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  1. I just wanted to post these pics. I can still do doll clothes eventually. these are for a friend to whom I donated a bunch of my 18"dolls . I just make a skirt over an elastic waistband and then use my old patterns to make tops. not quite up to my old standards but I've been assured thatlittle ones don't care LOL
  2. it is listed as my daisy ghan in my PDF file. here ya go. my daisy ghan.pdf
  3. yes you do go back to working the good side. funny... no one has ever asked me that before. the flip is just to make a clean edge for the turn.
  4. I assume you are asking what does the V-stitch mean it is in the instructions. it means that you work (dc, ch1, dc) in the same stitch. it forms a V the FP stands for Front Post stitches. if you are not familiar with post stitches I would suggest you look for a video tutorial. you work post stitches around the 'post' of a stitch instead of into the top loops
  5. the blanket is just a large granny square. I don't have a pattern for this specific hat but there are other patterns out there that might work. you can start with the Peachy Keen pattern peachy keen.pdf if you want my pattern for making granny squares this will work: 2X2 set2 by 2 set.pdf
  6. I would suggest that you work 4dc instead of 3dc on the 'bottom' edge of the last row of squares.
  7. I am so glad the parcel got to you. Just a note: The blue and beige blanket and clothing is part of my B & B pattern set and the little bib belongs to that set. the blankie is the bed part and the bib is the breakfast part. B & B set.pdf My conscience is a bit better after I missed the deadline last year.
  8. I am so pleased they got there. just one more to come.
  9. You are so welcome... actually - there is more to come. I hope they all get there. Re the boy with no shirt: I was creating a a pattern called Tom and Becky when I could not crochet any longer. I managed to make his hat and to start a dress for Becky (the blond doll) before I had to give up. I lost his shirt when I was making other clothes for him.
  10. I just wanted to share a funny crochet story. as you know I have not really crocheted for a couple of years. Over the last 2 days i made myself another (cotton) hat for summer wear. I had to go to You Tube and watch a Moogly video on reverse sc. I just plum forgot how to do it. ain't life grand? :rofl
  11. as shown it fits an 18" baby doll the image shows you what type of doll
  12. If you have a very light worsted and can use a small hook it might work. make one with what you've got and see how it goes.
  13. You should end up with 5 petals to your flower. this part at the beginning [2ch. 2tr. 1ss} is just how you would do the next 4 petals. ch 2 = 1 tr, + 2 tr is therefore 3 tr> this gets you started from your flat chain. your slip stitch will define each petal. BTW - I am assuming you are using British terms.
  14. skip means that you do not work into a stitch (or many sts) space usually means that you are to work into a space that was created on the row below- most often a ch1 but not necessarily. sts in in parenthesis usually means that it is a set of sts that will be repeated or used again later on.
  15. Hi all... just wanted to post something that I learned today. My friend sent me an email saying that the church to which I donated all those bags of yarn have already made 17 lapghans to give away. It just made my heart smile to know that the yarn I could not use was being of good use to others. here is the yarn I donated - about 15 bags worth: just a note - the WM bag with blankies went to the Humane society for the dogs and cats to enjoy.
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