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    crochet, acrylic painting, embroidery, beading, reading
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    since 1959
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    Afghans, doilies, kitchen/bath, layettes,shawls, hats
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  1. Great looking table Mary Jo! Love the little Crochetville bag too. What a nice touch.
  2. Thank you Cindy.
  3. I finally finished the 2nd baby blanket for our new Greatt-GS and took some photos today. I'll box it all up and ship it off to Texas tomorrow. The Round Ripple is: SmoothFox’s Beginner’s Rnd Ripple. The stitch used for the Crib Blanket is from Crochet n Create- Lapghan for Baby. Both blankets were made with HL- I love This Yarn in our GD's choice of colors of White, Grey, Navy and Mint with a I/9 hook. For some reason I could not get the true colors to show on here. Not even close. I'm so glad they are finished.
  4. Cute story, girl and cute Panda. By the way she is holding it, she looks like she treasures it. Nice job on the Panda Krys.
  5. This one is on Ravelry ($$). Or this one($$). Don't know if this graph will work but you may be able to convert it to single crochet.
  6. I like this palette, and this palette . I love the blues with the orange or the taupe. Hope one of them helps.
  7. Thank you Granny Square! I just ordered both. I lost both of these books awhile back and intended to replace them. What a great discount.
  8. Hi Mavis- I love Tunisian Crochet. You may want to try the knit stitch next, then the purl stitch. I found it simple and non-frustrating when I was first learning Tunisian Crochet. Have you watched Kim Guzman's Tunisian tutorials? She is precise and detailed in her video's and explanations. Kim Guzman Tunisian Videos. Hope these help.
  9. Nice job! Looks like you could be on the road to become a Doily Geek! LOL (that's what one of my grand daughters calls me.)
  10. Not just a Pleasure but a beauty too.
  11. Beautiful Irish crochet. You did a splendid job.
  12. Very pretty! You did very well on your blocking and this will put a sparkle on any space you lay it on.
  13. Beautiful and well done.
  14. Could it be from this November 1976 issue? I'm not finding a copy online but maybe, this will head you in the right direction.
  15. Try a search under "crochet double pompom (or pom) hat".