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  1. What a neat idea. And since it's Mason jars, you could burn votive candles in them too! Nice little tree too.
  2. Very pretty. I love that variegated yarn.
  3. In case anyone is in need of a snowflake pattern, this one is gorgeous. I plan on making a few for my Christmas tree as soon as I finish a small project I'm currently on. Wispweave Snowflake by Draiguna
  4. Super! I'll bet anyone that walks into your Holiday Room is overwhelmed with joy just looking around. I know I would be.
  5. ReniC

    Holiday Blogs

    You've made some wonderful crochet and knit projects for holidays through the years. I enjoy looking at them and thank you for sharing the links to your Blog.
  6. Great Round Ripple. Aggie May's pattern is the first one I ever made and still my favorite ripple pattern. It is super what you are doing for Veterans. You are an angel!
  7. Re Knots: I am so onboard with Granny Square about this. Besides possibly coming undone, to me they leave a bump which is unpleasant to me in the texture. Nice explanation Granny Square. Not "lecture-y" at all. I couldn't have said it better.
  8. Thank you Anna. That's kind of you to say.
  9. They are beautiful Mary Jo! I love the way the colors are arranged and the softie goes perfect with it. Odd the way the set was split up but they were probably trying to bring in more $$.
  10. I'm so glad you got a chance to answer Debbie. You listed the hat pattern just in time. I was asked yesterday about making a hat with texture. Thank you!
  11. Awe- Thank you! Maybe next year I'll make more as I'm trying very hard to concentrate on Christmas gifts. I lost some of my crochet MoJo with so much family drama and loss of a good friend to cancer recently. It's been a tough year for sure. But, I will recupe.
  12. ReniC

    3 Pumpkins

    Thank you Anna. Hope to see some of your Christmas crochet. You do such beautiful work.
  13. Hi Krys- I am indeed making the tree in blue and some white w/ silver deco-mesh this year. I found some light blue and some white but I think the blue is too light. So much has been going on here that I haven't really had a chance to seriously shop.
  14. Krys- I don't know what particular pattern Debbie used but, here's a couple of links until she can answer you personally: Bean Stitch, and for a lighter weight stitch; Mini-Bean Stitch. Hope this helps.
  15. I haven't seen anything either. I have bought a few over the years and enjoyed them. This may be the publisher. Maybe they can answer your question directly. ETA: I just looked on Amazon.com and they are carrying the 2020Knitting version but, I could not find for Crochet. Barnes & Noble also. Geesh- we've lost so many Crochet publications the past couple of years. That's exactly what happened to the Tole/Decorative Painting community.
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