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  1. Hi ladies. Hope you all enjoyed your thanksgiving day. We had a good day, but it was somewhat overshadowed by dh’s youngest brother being diagnosed with leukemia on Wednesday. Chemo started today. Dh has gone to visit him, and it sounds like treatment is off to a somewhat rocky start, emotionally speaking. (Bil has severe psych and anxiety issues). He copes well when things are normal but the unexpected throws him for a loop. I am having issues with intermittent dizziness. I suspect I picked up a virus, and this is a lingering effect. I was sick for a couple of days last week, but other than the dizziness, I feel fine now. I had this once before after a virus. It lasted a couple of weeks. Nevertheless, I still managed to finish 5 stockings and get the house vacuumed today. Mary, sorry you have had to add yet another doctor to the list. Sounds like seeing a neurologist is a good plan for your Dh.
  2. Here is a finished stocking. None of the rest are finished but all of them are partly assembled.
  3. Yeah, this is what gets me into trouble.....I desire to start a new project every few days. Luckily I resist most of the time, but I still have at least 20 WIPs.
  4. Well, to be honest, The pattern is super simple and didn’t have a gauge. It’s just a rectangle, and I assumed that the starting chain would be too short, so I increased it. Then I didn’t like how firm the fabric was. I ended up finally following the pattern, but with a K hook, rather than an I. I have about 20 inches done and it’s about 46 inches wide, so I’m making progress. Stockings are nearly to the sew together stage. Two more names to hand embroider. Once I finish the afghan, I may make stockings for the adults too. I will have to see if I can find some burlap that is similar to the thrift store fond, as I am getting to the end of that.
  5. Hi ladies. well, I have restarted DDs afghan three times now. My first attempt would have been over 7 feet wide. My second attempt was way too stiff. I think it might be a case of third time lucky, but I put it down to work on stockings. otherwise, nothing much happening here v
  6. Those are beautiful projects. I love the colors in the C2C.
  7. Hi ladies, I know I’ve been sort of AWOL. We went on vacation and when we got back, I decided to really knuckle down and get to some neglected chores. I’ve been busily cleaning drawers and cabinets. My goodwill pile has become a mountain and there’s more to go. I figure if my kids still have stuff here, they don’t need it anymore. The youngest one has been out on her own for 7 or 8 years already. It has snowed all day here, and I must say that not having to go out in it was wonderful! I heard the roads were really bad. Ds said he was 30 minutes late for work. He has a pretty long commute though. i started an afghan for youngest DD. If Judy can make a graph-ghan in a month, I ought to be able to make a simple one row repeat blanket before Christmas! (I hope....). Of course I have those stockings sitting on my craft table too......but they are more than half finished if I only make them for the grandkids. I have made afghans for Ds, oldest Dd and DSIL so I think it’s time youngest Dd got one too. I know she will appreciate it. Maybe I will finish one of UFO afghans for Dh. I have one that only needs a few more squares, but it’s not really DD’s style. Dh has been hinting that he needs one. .
  8. Hi ladies. Coming to you from the beautiful Smoky Mountains. It is gorgeous weather, sunny and in the mid 70s. Yesterday was lovely here in the valley but apparently there were high winds in the mountains that caused road closures due to downed trees, electrical outages and a campground evacuation. Things seem back to normal today. We were in the park but we didn’t notice anything going on. We heard it later on the news
  9. Hello ladies. Beautiful fall weather here today, although it was pretty rainy and stormy Monday and Tuesday. The beaches and dunes along Lake Michigan have been really affected by the storms. In some cases more than 30 feet of dunes have been washed away, leaving some lakefront homes vulnerable to damage and destruction. And of course, those property owners aren’t allowed to do anything to avoid further damage. It seems you need the governments permission for that....and that takes six months or longer. I understand the necessity of oversight by authority, but I do feel sorry for those homeowners. Some will lose their homes if any more storms assault the shoreline. I saw one picture where the deck had broken off the house and the area under the house foundation was visible. Thanks Judy and Mona. The stockings are fun to work on. I have a third in progress. Grandson #3 is nicknamed frog for reasons which escape me at the moment, so I am trying to create a frog in a Santa hat. I found a few patterns and sort of mashed them together. I’m not quite getting the festive look that I’m going for, but I think I will just go with it. We leave tomorrow for a week and a half in the Smokies. I am packed but Dh hasn’t started yet. It always takes him a long time to pack. He brings a lot more than I do! We will have a washer and dryer in the condo we rented, so I figure I can always do laundry. I even have laundry caught up and the house clean. Just a little vacuuming left to do.
