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  1. Yea- those migraines can be stinkers. It was wise of you to go back home. My mother and younger brother had migraines something awful. Especially my brother. I've had them hit a couple of times when I was driving and had to pull over because of the aura until it was gone. I can't even crochet, or do anything for that matter sometimes when I get one. The meds help but, I hate taking them. The medical/science community is just now really starting to touch base with how they work.
  2. Good (late) morning: Pineknott: I hope tonight is a more restful sleep for you. Grab those naps when you can. I'm not sure what I'm going to do today. My oldest DD comes by every day to check on me and do a little of the (heavy duty) housecleaning for me that I'm not allowed to do anymore. I'm so blessed to have a loving and caring DD. Now I look for easy things for me to do to keep active. I know I'll be doing some crocheting off and on. One more mouse to make for my GS's kittens, then something more for the Treasure Box for the kiddies. I gave my neighbor some #10 crochet thread and a pattern link for a Halloween doily. She is so excited to make it. She decorates her house for every holiday and season and her front yard always looks amazing. She already has pumpkins and a scarecrow on her front patio. So cute. Hope everyone has a splendid day.
  3. Awe, I'm sorry you have to re-do. Sometimes that's so frustrating, other times, lesson learned. Thank you for the pattern location. I have that book somewhere in my maze of books. Hope you enjoy the day.
  4. For some time now I attach a locking stitch marker and alpha bead with the hook size on the beginning corner of the project. I can't count how many times this has saved me since I don't keep my hooks with all my WIP's. (not my photo)
  5. Really- That far back to frog? I think it's pretty. Which book of Patricia K's is that in? I have 3 of them but I don't think I have this particular one.
  6. How cute is that? Love it. I know a 5 year old who will love this. ETA: Forgot to say thank you. 😊
  7. Doing well here today. I had a blasted migraine for over 2 days but the Rx's do help and I'm finally free of it today. They sure can be scary sometimes. I've had this yarn sitting under my studio counter-top since the week before CV-19 hit. I have no clue what pattern to use yet. The blueish one will be the border to match the new quilt set I bought. Some day it'll click- I hope.
  8. Good Morning. That is a very pretty blanket. I've never seen it before though. Do you still have a link where the photo came from? This is the only rose afghan I know of that's similar but made with a J/ Afghan Hook.
  9. Good Morning: Not too many people I've seen online like the Homespun, but, there are several other choices which is great for all of us. And especially me; I'm such a yarn junkie! LOL Which is weird for me since I haven't crocheted in about 4 days. Whaaaat? Hope you're feeling better today.
  10. Homespun: I made this for my friend that passed from cancer. Her daughter told me she loved it used this throw exclusively because it was so soft. The color is Tudor. (Sorry, it's not one of my best photos)
  11. That's okay. Not many I know like to crochet or knit mittens. I haven't in years. Then how about a stuffed animal? (Be sure to scroll all the way down if interested) Or a dog sweater? Or crochet a bed runner? I made a runner out of Homespun for the back of my toilet. Turned out nice and goes with my décor perfect.
  12. ReniC

    3 Pumpkins

    Good Morning Diana: If you're referring to the pumpkin on the left, I'm sure it was an old Red Heart brand I had some leftover from way back. The closest they have now is called Stripes- Fall. ETA: Oops- my mistake. It was Caron Simply Soft- Paints- Sunset Autumn. I believe it might be a discontinued color.
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