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  1. Hi ladies. I have to confess that this shelter in place thing is starting to wear on me. I am bored, bored, bored. I have plenty of things to do, but I don’t want to do any of them. Today was a little better, the sun shone and it was nice and warm. I even managed to get in some work on a couple of my UFOs. Today I went to our little independent grocery store. I was one of two customers in there! They were selling toilet paper for $1 a single roll, and cases of water for $6! That’s really high for this area. No flour, sugar, or dish soap, and limits on lots of things. I went for produce, milk and eggs which were all in plentiful supply, but there were a lot of empty shelves. My brother in law is still doing very poorly, but not getting worse. It’s just a waiting game at this point.
  2. His COVID19 test was negative! So that means he is allowed one visitor every day. None of hubby’s siblings wanted to visit today, so DH went. If he didn’t go, DD was going to. BIL remains in ICU on a ventilator.
  3. Hi ladies. It’s a nice sunny day here....cold, but it’s so good to see the sun! Snow in the forecast for tomorrow.😥 Dh’s brother with leukemia got admitted to ICU yesterday. No visitors allowed, and only his decision makers can call for updates. In his case that is my niece and my Youngest Dd. (The NP) He sounds stable, but they have no idea what to ask. We will likely know tonight if he has COVID19. If yes, then Dh and I will have been exposed. Dh drove him to chemo on Tuesday. BIL didn’t really have typical symptoms though, so fingers crossed that it isn’t. Otherwise we will be sitting even lower for a couple of weeks. I am considered extra high risk due to being on an immunosuppressant drug. Plus I’m over 60. It’s so weird to think of myself as high risk though. I think that I am in pretty good health. I guess it’s a good thing that we are well stocked we don’t need to go anywhere. Hope you are all coping well!
  4. I have to say that “social distancing” isn’t bothering me a bit, at least not yet. A pile of yarn and an audio book and I’m good for hours. It must be hard for people who don’t read or have hobbies that they can do at home. Dh is getting a bit stir crazy though. He has nearly a years worth of work lined up, and several months worth, here at home. He is used to working from home so I think it’s more the idea of it, rather than actually minimizing social contacts. My youngest DD, the nurse practitioner, is already complaining of boredom, and yesterday was just her first day of working at home. Ds says he accomplished more work at home yesterday than he would have in the office. On Tuesday I went to the little grocery store nearby. It’s never very busy, but it was very poorly stocked, which is unusual. I just wanted some fruit, vegetables and milk, which were available. I walked up and down all the aisles, just to see. They had no paper products, no bread, flour or sugar, and cleaning products, meat, canned goods and dairy were very skimpy. There was no cheese, no eggs, and no biscuits/ bagels/English muffins either. Milk was limited to one and they had maybe 10 gallon jugs and 4 or 5 half gallons, one of which I bought. The manager said that they were still getting all their regular deliveries, so it seems that people were panic buying in large quantities. Now there are limits on how much you can buy for many items. The greediness that this displays is scary to me. At this point there is no interruption in supply and as far as I know, none is anticipated. People will be able to get what they need, when they need it if everyone co-operates. When there are 6 children in the family and bread and milk are limited to one per purchase, that makes things tough.
  5. Brenda, the situation with your sis sounds frustrating and anxiety provoking. I hope that your sister doesn’t have abscesses forming, although fever and other evidences of infection are worrisome. Hopefully if sis needs antibiotics at home, they will teach the technique to a family member as well. To be honest, going home is probably the safest course if she is well enough. Sounds like you and your niece are very aware of what she needs. That hospital, like pretty much every hospital is probably overwhelmed and understaffed. I’m glad to be retired!
  6. Brenda, speaking as a retired ICU nurse, it sounds like your sis is making really good progress considering all that she has gone through. You and your niece must be exhausted though. Hospitals here have already instituted COVID 19 precautions. One visitor per patient is all that is allowed. (Two for children and exceptions made for patients who are dying, at least for now.) We had planned to go on vacation for the next few weeks. In fact, we had planned to leave yesterday, but in light of the current recommendations to stay put at home, we cancelled. Hopefully we will get some of our money back, but either way, we feel we made the right decision for us. staying put at home is relatively easy for us. Dh works from home and I like it here. Plus, I have enough yarn and fabric to last me at least ten years. Our son, daughter and son in law will all start working from home tomorrow. Dd says that by the end of the week, she will be seeing patients via virtual visits. (Needs education first.) Only a couple of providers will be in the office to see emergent patients, and I would assume that there are still patients who are unable to use technology.
  7. I agree, not a good time to take a cruise. I have heard that a lot of school districts are requiring a 2 week quarantine period for anyone even traveling out of state.
  8. Oh no! That’s a pretty major setback! How is she doing now?
  9. Hi ladies. This time change thing still has me dragging. I haven’t accomplished a thing this week although I have plans..... We decided a couple of days ago that we needed a vacation, so we are off to the mountains next week. The joys of being retired! Maybe I will get some crocheting done at the cabin! hope you are all doing well.
  10. Oh no, Mona. That’s a bummer about the foot. Hope you heal quickly. I still haven’t been crocheting. I made two covers for my sewing machines this week though. What I should have been doing is sewing Dd a curtain for the window next to her front door. The previous owner had made a curtain with a stapler! It’s “interesting”, I guess! my iPad says it’s battery is almost done so I’d getter hit post while I can.....
  11. Just dropping by to say hi. Not really crocheting much lately.....although I really should finish the afghan that was part of DDs Christmas present. I have been reading quite a bit though. The sun has finally come out for the past few days, so maybe I will feel a bit more motivated. hope you are all doing well.
  12. Hi ladies. Sorry I’ve been away. Still dealing with family drama here, and I’m trying to cut back my online time. I’ve decided to distance myself a bit from bil and his issues. Dh is upset and worried about him, so I think it’s better if I am a bit neutral for lack of a better word. I like my bil, but I don’t feel the need to sort out all his problems like my hubby and his siblings do. Sometimes you have to take the consequences of your choices. Well, now I want to go swimming. We had a pool growing up and our neighbors had an indoor pool, (they also had a private airfield), so we could swim all year. Once I could drive, my folks bought a Y membership too. When our kids were home, we had a pool, but once they moved out dh decided he didn’t want to take care of it any more. Nothing much to report here. No finishes to report either.
  13. Hi ladies. Nothing much to report here. I have worked a bit on a scarf, and on DDs afghan, but life keeps getting in the way. Dhs youngest brother is being worked up for a stem cell transplant and they expect family to come to a lot of his appointments. I went shopping today with my daughter. Now shopping is pretty low on my list of fun things to do, so I never go to the mall. Well today I walked around the mall. My back is really upset! I feel like I worked a twelve hour shift! I did buy a pair of shoes and a dress. I resisted yarn and fabric! hope you are all doing well.
  14. Hi ladies. Hope you are all well. I am still working on my UFOs but no more finishes. Judy, those are cute hats. Looks like a good way to use up yarn and give you a sense of accomplishment no thread for this girl....although I wish I could crochet with it. Those little hooks give me terrible hand cramps.
  15. Here is the completed baby surprise sweater.
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