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  1. Happy birthday, Judy! Good morning. Still snowing here. It looks like 8 or 10 inches on the ground already. Dh says it should stop by mid morning. We we are planning to go out to dinner tonight with dh’s brothers and their wives, and then to mil’s assisted living for a bit to celebrate Christmas. Hopefully the roads will be plowed. It’s too cold for the snow to melt, but driving on snow isn’t nearly as bad as ice, and, sad to say, we are used to it. Driving on snowy roads in the dark while it is snowing hard is an entirely different thing. You can’t see a thing and if that is the case, maybe we will stay home. Dh wants to stop at Meijers for a few things on the way, which means that I can buy Mil a couple of sets of knitting needles. I doubt that dh’s oldest brother will come, unless their weather is a lot better than ours. It’s possible since they are a lot further from the lake. They live 60 miles from here, and my sister in law would have to drive, since my brother in law is close to legally blind. She is close to 70 and isn’t as adventurous as she used to be. I have decided that dd will get the afghan for her birthday. I bought her more than enough stuff for a Christmas, and I think the afghan will turn out better if I quit rushing at it. Her birthday is in January, which gives me about three extra weeks to finish it. Have a great day ladies! Oh....did I mention that it is snowing?
  2. Snow must make me feel ambitious. I have 6 dozen cookies on cooling racks and more cookie dough in the fridge. I must be getting into the holiday spirit.’s snowing again.
  3. Good morning. The snow has stopped and the sun is shining. However, it is about 3 degrees outside. Dd and I cancelled our cooking day. Dsil called when he was on his way to work and said the roads were still very bad. After 35 minutes he was only halfway to work. His commute is normally about 15 minutes. We rescheduled to next week. At least the snowy view is pretty! Judy, Dd’s Birthday is in January....I will probably give it to her then. Our family is opening gifts next Friday, and I have another busy week coming up. I will do a better job on it if I’m not rushed. I already bought her birthday gifts, I will just swap out the afghan for one of those. My day has been pretty productive so far. I made ten pounds of mashed potatoes and browned ten pounds of I cleaned up after myself. I also have bread dough rising. The potatoes and hamburger are for the freezer cooking session so I put them in the freezer. Tomorrow evening is our Christmas open house for mil, so I need to bake a few things for that. I’d better go put out some butter to soften. Have a great day, my friends.
  4. Hello ladies. Snowing hard here. Plus, it’s really cold. it wasn’t too bad yet when I went to the dentist this morning. I managed to finish my Christmas shopping while I was out too. Wel, all except for the circular knitting needles that I was going to get for mil. Maybe I will give her some of mine and buy new ones when I need them. That might be years from now!:) 3 squares left on Dds afghan, and my ambition to finish it has left. I’m going to just have to force myself to work on it, I guess. Judy, it’s been years since I finished an afghan made of squares! However, I do have a lot of squares laying around.
  5. Good morning. It’s snowing hard here and it’s supposed to keep up into Wednesday. Not looking forward to tomorrow’s drive into work. I guess it looks pretty though....... Work was out of control this weekend. I hope it settles down by tomorrow. Our new software isn’t helping. Charting takes at least twice as long as it used to. This is supposed to be progress! I’ve been to the grocery store already this morning. I have more errands to run this week, but I have to go to the dentist Wednesday, so I will do them then. Four more squares left to do on Dd’s afghan. If I don’t get distracted, I ought to get it finished!
  6. Good morning. Cold and snowy in our neck of the woods. Winter has definitely arrived! Judy, the afghan is lovely. You are such a thoughtful friend. I have a very busy week or so ahead of me. It’s mostly my own fault. I scheduled all sorts of things on my days off. Plus, I volunteered to bring a meal to a family from our church. That wouldn’t be so bad, but they have a ton of dietary restrictions, including being both gluten and dairy free, so it took some research and thinking to come up with a meal that would stand up to re-heating. (I have to deliver it the evening before because that’s the only time that will work for me.) My my sister in law and I decided that we would do a Christmas open house for mil next Friday. Luckily I have her gift finished! I will have to bake cookies for that. My 63 squares afghan that I am hoping to finish for dd is going to shrink to fewer squares! Maybe 49, possibly only 35. I will just add a wide border, which appeals to me more than sewing squares together! If I finish this thing, it will cross my oldest crochet WIP off my list.
  7. Thank you Judy. I’m not really that talented. I bought a pattern, and it’s all straight lines, except for the bottom, which wasn’t hard, just fiddly. If you don’t count my time, that bag hardly cost a thing. The only things I bought specifically for it are the pattern and some quilt batting. Everything else was just taking up space around here. I do kind of wish that I had found blue fabric to use, since that is mil’s favorite color. She won’t care though. Good morning. It’s cold here today and snow is in the forecast. Not sure how much we will get, every weather forecast says something different. Not much to report here. I need to get busy wrapping gifts, and I still need to finish up my shopping. I have one grandchild gift left to get and I haven’t bought anything for ds, Dh or youngest Dd yet. I say this every year....but next year I really am going to simplify! Every year I fill stockings for everyone, but that is getting more and more expensive, and more and more difficult. Not to mention how much work it is to get each kid the same amount of presents, and wrap all those fiddly little things up. Have a great day, ladies!
