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  1. Good morning! Sunny here and in the low 70's all week. Usually by now it's much cooler, but hey, this is Arizona! I'm waiting for DD to get here to help me with the major housework. Then the GS is stopping by for coffee and pie. He's so grateful for the 4 day weekend from work and school. It's nice to hear so many enjoyed the holiday and your dinners. I too am "turkeyed out". Turkey sandwich for lunch yesterday, then, leftovers for dinner. That's plenty for me. I hope GS will take all the rest of the meat with him since I only like turkey breast, and then not much at that. DD's here
  2. I haven't used the product in years. I too assumed they made a safer formula. I wonder if it smells as bad as the first one.
  3. Boy I'll say! That turkey made me fall asleep in my recliner last night. Sounds like the cardi is going along smoother now.
  4. Love it! Hope you and hubby had a great day too.
  5. When I got up yesterday morning, GD was just taking the pumpkin pie out of the oven, the candied yams were ready to go in the oven and the potatoes peeled and cut to make mashed. Surprised me! All the food was wonderful and GD and GS did all the cleanup. I was so impressed. That's the first turkey dinner she's cooked by herself (following my recipes). I am so proud of her. She wouldn't let me do anything except supervise and make the gravy. Needless to say, leftovers today- Yay! I hope everyone was able to enjoy the day- coughs and all, and today will be a day to enjoy and relax.
  6. Just came across this Scotchguard product for fabrics and yarn. Seems like it might solve this for mittens.
  7. So very pretty. I'm inspired to dig out some size 20 thread and make a few more snowflakes for my Christmas tree. thank you for sharing.
  8. I went to bed last night with a migraine starting. The aura kept me awake for at least an hour. When the meds finally kicked in, I slept until 10 am! 😱 I don't feel too bad today considering. Today GD and I are baking the pie, then preparing the candied yams and asparagus for tomorrow. I cook the turkey in a baking bag so, that will eliminate having to baste. We made a new recipe for chicken enchiladas for dinner last night and it was okay, but, I don't think I'll be using the recipe again. Not much else going on today, so I will close for now and wish everyone Happy Thanksgiving and
  9. Never heard of Pickleball before and after looking it up it sounds like a lot of fun. I used to play tennis and got pretty good at it. Then moved to Arizona and never took it back up. Shame on me. I guess golf consumed me to the bone. We have a freeze warning for Thursday night, so, today I need to cover my outdoor faucets and Thursday I'll have my GS cover the rose bushes. Today will be about 69°F and a slight breeze. Back up to the low 70's next week. Go figure!
  10. Wow Diana! That turned out beautiful.
  11. Whether knit or crochet, here's one for the teen that thinks they need $300 Air Jordan's. LOL
  12. Lea: I would love to prank my GS with this. He'd get a kick out of it. I'm so sorry you are so ill. Prayers are coming from here for a speedy recovery and hey- tell your in-laws to send you over a bunch of leftovers!
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