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  1. Good morning.or rather afternoon. It’s just after noon here. We had a terrific week in the Smokies. We had no problems avoiding crowded areas and we mostly ate at our rental. We only found a handful of restaurants that took reservations (we didn’t think it was safe to wait in a two hour long line for a table, so we made reservations), and had mask requirements and practiced social distancing. It was nice and sunny in Tennessee, but it looks like our usual gloomy winter weather has arrived here. It’s not snowing or raining, so there’s that. This morning I finished a purse our 2nd youngest granddaughter. She’s only 2 but she thinks she about 25 so this is just the sort of thing she will like. I might buy a tiny doll or a tiny coin purse to put inside it just for a little surprise touch. Now I need to buckle down and make a stocking for our youngest granddaughter. All the grands have “grandma made stockings, except Julia.
  2. They look good, Mona. The two pairs I made previously were just done on the fly. I like them to cover the top of my thumb and there were surprisingly few patterns like that out there last year. Yesterday I found this one though: https://www.interweave.com/article/crochet/basic-crochet-fingerless-mittens/
  3. Here is the start of a purse I am making for my two year old grand daughter. She loves pink and she also loves to be like mommy. I’m going to line it, add a strap, and put a fabric bow or flower on the flap.
  4. Hi ladies. I have three (out of 6) slippers sewn together. The pattern is called pocketbook slippers. It’s a knit pattern. Don’t they look odd? When you put them on they are a super stretchy slipper with a strap across the instep. They will be nice for traveling. I was hoping the little purple ones would work for my 7 mo old grand daughter, but the amount of stretch that they have makes them too big. They would easily fit a two year old. Just three more to sew together....my least favorite part of a project..... Mona....isn’t it great when something like that happens? Covid cases are really increasing here, so we are staying away from places where people congregate. Our Dd, the nurse practitioner said that they were advised to not go anywhere where people gather. Apparently the hospital she is associated with, and where I used to work, has more than twice as many Covid patients as they had at the height of things back in the spring, and they expect that number to continue to increase. We are planning to go to Tennessee in a couple of weeks we can easily social distance there we usually spend the majority of our time in the National park anyhow. We will just eat in the condo rather than going out. oh, almost forgot...we had snow yesterday. It’s mostly melted now, at least where the sun hits it. It’s supposed to warm up to the 50s for the rest of the week so it will all be gone soon.
  5. Hello ladies. Finally sunny here after a week of cloudy, gloomy weather. I got rained on twice on my morning walk. The first time it poured, but it was 65 outside and the rain was warm. (I had a raincoat on too). Yesterday it was cold, but it was only a light rain and I was wearing winter stuff. Both times I was more than a mile from the car. We got our flu shots finally. We made curbside appointments and I must say it was kind of nice not to get out of the car. Plus it was fast. I have not finished that last slipper yet, although I’m close. However, I have nearly finished a purse for my 2 year old grand daughter. I just need to figure out a handle for it, and line it. No pattern, so I need to work something out myself. I’m thinking that I might crochet a strip of double crochet and thread ribbon through it so that it won’t stretch. I’ll see what that looks like anyhow, I think that I will save it for a Christmas gift. I plan to make one for my 6 year old grand daughter as well. I already sewed a colorful stuffed cat for the 6 month old. Judy, I am constantly amazed at how many projects you get finished! They all look so nice. Your fingerless gloves remind me that I need a new pair. My hands are always cold, so I wear them to read and crochet. It’s amazing how much they help. It’s impressive how nicely those cakes made stripes, and I have gotten tired of making scarves or shawls and converted them into cowls more than once! I like cowls for winter warmth. They stay in place and are often less bulky than scarves. Mona, I hope your hubby is making progress, despite the shortened physical therapy visits.
  6. Hi ladies. It’s definitely fall here. Actually saw some snowflakes on Friday! I am almost done with a 3rd pair of slippers. After this one Inguess I will sew them together. 🙄 Judy, your blanket and shawl are lovely. You get so many things done. Brenda, fingers crossed that your sister can have the ostomy reversed. Mona, sounds like hubby is making progress, Maybe not quickly but any progress is good. I ordered takeout for dinner from a local restaurant. They just started a family meal special on Mondays and Wednesday’s. $30 with tax and tip, for a meal that feeds 4-6. Monday’s special is smoked chicken. Next week we are trying Wednesday’s special which is meatloaf. I think we should get two meals out of each order, although I guess that depends on how much Dh likes it!
