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  1. Good morning. As usual, very busy at work. I work again tomorrow. Its supposed to be unseasonable cold cold for the next few days. Highs only in the 60s. If it doesn't rain, it will be a good time to get stuff done outside. Mary, that is a ton of rain! Too bad a little of it didnt come our way. It's quite dry here. Judy, I find it hard to decide on colors. Scrappy afghans always defeat he because of this. Generally speaking, I like order and symmetry. Sometimes I like yellow for the middle, but I think if you aren't careful, it looks like you are making a giant flower. Joanne, sounds like a fun time washed by all yesterday! LeeAnn, you start a new adventure today. Hope it's a terrific first day on the job. Marlene, hope all is well with you and yours. Have a a great Monday!
  2. Good morning. Gloomy here but sunshine is supposed to show up later. Nothing much going on here....a little cleaning, a little reading, a little laundry, and repeat. Tomorrow I go back to work after nearly three weeks off. I'm not looking forward to it at all. Have a a great weekend ladies.
  3. Hi ladies. It's 90 degrees and very humid here. Just the kind of weather to make me feel totally unambitious! In fact, I think we will have leftover smorgasbord for dinner today. (Doesn't that sound gourmet?!?) I went out to lunch with a group of my old co-workers today. It was at a restaurant that I hadn't ever been to before. The restaurant was on a small lake and we sat outside on the patio. I knew the lake was behind the restaurant but I didn't know the patio was back there. The restaurant that was at that location before this one just ignored the fact that there was a lake there. In fact, they didn't even have windows overlooking the lake. Anyhow, to make a long story short, I wore a cotton sweater with 3/4 sleeves because my arms are always cold in air conditioned restaurants. Today of course, I was uncomfortably hot because we were outside in the sun. Next time I will dress cool and bring a jacket! (We go out every month, but I don't always make it because of work.) I don't think anything productive is going to happen here today. I might knit a few rows on a baby blanket or sew a bit but I suspect I'm going to finish the book I started last night. have a great rest of the day, ladies!
  4. Good morning. Sunny and cool here. Just saw in the news that there is a tropical storm on the radar named Cindy.:) Mary, that blanket is lovely. The size of the picture doesn't bother me. I prefer this to the tiny thumbnails. Hope you get to hang out at home today. No big plans here today. Just the usual household chores. Maybe dh will want to visit his mom this evening. Generally I have to nag him into it. He loves her, but she's hard to visit with. She isn't interested in anything that doesn't directly affect her so it's hard to sustain any sort of conversation. Current events are out so after we talk about the weather and what she's been up to, there's not much left to talk about. 45 minutes is about his limit and then she is disappointed that we are leaving already. I think it's actually easier to visit with her by myself but she is his mother so he needs to make some effort. Have a a great day, ladies.
  5. Good morning. I've been up since five, awake since three. Nothing productive has happened here yet though. It's a chilly morning, but the sky is clear and the sun is shining. I have a dr appointment this morning, and then I will run a few errands. Yesterday I sewed myself a pair of sleep shorts. The ones I have are pretty much worn out. I used fabric from my stash. I don't even remember buying it so I've had it for a few years. I'm on a mission to use up some of my craft supplies. The shorts are very comfortable so I plan to make another pair. I have enough of the same fabric left. I also tried to count my yarn WIPs. There are at least fourteen. Yikes! There are probably more in various other places. Apparently my hobby of starting new projects has gotten out of hand..... Have a great day, ladies.
  6. Good morning. It's a really beautiful day here. Low 70s and average humidity with sunshine and a tiny bit of a breeze. I'm going to head outside in a few minutes to plant some herbs. If my columbine seeds are ripe, I'm going to sprinkle some of those along the edge of the woods. Those are pretty much fool proof. They just grow wherever they land. Every year I pull out lots of seedlings. They are such pretty flowers though. Marlene, I'm still finding the CPAP to be pretty uncomfortable at times, but at least the pressure on my airway isn't bothering me anymore. (At first I felt like I couldn't exhale at all.). When I'm awake with it on, I don't feel like I'm breathing normally and I feel like I'm constantly thinking about my breathing. My numbers still don't always look very good, but I am not waking up nearly as often at night as I used to. LeeAnn, it sure sounds like you are pushing yourself really hard. You may find a regular job with regular hours a "piece of cake" after what you've been doing. Ds had us over for a steak dinner in honor of Father's Day yesterday. It tasted great, and fit right into my latest diet. (I had steak and vegetables.) I am once again trying a low carb diet. I'm not going to be an absolute fanatic about it. In the past I've tried very low carb and felt terrible. This time I'm going to avoid white flour, and sugar and try to eat mostly whole grains and complex carbs. Have a a great Monday, ladies.
  7. Good morning. It's raining hard here at the moment...thankfully. It's been very dry and our area has a lot of farmers. Poor Sophie is a bit upset about it though. She wants to go explore out in the woods, but all she managed was a quick trip to do her thing. She doesn't mind getting wet, but this heavy rain is not to her liking. She is sitting on the edge of the front porch waiting for it to stop, or at least let up some. Joanne, I didn't actually ask much about insurance coverage, but had heard the numbers I gave from others. My monthly cost was actually less than I thought it would be, and since I'm a nurse, and know the risks associated with OSA as well as the potential benefits of effective treatment, I made up my mind to be a compliant patient, although....the temptation to take the thing off is quite strong at times! Night three of CPAP seemed about the same. I slept some but woke up a lot because of discomfort. It's actually not bad, but it gets twisted up when I move in my sleep. I'm glad I'm still on vacation until next weekend, hopefully by then I will be able to sleep better with it. I finished cleaning that room in the basement. I also rearranged the furniture in the living room. That probably wasn't a genius idea, because now my back is acting up. Guess I will do something less strenuous today. I have some laundry to do. Vacuuming ought to happen too, but it probably won't. The rain has has slowed down and the dog is now out and about. Have a a great day, ladies.
