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  1. Oh Judy, Im so very sorry. I know how much Sparkie was loved by his people. Is Lucy doing ok?
  2. Good morning. We came home Saturday, and today it’s back to normal life. I was ready for my own bed, but I wouldn’t have minded staying away a little longer! I need to grocery shop today. We have lots of meat and veggies in the freezer but no bread or fresh produce. We managed yesterday, but sh will want bread for lunch. I suppose I could bake some, but I don’t feel that ambitious today. I’m still working on using up stash yarn. Current project is a chemo hat. It’s just about finished. I’m using this pattern: The stitch pattern is really nice and the hat looks good. I don’t have enough yarn to make the turned up piecewith the button. I haven’t decided yet if I will do the bottom edge and that part in a contrasting color or if I will just finish it off as a regular hat.
  3. No, hotels. Hubby didn’t want to bother with the camper, although the UP is a great place to camp. Our view at the moment
  4. Hi ladies. I’m done with work for a week...well except for this pesky class that I have to take tomorrow. Once that is done we are going up to Michigans Upper Peninsula for the rest of the week. mary And Judy, lovely afghans.
  5. Mona, that’s a beautiful blanket. Brenda, your fingers have been busy, busy, busy! Thanks Mary, I plan to give the vinegar treatment a try. Nothing much to report here. Heat and humidity are back, but I guess I can’t complain. We haven’t needed our A/C in at least a week. We went out out for dinner yesterday to a lakeside restaurant. It’s about 2 minutes from our house but we never go there. Generally we drive into Grand Rapids which is in the opposite direction. However, traffic in the city is generally horrendous and it’s worse than usual on Friday evenings, so I suggested this place. We had an excellent dinner on the lakeside deck and we will go back there again. I made another potholder, bigger than the other two, and used up another ball and a half of cotton. Now Im making a chemo hat that I will donate. I have a bunch made already, but I want to fill the box before I mail it in. We have a wedding to attend this afternoon. Hopefully we won’t get home too late. Enjoy the day....
  6. I haven’t checked in here in a month or two. I totally quit crafting for a while, just didn’t feel like it. So many awesome projects have been posted! Now that I have picked my hook back up, I decided that I was going to use up some of my stash. In the past week, I have made two magic potholders and a dishcloth and have used up 3 balls of cotton yarn, plus some odds and ends. Hopefully I am going to keep at it! I usually put some dishcloths in my daughters stockings. This year they will get potholders too. Hopefully the fact that I just used whatever yarn I had available won’t bother them. A third, larger potholder is on my hook. It will finish up 2 more balls of cotton, plus a few tiny balls. (Sadly my cotton yarn box still looks just as full as ever.)
  7. Hi ladies. Fairly quiet day at work today. Hello ladies. Back to very hot weather here as well, although there is a slight breeze. Mary, my collection of craft supplies could seriously keep me busy for several years! (Actually, so could my collection of UFOs) so, I have a question. I’ve been making dishcloths. As you probably know, cotton yarn fades as soon as you launder it. Actually it probably fades as soon as you stick the item in soapy water. I’ve heard about soaking in a vinegar and water solution to set the dye. Has anyone tried this? If so, did it work? It’s a little disappointing to make yourself new dishcloths, only to have them turn grayish and faded after one run through the washer.
  8. Hi ladies. I thought I posted yesterday but I must not have hit post. We have also gotten a bit of rain and are enjoying cooler temperatures, at least until tomorrow, when the heat is supposed to return. Nice blanket Judy. WTH on all those mini stockings Brenda. Nothing much to report here. I made two magic potholes and a washcloth this weekend in an attempt to decrease my cotton stash. When I run out of one color, I just add on another and keep going. They aren't always very attractive, but they are functional.
  9. Hi ladies. It’s another beautiful day here. I’m outside crocheting magic potholders. One done, another started. Not sure exactly what for...but it’s using up some of my cotton stash. Maybe they can go live in the camper. (The camper is stocked with my stained and frayed castoffs at the moment.). With the leftover pieces I’m making a scrappy dishcloth. I also picked up the dropped stitch in my scrappy knit blanket. I didn’t do it right, it looks off, but at least it won’t unravel and it isn’t too obvious...... It’s my weekend to work, so this afternoon I’m just going to relax with my Hook and my book. Hope everyone has a great weekend.
