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  1. I found this UK store site. Hope it helps.
  2. I know it can be frustrating a bit. Persevere and something will show up for you.
  3. Oombawka.com has a project for translating crochet terms to US terms, including Italian.
  4. I read somewhere some time ago to use wool wash with lanolin for brittle wool. I can't attest to it since I do not work with wool.
  5. This reminds me of the tablecloths I've made in the way past. My grandmother used to use tablecloth crochet patterns back in the day for christening baby blankets. They turned out so elegant and lacy.
  6. Very nice Cindy. Thanks for sharing.
  7. That's pretty. Wish I had time to make them. Thanks for the link.
  8. This afghan is very easy to make. Since it is made using mainly single crochet, it's time consuming, but satisfying. And the color choices are endless. A Crochetville CAL was done back in 2007 and includes the OP's link to that pattern. The original pattern from 1989 is in the leaflet by Leisure Arts Leaflets-#1233- "Southwest Afghans to Crochet" - pattern #7-"Striped Diamond Afghan".
  9. That's a very pretty afghan. It reminds me a bit of Bargello crochet. Looking at the Etsy seller's photos, her photo of a corner shows it might be long-sc's with maybe sc's and hdc's??? You could contact the seller and see if she sells this particular pattern, if in fact it's her pattern.
  10. Diana: Did you finish the cardigan? That is a cute hobo bag. Keep us posted how it goes. Tina: Another one? You must not get bored easily like I do with repeated single crochet. That will go super on your new sofa (saw it in the gift afghan you posted). Love the color combo and your stitches/tension are so precise. It's going to be a beauty.
  11. I hear ya'! I use the old dinosaur steam iron and press and starch my doilies into oblivion. Well, not oblivion, but, they do get pressed and blocked quite a bit. LOL.
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