  10. Hi ladies. Finally feeling better. Of course, once I felt better I decided to craft. I guess the cleaning and laundry will wait for me. For a while, I’ve been thinking that we need new a Christmas stockings, something neutral and all co-ordinating so that it will look like once in my life I had a plan!:). I like the looks of burlap stockings so I put a trip to the fabric store on my to do list. A couple of days ago, I stopped by the nearby thrift store. They had a couple of yards of what they said was wool tweed, although it looks like burlap. (It does feel like wool, but I can’t imagine anyone sewing clothes out of it!). It was only $2 so I bought it. Then for my next brainstorm, I decided it would be a good idea to embroider names, using the monogram attachment that came with one of my vintage sewing machines. The attachment works well, but I discovered that I lack the patience to arrange all those letters in a straight line and keep them centered. I will do the first letter by machine and hand embroider the rest. That will take a lot less time, plus it will be portable. I have two out of 13 started. I would at least like to get the ones for the grandkids done this year I have also pulled out several yarn WIPs, a knit scarf, a crocheted hat and an afghan. At least I have my craft mojo back!
  11. Hi ladies. It’s definitely fall here. Dreary, rainy and chilly. I have been down for at least a week with an awful cold/sinus infection. It’s finally starting to let up. At least today I did something besides lay on the couch. I took a good look at my UfOs and actually frogged a few. I knew that I would never finish them. I also worked a bit on those two scrap afghans that I have going, plus I crocheted a bit on a hat that I found in the pile. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel like doing laundry. I think that “feeling like vacuuming” is too much to hope for! But hopefully I will do it anyway!
  12. Hi ladies. You know for a retired person, I seem to be awfully busy. I’m hoping that nothing much comes up the rest of the week. I have barely been here for the past three weeks. My house needs work, and my pantry is looking naked. We won’t even mention my flower gardens. Brenda, your new place sounds like a dream. I know it’s a lot of work, getting moved in and organized but it certainly sounds like it will be worth it. Marisa, hope Troy really likes his new job. Sounds like your nieces and nephews keep you busy! Mona, hope things slow down for you, and I’m glad you got some me time. Mary, I’m goofing off this afternoon. I’ve been really tired. I am just too old to be out running around everyday.
  13. Hi ladies. We spent the week camping. Perfect weather, warm in the daytime, cool enough for a fire at night. I did nothing but read and walk. I managed to read 3 books in 4 days! Time to get back to regular life now though. Judy, that’s a great looking afghan...but ugh, all those ends.....
  14. Another Barbie dress. At least they are quick to finish. Dd specifically asked for non fussy, easy to put on clothes.
  15. Hi ladies. After a couple of weeks of downright chilly weather we are back to hot and humid again. It’s been a busy few days here plus my sister in law’s dad died and that took an afternoon for visiting the funeral home, plus the funeral this morning. We went to lunch with dh’s sister and her hubby and mil afterwards. The first restaurant we went to had no electricity, so we had to choose someplace else. And traffic was awful for a Wednesday morning. Youngest Dd and I are going away this weekend with my sister, sisters in law and nieces to a spa. It’s about a four to five hour drive each way. Then on Monday we are leaving to go camping for the week. Luckily Dh doesn’t want to leave until after lunch. It’s not as rushed as it sounds. We have an RV and we keep everything we need in there all summer. We just pack our clothes and some food and we’re good to go. But now I have a dilemma....should I clean the house tomorrow,more leave it. It’s not like I’m going to be here to enjoy it for the next week or so.......:) So, nothing especially exciting going on here. I’ve been crocheting Barbie doll clothes. Our grand daughter is getting a Barbie for her birthday. Those little clothes don’t take long, but they are hard on the hands. Plus, they need to go on easily since she is just turning 5. So far I have a jacket and a dress. Most patterns call for size 10 thread, and I just can’t crochet with that. Too much old age in my fingers and hands I think. Not to mention the faltering vision.....
  16. Brenda, I think Dh figured out that it would require more time than he had available. Our local botanical garden has a bonsai show in the summer and has a few on display all year. They are so beautiful. BTW, my idea of taking it easy doesn’t involve laundry or mowing! Back to normal life here today after a really busy weekend. You know....a little laundry, a little housework, a little weeding. Next thing I know, it’s dinner time. Oh well, I’m retired, whatever I didn’t get to today will be there tomorrow. Marisa, I’m kind of lukewarm about board games too, but We often play games with our grandsons and they like me to join in. There are a few games that I don’t mind. I’m not really into making puzzles either, but Dh likes them. I have to say that they are growing on me. Dh, ds and dsil took concealed carry classes a few years ago. I can hit a target, but I’m not at all into guns, so it’s rare that I get talked into going to the shooting range. (And it’s even on our property.)
