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  1. congrats!! . Enjoy dressing the doll!!!
  2. Love fall so I love this tote!! Always has been my favorite season. I love the beautiful foliage and cool crisp days, and of course football! Think I know the state!!
  3. Congrats, welcome to the club and happy Independence Day. You will be stylin with your new tote!!
  4. Woo hoo!!! Congratulations and welcome to the club!
  5. Without checking google, I have no clue. Lol
  6. And here we are on the verge of summer. The end of May has been cooler and rainier than normal. Still wearing a sweatshirt outside! Today is another dreary day. This tote sure makes me think of summer and warmer days ahead! The only good thing about the cooler May is I'm saving on not using my central AC. I wonder how I ever survived growing up without AC!! Lol i always liked June because going to catholic schools, we got out of school for the summer earlier than my public school friends and June was the month we celebrated both my grandma and my mom's birthdays!
  7. Love the colors!, and loving how the trees are budding, dogwood flowers blooming, lilac and forsythia and honeysuckle in bloom. Spring has sprung !
  8. Yay!!!! I got the clues too!!!!!
  9. What a great tote!, love the extras too. Going to the Easter hunt was one of my favorite things both as a child, then a mom. Now I get to go with the grandsons!!! Fun!! Can't wait!!!!
  10. Congratulations and welcome to the club!, As I was looking at Mary Jo's clue on the name, I knew it was you!!! Enjoy it for many years to come !!!
  11. I hope it is delivered!!! Know the state, but not the who!!! Lol
  12. This is a cool way to learn about the states!!!
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