Crochet Pattern

    In poking around the links, I found this page which has lots of links. https://annavirkpanna.com/cals/unicorn-mandala-cal/ If you scroll down a little further, it has a couple of US links, 'information US' which is a brief overview and 'Cal 1-7 US', written pattern with a lot of pictures. I briefly looked through it, it looks to be clearly written except for the word 'catona', example "Catona: Start with a standing dc in any st." I don't think not knowing what 'catona' means matters, just follow the rest of it.
  8. Granny Square

    HELP - with Woven Lacy Ribbon pattern - Motif A

    The top 2 corners look great but In the bottom left corner, did you make the right amount of chains in the prior round, or did you make them really loosely? It also looks like you missed 1 stitch there if this is round 13 - it looks like you are missing 1 hdc in that corner (the hdcs that are upside down, I'm only seeing 2 not 3.
  9. Granny Square

    Pinwheel doily question

    Pfft, don't apologize, hey it's a hobby there's no deadline. But on the ripping out, sorry this pattern has been such a pain.
  10. Granny Square

    Counting stitches

    ^ What she said. If it tells you to do a number of stitches and doesn't specifically say where to put them, it normally means 1 stitch into 1 stitch. This site is a good one for beginners, it has all sorts of useful info. https://www.craftyarncouncil.com/standards See main menu on the right, "crochet patterns, how to read" and lots of other good stuff. ...and welcome to the 'ville!
  11. Granny Square

    New but old

    Hi and welcome to the 'ville! Actually I think something very similar to your pattern should be...I won't say easy, but not too difficult. Like Bgs said, undoubtedly some trial and error. I looked, found some 'starting point' patterns but none that were really close to yours. (see below) From scratch, I'd find a tank top (or better, tank dress, similarly shaped beach coverup) pattern and a stitch dictionary, measure myself or the intended wearer in every direction-- east/west: bust, waist, hip north/south: shoulder to armpit, armpit to waist, waist to hip. If you found a tank top pattern, most of that would be figured out for you already and all you'd need would be measurements that would take you to the hip and beyond. Don't forget to give yourself some ease, you'd probably want to add 3-4 inches to the final measurement, it can be pulled over the head. As far as stitch patterns, the 'hard part' would be finding ones with stitch multiples that match or at least come close. New stitch a day - link to main page, go to the stitchionary to find all sorts of stitches A tip - you'd want to do shaping on the 'side seams', even when there is no real seam just increases/decreases, because that is where people expect to see pattern interruptions for shaping. Here are a couple of patterns for tank tops that caught my eye; I didn't see any with multiple (solid-ish) stitch patterns like yours, but here are some that could be launching points: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/x-stitch-garden-tank-top-15-195 already has a couple of stitch patterns to start you off https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/sea-breeze-top is empire waist not 'tank' shaped but you'd just need to work with the stitch repeat math not shaping. Dress / tunic as a launching point for fit if not stitch pattern, perhaps https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/6958-dress-and-hat https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/pop-over-crochet-dress https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/summer-holiday-dress-to-crochet V neck and probably UK terms (Australian pattern) https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/marana-jumper--headband https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/46-10-summer-eve https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/168-26-peaceful-mind another empire waist https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/162-6-lacey-days has sleeves, but maybe you could borrow stitch patterns,
  12. Granny Square

    Pinwheel doily question

    Thanks for the update, I was wondering how you were doing. Even tho it's looking lumpy right now, I'm confident you'll be able to block it flat. I think pineapples cup a little just by the nature of so many stitches in the starting shell; you can see mine cupping under a bit in the volcano pic. Hang in there! It's frustrating that as you near the end you want to get it DONE already so you can admire it, but the darn rounds keep getting longer...
  13. Granny Square

    what does ch-5 sp mean?

    Good find on the pattern BGS, your google-fu is better than mine. That's a pretty pattern stitch. I may be reading too much press on the British royals as your swatch made me think of a tiara, Darlene, re: posting links...y'know, that's a good question as I'm on a PC and it's easy to copy/paste, but I have no clue how to do it if you are using a phone or tablet, sorry. No worries since Bgs found it. Bgs has answered part of this, but you said "I get the YOH which means going through loops I made after crocheting row 1 the loops are row 2?". YOH means 'yarn over hook', which is another way to say 'yarn over' which is just grabbing the yarn with your hook and is a step in making any stitch. You understood what I meant where I said "yarn over" in my earlier post, right? And now I think I (maybe) understand why you may have posted in this thread because the originator of this thread (Cheekymonkey) was asking "how do I make a stitch INTO a chain 5 SPACE?", and I'm guessing that is your question as well? The discussion at the very top of the thread describes it well; does that help you? In a nutshell, you basically make the stitch AROUND the chain space. Not really different than making it AROUND the 2 top loops of a stitch in the row below, really.
  14. Granny Square

    Why are my granny squares looking a bit round?!

    When you makes something in the round, from the center out, whether actually a circle or a squared off circle (which is what a Granny Square is), you are subject to the laws of plane geometry for a circle. There is a very specific ratio between the circumference and the diameter, if you don't get the ratio right you'll either going to get cupping (bubble like you have) or ruffling. Cupping=too much diameter for the circumference. The cure is less diameter (shorter stitches) or greater circumference (more stitches). The easiest fix is to add more chains between the granny 'shells'. If you read the discussion above, everyone has a different favorite Granny Square 'chain recipe' which fits their stitch height tension. You will probably need to do some experimenting to get a combination that works for you; if your corners look OK, try adding 1 chain between the granny shells along the sides.