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Our House Part Two

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Hi Ladies,


I want to ask for prayers for my cousins little granddaughter. She is in the hospital in icu with the awful virus that is attacking especially young kids with asthma. She became sick at school and slept in the office for over 2 hours before they called one of her parents. They took her to urgent care at the hospital and she was transferred after a few hours to a larger hospital. She was expected to come home today but didn't. Her little sister is sick to but she doesn't have asthma so there hoping she doesn't get it to.

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Having fun in the Snow!

Love you guys!!! Just wanted to pop in and say that and do a little show & share......     I made this for my cousin who had a baby boy. It's late ... But given my life lately ... I think sh

I had an awesome day!!! I should turn 60 more often. Lol. Dd made me a key lime pie which is my favorite. We had a great time at ocean grove and then went back to dd's house. The boys played outsid

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Hi Ladies,


Sherry, Enjoy your vacation! Even not going somewhere is relaxing.


Cindy, When I worked at the bar we would have more fights break out when it was full moon. I have some things stored here to that belong to the kids. I wonder to if some of it would be stored if they had it. DD has a tote of pics when she was younger and one time she told me she didn't want them to throw them out. But I couldn't throw out pictures. Maya might like some of them. One day I'll go through them and see what they are.  DS I know he doesn't have any where to store what he has here.


We lost cable, internet and phone service here today for awhile. Hubby has a ptsd group therapy tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great thursday.

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Good morning ladies. It's cold here. The sun is shining though.


Nothing much planed here today, just laundry and some crafting. I might break out the sewing machine. I have a couple of quilts in progress and a skirt that needs hemming.


Hard to believe that it's been 13 years since that devastating 9/11. I can't begin to imagine how the survivors, families and others involved feel today. Praying for all those affected.

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Judy - beautiful afghan!  I love the colors. 


Mary - hope things are going well for your DH.  I do not like dentists but I found one that I love and she's not in our insurance network :(  But I pay the difference just to go to her. 


Cindy - Enjoy your day of crafting.  When I do a round ripple, I do double strands - goes way faster, less dc to do.  But the one round ripple I'm doing for myself (which I recently found when unpacking some more boxes) is single strand dc - and I've got more to do on it.  It's something I need to get out and finish.


Joanne - glad to see you're almost done with your afghan.  I'd do the crab stitch and call it done.


Marlene - will be praying for that little one that is ill. 


As for the full moon - we could always tell when it was a full moon when I worked at the chapel on base - got all kinds of crazy calls.  And I've had nurse friends tell me that it's busier in the ER and baby delivery area during a full moon. 


Got a few more baby hats done, got some more yarn yesterday so I can make more than just 2.  So far I think I have 5 or 6 and still more yarn to use up.  This group also makes scarves to give to the homeless at Christmas time and I've made some out of my leftover yarn that I have.  The boys will be with mom tonight but we'll have them tomorrow as they are out of school.  Can't believe they are already out for a professional day (school started on August 19).  We hope to go to the park near us and see what they have to play on - at least if it's not raining.  If it's raining, we may have movie day instead. 


Have a wonderful day, hugs to all of you.

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Marlene. Prayers being said!!!!


Cindy. Around here 9/11 is always full of rememberances. My neighbor lost her husband who was at work in the towers. I'll never forget being at work and getting an Emil about it and them sending us home. My supervisor, who no longer works with me, but who I am still friends with, lost her sister in law who also was at work in the towers.


I was married 4 days after 9/11 happened. One good thing about that now is I always know how many years I've been married. This year is lucky 13.


Have a Good Friday everyone !!

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Hi Ladies,


Thanks for the prayers for Savannah. She now has pneumonia. The poor thing. The news interviewed her mom today. I'm guessing because she's the first one in the Lansing area to get it. 


Cindy, I'm going to make the kids quillows for Christmas. So my machine will be getting a work out in the near future. The first one I ever made I made for hubby and didn't sew seams down the middle and the batting has not stayed together so I'm going to take it apart and put new batting in it.


