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  1. darski

    Arabella; 18" doll - image intense

    in the PDF each of the sets of sts are shown on a new line. e-dc is an extended dc. start your dc but just pull thru only 1 loop and then continue to make your usual dc. e-dc the double decrease is worked over 3 sts - 2 hdc then 1 ch and later 1 ch and 2 hdc.
  2. darski

    Boxing Day 2018 (any charity projects)

    they won't let me edit the link into my last post so here is the V Scarf
  3. darski

    Boxing Day 2018 (any charity projects)

    After finishing all the doll and baby stuff I got back to my wish list. I got some gorgeous ombre yarn and did the V scarf. there is a link a couple of pages back. I totally love the ombre yarn but I should have made the scarf just a tad longer for me.
  4. darski

    2018 Stashbusting CAL

    I finished a ball making the blankie for my nightgown pattern. WTD +1
  5. For years now I have used my Yahoo group as a sort of back up device for all my work Now Yahoo is acting strangely... I just posted a pattern - which seems to have posted- and pics for the pattern - which did not upload. In addition all the pics for the entire group seem to be gone. I'm just mentioning this for others who have yahoo crochet groups that they count on. It feels like my crochet life is in jeopardy. Most of my patterns are posted here but so many of them have been lost that I don't really see this a permanent place to keep files. I'm just assuming that crochet types like to congregate and letting you know you should check.
  6. darski

    Boxing Day 2018 (any charity projects)

    here is the link to the nighty I've finished the blankie and trimmed the gown . I like it both plain and fancy
  7. this pattern works up quickly for our little ones. I will try the gown on a couple of other dolls to see how it fits. I have included the plain and the trimmed versions in these pics. The PDF is here: baby gown.pdf
  8. darski

    Boxing Day 2018 (any charity projects)

    will be posting the pattern for this little nightgown sometime next week. Do they still have this kind of nightgown available for babies?
  9. darski

    2018 Stashbusting CAL

    Foto Friday I have this pattern written but need to finish the blankie and get a great pic. I'm going to post this in Boxing day as well as the pattern could be useful for the toy donations.
  10. darski

    2018 Stashbusting CAL

    found a stashbusting stitch Tri St. pattern Not sure where to use it - would be a warm blankie but I don't like making blankies across.
  11. darski

    Boxing Day 2018 (any charity projects)

    found a neat stitch that may be useful. Tri Stitch pattern. used Post sts. would be very warm I would guess and a stash buster as well, Should post it there
  12. darski

    Boxing Day 2018 (any charity projects)

    you all are so very kind and thoughtful (((hugs)))
  13. darski

    Boxing Day 2018 (any charity projects)

    I'm afraid I won't be able to send another parcel this year. I have to pay for cataract surgery (sometime soon) so I am just counting my pennies. However what I still have will make a good start for next year's parcel. Sorry about this.
  14. darski

    2018 Stashbusting CAL

    saved my bacon on that one finishing that one skein really helped big time. WTD - 18
  15. darski

    2018 Stashbusting CAL

    My Foto Friday... I did make the coiling colours cowl but it didn't quite work out as well as I'd hoped. I have never seen WW cotton Mandala yarn in my little corner of Canada so I used acrylic.. I might wear it about once to see if people like or hate it the good news is that I did finish a skein between this and a hat I am making to go with.