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  1. Mona ~ I hope you don't get too much bad weather from Barry. We are in north Texas (Fort Worth) but always pay attention to the coastal weather because it can have an effect in our area. Have a good weekend, friends!
  2. Good Morning. It's been a busy week and once again, I've been reading but not posting. We had more storms last night with one more large branch down. Thankfully it didn't hit the house! We've had arborists come every two or three years to keep the trees 'cleaned up'...I'm about ready to have at least one taken out. We only heard one or two loud fireworks. Our police department is great. They announce on social media and in the local paper that they will be patrolling and issuing tickets with fines. I have an eye appointment later - may have a cataract. Something is different! I just saw Donna's announcement about the upgrade - hope it doesn't last too long. Have a good day, friends.
  3. Good morning, everyone. Cindy ~ Thank you for letting us know you are okay. Sorry you still have to fight the traffic once in a while, though! How exciting that your son is in Norway! Brenda ~ Oh, more rain...not what you all need. I need your sis and niece to come and motivate me to do some more purging. Lol Several months ago I asked hubby to empty the attic above the garage except for holiday stuff. DD doesn't want to go through her stuff and hubby won't part with anything, so those boxes are still stacked in the garage. Mona ~ I hope you're having a quiet day after the party! Looking forward to seeing the blankets. Shani ~ Enjoy your time in Michigan! Do you have a large family there? Hi to Judy and anyone I may have missed. We're in for the day. The heat index was 105 yesterday and more of the same today. Crochet time for me! Have a good day, friends.
  4. Hi House. I hope everyone had a good day yesterday. We had a quiet day and thankfully no one around us had fireworks, so Gracie was not freaking out this year! Shani ~ Welcome! We're glad you're here! Your ripple 'ghan is lovely and so is the afghan in your profile picture. Cindy ~ Yay for working on the UFO list! I hope you're okay...since you mentioned the frequent mammograms, I've been worried about you.♥ Mona ~ Your holiday weekend sounds super busy! I hope you have lots of help and can have some 'me' time, too. Judy ~ Your latest afghans are both so pretty. I need to make some solid color afghans and take a break from all those ends! Brenda ~ Do you have a moving date yet? Your house sale sounds so much easier than using a realtor and having people traipsing through all the time! This is the first full week in a long time that we haven't had appointments! But I did have to go oven shopping...my wonderful slide in gas range works fine, but the door lock froze and there are no longer parts available. So it will be hauled off with a sheet pan with roasted asparagus inside. Have a good day, all!
  5. Good morning, everyone! I've just read through posts and have missed a lot! The last 3 weeks have been a mixed bag of good, bad and ugly. Lol Major storms three Sundays in a row, power outages that had us (and Zoe and Gracie) staying in a hotel two different times, a major tree limb on the back side of the house...just to name a few fun things. And...U-verse has been out several times! The boys have been here quite a bit and are very busy. They go to summer camp next week and are very excited! We are going to an early 4th picnic today, so I'd better get busy. I will be back much sooner now that things have settled down a bit...we have another chance of storms this evening, so keeping fingers crossed. No crochet pictures, but Felix and Tank are always entertaining. ♥
  6. Hi Brenda! So glad your DH's paperwork and your insurance mess are finally getting straightened out! They sure have dragged this out and it must be so frustrating! And yes, Felix and Tank are as sweet as can be. Felix is definitely more cuddly and Tank is the instigator! The boys have made them a "fort" and a tunnel out of boxes and they play nonstop. 4 more rows to go on a baby 'ghan and then on to the border.
  7. Good morning, friends. Cindy ~ Congratulations on your retirement! I'll bet you'll really love not having to get up so early and not driving in ice and snow this winter! Mona ~ I hope your hubby's eyes are better now. So glad you've had some crochet time! Judy ~ I love the tote bag...the colors are so fun and happy. Hi Brenda! The last two weeks have been very busy. Hubby's appointments and another plastic surgery, staying with the boys a lot and just trying to keep up...time flies! Sarah and Missy's store continues to get amazing sales! They've been featured in Fort Worth Magazine and two other regional magazines. The kittens are so cute and very entertaining. While we were there Thursday, they decided to start running up and down the stairs. Lol They hadn't even looked at them before! We're supposed to have a 105* heat index today and severe storms this evening. Better get busy! Have a good Sunday, everyone.
  8. Hi Brenda. They both have blue eyes and go from playing and chasing each other to falling asleep in an instant. So sweet. Your mini stockings are wonderful! I'm still playing catch up from being sick and hope to have some crochet time later.
  9. 'Morning all. Just a quick post for now... Here are the little guys. They are so tiny and cute...and identical except one has a very small spot of white on his throat. Luke has named his Felix and Zach's is Tank. No one can figure out where he came up with that one. Lol
  10. Hi House. Mona ~ Thank you! I took the lower dosage this a.m. (4000 iu) and so far so good. Yes, you'd think where we live would take care of all the vitamin D we need! Lol Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I think we'll go over to DD's tomorrow. Can't wait to see my new grandcats! Sarah has texted 5 pictures today and they are still napping a lot, but starting to explore a little. Have a good weekend, everyone.
