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  1. This is my Bob Ross moment... I'm giving my gnirly gnome a happy little friend. I love making these gnomes and everyone seems to love them - sort of a throw back to "Precious Moments" but with noses instead.
  2. we can put stuff we don't want in an area of the laundry room and people can come and take anything they see and like. I send a lot of stuff down there and have gotten some great stuff there myself. It is my favourite way to "reduce, reuse, recycle".
  3. I agree that would be a good idea but I think the little notebook would have to go. .. it might work
  4. need an opinion on this deskmate. I have been watching vids on some paper-crafting Ideas and I designed this based on those ideas. I love this but I don't have any place to use it (it is a 2021 calendar - yes I got that without seeing the trailer first) so... would you use something like this. It is going down to our laundry room where we can share free stuff and I imagine someone will use it, Love doing this stuff but not sure of the usefulness. it has a notebook, a pen, a tissue holder, the calendar and post-it flag notes.
  5. got a couple of things today. I got this Newberry doll for $17.00 cdn. it will go in the donation box but I will get rid of the package as it adds to the weight. and I thought someone somewhere would love a gnirly gnome. She is so sweet and the braids do take the place of the beards.
  6. I totally love this hat and your way to fix the pooling is just great
  7. some friends and I were laughing about this poster from Pinterest https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/280349145543251603/ so I decided to make a pretty planner for next year as an act of faith-> we don't dare ask if it can be any worse than 2020. this is a donation to someone
  8. I just wanted to share this... I got a new (blood sugar) test kit today and the case that came with it is just about useless so I made myself a pretty new one. Now I can even store my little tissue bits with my other supplies and of course every girl needs some bling case that came with: my new pretty one.
  9. I needed to make a holder for the paper that I have been using to do some paper crafting - the holder is for me but the items I make do get donated so it is a bit of a charity tag along. I feel so much better knowing that the paper is properly stored - it bothered me that it was just leaning against a desk and with that front pocket I even have a place for scrappy bits. It holds 12 X 12 paper pads
  10. I need some help with this one. I love using this crispy white cord to cover containers. The bulgy one is a Salsa container and it just says "put flowers in me". However, the other one ( an omega3 container cut to shape is just sort of there. what would y'all do with that nifty shape?
  11. I love that granny square - I think I might just start one going... even if it takes me 6 months to finish a shawl or lapghan it could be nice to have it to grab for a few sts here and there.
  12. I want to share my little farmer who is taking a little break and talking with his friend Birdy. this was so much fun to make from an old Magnesium container. I think I would have to use smaller twine next time. I tried to show a shirt and overalls but - meh.
  13. I saw it on You Tube. you fold your 12" square on the diagonal - both ways. then fold your points to the centre but not dead on just really close. then you decide how you want the thing to look. I chose to make it a document keeper rather than a crafty thing I don't have any double sided papers so it is just where I want the white. her 12" paper seems larger than my 12" paper
  14. I definitely made this for donation as a document keeper. if you are working on an issue this lets you keep all stuff together in a pretty place. It lets me use up bunches of the paper stock I have on hand. Never did scrap-booking in my life but I do love me some shiny stuff. I added in the fake Business card and the littler folder for note taking if wanted. I might just do more of these as they are so easy and so pretty. The letters are just stuff from the management co. for my building to show how it works. You now have to sign your life away to do laundry.
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