Sherry, Enjoy the day with the grandsons. How is the little one doing with school now? He probably just had to get use things I'm hoping.


Joanne, They have rememberances  around here to for 9-11. It sure is a sad day for all of us. A day that will never be forgotten.


Tomorrow I have to pick the kids up after school. Today I tried wearing my watch. I haven't wore it in at least 2 years or more. My hand just had a fit. So I wore it on my right hand so I can get use to wearing it there. I miss my watch, but haven't been able to wear it almost since the start of my problem with my hand. In the morning I'll have to call and get us a new doctor and check to see that they will still see us next year with changes with are insurance. We have to go on the regular Blue Cross Blue Shield in January. And in March hubby will go on Medicare. I really don't understand why. If we have good insurance why do we need to have Medicare?

Hope everyone has a nice friday!

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Good Morning, all. :)  The week has been a busy one, but today looks quieter...so far. ;)


Judy ~ Your afghan is gorgeous!  Love the colors you used - it's a "happy" 'ghan. 


Sherry ~ So glad you've had a good vacation week.  It's wonderful that you are so close to your grandsons.  How are the two furbabies?


Marlene ~ Poor little Savannah. :hug   I hope she recovers quickly.  That virus has been on the news a lot lately!  DH didn't go on Medicare until last year (he's 69) because he was still working and we had group insurance.  I will go on Medicare in January. (eek!)  So far, it's been all good and costs about the same as we've been paying for group.


Joanne ~ Can't wait to see the afghan!


Cindy ~ I love the round ripples, but yes, there are a bazillion double crochet stitches. :lol   I wonder what Gracie would do with the little robot vacuum...she attacks the regular vacuum, so she'd probably have a ball!


Hi to those I've missed, too. :manyheart


Wednesday it was 102* and today is supposed to be in the 70's - heavenly!

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Hi ladies. Another busy day at work. I'm off for the weekend. Dh isn't home, he's over at DD's working on her kitchen. We met for dinner and then he went back there. I kind if like having a couple of hours to myself after working all day.


It's cold and rainy here again this evening. It's beginning to feel like fall, and fall is my favorite season. Too bad that it's followed by winter!

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morning all...


Cindy if I lived where you do I wouldn't want to be reminded that winter is on its way, either!


We just got a call from the fraud department at our bank...hubby is off to get a new bank card...for joy...  at least our account seems ok right now. I just mentioned to him the other day that i thought we should start using cash instead of the card...


I made a couple of baby hats to pass on the NICU but not much else. Took out the never ending knit scarf and ended up unknitting two rows because I dropped a stich and had a gaping hole...all better now.


It's cool, cloudy and blustery today. Looks like some weather is on the way.


Have a good day my friends

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Hi ladies. We got up late,had a big breakfast and then met DD, DSIL and the boys at the local flea market. We didn't buy anything except for produce, which was cheap and plentiful. The boys found Legos so they were happy.


Dh is working on DD's kitchen this afternoon, but I think I'm going to stay home. I have plenty to do here and I've already frittered away the morning.


Guess that I'd better get back to my tasks.....

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Hi House. ♥


Cindy ~ I hope you get some more warm weather before the winter!  Your outing with the kids sounds fun...our farmer's markets really slow down this time of year since our summers are so hot.


Judy ~ So sorry about the scarf redo...at least frogging is easy with crochet. ;)   And we've had identity theft twice over the years, so I know it's not fun.  We quit using debit cards a long time ago and only have one credit card, but I still check everything online about twice a week.  It's scary!


Our weather has been wonderful the last two days.  I actually needed a light jacket this morning.  Of course, it's going to be close to 90 in a day or so. :lol


I've had 8 orders so far this month and am totally surprised each time!  Some crochet things have sold lately. My "hobby" is keeping me busy. :)  


I hope everyone is having a good weekend! :manyheart

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Hi all


Kudos on the sales Mary!!!!


