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  1. darski

    Boxing Day 2019 (any charity items)

    found a new shawl type - I hope this catches on
  2. darski

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    finally got here to post WTD= +2 YTD= +7
  3. darski

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    I did finish a skein working on the dress to go with my doilyghan but it means I ran out of my Aran yarn - have to find another colour to finish the set. I have started on a dolly blankie that is semi mindless. Foto Friday: I have to decide if it is worth a -20 to replace my Aran yarn. I like to have it on hand decisions, decisions Ya know- if it is their intention to make emoticons so difficult to use that we just stop; it's working
  4. darski

    Boxing Day 2019 (any charity items)

    the start of my first baby set for the year. It is to be a stroller set but I'm afraid it is too holey to be effective. it is def summer weight. I'm working on a dress/ pinafore and a hat.
  5. darski

    Boxing Day 2019 (any charity items)

    If you are looking for a totally kewl hat pattern try "Rockin the Cables"
  6. darski

    Woodland Baby Rattle

    I don't quite get this but it is adorable
  7. darski

    Princess Crown

    so cute. (((hugs)))
  8. darski

    Odette (Swan Lake) Ear Warmers

    I totally love this.
  9. darski

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    The doilyghan is finished and a dress/pinafore is almost done. I actually used up 2 skeins and a ball of yarn WTD =+ 5 YTD = +5
  10. darski

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    I finished a skein on the doilyghan and I might finish a ball as well - looking good to start the year. (same doilyghan for 3 weeks :sigh )
  11. darski

    Boxing Day 2019 (any charity items)

    I know how big I have to make them but that is from years of making them Basically wrap it around the waist to get the size and then reduce by about 1/2 an inch
  12. darski

    Boxing Day 2019 (any charity items)

    I find skirts to be the quickest and easy to fit My "Sisters" pattern is easy and should give you a good idea of fit. either skirt is good to go.
  13. darski

    2018 Stashbusting CAL

    Well, I finish the year on a high note even if my week is a bit laid back Stashbusting WTD = 0 YTD + 146
  14. darski

    Boxing Day 2019 (any charity items)

    I believe that this is the greatest of all charitable work we crocheters can do. I imagine the feelings of those dear parents when they find that some unknown soul has prepared for their moment of crisis. It would surely reduce their grief just a bit to know of such generosity. The moment I heard of this ministry I had to make at least one set and send it off. I wish that I could do more of them and I suppose I could now that my hands have become more accustomed to working with SW yarn.
  15. darski

    Boxing Day 2019 (any charity items)

    Target (if you wish to go there) still sell their "Our Generation" dolls. they seem to have gone up in price - now starting at $35.00 USD My first 18" doll was an 'Our Generation" girl and I still use her all the time. Elspeth: