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  1. So far so good with dh. He went to work today. Let's see how his sugar is now. He has been checking which is good. I'm going to craft club tonight. It's been a few weeks since I've been.
  2. It's stunning and I hope it raises a lot of $ at the auction!!
  3. Good morning It's been a rough couple of days but things are getting back to normal. Dh ended up in the hospital on Wednesday. He had been nauseous and vomiting for a few days and stubborn man wouldn't listen to me to call the dr. He has diabetes and I didn't think this was just a stomach virus. And of course he wasn't checking his sugar levels. He was in diabetic keto acidosis. And he was dehydrated. And his labs were all out of whack. Hopefully this was a big wake up call. He isn't very good at checking his sugar every day. And I can only nag so much. He was DC home yesterday. On a hap
  4. Hi all, Yesterday we went to my son in laws dad's place for a get together and had a great time. It was nice to spend time with the boys. Today, I had some cleaning to do, and did pack up a bag of clothes. Cindy, thanks for the inspiration. I went to trader joes and the rest of the afternoon has been spent alternating between knitting and crocheting. And now here we are almost 7 pm. Dh fell asleep and took a long nap. If I did that I'd never sleep the night through. He doesn't have that problem. Dinner is ready and now that he's awake, it's time to eat!! Have a good night and
  5. Happy Friday! And belated happy birthday to Cindy and happy birthday to Marisa! Went back to work Wednesday. Cold is so much better, with just an occasional cough from some left over congestion i Love the homespun blanket and good job repairing the other blanket, Judy Mary I hope you enjoyed lunch. Can't remember the last time I had one on one time with my daughters, other than my oldest who is single. Lol Leeann. I remember you talking about the ice sculpture last year. So cool. No pun intended. Lol. How's your wrist? Marlene. Hope all is well and you are trying to get
  6. Good morning I am going to take a sick day. It's just a cold, but I am continually blowing my nose. I feel ok but think it's best to keep my germs to myself. Some of the staff have work laptops and work from home. If I had one its one of those days that I would work from home, but alas, I don't, so sick day it is. I'll make it a pj kind of day, with resting, crocheting, knitting and reading. Marlene glad you won't miss your water pills. Worst of the weather is behind us. Kept our power and no trees down. Hope you fared as well, Judy Dh is home again today. Each day he fe
  7. Cindy. How fun that you had a surprise birthday party and you were surprised!!! I did see a pic on fb so I assume that was your sibs and spouses !! Mary. I don't mind homespun. And I do like how soft it is Marlene. You really shouldn't miss taking your water pill. That's a lot of fluid that you had retained!! I hope you will take it regularly. Ok, lecture over. Lol. I hope you are not overdoing it. Seems like a lot of work with all that cooking At least you slept for 10 hours. Hope it went smoothly woth dh and the dentist. My dh fell at work last week. Nothing broken but he is
  8. Hi all, Well it looks like a Patriots, Falcons Super Bowl. I'll be rooting for the Falcons!!! I went to visit dd and Jali today. When I got there he got all excited!! Melted my heart! We went over to the print shop and it is looking amazing!!! A friend of dds did a mural on one of the walls and got it done in 4 days.....it is awesome!!! The wind is kicking up and nor'easter is on the way ....luckily not snow, just rain, but it's the high winds they are forecasting that I'm not too excited about. Have a good rest of the evening
  9. Hi all, Now that grocery shopping and cleaning are done, I'm going to sit and crochet and knit for a bit !!! Hope you all have a good weekend!!!! Glad you are going to live Mary!!!! I feel like a cold is starting...I'm taking it easy and upping my vit C and echinacea !!!!
  10. inL O V E with the tote, Cindy!!!! What a great job you did on it. DD is going to love it Mary. Hope you feel better soon. Sinus infections are NoT fun!!! Take it easy when you can Hi to the rest of the house. Off to make dinner.
  11. Great hat, Cindy! And kudos for finishing a WIp!!! Love that pattern you posted!!!!!! Had a busy day at work. But then again, day after a holiday is always busy. Does anyone watch the show This is Us? I love it!!!!
  12. Had a wonderful day!!! My daughter is the director and founder of Newark Print Shop! It is her passion. They redid a building downtown, the old Hahne & co building There are going to be art classrooms for Rutgers , a whole foods, a couple of restaurants, art galleries, apartments. It's really quite amazing. My daughter founded the Newark print shop about 8 years ago. Her first space was the back room of her apt which actually was set up as an artist studio. There was a fire in the building and she found a new space and after lots of work, they were able to turn it into a vibrant co
  13. Here's a quick pic of the baby blanket I finished. Heading up to visit dd and Jali today and her new print shop space!
  14. We r watching the Dallas, packers game too. What a game. Tied!! 35 sec left!!!!!! Back to knitting to calm me down. Lol
  15. Good morning I've been busy cleaning and now it's time to get ready for hair appt. just wanted to stop in and say hi and wish everyone a great day!!!
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