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  1. a special favour please Chris... I have finally finished this pattern - the original copyright was 2018 and I couldn't take pics until I finished 2 rows of dc around each leg Would you be willing to try this pattern to see if it fits your baby dolls? it fits Baby Born but I find him to be bigger than other 16" babies. it is also a generous fit <<sigh>> PDF is here:feel pretty.pdf
  2. I think this may just be useful to someone or other but I have to wait to be able to give it away - unless I put it in our give 'n take in the laundry room. However I need that towel for my kitchen so I will have to get another one for this. it is also hard to get a heavy quality towel onto the bar. I'm afraid it is more decorative than useful but beauty has its own uses.
  3. I really like this outfit - I too like to have some texture and interest in patterns - even if I don't get it. I usually have to depend on colour for interest. such a sweet look for these dolls.
  4. Bus Stop Baby:Bus Stop Baby.pdf BBL :10 inch-Berenguer Baby Layette.pdf Sweetly: sweetly.pdf It is easier to post the PDF's rather than trying to find them in the FOP forum
  5. I loved working on the 10" LtL dolls. I think there are at least 3 of my patterns for them. I'll look for them and add the PDF's here if you want them. I never found the 8" or 5" dolls around here.
  6. it depends on the pattern - some older ones I cannot figure out every time. I generally can figure out what I did to get a shape etc. the paint holder is from a YT vid - I really do like it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJgnIROk53Y&t=173s I have started picking up the Aleen's Tacky at DT. it is a good glue. I have more glue than I can imagine but you always need one more type. :rofl
  7. this is not really on topic but it is what I have been doing lately. I want to get my crafting bits in order to make projects easier. I like things to be useful and even pretty if I can manage it. the bits with napkin holders and Paper towel holders I got from You Tube.
  8. I have been going thru all my yarnie stuff to donate it. amazing what you find when you start looking. I do have some doll clothes sitting around that I finished but didn't get the patterns written - still hoping to get a couple of those done- I'm going to get them all together and send them to you. it just takes me a long time to do anything that involves stooping.
  9. I'm probably not one to comment on this as I have been away for a bit but I had the feeling (before I left) that the Ville is on cruise control. Now I quit fb so I also lost track of the effort there.
  10. making the heart shape is so easy you cut out the piece of the bottle you want. I did make mine a bit taller than most. You then smash it flat and really set the creases. then just poke one side inside - so to speak- and you get your heart shape. I then used binder clips for 24 hrs to set the shape.
  11. Oh well... good thing I don't have to count anymore but then I have 3 huge bags of yarn that I am donating would have hundreds of points for those.
  12. a question to consider. I was part of the stashbusting CAL and was doing rather well while I was crocheting. so. I saw this yarn at my Dollarama and wanted to use it to cover this wreath form. I have been debating -in my little pea brain_ whether it would qualify as a yarn purchase since it was for a craft and not for crochet. Food for thought hmnnn actually I don't think I could have crocheted with this yarn as it has bobbles instead of regular fake fur.
  13. I love this craft using a pop bottle - even though I am not overly adept at glue and stuff. I plan to donate this to a young woman whose dear friend is dealing with cancer and not faring well. I'm thinking that Sherry could put a little something in this to help her friend along. It took a whole lot of planning and fussing to get this so I don't think I will make another.
  14. I do love this look but not one of mine. I love the effect of the vari yarn here.
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