I watched the boys Friday night so dd could go out with one of her friends. We had so much fun!!

Yesterday I had my hair appt with DD's friend and then the usual grocery shopping, etc. it rained in the afternoon but today is gorgeous fall like weather. DH and I are going out to dinner tonight after the giants game to celebrate our anniversary which is tomorrow. I'm off work tomorrow so I should finish this dang afghan than!! LOL. Last night while watching the Rutgers football game I worked o. The knitted afghan.


Have a wonderful Sunday

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Hi, ladies!


Mary, congrats on the sales!!


Cindy, it's nice being alone sometimes...  DD is lucky your hubby is handy!


Joanne, I'm so happy you get to see the grandsons so often. Enjoy your anniversary dinner!! It seems like you have a winner in DH...


Well, we went to the flea market again, coming home with a small package of dog cookies. The woman at the booth says they are there till the snow starts. Even when its cold they have an old bus they gutted and work out of there, in the same location. She also invited us to stop by her house if we wanted....


I went to Michaels and picked up some Homespun, in Parfait, this morning. I want to make my sister a shawl for her 75th birthday in a couple of weeks. She should be coming down to us for a visit on the actual day, along with her DD, who will be driving her here. My sister lives about an hour north of us, in Jersey City and we talk all the time but haven't actually seen each other in years. That's just my family...


Have a great day - football time soon, along with spaghetti and meat sauce for dinner.

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We went to the orchards this morning since they were having an apple fest and antique car show. The boys had a good time and enjoyed the ballon animals and of course the apple fritters. It was very crowded by the time we left, probably because it was scheduled yesterday and today and it rained yesterday.


We were watching the giants game and were planning to go out to eat in red bank to celebrate our anniversary. Well, the giants gave up their lead and since it was so nice out we turned off the game and headed out. We had a lovely dinner and then walked around town afterwards. Just got home.


Judy I like the homespun for shawls. I have some in my stash. I should get it out and make a shawl to have on hand. What shawl pattern are you using?


Hope everyone had a nice day

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Hi Ladies,


Mary, Congratulations on the sales!


Cindy, I like to have a few hours to myself to.


Joanne, Happy Anniversary to you and DH!  I seen advertised at an apple orchard near us they make an apple cider slushy. I love apple cider so I may treat myself to one. Your trip to the apple orchard sounds like a fun family time.


Judy, That will be nice to visit with your sister in person.


I picked Payton and Jocelyn up after school and brought them here. Saturday they went to Maya's then today I met DD and took the kids home. She wouldn't of gotten home until 8 and Maya's bedtime is 8:30 so it give them extra time to get things ready for the week ahead.

Friday hubby called one of his friends he worked with and found out he lost his wife in april. So yesterday we went down and visited him for awhile. She was 58 my age. Kind of scares you. But she has had heart problems for 10 years and she had heart surgery about 4 years ago. He said it was expected. He seems to be doing pretty good. He can cook so he won't have to worry about eating.

Then we went on to visit 3 other friends and two of them have or are having problems. One friend had colon cancer again. But all is good with him. The other friend is having bladder problems. It was really nice catching up with everyone. I sure do miss not living back home and see are friends more often than we do.

My cousins granddaughter Savannah is improving. Her parents posted pictures of her sitting up in a chair. Thanks so much for the prayers they are answered. :hug

I haven't seen anything on Linda in awhile so I hope all is well with her.

We were getting bees in the house sometimes only 2 or 3 and once I killed 5 and today I killed 5. I had seen on the back side of the house where they were getting in the attic, but it was on the opposite of where we were seeing them. Today I told hubby you need to look in the attic. He found a big beehive. We had a bomb and it didn't list bees, but I thought it was worth a try. We set it off before we left this afternoon. Hubby checked the attic no bees flying around so he knocked the hive down and no bees so I guess it worked.

Hope everyone has a nice monday! Were suppose to get some rain.

