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    crochet, acrylic painting, embroidery, beading, reading
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    since 1959
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    Afghans, doilies, kitchen/bath, layettes,shawls, hats
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  1. ReniC


    That's exactly what my friend said! She's making a pair now. I'll get started on them after Christmas. I'm still bogged down making my own gifts and not advancing like I had hoped. But, that's ok.
  2. ReniC


    Thank you Granny Square. I will definitely show all these to my friend. I personnally like the pattern by Drops titled "Rani". Looks fast and easy.
  3. ReniC


    Anyone know of a (free) pattern for adult mittens made with 3 weight or Sport yarn? My 90 year old neighbor is in need of one to make mittens for a women's shelter she sponsors in Chicago. I told her if I find one I'd help her make them. 😱 I haven't made mittens in years.
  4. ReniC

    From Afghan to Mandala

    Thank you!
  5. ReniC

    Red, White & SILVER Candy Cane :)

    Thank you for the info Krys. That's very helpful for another project I'm making. That's of course after all the ornaments I still have yet to make. Hahahaha! Merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones!
  6. ReniC

    Red, White & SILVER Candy Cane :)

    Your candy canes are beautiful! You are so talented. May I ask what you used for the base of the cane to wrap the ribbon around?
  7. ReniC

    My first Deco Mesh "SANTA WREATH" :)

    Krys- Your wreaths are great. Did you paint the faces also? they're so cute. Reminds me of some of the holiday faces I used to paint. I used Deco Mesh for a Halloween wreath I made my daughter and I agree how harsh it can feel. I am wrapping red sparkly Deco Mesh on my Christmas Tree for the ribbon trim. Hope it works. I have help though as my oldest daughter is coming over Thursday to help me. Hopefully by then, I will have finished crocheting and embroidering the new ornaments for it.
  8. ReniC

    Looking for a thin twisted cord

    That's interesting. Although, I don't recall ever using a cord for anything. LOL.
  9. ReniC

    From Afghan to Mandala

    I started this originally as a afghan, but, it's just too busy right now with my hubby so ill and Christmas just a few weeks away. I weaved all the ends in and made it a Mandala. The colors are so pretty and bright on my table with the Christmas Cactus starting to bloom. Maybe someday I will get to the afghan.
  10. ReniC

    Christmas wreaths

    So very cute! I almost missed seeing them.
  11. ReniC

    Fall/Halloween wreaths

    They're very cute. Looks like you spent a lot of time on them.
  12. ReniC

    Looking for a thin twisted cord

    Well, here's another suggestion for a twisted cord.
  13. ReniC

    Looking For Wedding Dress Pattern

    Amazon.com has 3 magazines for sale from 3rd party sellers. Also, if you type on your Internet search bar: Crochet World June 1984, other options may show up.
  14. ReniC

    Blocking Finished Work

    You're welcome.
  15. ReniC

    Looking for a thin twisted cord

    Sorry Flia. If you do find it again, please let us know what stitch it is. My curiosity is up.