  17. Happy Labor Day, ladies. It’s a gorgeous day here, sunny, breezy, and warm. We went to a huge flea market this morning. I didn’t buy much, but youngest Dd bought a really cute little table with a couple of matching chairs for her front porch. I bought a bunch of produce. It was all super cheap compared to the farmers market or the grocery store. We had everyone here for lunch, and now Im out on the patio, alternately reading and crocheting. Brenda, thanks for sharing the bonsai pictures. Dh was interested in trying that for a while, but he never got started, and now he isn’t so interested anymore. Judy, as usual, your projects are great, and that was certainly a great compliment from your neighbor. Diana, I like that c2c. I’ve never made a doily, the very thought makes my hands hurt. I have a dresser scarf made by my hubby’s grandma, that is made out of very fine thread I can’t even begin to imagine how long it took her. She died when my Dh was a child. When my mil went to the nursing home, it was destined for the thrift store, if I didn’t take it. Collette, sorry to hear about your accident. I’m glad you’re ok. Vehicles are replaceable but people aren’t. Marisa, hows the deck project coming? Restraining our deck rails was on my to do list for this summer, but I haven’t even started on it yet. I think I am going to touch up the trim on the house this year though I painted it all last spring, so it’s in pretty good shape. I missed a few spots though! Mary, are you ok? Seems like it’s been awhile..
  18. Maria, no, we ended up eating inside. We got there at 4:30, (they open at 4), and there was already a 45 minute wait for outdoor seating. Our 18 month old grand daughter was with us, and we knew the wait would be too much for her. When we left a little after 6, the wait was 2 hours for outside seating and about an hour and a half for inside seating. I wouldn’t wait that long, but there were lots f people waiting. There are plenty of good restaurants nearby, including several other waterfront restaurants. It’s just that this particular one is less than a mile from our house. I spent the morning clearing out stuff from the basement. There’s actually not as much down there as I thought, but it’s really unorganized. At any rate, I can use the treadmill now if I work up the ambition!
  19. Good morning. Beautiful day here, a bit cool, but clear and sunny. I have finished my chores and the last load of laundry is in. I intend to read and crochet the afternoon away, probably out on the patio. Tomorrow is youngest Dd’s Birthday. We are all going out to dinner at a local lakefront restaurant tonight to celebrate. Hopefully we can get there early enough to eat out on their deck.
  20. Marisa, good to see you again! Congrats on your marriage. I have some storage cubes a lot like those you have with the doors. I have them in our master closet for folded clothes. I went shopping and out for lunch with oldest Dd and my grand daughters today. No time for crafting. I did bake banana and pumpkin bread this evening though. I was going to make cookies, but they are a lot more work. We are having dh’s siblings and their spouses over tomorrow and I wanted to have some snacks stuff for that. Mona, that is crazy hot. It only got up to 75 here today, and right now it’s around 60. My idea of perfect weather!
  21. Hi ladies. Wow, take a few days away from here, and it explodes! I’ve been working outside and cleaning in the basement storage area. There is so much stuff down there! Lots of it either belongs to Dh or mil brought it over and it has dh’s name on it. Our children have all been out of the house for years, but they still have stuff down there as well. I need that space......for my stuff! Really, nothing much going on here. Everyday I knit or crochet or sew a little but I haven’t finished anything.
  22. The one my Grandma made was pretty much the same colors as yours.
  23. Diana, lovely projects. That round pillow in the background of the first picture is just like the ones my grandma always made.
  24. Sounds like that’s exactly what the doctor ordered! so here I am.....procrastinating on the housework once again. It’s another gorgeous day here. Warm but breezy, low humidity. I don’t want to stay inside and clean. However, I also want to come home to a clean house after next weeks camping trip. Guess I should clean the camper a bit as well. It’s been 2 years since we went camping and Dh has been working in there. It didn’t look too bad when I checked it out, but I’m sure a bit of elbow grease won’t hurt it. We had a lovely evening at the beach. We ran into friends while walking to the lighthouse, and ending up sitting and talking for quite a while. The sunset over the lake was pretty, but not as spectacular as it often is. Clouds obscured a lot of it. There was a huge ship making its way through the channel while we were walking. It’s only the second time I have seen one going through there and both times were this summer. Dh grew up going there and said he never saw one before this summer either. enjoy your weekend.
  25. Hi ladies. Lovely weather here, warm but with a nice breeze. As soon as Dh gets ready we are going to the beach. Not to swim, but to sit and people watch and watch the sun set. Maybe we will watch the musical fountain as well. https://ghfountain.com/ We will pack a picnic supper. It’s too nice to be inside. It’s better for my weight loss program too! Welcome NCcountrygal. I always visit Crochetville on my iPad. The newest version actually looks a little less cluttered to me. I don’t visit every forum by a long shot sometimes at night in bed, I look at all the pretty projects, but otherwise, I mostly just come here. I don’t spend much time online in the summer, so I’ve not been very active lately. That will probably change when I spend more time indoors. Its been such nice weather here that I have been outside all week. My housework has suffered, but Ive been crocheting, gardening and reading. Next week we are going camping for a few days hopefully the weather stays like this. hope you are all doing well.
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