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Good morning


Marlene, glad that the bees are gone and that savannah is doing better. It sounds like you had a nice time visiting your friends. It's always nice to catch up


I've already started cleaning and taking a quick break to have some coffee. I'm hoping to take a trip to the outlets to see if I can pick up a few things for dd. Also my son in laws birthday is sat and dd said he could use some new jeans. I checked the prices at kohls but want to check the price at the Levi's outlet since that's the kind he likes. It's getting chilly here in the mornings and I already gave her a sweater and sweatshirt of mine to use. They didn't plan on being displaced for so long. Luckily the boys are set until they move.


Well, it's time to get back to cleaning. Have a good day everyone.

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Joanne, I started with an easy shawl pattern, then decided it was too open, so I chained about 58 and am doing hdc for the entire thing. at the ends of each row I pick up both loops, but the rest I only pick up the back loops. The yarn colorway is what I want to show, not the stitch pattern, plus it's fast. I have 4 sk, so it should be plenty, esp since my sis is short...lol!


Have to run!

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Hi Ladies,


Rainy day here so I'm doing laundry. Hubby pulled out his winter clothes so I have been laundering them. Were suppose to be back up to 70 friday. Can't wait! Not ready for these 40 something degree mornings. Have a great tuesday if I don't make it back today.

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Hi ladies. Work was quiet today, (well it was for me, the unit itself was very busy.). I left early, because a patient went to surgery and that left his nurse with nothing to do for 5 or 6 hours. So she took my patients and I went home.


It's still cold and rainy here. I think it's supposed to get warmer toward the end of the week though.


I've dug out even more WIPs. The round ripple is over 30 inches in diameter. I have no clue how big I should make it for a baby blanket, all I know is that it doesn't look big enough yet.

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morning peeps!


Cindy, I make my RRs about 40 or 42 inches, if that helps.


Joanne, I frogged the shawl and changed it. I have 50 something chains, then made the first row with 2 dc at each end, with dc, ch 1, dc in the rest of the chains. the next row i made all dc stitches. the colorway is showing  up much better than the hdc, IMO.


Off I go...have a great day. It's raining here, which is good for the grass seed we put down yesterday :)

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Good morning. Sun is shining here,but it's still chilly. If it dries up some, I want to work on garden cleanup this week.


Thanks Judy. My RR is at 36 inches now and I still think it looks kind of small, so I will aim for 40 to 42 inches. I've got plenty of yarn! I have so many odd skeins of yarn that I want to use up so I can free up some space. This particular RR has a color scheme because I had quite a lot of yarn in these colors, but my next blankets might have more of a rainbow effect. When I'm down to just a small ball left, I add a stripe to another blanket that I'm making.


Here is my RR so far, it's not lopsided, it's just my picture taking skills!


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Happy Tuesday, everyone. :)


Cindy ~ Your RR is beautiful!  Yellows and blues are one of my favorite combinations. :yes  I need to be in my yard, too.  DH mows and trims, but I've always done the "fine tuning." ;)


Marlene ~ Such good news about Savannah. :c9  How scary to find the bee hive in your attic!  A few years ago, a neighbor had a huge hive between an outside wall and inside wall...they had to have the wall taken out and beekeepers come and remove them.  What a mess!


Judy and Joanne ~ You are very brave in my opinion ;) ...I simply gave up trying to use Homespun years ago. :lol


Joanne ~ Your DD must be so ready to have a house again. :hug   I hope all goes smoothly now.


We've already been to DH's dr. appointment, Kroger's and the post office.  I'm going to put on a pot of veggie soup this afternoon, but other than that I think I need some crochet time. :)


Have a good day, all. ♥

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Cindy, that looks good!


Mary, I use a metal hook and point the pointy hook part down and I seem to hit less snags that way. The proof was in the frogging. When I decided to work on a different look I had no problem undoing my stitches. In the past they would have been so messed up I would cut it!

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