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    crochet, acrylic painting, embroidery, beading, reading
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    since 1959
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    Afghans, doilies, kitchen/bath, layettes,shawls, hats
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  1. ReniC


    The only patterns I find on Moogley's site is this one. Any help?
  2. ReniC

    Halloween Beanies

    The hats are very cute. If you're still looking for something to crochet, how about different size pumpkins? They look so cute sitting on a table. This little gal has big ones and small ones: Large Pumpkin Small Pumpkin
  3. ReniC

    Plarn Kitchen Basket

    Hey Cindy- that's pretty cool.
  4. ReniC

    Trio of Harvest Angels

    What a great idea! You always surprise me with such neat ideas. Thanks for sharing..... made my day.
  5. ReniC


  6. ReniC

    Looking for Pattern

    Where did the photo come from? It's easier to locate a pattern if we have a link to where any photos came from. One other note; this looks knit to me.
  7. ReniC

    Crochet Shawl with pockets pattern

    About the only thing I can think of is a Ruana. It's similar to a Serape but open in the front. You could make it any length you desire and pockets can be made with the same stitch as this pattern and added to the front panels. In a masculine color I would think your dad would be comfortable in this.
  8. ReniC

    Halloween Buddies

    Ah! What a great set of little ghoulies.
  9. ReniC

    Kitchen Towel Toppers

    Great looking! I love the colors on all of them. You are such a giving person. It's so nice to read about kindness in this harsh world.
  10. ReniC

    "In-between" double crochet shawl

    You're welcome. Can you tell us what the colors were in photo of the pattern you seek?
  11. ReniC

    "In-between" double crochet shawl

    Hmmm interesting. I've used patterns that go between the stitches and it does make for a different look. Not much but, it does change it up a just bit. This pattern goes between the dc's at the points.
  12. ReniC

    Slipper Pattern Substitute

    Thank you Laraine. I'll take a look at it.
  13. In 2014 I posted about "Pretty Pleats" slippers I made as Christmas gifts. I was asked by my same DD to make some more and could not find my pattern book or the printout I had anywhere. Well, lo and behold free-patterns.com had it as a download on their site for years and is no longer active. And all patterns are now being sold individually through paid membership at Annie's Attic. I looked everywhere I can think of for my booklet and pattern and no success. Does anyone know of a comparable pattern they can link me to? It doesn't matter about the scalloped top or the curly-cue tie. I can make that. It's mainly the toe, sole and instep area I'm interested in finding.
  14. ReniC

    Playing with Gütermann C Ne 50 colors

    These are so pretty and fun too. I am partial to the purple/white doily with the purple flower center. It 'talks" to me.
  15. ReniC

    Tunisian Crochet Rainbow Baby Afghan

    I don't know of any patterns you seek, but, you could use any of the many patterns for Tunisian Crochet Afghans on the Web. If you want to use color changes and need a little lesson, there are several videos out there to learn from. If you do not want to fiddle with weaving all the tails in that go with color changes, you could use one of the color changing yarns that have recently hit the market. Just one is the Lion Brand Mandala-Baby yarn. There are some luscious colors out there. Hope this is helpful. ETA: I just came across this one pattern that may interest you. And another very simple pattern.