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  1. do you have Adobe reader? https://acrobat.adobe.com/us/en/acrobat/pdf-reader.html are you familiar with the PDF (Portable Document Format) generally? if you can PM me your email I can send you the MS Word.doc
  2. oh - thought I had posted the skein I finished earlier in the week and now I have finished another one . This one is a 5oz skein - moving up in the world. WTD +4 YTD +148
  3. the pattern is lost it seems. New posting here:
  4. this pattern has gotten completely lost so I am posting it here. it is one of my quirky bits but lots of fun The PDF is Here: Dovetailed.pdf
  5. thank you for using this pattern. It is one of my quirky bits but I do love it. Will see if I can spot it in FOP
  6. that is adorable
  7. this Down on the Farm play mat might be a good project for the toy drive. I just don't care for a lot of amigurumi bits but I love the concept.
  8. I seem to crochet and crochet but aside from a bunch of hats I don't seem to get anything made time to get back to my blankies.
  9. here is the PDF for that pattern Little girl dreams.pdf
  10. came to the end of that supposedly never-ending skein and another one as well so that's +4 to my + 116 = WTD +120 YTD +144 this will likely never happen again so I'm just going to do my celebratory happy dance while I can.
  11. excellent work. The socks make me smile
  12. I seem to have found a never ending skein... I keep making hats and it is still hanging on. Probably because I used it to finish a hat started from the last skein so this seem like forever
  13. I did finish another skein on hats. Hope to finish another skein before tomorrow night WTD + 116
  14. totally.
  15. I am doing a major declutter purge so I am donating 56 skeins of fake fur/ novelty yarns for +112 points and I finished another skein making hats so this week so far it's + 114 I will likely get rid of more skeins or balls but I wanted to post this while I remember it