  8. Happy anniversary, Judy! What a wonderful milestone! Here is the finished knitting tote. What a lot of work this was. It literally took all day.
  9. Good morning. Chilly and gloomy outside...... yes, Mary, I have room for more sewing machines. However....I think maybe I have enough! I know for sure that Dh thinks I have enough! are a crocheting machine. I managed to scrounge up enough fabric to make mil’s knitting storage bag. I had to resort to getting some upholstery fabric from dh’s shop, since I did not have many scraps big enough. I hope it turns out looking ok, matching prints is hard for me. I ended up with five different fabrics. The pattern calls for three and one of those three is the lining. I have all the pieces cut out and ready to sew. We got our tree out on Saturday, but it isn’t decorated yet. Maybe I should go for a minimalist look...a bare tree with white lights! It would certainly be less work!
  10. Good morning. Still coughing and sniffling. This is getting old..... Supposedly there is snow now in the forecast for next week. I’m sure the grandkids are thrilled...but I’m not!’s December and this is Michigan. I decided to make my mil a knitting storage tote for Christmas. I bought a pattern and downloaded it. I’m hoping to find fabric in my stash for it. Now to just get busy and make it! The pattern includes a crochet tote as well. This is the pattern: Mary, my pantry is huge, but some of it is occupied with all those small appliances that every kitchen collects, plus a person with seven sets of dishes needs lots of storage space......Really, I ought to get rid of some if those appliances, like the George Foreman grill, the quesadilla maker, and the ice cream maker, and probably more up on those top shelves. I seldom use them and wouldn’t miss them if I didn’t have them. And just curious....Aren’t there basements in a Texas? Everyone here has one. Ours is at ground level on one side of the house. (House is built on a hill). We call it the basement, but it doesn’t look or feel like one. It has outside doors and regular windows. Around here it’s a less expensive way to get more living space. I’ve always said that I wouldn’t color my hair! Of course, I have hardly any gray I may change my mind. I think I’d highlight before completely coloring though. Seems like that would be less problematic in the growing out stages. My mom did not have gray hair at all, and my dad had very little, so maybe heredity is on my side! to get myself motivated to do something productive. Have a great weekend.
  11. Good morning. Still not feeling completely well, but definitely better every day. I work tomorrow and then not again until next Thursday. Mary, it’s good to “see” you up and around. Judy, that yarn looks beautiful. I have felt well well enough to do a few chores the past few days. Yesterday I did laundry and made a start on wrapping Christmas gifts. I still have quite a bit of shopping to do. I really dislike wrapping, but the grandkids do enjoy ripping paper off their gifts, so I wrap. Youngest dd also likes to have her gifts wrapped. I’m going to buy big gift bags for everyone else though. This morning I cleaned my pantry. For some reason I have over 20 pounds of oatmeal. I use it for bread and cookies mostly, so that will last me a long time. I like oatmeal as a breakfast food, but Dh doesn’t so I rarely make it. Three canisters full were hidden way in the back. Last time I went to the Amish bulk food store, I bought two 6 pound bags, thinking that I was running low. I will probably donate the canisters to a food pantry, as I doubt that they would accept the bulk stuff. I also have at least 20 pounds of pasta. Some of that will probably end up at the food pantry as well. There’s a limit as to how much pasta two people can eat! Have a great rest of the day!
  12. Beautiful bag, as always. Thank you for all the joy you have brought to us with your bags!
  13. Good evening. Work was quieter today, but I feel worse. Probably partly because I didn’t sleep well last night. I’m not sure what Dh is doing downstairs but I hear an electric drill going. He was talking about putting in some more electrical outlets down there. He thinks I should move my sewing to the unfinished room in the back. It has windows which my current space doesn’t have. That doesn’t really bother me because I dont often sew when the weather is nice. I prefer to be outside then. The unfinished room is a lot bigger though. I could buy tables for all my sewing machines, (I have four vintage machines, plus a modern one, plus a serger). And I could have some really organized yarn storage...... Judy, hope your power wasn’t off too long. I don’t know about your weather, but it wasn’t very cold here today. It was 50 when I left for work, and 60 when I came home. Mary, hope the dental thing went well today.....
  14. Good evening ladies. Feeling quite a bit better today, and went to work. It was steady, but not out of control. Hopefully tomorrow is the same. Joanne, your weekend sounds wonderful Mary, sending good thoughts for the dental surgery. I haven’t done much for the past five days. My house needs work! On the other hand, we have finished off all the leftovers, since I didnt feel like eating, and Dh chose to rummage through the fridge.
  15. Judy, yes, I want to join that CAL, but I am trying to be strong and resist.....