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  1. If you are a member at io groups you can join and access my patters here: https://groups.io/g/DoraDudz I have not posted new patterns for a while and so many of the patterns have disappeared into cyberspace from FOP here
  2. I totally love this technique for making a wreath with the cheap vinyl tablecloths. I have the 'cloths' to make a circle one in 4 different colours/patterns but I saw this gingham and wanted to try it. I recommend the "Sissy can do it" version on You Tube - I find her easy to follow and she is so down home. I do 'see' the gingham in this - no , really
  3. thank you both - I so love doing this stuff. I would rather crochet but that is off the books so this is fun.
  4. more items for future donation... A friend asked me to 'make something' of this clock as it no longer works but she wanted it to look (more) decorative. someone will enjoy it. for the little 'bug' I have seen things like this and just wanted to try one. I might just keep it for the fun of it but at this point it is slated for donation.
  5. Yes - it is Jute twine. I really like working with it for these "dolls"
  6. I have made a few things but didn't get pics posted. I really wanted to share this one. The shape is from my fave body wash container - it just screamed "angel"
  7. the Dora that I used was a very different body type
  8. It was but the system crashed when I tried to search for it. it was originally a 15" Dora pattern and I'm not sure what Tampa Doll did to fix that I just found out that the PDF has lost the picture - I will try to find a copy somewhere that I can get to--- made a new PDF sorry only one pic in the pattern - it was an early pattern Here it is: Wevegottheteam.pdf
  9. I did slippers for 14.5" Disney princesses if it would help. PDF: EpcotAdventure.pdf
  10. Just a note... Christine Anderson - Founder of Celt's Vintage Crochet passed away this morning. She has had health issues for some time but it was announced that it was Covid19 I love her vitage patterns - so many great doilyghans from her efforts
  11. tht is one of my favourite patterns and it is nice to see it being used. one of my flights of fancy (boo, hiss, pun)
  12. I have been wanting to make something like this statue/doll ? I just emptied a dishwashing liquid container so here I am. I think this is something that will either be loved or hated when I donate it to Value Village.
  13. that is such a nice set. reminds of my high school years when cardigans were worn backwards.... loved that look
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