  11. Hi Ladies. So sorry to have been mia. My last labs showed a huge change in my Vitamin D level and our new doctor put me on a mega dose of D2 daily. Apparently, it doesn't agree with me and I've been sick for days. I stopped taking it and she changed the dosage and I start that tomorrow. When I feel too sick to crochet, you know it can't be good. I have so much to catch up on and am trying not to get stressed! Sorry for the 'me' post...this too shall pass. Positive news! Zach won his first taekwondo "real" match and he is so excited. Lol And Sarah adopted two kittens from the humane society. They had to say good bye to their "Lucky the Cat" several months ago and the boys have missed him every day. The kittens are brothers and absolutely precious. Have a good holiday weekend, friends. I hope to be back soon.
  12. Good morning all. I can't believe it's Friday already! We're supposed to have more storms tomorrow and they are closing the lake road near us. The lake levels are at or over flood stage and more rain will not be good. We use that road as a shortcut to go to several appointments, so we'll have to change our route. Judy ~ Have you finished the granny 'ghan? My ripple is completed and I'm trying to decide what to start next. Brenda ~ Your granny stripe afghans are lovely! I love the random colors! Hi to the rest of the House, too. I'm going to run errands early this morning, so need to get busy.
  13. Beautiful tree, Mary Jo!
  14. Hi House. I hope everyone is having a good weekend. We've had several more inches of rain this past week. I try not to complain because we will be praying for rain this summer! Happy Mother's Day to all the moms! We're meeting Sarah and her guys at one of our favorite restaurants tomorrow. My ripple afghan is about ¾ finished...hope to accomplish more this afternoon. Have a good day, friends.
  15. Such a lovely table! Your mom's tablecloth is so special and I love each and every one of your Angels.
  16. Katy ~ I am so sorry for your loss. Sending gentle hugs and prayers to you and your family.
  17. Good Monday morning. Judy ~ Good luck with all the appointments. We don't have any this week...can't remember the last time that happened! I've always loved the combination of purple/lavender and green. Looking forward to seeing the granny 'ghan! I made spinach lasagna rolls yesterday and hubby was happy. This morning minestrone sounds good so of course I need to go to the store again. My current project is a simple ripple (Attic 24) and it's a nice change from the blanket stitch! Have a good day, friends.
  18. 'Morning all. The rain continues...more coming this afternoon and overnight! Everything is soggy and there has been flooding in many areas. Brenda ~ The move sounds like a good thing. We've been in this house longer than any of the others and we really need to down size one of these days. Just not sure where to go! I'm leaving shortly for my mammogram and grocery shopping. Can't wait. Have a good day, everyone.♥♥♥
  19. Good Morning! Once again, I am sooo behind on everything...but I have read through posts! We've had serious storms last week and this week. Several times with no power or U-verse so thank goodness for cell phones! Marlene ~ It's wonderful to see your post! Happy Belated Birthday to you. Judy ~ The latest afghan is gorgeous and I love the border! Even just thinking about a size F hook makes my hands hurt! Lol Brenda ~ You all are going through a lot right now. Have you made a final decision on moving? Cindy ~ I hope you are through with snow now! You all deserve some lovely spring weather. Mona ~ Sending positive thoughts and hugs to you and your hubby. Today is our only day with no appointments and I plan to crochet all afternoon. Two days, we had to leave while the power was out and manually open and close the double garage door. For one app't. we took Gracie and I waited with her in the car... too much thunder to leave her here alone! Take care, friends and have a good day!
  20. I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Happy Easter! We're going to DD's tomorrow along with the inlaws and the boys' cousins. I'm taking a black bean and corn salad/dip and guacamole. Down to the last 10 rows on a baby afghan. I think it's time to change patterns now. Lol Have a good evening, friends. ♥♥♥
  21. Hi Katy! I just checked the forums and saw that you all were missing! I hope it's all okay now.
  22. Good Morning! The glass company guys are coming this morning to replace the window. They said they've had several calls, but it could have been much worse. The upstairs windows are 6' by 6' and this one is in my sewing room, so I had to do some major rearranging. Lol More storms coming tomorrow evening - oh joy. I have several errands to take care of, so I'm leaving hubby here to direct traffic. Have a good Tuesday, friends.
  23. Judy ~ The afghan looks just perfect with the initials added! Cindy ~ Stay warm! You must be so ready for spring. I hope the grandkids feel better soon. We went out for lunch and a trip to Lowe's and the grocery store. So exciting around here! Lol
  24. Good morning, Ladies. 🌞 Once again, the worst of the storms missed us. After seeing pictures of major damage, I am so thankful knowing it could have been us. We have one cracked window upstairs from the hail, but everything else looks okay. The sun is shining and the hummingbirds are at both feeders this morning! Brenda ~ Thank you for the wonderful picture of Zelda. Such a great way to announce the wedding! Mona ~ Thinking of you both and hope things are going okay. I know you're doing a lot of driving along with keeping up with everything else and I hope you can take a little 'me' time, too. Hi Mary Jo! The flower babies are adorable! I love seeing your tables and other projects...you are so talented! (Peggy Sue will always be my favorite, though. ) Judy ~ Beautiful afghan! Love the texture of the cross stitch rows...so pretty. Hi Cindy and the rest of the House, too! I'm working on another blanket stitch baby afghan...and trying to figure out why I'm not tired of the pattern yet.
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