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  1. According to the Red Heart website, there is not any indication of it being discontinued. I highly recommend to purchase all the yarn needed for a project at one time. Also, if you contact them by email, they would be your best answer and usually respond in 1-3 days.
  2. The basket and bunnies are adorable. What a cute project to make.
  3. Dear Krys: I am so sorry for the loss of your little Cesar. I know how much the little Maltese dogs get to our hearts. I lost my little Tippi a couple of years ago and I still miss her just as much as the day she passed on. I'm sure Cesar will always be in your heart to remind you of how spunky, cute, and what a wonderful companion he was.
  4. I love broomstick lace but do not make it very often. Don't know why. Yours looks beautiful, a fine job indeed.
  5. Love this idea and very creative.
  6. You're welcome. I do hope something works out for you.
  7. Would this one work? I'm sure you could make it any length you desire.
  8. Funny article. THAT will not happen to me either- Nuh-uh! When my DH wants to take the car out of the garage, he has to get me to hold back all the yarn tumbling out of the plastic storage bins just so he can get in the driver's side! He thinks I have a monster out there, but, to me it's my pet. He also doesn't want to know how much yarn and art supplies I have in my little studio.
  9. Very pretty!! It will look great no matter where you display it.
  10. OMGoodness he is absolutely cute, cute, cute!
  11. Hey Mary-Jo: Wow- 11 years! Sure do hope the next series of injections work well for you again. Do you know the type of gel injections you are getting? I did the 5-week series and it only lasted for a couple of months (I am so trying to avoid surgery). PM me if you know. Thanks.
  12. Very cute bunny and I love the pink tinge in his ears.
  13. I appreciate any yarn reviews to help determine whether to buy or not. Your opinion was very enlightening Krys. Thank you. And I still think it is a pretty "Target".
  14. Thank you. It was fun and interesting to make too.
  15. Yea! Glad you're happy with them. Nice job and they look sturdy plus, you'll be able to tell right away which project is in each bag.