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    crochet, acrylic painting, embroidery, beading, reading, bossing my grown kids around
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    Afghans, doilies, kitchen/bath, layettes,shawls, hats
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  1. It could be Lion Brand- Go For Faux- Thick & Quick Yarn. Or even Premier's- Bunny.
  2. Hi Renate (my first name too! 😃)- Welcome to the 'Ville. I'm not familiar with that particular vintage pattern, but, here's a video on how to make the Twisted Double Crochet . Hopefully, it will give you some inspiration.
  3. Since it is copyright infringement on logos, we cannot give links for your request- sorry. However, if you do a Internet search for, "crochet graphghan" and include a team name, maybe something will show up for a pattern.
  4. Maybe this particular video will help. Moogly.com has some great instruction: C2C- Left Handed
  5. These are so cute. I absolutely love the Humpty Dumpty.
  6. Indeed, and to each his own. 🙂
  7. Ah, you're welcome. They made me smile too.
  8. Today's photo on the Bing homepage this morning. The article says the hats are "knit" but clearly, the ones in the front look crochet to me. the custom is based on a children's folk tale. Daisho-in temple Miyajima Island, Japan
  9. This is interesting. I too never bought yarn from Amazon so, I'm going to check into this. Thank you for the info.
  10. ReniC

    Two little penguins

    Awe- so sweet and cute.
  11. Congratulations on your next Grt-Grand! I have 4 and love crocheting for them. I would turn first, then ch 2. Underlined: sc in your last st on the row. Then turn except after Row 58. After the dash; equals total and type of stitches in that row .
  12. ReniC

    Baby Yoda

    You're welcome and I'd bet that hat on the little one was adorable.
  13. For inspiration, one way to make your own pattern is to pick a tribe and search online, ie: Navajo Clothes. It helped a lot when I was doing research for a project in college. I hope you find some more patterns.
  14. The flowers are quite beautiful and realistic on this sellers site. I used to crochet flowers many years ago with crochet thread and the last bouquet I made was daffodils for my husband's aunt. She kept them for years which made me happy that she enjoyed them so much. They do take a lot of patience but worth the work. Too bad I don't have the patterns anymore. Thank you for sharing the link.
  15. What a sweet personal touch. Very pretty too.
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