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  1. Very nice. This idea would work well with any holiday or "style" of kitchen towels.
  2. These are lovely. You have such a fine touch with the thread.
  3. GalaxyCrocheter: You hang in there. I'm trying to do the same. Thank God I can still crochet. You might want to try the link Bailey4 included for Scrubbies. They work very well. Hey, that's a good idea for the Veggie Scrubbers. Your cat names sound out of this world! (LOL- sorry about that, couldn't resist. I bet they are cuties.) pineknott: Your 5 drops of rain made me giggle. My DH used to say, "5% chance of rain today, that means 5 drops of rain". He always had something humorous to say. cshort: Hope you and the puppy got along great and no accidents. ratdog: I too tried maki
  4. Thanks Diana. Migraine free today- YAY! Worked a few rounds on the blanket last night. I'm excited about the way the colors are forming on this one. This one's for me! The cardigan sounds interesting. I saw a cardigan pattern yesterday that looked simple/easy. I looked for it this morning again thinking I might want to make it and after an hour finally found it. It's now tucked safely where I can find it.
  5. Krys- That is such a good idea. They're very cute. You can use them for Sock Gnomes also.
  6. I LOVE Beatrix Potter! Her illustrations to this day steals my heart. And I love your frogs. My oldest DD was obsessed with anything from her stories when she was little. She still has all her ceramic characters I gifted her as she grew up. Thanks for sharing that.
  7. Welcome Galaxy Crocheter! Nice to read from a new face on here. I enjoyed reading your post. You do have a way with words. Mary Jo: I understand. Just letting you know you are very appreciated and I hope you're feeling better every day. 🙂 Brenda: You have been a busy lady! Sounds like an enjoyable time. pineknott: I hope you don't get as much downpour at a time as we've been having this last week. Yesterday's storm, a Haboob, was another stinker. My immediate area was not hit too bad but just a few blocks away was flooded, trees down, couple of car accidents, etc., no one h
  8. Sarah Zimmerman has a book of easy Ami patterns. She also has a website that may interest you for easy patterns. Have fun!
  9. Hi Diana. Headache free. Got another attack yesterday but good to go today. Makes me wonder if this evil weather plays a part in it. You know barometric pressure and all that jargon. I know it effects my arthritis. Thank you for the well wishes. I crocheted last night, finally. I'm working on a plain old Granny Square with a fancy border out of the Blue Ombre. This will be the 4th afghan I've started and frogged with this yarn. I have high hopes for this one.
  10. I tried the flat cushions years ago but they were still too skinny. DH made wood handles for me which helped. Then Clover came out with the Amor hooks. I'd bet I have at least 50+ hooks of different brands. Not counting my Tunisian hooks and circular hooks. I always did go overboard. LOL
  11. ReniC

    Afghan for DD

    Thank you Mary Jo! It's so soft and pettable.
  12. Hi All- Checking in here. Big clouds forming around here again. No rain yesterday- probably a good thing. A big storm is brewing right now for about 2pm. Yikes! GD that stays with me is in the ER. She may have gall bladder problems. She's pretty sick. Please say a prayer for Mercedes. I stay away from news and such to keep sane. If something important happens, my kids let me know, then I'll check in. It sounds like I have my head in the sand, but, with cardiac problems, one has to do what one can to stay calm. We're just going to do take-out for Sunday dinner. DD's AC went out yeste
  13. All gone and home safe. No crochet here last night or today. Migraine attack. Aggggghhhhh!
  14. LOL Right up there with Sharknado! Actually, it's pretty cute.
  15. ReniC

    Afghan for DD

    Thank you!!!!! DD just texted me and she loves everything. I told her to send me a pic of it on her bed.
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