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    crochet, acrylic painting, embroidery, beading, reading.
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    Clover Amour
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    Afghans, doilies, kitchen/bath, layettes,shawls, hats
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  1. Oh wow! These are great. They will be so appreciated.
  2. Your projects are very pretty. Thank you for sharing the pics.
  3. ReniC


    Hi Brenda- Very nice looking blanket. And I like your simplicity to the border. It really frames the blanket nicely. I still have a blanket to finish with the Crystal Wave stitch. It's just way too hot here so, I'm working on a "Crochet Care Package" for my great grands. They're just small projects.
  4. Hi Diana- Please message me the addy for this project. It's a bit close to home since my niece (by marriage) is Navajo and still has many relatives on the rez. I'd really like to help. In the meantime, I'll text her to find out if she has any other projects to help them. They're biggest problem is getting food and water to them since they live so remotely. All Arizona tribes are in trouble with the covid-19, more than most know. For some time it wasn't even on the news. Thank you and stay safe and healthy.
  5. What a pretty dress! I've never made a woman's size dress but, I did make baby and small girl's dresses for my daughters back in the day (late 1960's), I didn't really have a problem with stretching because the dresses then were short for little girls so they didn't sit on them much. I washed them in the washing machine on gentle/lingerie with Woolite but wrapped them in a towel and squeezed the water out by hand. Then, laid the dresses flat to dry on a dry towel and of course, then ironed to block.
  6. The runner is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
  7. Perfect colors and thickness for a cold day. Very nice job.
  8. ReniC


    One of my all time favorite borders is by Lucy of Attic24. It's simple yet elegant at the same time.
  9. Thanks for the info Mary Jo. I too am sorry to see them close as I have ordered from them many times over the years. 🙁
  10. Very pretty and the stitch gives it such an elegant look.
  11. ReniC


    They are adorable and you are doing a great job on all of them.
  12. ReniC

    Yarn Brand/Color

    I do enjoy making for the great grand kids. They are not picky and appreciate everything I send them and with joy too. I looked for the fabric to start making the kids masks and can't find it anywhere. It was all kids theme too. 😲 Guess it was lost in the big move. Maybe I can find some online. Now for the big search. Hope you had a great holiday yesterday.
  13. Ah Mary Jo! Such a nostalgic story. Love the deco's too. Thank you for a great story.
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