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  1. Just checking on the pattern and links again
  2. I added the PDF to the OP. sorry didn't get to this one when I was doing them
  3. My dear sister in Christ lost her shih tzu a year ago and when I saw this technique on You Tube I just had to make one. I made it in blue so that it would not completely reminder her of Angel. I showed her this pic and she loved it. If she wants it I will give it to her but I'm not pushing. it looks so cute in real life but unfortunately I have to do pics to share her.
  4. I saw this idea on Pinterest and I was thinking it would be a neat thing to make for special Valentine's Day projects. I need to improve my cutting skills :(
  5. Yes it is a Divine hat... my goto hat pattern. I decided to try crocheting a hat because I had used that purple in a craft item and just had to try again. These Hat Ornaments are so cute and such fun to make. this is the video I followed to make them... even kids can do this
  6. Woohoo!!! made this in only 2 days - I'm not counting on anything but it felt so good.
  7. Totally WOW. I am so envious of your ability to make the nests. In my best days I could not work something so tight. I would have loved to make those and donate them to our local society. You are very blessed to be able to do this work. (((hugs)))
  8. sorry, I don't seem to get notifications any more. the up down stitch in this case is about working: sc in 1, dc in next. on following rows you will work a dc in sc and sc in dc.
  9. I love the look of that. The way the yarn played out is so pretty. I so loved making shawls. "Shawl we Crochet" was my fave CAL I think. got so many pretty patterns found that year.
  10. I never thought of the hospital gift shop... will have to check them out. TY.
  11. @ Denise. i love the colourful cat mat. I think that furbabies in care have a special need for lovely stuff. I am at a loss as to where to send my crafts. I'm wondering if I can sell them somewhere and donate the money to a ministry here. Goodwill just has a dodgy name around here for their attitude and high prices.
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