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  1. ReniC

    2DC & DC2

    Hey Brenda! Looks like we crossed paths. Hope you are well.
  2. ReniC

    2DC & DC2

    I would guess, since you will be increasing; 2dc=2 dc in the same stitch and dc 2=1 dc in the next 2 stitches. Be sure to check for stitch explanations, usually before the beginning of a pattern or if from a book, at the beginning or end of the book.
  3. Hi It's been a weird day today. When I got up this morning, on the backside of my house it was all cloudy and rain threatening. On the frontside, sunny and blue skies. Now it's sprinkling everywhere. At least the mountains here and in Flagstaff are getting snow. In a couple of days if this keeps up, many will be complaining. Not me. I love it! I'm still stuck on finding a afghan pattern for me. I tried the "As Time Goes By" pattern for several rounds, but, it's just not working for me. Maybe I'm just in a crojo slump again. Oh well, I know it will pass. After reading about all the pricey costs to send boxes, it got me to thinking that I will need to mail my GD her blanket when it's completed. That's if I ever get the yarn! As of this morning, it finally made it to Phoenix. It finally left Kansas and maybe I will get it tomorrow as it shows on tracking. I'm not a patient person, can you tell. LOL. If it's too costly to mail, I just may send it back with my daughter the next time she visits. Pineknott: That's a good report not having to go back for 6 months. Krys: Those dogs are so cute. Even without the bowties. And the young man is just as handsome. What a sweet kid. I'd love to adopt another dog or two, but, the way my health is, probably not a good idea. Besides, my GD and her Pittie are temporarily staying with me and she keeps me occupied. I do hope everyone enjoys this day as much as I plan to. Later Dudettes!
  4. Yay- It's raining softly here right now~ Do you know how great that is? I'm so excited. No crocheting last night. I was just not into it. Maybe later today. I've sort of just bummed around so far today. Guess I better get something done so I don't get "the look" from the daughter when she comes by. LOL Enjoy the day my friends.
  5. For future reference, this is a decent Hook Conversion Chart.
  6. Welcome to Crochetville. Patterns to consider; market bag, potholder/hotpad set, hat and mittens set, dish towels, doily for under a plant pot, or even trinket baskets. It would work for Amigurumi also.
  7. It took a little searching, but, it's called "Mountain Forests" from this out of print pattern book. Hope that helps. ETA: You can purchase a used edition through Amazon.com with several options starting at $4 + shipping. Or, check your local library.
  8. Good Afternoon! Headache is gone and I'm so glad. They usually last 3-4 days, so, Yee-haw for me! Pizza was good last night. We don't usually order it often, but, when we do, it's like a party with everyone around the table going "mmmm, so good, mmmm". Still no package from FedEx, but, today is a holiday. Although, I just saw the (post office) mail carrier delivering packages. So strange how things have changed. I'm still browsing around for an afghan pattern. I can't seem to settle on just one. Decisions, decisions. I do enjoy surfing the web though. I hope everyone has a great day and gets to do something they enjoy- even if it's nothing at all. 😘
  9. Wow! Great job. You are so talented.
  10. Good Day All: Battling a migraine here but, I flat refuse to let it get me down! DD comes over later today for our Sunday dinner. I told her to just pick up pizza and make a salad for the healthy part. She's always doing things for me. I'm so blessed. I checked on the tracking for the yarn order from JoAnn's since it was supposed to be here Friday- Hah! Tracking said it was still in Kansas. Now it says delivery is tomorrow. They better grow jet-wings on that truck and get scootin'. I frogged the Mosaic blanket last night. At 24 inches square, it was not going well at all. It was pulling in on the sides and no amount of blocking would remedy that. Oh well. I'm still hunting for a pattern to get going again. Something square, from the center out and different stitches every few rounds. It's supposed to be 67°F out today, so, I just may sit on my patio swing and work on a set of potholders I started some time ago. Enjoy the day.
  11. Thanks for all the info. Arizona is so hard hit with the nasty pandemic. I'm afraid to go anywhere. My SIL works for a major international beverage company so, he has to go to all stores that sell any kind of soft drinks or alcoholic beverages. He goes in the earliest part of the day to avoid public contact. What he sees is people are hording again, anything that does not have limited amounts on them! My theory also is the factories and distributors are feeling the crunch because of so many people being ill. I pray every day that this will end soon, but, predictions from the so-called experts say otherwise. Guess I'll just stay home and keep on crocheting.
  12. I'm sorry Wendy, but, I have looked everywhere for this pattern and have not come up with anything. Maybe it was from a magazine or a crochet pattern book.
  13. Mary Jo: The Flannelghan can be made to whatever size squares you want. Hdc can also be substituted for dc. There is more info on the Flannelgahn here on the 'Ville. Cindy "Gardener" made a baby size blanket from the Flannelghan also. You may have seen it already but, here is a pattern I found on Ravelry for a baby size plaid blanket. Just saying; I love Daisy Craft Farms patterns. They're pretty easy to follow. Keep us posted what you design. 😉
  14. Good Morning/Afternoon wherever you may be! My DD went to Walmart yesterday to pick a few things up for me and sent me this photo, telling me it's probably best I don't go shopping. She thinks I'd get so upset because of the way all of Walmart's aisles look right now. She had to go to 2 other stores to get the rest of the items on my list and they look the same. We have 4 other grocery stores in town and they're all like this. We're extremely shopping challenged to begin with because the population boomed in the past 10 years and no new shopping has been introduced to relieve the demand. Are the empty shelves like this happening in your areas due to Covid? It's really scary. I saw on the news last night that the vaccine in my state may be expanded down to people age 65+ that have health problems. Maybe there's hope yet. I only crocheted 2 rounds last night. I was too tired to do more. Oh! And I did get a text that my yarn should be here Friday- Yay! I hope you enjoy the day as much as I'm going to.
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