  8. Congratulations on the job, LeeAnn!
  9. Hi ladies. It's hot and humid here. We got a bit of much needed rain overnight. I was hoping for more today, but it didn't materialize. I made it it through my first night of CPAP. It wasn't easy but I made it. However, I've been tired all day. It's 9 PM and I'm thinking about going to bed. You need to use it at least four hours a night for at least 28 out of 31 days in order for insurance to pay for some of it. I'm told it can take several months to adjust. My sister in law told me that she struggled with using it for the required four hours a night. I used it for over 8 hours last night. Hopefully I can keep that up I started cleaning the basement. I've made a big trash pile and a big donation pile, but it's still a mess. I haven't even finished one room yet, though. I'm working on the room where dh dumps everything. For some reason, he just puts whatever he needs to get out of the way in the floor in that room. My back can only take so much lifting and bending, so it's going to take a few days. Guess i I will go do a bit of crocheting before I turn in. Good night!
  10. Good morning. Rain is in the forecast for today. I hope we get some, it's really needed. We got home around round two yesterday afternoon. The camper is empty, and unpacking and laundry are done, We dropped by DDs house yesterday evening since she is leaving today for a vacation in western Canada. I need to clean the camper still, (just needs floors mopped and bathroom cleaned), but I'm going to wait until it's cooler and less humid. On Monday we drove through Michigans famed "tunnel of trees" it was a beautiful drive along the Lake Michigan shoreline. We stopped to eat a late lunch at Legs Inn, (, which was an interesting experience to say the least. It's a polish restaurant, and the food was outstanding, but it's real claim to fame is its quirky architecture. (It's a Michigan heritage site.). It has a porch and garden out back where diners can eat while enjoying spectacular views over the lake. I haven't really ever eaten authentic polish food before, so I got a sampler plate. I liked everything, particularly the hunters stew. Dh, being a very picky eater ordered a plain burger and fries. Our dog dog is very well rested! I think she slept a lot while we were gone. DD stayed with her, but DD works every day, and I suspect Sophie slept all day. At any rate she is very perky and lively this morning she wanted to go outside already before six AM. Usually she sleeps until 9. Judy, that is a lovely blanket. I did not pick up a hook or needle while we were gone. Hope your red spot clears up on its own,but it's good to have a back up plan. LeeAnn, I imagine that closing the storefront was a bittersweet decision. Have you thought about continuing to sell on a consignment basis somewhere? I have a friend who sells her jewelry that way. I think she pays a small monthly fee for her booth and she is required to "volunteer" four hours a month to working in the store. This is a sideline for her, she also has a full time job, but she makes a bit of extra income from it and she enjoys her time working there. Of course, she doesn't have an Etsy shop, so she doesn't have that outlet for sales. Good luck with the job hunt. Mary, better rest up for the boys visit! And yes, boys can go through a lot of food! i was diagnosed with sleep apnea and have an appointment today to get outfitted with Cpap and learn how to use it. I am less than thrilled, but my sister in law assures me that I will sleep better and have more energy once I get used to using it. The sleep doctor told me that up to half of new onset high blood pressure is caused by sleep apnea and that treating it might resolve it. It's also implicated in diabetes so maybe that will also go away. Wonder if it will fix my kidney issues? I haven't planted any flowers yet, thought I'd wait until after vacation. If it cools off a bit, I plan to get to that this week. Right now I have DDs hanging baskets here since they need daily watering and I'd rather not drive to her house every day to water. Hope you all all have a great day!
  11. Hi ladies. We had a gorgeous day as well, except for a thunderstorm this afternoon. Some guy we met while taking a walk, told us that they were up in the upper peninsula during the storm, and it was raining so hard and so windy that they had to stop. He also said the Mackinaw Bridge was closed for over an hour because the wind blew a boat off the trailer as it was crossing the bridge. Surprisingly the boat wasn't damaged! One more day here, and we will be heading home.
  12. Hi ladies. Quick check in from me. We are having a great time. The weather has been perfect. Marlene, I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better, and also that your friend Mary is doing so well. Hope you get some answers about hubby's issues. My house is pretty much childproof....mostly because I do not have any sort of decorating gene, and I really can't tolerate clutter. LeeAnn, glad you had such a great vacation. It sounds wonderful. To everyone else, hi....more when we get home!
  13. Good morning. I never did end up going to work on Saturday, and yesterday was pretty quiet. I'm up early because the dog wanted to get up. Once dh gets up we will finish packing the camper and be on our way. Actually, I want to do a load of laundry before we go. Hope you all all have a good week. Not sure if you will hear much from me. I dislike posting from my phone.
  14. Good morning. I'm on call for work, so I stayed in bed an extra half hour. But now I'm up and ready for the day. I still need to think about last minute things to bring on vacation next week. DD came over with the grandkids for a few hours yesterday. They are going on vacation this coming week as well. nothing much else going on here. Have a great day, ladies.
  15. Judy that is going o be a really pretty blanket.