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  1. That's Amazing!- and good for you!
  2. Sounds interesting. I'll look for it next time I get in town. I usually just make a list of names with the project listed next to each name that I want to make. Then just cross it out when completed. Pretty mundane- huh? LOL
  3. I've used this pattern a few times. They are very easy and quick to make.
  4. Hi Janet- I looked through Michelle Rhodes blog and found on her 03/07/07 post that she based her pattern on Sew-On-Fire's pattern. If you use that pattern and follow Michelle's instructions for the points, you'll probably get a ripple the way you prefer. Another suggestion; if you haven't already, is send Michelle a note on her Ravelry page and her blog. As a member on Crochetville, you can message her there too.
  5. I searched on Ravelry and the pattern opened with a pdf link at the bottom. It goes directly to the pattern. I noticed it does not include much for subsequent rounds, so, I would assume you just keep repeating her pattern rounds and increasing stitches on each round. A border is not included so I would suggest a reverse-single-crochet stitch. There are several other Round Ripple patterns on Ravelry that might interest you. I've made several from the patterns by Aggie May, Donna Mason-Svara, Sew On Fire Ministries and Heather Tucker and they've all turned out beautiful. PS: Janet- I just realized this is posted in the Baby and Toddler folder. You might get more responses if your inquiry was posted in "Seeking Patterns" folder.
  6. Your scarf turned out very pretty.
  7. I use a metal pet "slicker" brush from the pet department and I like Red Heart Super Saver the best. Gently brush the yarn in one direction. A lot of fuzz will come out of the yarn, but, the effect is perfect.
  8. This Ripple pattern is with a self striping yarn. The Corner-2-Corner pattern (one of my faves) is revised for the new Ombre yarn.
  9. Congratulations Susan! I'm so happy for you. I use a few patterns when I need a quick Sweater for baby. This one also has a matching blanket. Sweater & Blanket . I also use this other very easy sweater pattern. Make plain as shown for a boy or add little embellishments for a girl like tiny flowers or lacy edgings and ribbons.
  10. The blocking method I use is quite simple: I always wash a blanket. First in cold water with baby detergent or Woolite and a fabric softener for baby. Then, put in dryer on low until it's just the slightest bit damp. Lay it flat on first a plastic tablecloth, then a bedsheet or large towel on a bed, pin down to shape with quilters non-rusting straight pins and let dry completely. It usually only takes a few hours to dry. That's it, turns out perfect every time and is soft and clean.
  11. I like both. Charts for doilies keep me on track, but, I do prefer written patterns for larger projects.
  12. What a neat idea and so adorable. Your ideas are so much fun.
  13. There is a Bird of Paradise pattern ($) that is similar you might consider using.
  14. Awe that's cute. The gold is a great touch.
  15. Very cute. The smile is the perfect touch.