  7. Hi ladies. Cold and rainy here this week. My back and joints are complaining. Despite that I have walked for 5 hours over the past ten days. Dh walks every day, but I only go with him 3 times a week. I actually find it quite enjoyable. We go as soon as we get up, which probably helps with sticking to it. We are lucky that we have a paved path through the woods very nearby. Nothing much going on here. I still haven’t sewn those booties together. I’m almost done knitting a pair of adult slippers. Of course, those will need to be sewn together as well since I am too uncoordinated to knit in the round. Sigh. I’m still feeling quite unmotivated and I think it’s all this staying at home. It’s not that I never get out, but it sure isn’t the same as it was 6 or 8 months ago. hope you are all doing well.
  8. Hi ladies. It’s been beautiful fall like weather since Sunday. Last week was just plain cold. I’ve been entertaining myself with out door work, but I did manage to almost finish a pair of booties. Just need to do the sewing together part...... Mona, I’m glad to hear that your Dh is making progress. Judy, nice blankets. I ought to make some to donate and use up some yarn. Brenda, your stockings are very cute and your wreaths look so festive. Hope everyone is doing well.
  9. Hi ladies. Quite cool here today for a change. It’s actually nice to wear a sweater for once. Nothing much going on here. My brother in law left here for another brothers house, which was planned in advance. He can be very difficult to deal with, so it seemed like a good idea to spread him around a bit! I still haven’t done much crocheting, but now that it’s cooling off, I feel a bit more ambitious. We are going to visit with friends at their cottage tomorrow, but maybe on Tuesday, I will dig into my WIPs and see if anything appeals. have a good Labor Day!
  10. I’m certain it was the donut!🤣 Prayers for strength and patience for you and healing for your hubby. Brenda it sounds like you, your sister and your niece had a great day out. I need something like that I think. I just feel so unmotivated. My bil is leaving tomorrow and will stay with another brother for two more weeks before hopefully going home. We were hoping to go away for a few days next week, but I don’t know if that will happen. DH is being considered for a drug research project. It’s already in the last phase of testing and it shows great promise in slowing the progression of pulmonary fibrosis. Of course, even if he gets in, he might be assigned a placebo. Right now this is requiring frequent dr office visits and he can’t miss them. hope everyone else is doing well.
  11. Just dropping by to say hi. Has anyone heard from Mary? Brenda and a Judy, great projects. I ought to make myself a few giant potholders. They would be handy. (Just what i need, another project....) Mona, you sure are having a time of it. Hope Dh gets back on his feet soon. Nothing exciting to report here. I still don’t feel much like crocheting, but I have put a few stitches into a few UFOs. I also went through my yarn and donated a couple of boxes full. Have a great day!
  12. Hi ladies. Nothing much to report here. The worst of the weather has missed us. Nice blanket, Judy. All this hanging around the house is getting old. I knitted a dishcloth and that’s it for any crafting. I have been reading a lot, and just finished rereading all of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple books. I could have finished all my UFOs by this time if I could just develop some ambition.. Hubby has been diagnosed with a very serious lung disease. (Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis) He has never smoked, and he is in very good shape physically, which won’t prolong his life, but will increase his quality of life. This hit us all unsuspecting because he has no symptoms and works out every day. (His dr heard odd lung sounds and sent him for an X-ray and CT scan). We’ve had a month or so to get used to the idea, so we have gotten over the shock. This Illness means that we need to be especially careful to avoid crowds since COVID won’t be a good thing for him. Hubby’s brother had his stem cell transplant last week. Hubby is one of his two designated visitors. I don’t really like him going up there, (I worry about all the germs in the hospital), but I understand that he wants to be there for his brother. Looks like hubby is ready to leave. We are going to walk around the lake at the nature preserve that is located behind us. Hubby walks either there or another nearby trail every morning. Have a great evening.
  13. Wow Brenda, 50 more ear savers! That was a lot of ends to weave in and buttons to sew on! I'm not very motivated either. I take out a project, do a few stitches and put it back down. About the only thing I do besides housework is read. I’m tired of being mostly stuck at home. We talk about going somewhere but dh’s youngest brother is in for his stem cell transplant, so now is not a good time. Oh well, at least the house is clean. I’ve managed to do quite a bit of decluttering too. Say.....maybe I should start a new project! hope you are all well.
  14. That sounds like one of those days! Our heat broke on Sunday, although it’s supposed to be back tomorrow. Yesterday and today have been in the 70s, but it’s too humid to be outside much.
  15. A WIP?!? How about many WIPs? I have at least 8 or 10. Plus the ones that I put away so well that I can’t find them. I love to start new projects.
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