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  1. the other night I was watching vids on You Tube and I decided to see what they had in doll clothes tutorials. I watched one really simple dress and then I spotted this dress which I shortened to a top, the vid called for WW yarn and a 4.mm hook; I had to go with SW yarn (it was too perfect for pattern) and so a 5.mm hook. I have got to get to Walmart to see if they have that yarn I've been thinking that if I remove the button this would make great pj's. the amazing thing is that I could just grab yarn and hook and make this. I give thanks every day for being able to crochet again. the craft is so much more precious to me now after having lost it for so many months.
  2. I used my "Say Goodnight Gracie" pattern to make this nighty to go with a blanket I started last month... I promise to get working on it today... no really, I will It is a good pattern and works up quickly. IISSM.
  3. got the crocheting done and the pattern done... just need to get all the pics and we're good to go I have an eye on a better doll for these projects. will know tomorrow if I can get her/him.
  4. I found this pattern which I plan to use for a doll blankie. srsly, all I saw was a doll blankie BTW, the pattern is a bit of a mess when put into WOrd.; it will take about an hour to undo the formatting and such. Print Friendly will not generate a PDF
  5. I've added the PDF for this pattern. Sorry, thought I had done it ages ago. just a bump for the thread.
  6. when I write patterns I never give directions for chaining up. People know how they prefer to do that and I leave it to them. When I start a row w/ ' hdc in...' I do a ch 1 and make a real hdc or 2 in this case.. Please note that you only put 2 hdc in the first st (Or ch2/hdc in 1st st as you will) then you put 1 hdc in the next 6 sts. over those 7 sts you will get 8 for row 2. .
  7. this little eggster might be useful for some of us. Even though I deplore conjoining Resurrection Sunday with spring/fertility festivals I do think he is adorable.
  8. I have to get back to my blankies and such but I did make some tarts and a candy dish (needs caramels) and my glass of milk. I'm not sure about the milk
  9. actually I was thinking more of the toy food or doll clothes. not a lot of 'stuff'
  10. I just saw this on Pinterest and thought it might be useful for holding toys. I'd like an opinion before I try one though.
  11. I have tried to access several of her patterns from the directory and they all say "Internal Server Error". is this just my computer (over 3 days) or is there a problem?
  12. Now this I have to try: Ice Cream Parlour I think kids would love to 'make' the icecream cones they have other great foodstuffs... allowing for the fact that Drops patterns can be a challenge
  13. love the colouration. will cheer up everyone in the nursery.
  14. I like the look of that and good colour. I might just try one of these.
  15. Here at the Ville we answer all of life's burning questions ... like what colour is peach and can an Oreo ever be too big? But the plate is really cool OK, I have to work on this. but now I have to make more giant Oreos so this isn't just a bug but a feature.