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    since 1959
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    Afghans, doilies, kitchen/bath, layettes,shawls, hats
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  1. Love your holiday idea!
  2. A beautiful fireplace Christmas theme indeed. You have such great décor ideas and put them together like a professional. The Gronk/Gonk/Gong is very cute and I'm curious what the red yarn is. I had planned on making one but can't decide on the red yarn. Yours looks great. I'm so sorry your little fur-baby is ill and hope for the better for both of you. Happy Thanksgiving!
  3. Very pretty. I'm sure that the cat receiving this blanket will be in yarn heaven.
  4. Cute, cute, cute!!!
  5. Hi and welcome to Crochetville. I've not used Michael's Craft Smart yarn before (no Michael's here), but, I did check their website and it lists this yarn as a "medium weight (4)". They do not list a hook size to use that I can see but, most 4 weight yarns work well with I/9 hooks or a H/8 if your stitches are loose. Does your pattern list what size hook to use? Is their a gauge listed in the pattern? And is their a link to your pattern online?
  6. You make such great and innovative toys. Love it!.
  7. Love it. Great idea with the headband.
  8. I don't have a winder to recommend, but, when I buy yarn at my LYS, they wind it for me. If you have a LYS, you might ask them for a suggestion since that's their expertise.
  9. What a sweet gesture to re-create your G-Grandmother's hangers. redrosesdz is correct! It is macrame'. And here's a link for a tutorial. PS- I like yours in crochet too.
  10. Awe- Very cute little fur-buddy and the sweater will help greatly. They seem to get cold so easily, so this little sweater will help.
  11. Nice hats and the pattern looks easy and fast to make up. Thank you for the link.
  12. It's lovely and the set will dress up your table nicely.
  13. All are precious and will be treasured.
  14. For sizes 10 or 20 thread, I like the Lizbeth brand thread but I like the DMC Cebelia Crochet Cotton Thread even better. Costs a little bit more at some places but worth it. I buy these at my LYS and JoAnn's when I go out of town shopping. I believe they are currently on sale (online) at Knitting-Warehouse. In a pinch, I buy Aunt Lydia's at Wal-Mart if they have the color I want. This brand is stiffer to me than the other two brands.
  15. How cute. You're such a sweet Grandma.