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  1. Granny Square


    OK, so I was on the right track more or less. "Rnd-18 2sc in the 6th,10th,14th,18th,22nd 26th sc that's what the pattern tells me to so but I don't understand what's it telling me to do" Round 17 has at least 26 stitches in it. Have you ever crocheted anything with an increase, or made a shell stitch - there are many occasions where you put more than 1 stitch into 1 stitch - you can shove about 20 stitches into 1 before it gets to be a bit messy. Notice that the stitches called out have 3 stitches between them, or another way to say it is that it is naming every 4th stitch betw
  2. Granny Square


    Either the pattern made a typo or you did transcribing it -- not knocking anybody, my fumble fingers are happy auto correct exists (most of the time). But like Bgs said, we don't have enough info on just that bit you typed - however I have a guess (which may not be what the pattern meant, but just throwing this out there). Could it have said, or meant, "2 inc in the 6th, 10th, 14th, 18th, 22nd and 26th sc ? "2 inc" could mean a couple of things. Does the pattern have a special stitch definition section (usually before the actual pattern starts). Technically, to increase by
  3. Welcome--you've come to the right place!
  4. Whoa, I overlooked this one, if this is it, it looks pretty challenging (and the nose is odd, it doesn't look like Dobby's nose) https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/dobby-doll-2
  5. Welcome to the 'ville! The prior round was 18 stitches. Round 14, you use only 6, and skip 12--the 12 I believe are the nose, and (I believe) the 6 is a nostril. I"m reading this as these 12 stitches will remain skipped, at least thru the next rnd. Round 15- You've skipped the 12 above, which brings you back to the beginning of the round, which is where, in the prior round, you worked into 6 stitches. I think round 15 works into the same 6 stitches you made in rnd 14. I think if the pattern wanted you to use any of the skipped 12 from the row before, it would have (should h
  6. Hi Karen Ann, welcome to the 'ville! Did you read the posts above yours, the question was answered a couple of times. Your pattern probably has some stitches that look raised above the other stitch in the fabric. One way to do this is to leave a stitch top exposed in row 3 (for example) by skipping over it in row 4 by chaining 1, skipping the stitch in row 3, and stitching into the following stitch. Then in row 5 (for example) , it will tell you to use that stitch top in row 3 that was exposed. To get to that exposed stitch top, you'd have to reach either in front or behind the stitc
  7. Oh, no, sorry that happened. I don't have any helpful info on that specific yarn, but - like you said, rookie mistake - sorry the lessons learned that way usually are not fun. Here is another link to O'go, (in case this helps you find 'your' weight and color) I didn't realize it covered multiple yarn styles, 2 aran weights, bulky and super bulky. A lot of people buy yarn on an impulse, or yarn for 'stash', but I very rarely do, unless I'm thinking I might use it for a hat where 1 skein is usually plenty. I never buy a wild-guess amount of yarn 'for stash', for 2 reasons: (1) yarn styl
  8. Oh dang, I hope you can cancel the order for the wood, I did not mean that you should use wood pieces for stiffening crochet, especially anywhere near a baby (that sounds as unsafe as your cat house wires, probably more so as a baby could probably grab and extract the wood pieces) -- I meant typical baskets (not having anything to do with babies) are made of wood, not yarn, because yarn by itself is unsuitable for the task. I'm sorry if my earlier wording wasn't clear on that. This item is not designed for a baby to be IN, it's designed as a decorative basket to hold baby shower gifts,
  9. You're welcome. Everybody has a little different way of making stitches, tall, short, fat, skinny - so the 'rule' of 'start with 6 and add 6 each round' works for many, but not all of us. I make short-ish stitches and I sometimes have to tweak center-out doilies depending on the designers' stitch height tendency compared to mine (would have to tweak more if it wasn't possible to block out most ruffling!).
  10. I think the pattern designer might have made a typo. I have a theory. Most toys start with a flat circle for the head, starting with 6 sc and adding 6 sc each round for as many rounds as needed before they start being working even (without increasing) for a while to shape a ball-shaped head. 54 divided by 6 is 9, which means round 9 was likely 54 stitches - so the 36 is probably a typo. (in other words, it may have meant to work without increasing around 54 sts for rounds 10-25, not 36 sts) This is a guess on my part, does it makes sense to the instructions up to round 9?
  11. This is great, thanks for the pattern! It never occurred to me to make a pom-pom that way, I stink at it even with a purchased pom-pom maker thingy.
  12. Ohhh, it's a gift/decorative basket, so not meant for hauling babies (would make a cute 'toy box' too, to corral stuffed animals/dolls as baby gets older). I feel better about the safety issue, plus it occurred to me later ?how would you wash that with the wood bottom? since you can't wipe it down like a vinyl or wood bassinet or baby carrier.
  13. Welcome to the ville! You are starting with 18 sts in front of you from the prior row, then you do "6sc, 4 [2sc, inc]", and you will end up adding 4 sts for a total of 22. If a pattern says 6 sc (or any number of any stitch), and does not say where to put them, it means 1 stitch into 1 stitch. "4 [2sc, inc]" is unusually worded. It could mean 2 things; '2sc, inc' makes 4 stitches, but I think it means *2sc, inc -- a total of 4 times (the * indicates the start of a repeat) So to bring it all together: 6 stitches uses and creates 6 stitches out of the 18 we are startin
  14. The Moses basket photo you are aiming for is adorable, as is your cat house! I wasn't clear, sorry - I didn't mean to say the basket was 'too big', what I thinking (but didn't explain) was it would be easier to make a tiny basket stiff enough to stand up by itself, versus a big one. (but tiny baskets won't hold babies!) And wood splints - what I meant was that 99% of baskets are made of sturdy wood (or reed) strips/splints, not floppy 'wool'. I didn't mean to integrate wood pieces with crochet. That kitty bed is a hilarious design, but I'd be afraid of wire ends going astray a
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