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  1. Hello! Just hanging out here for a short bit. I stayed up too late again reading last night. It's a good book though. Sometimes I just can't put them down. Today is DD's birthday. They had a ball at Nascar yesterday. I think she's hooked. LOL They were 2 rows up from the track and she sent me a few videos with sound. The noise from the engines is not given justice on TV. Wow is it ever noisy! Good thing they wore earplugs. I'm heading into the kitchen now to make DD a a German's Chocolate Cake for her birthday, her favorite and mine too. Hope everyone is having a cheerful day.
  2. Good afternoon. Still cloudy here, but no rain so far. Just threats. It's so quiet here. DD and SIL went to a wedding yesterday and today to Las Vegas for the Nascar race. So I won' see them until tomorrow. Sure makes me appreciate them even more when they come by every day to check on me. I'm making a few bowl cozy's for Christmas gifts. For Ice Cream Bowl Cozy's, I think I'll leave off the corners and just add a border like a Reverse-Sc or something simple. If you're in a pinch for what to make for a meal; last night I made a small "BLT Pasta Salad". It was so good. There are sever
  3. Just a few: http://www.repeatcrafterme.com/2013/05/crochet-newborn-baby-booties-pattern.html http://www.hopefulhoney.com/2016/09/pink-lady-baby-booties-free-crochet.html http://crobypatterns.com/free-crochet-pattern-blue-whale/
  4. Very pretty. That would definitely be pretty hanging at the top of a window. It would also be very pretty on top of my china hutch! 😂
  5. ReniC


    Maybe this video will help describe getting those ends completed correctly. The advantage is the narrator describes the stitches in both U.S. and U.K. terms. She does use a different style of casting on than I would use. Interesting though.
  6. Good Day Everyone! Big billowy clouds are forming from the south but nothing threatening. 15% chance of rain isn't really much in this part of the world. Went for my eye exam this week and my 3 month follow up and flu shot yesterday with my primary. I still don't understand why follow ups and annual well exams can't be combined at this place. Guess it's a $$$ thing. And eye glasses are a scam anymore, but, as an AARP member I got a 30% discount. GD is feeling a little better. Fever broke and not coughing as much from the Covid. We were concerned because she had surgery 3.5 weeks ago
  7. That sounds good. I'd guess it's very moist. I very seldom bake anymore. DD will make something for me at my request. Lucky me. 🙂
  8. Been there, done that. I'm going through this currently and it has happened many times. It took me about 3 years to finish an afghan I wasn't fond of the colors. When I finally finished it, the afghan became my DH's favorite. Just give it time and before you know it, you will be drawn back to working on the project.
  9. I'm still plugging along on the blue ombre' blanket. A few more rows to go and then the border. I'm battling a lack of cro-mojo currently. I keep looking at a half made doily sitting in my crochet basket. Plus, all the other WIPs I have stashed around here. Shame on me! LOL
  10. ReniC


    This link to Crochet Crowd may help some.
  11. Looks great! Keep up the good work.
  12. Last day of summer......YAY! I'm ready for lower temps and looking forward to less heat. The 90's usually carry through mid-October, but, since we actually had a real monsoon season this year, maybe we'll have a real Fall season for a change before winter hits. Today the skies are a beautiful Arizona Blue, clear and a high of 90°F. I'll take it! I've downloaded some pumpkin character/patterns to crochet for the Grt-Grands and maybe after them some hats and pocket scarf sets to gift them for Christmas. They'd probably enjoy some kind of toys/amigurumis too. All toy projects I've previously
  13. DH and I loved Oregon and almost retired there, but, couldn't tear ourselves away from the kids and grandkids. We did a grand tour of Oregon (mainly the coast) for a month and will never forget the beauty.
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