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  1. If you have a very light worsted and can use a small hook it might work. make one with what you've got and see how it goes.
  2. You should end up with 5 petals to your flower. this part at the beginning [2ch. 2tr. 1ss} is just how you would do the next 4 petals. ch 2 = 1 tr, + 2 tr is therefore 3 tr> this gets you started from your flat chain. your slip stitch will define each petal. BTW - I am assuming you are using British terms.
  3. skip means that you do not work into a stitch (or many sts) space usually means that you are to work into a space that was created on the row below- most often a ch1 but not necessarily. sts in in parenthesis usually means that it is a set of sts that will be repeated or used again later on.
  4. Hi all... just wanted to post something that I learned today. My friend sent me an email saying that the church to which I donated all those bags of yarn have already made 17 lapghans to give away. It just made my heart smile to know that the yarn I could not use was being of good use to others. here is the yarn I donated - about 15 bags worth: just a note - the WM bag with blankies went to the Humane society for the dogs and cats to enjoy.
  5. sorry - I did not get notice of this question. here are the pics of how I do the join.
  6. just wanted to share this bit of fun. I made this card for a friend and I think it will get a lough or two. I love making cards with pocket bits so I had to add "lunch". also the 'end' wiggles :rofl I have decided I hate paste - the card looks better in RL but the camera shows every flaw in the gluing.
  7. The bill holder -to my mind- has limited usage but it can work nicely for bits you want to keep together around an issue or such. All the paperclip bookmarks I made and left down stairs were gone in nothing flat. we have an area in the laundry room where we can share books and I leave the bookmarks there. I really like that style but I use my Kindle for reading as I cannot hold books (open) in my arthritic hands, today I made a dozen more bookmarks and I will drop them off sometime soon - I'm guessing they would make nice bits for Christmas gifts if you are giving books.
  8. I decided to practise making some bookmarks with a hidden paperclip inside - still like the idea but my execution needs work :rofl so I did a couple of 'the usual suspects'.
  9. Just wanted to share these Christmas gifts I made for 2 friends - I made on for me as well- to keep gratitude in our hearts and minds in 2021. they are gratitude journals - I made them to suit the personality of each. if nothinig else we can be grateful that it is not 2020.
  10. those are so wonderful. May God bless you and keep you in your giving.
  11. I was alking to a friend about this soap sack - she had to ask what it was at one point I said, "If, when I was 7 years old you had told me that when I was 70 years old I would not own a single bar of soap,,, I would have thought you were crazy but here we are
  12. with the talk of knitted soap sacks I got to remembering this pattern I devised ages ago then I had a KAL Yahoo group. I could not find my pattern so I just redid the thing. it is quite interesting if I do say do myself. the PDF is here:K-Chevron Soap Sack.pdf
  13. This is my Bob Ross moment... I'm giving my gnirly gnome a happy little friend. I love making these gnomes and everyone seems to love them - sort of a throw back to "Precious Moments" but with noses instead.
  14. we can put stuff we don't want in an area of the laundry room and people can come and take anything they see and like. I send a lot of stuff down there and have gotten some great stuff there myself. It is my favourite way to "reduce, reuse, recycle".
  15. I agree that would be a good idea but I think the little notebook would have to go. .. it might work
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