  10. Good morning. It’s just plain beautiful weather here, sunny and comfortably warm. It was a doozy of a day of a day at work yesterday. My one patient was so sick that I was rarely able to leave her side. Even after a good nights sleep, I’m tired! The docs were saying that she was by far the sickest patient in the ICU. I don’t have to work again until Friday now. Brenda, those dulcimers are so pretty. My dad did woodworking as a hobby. I don’t have a lot of things that he made, but my brothers and sister do. It was mostly a matter of no room in my house for the bigger pieces of furniture that he liked to make. He built the cabinets in our master bath though, plus I have a rocking chair, an end table/magazine rack combination, a couple of clocks, and some small “art” pieces. However, he made many book cases, tables, benches, dressers and a lot of other big stuff. My kids all have a few of his pieces as well, including a cradle that he made for his first great grandchild. He made cedar chests for my mom, me and my sister and my two sisters in law. He also made one for my oldest daughter. He had five grand daughters and he made five of them, with the idea that eventually each grand daughter would have one. When my youngest daughter bought a condo, I gave mine to her. Hope you are all all having a great day.
  11. What a great idea! I’d want to follow it home too!
  12. Hello ladies. It’s still hot and humid here. We had some thunderstorms yesterday evening, but not anywhere near enough rain. They were pretty strong in some areas. Lots of power outages and trees down. It was pretty tame here. We are going to DDs for dinner tonight and then dd and I are going shopping for a bit. I made 2 dozen rolls and cupcakes as my contribution to dinner. My grandsons LOVE bread! I also made a cake because I had extra batter left after making a dozen cupcakes. I will give that to dd as well. Cake is the last thing that I need to have in the house! I did manage to get all my chores done on Saturday, but my back was awfully upset by evening. It’s quite a bit better today. Brenda, I ought to think about downsizing. I have at least 8 sets of dishes. I actually use 3 sets regularly, but I could probably at least give up a couple of sets of Christmas dishes. (I have 3 of those. In my defense (ha, ha), I bought two sets super cheap at yard sales, one set was brand new in the box.) My theory has always been that if I have room for them, I can keep them! And my Dh doesn’t help. He bought me a set for Christmas last year. I have put myself on a yarn and fabric diet though. I don’t know what I was thinking with all that stuff. Again, it all has a home, but making plans to use it is work, and somehow the plans never seem to come to fruition. Hope you are all having a productive Monday.
  13. Hello ladies. Hot, humid and gloomy here. I really wish it would rain. We need it badly. It was an extremely busy week at work. I’m in the middle of a stretch of 6 days off now though. Last night was dh’s family reunion. Lots of conversation and too much food. I spent my morning cleaning. I still have a couple of things I want to do but I’m not sure they will happen. My back is saying “enough”. Still, what I have left isn’t very strenuous. I’m still knitting with my leftover yarn balls. The throw is growing....but very slowly. Hope you are all all having a good weekend.
  14. Good morning. Another hot day in store for us. So....what is it with men and baggy clothes? My hubby does that too! Yesterday was a super busy day at work, my one patient was so sick that I barely left her side all day. I didn’t check to see how many steps I got in, but it couldn’t have been very many! Standing pretty much in one place all day makes my back act up more than if I am getting in a lot of walking. I think today is going to be a sit and enjoy kind of day. I think I might do some sewing for a change. Have a great day!
  15. Hello ladies. It was a bit cooler here over the weekend, but it’s back to hot and humid today. I went out to breakfast with a friend this morning, which means that my to do list is not getting accomplished as quickly as I would like. I have to work tomorrow, but I guess the work will still be there on a Thursday. Our local botanic garden has one of those stinky plants that only bloom once every seven years. (Corpse flower). It’s going to bloom this week and Dh kind of wants to go and see it. The blooms only last about a day and a half so we will have to keep an eye on their website if we want to see it. I’m not sure that I do. The smell is reportedly overwhelmingly horrible. I’d be okay with a picture! Brenda, it sounds like your sister is doing really well. Bailey4, you always get so much done. Hope you get another break from the heat soon. Judy, Mona and Mary, I don’t believe there is ever an end to house repairs. As soon as you think you are finished, something else pops up. And...if it isn’t the house, there’s always the car!