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  1. Hello my friends, it's been one of those weeks here, nothing but run, run, run. Next week looks better. Work was extremely busy yesterday, and then we went over to visit friends, along with about a dozen other people, for an evening of hamburgers, volleyball and a bonfire. Later this afternoon, we are going to make the two hour drive north to dh's brothers place. LeeAnn, I'm glad you checked in. Remember to take care of you as well as everyone else.
  2. LeeAnn, sending hugs and praying for your family, especially for your ds. I so wish that I could hug you in person. I'm so glad that you stopped by to tell us. I'm quite certain that I speak for all of us when I say that we are here for you. We see quite a few attempted suicides in the ICU, and I know that this is a very hard situation for a family. There are so many difficult thoughts and questions, so many feelings of inadequacy, grief, pain, anxiety, shock, and more. It's really hard, maybe even impossible, for most of us to even fathom the despair that leads to such a drastic action. Just remember, it's nobody's fault. Most suicide attempts have nothing to do with anyone else; the patient just can't see any other way. You couldn't have prevented it. If you had been home at that time, a different time would eventually have presented itself. I guess what I'm saying is that guilt should not be among the emotions that you feel. But to put a bit of a positive spin on it: happily, your ds survived the attempt, and all involved know he is hurting and that his current treatment plan isn't sufficient. Hopefully his caregivers will have good ideas for ongoing treatment, and your ds will come through this stronger, happier and healthier.
  3. Hi ladies. Feeling quite a bit better finally. Just a bit of a stuffy head left. I spent the the day in computer clas. Such fun....NOT!! Very long boring day. More of the same tomorrow. Not to mention, it started at 6 AM. I had hopes that this new system would be easier to use than our current system, but I think it's going to be a lot more unwieldy. I might need to retire sooner than planned! have a great evening, ladies.
  4. Good morning ladies. LeeAnn, your daughter is beautiful. Your schedule sounds busy, and sharing the cooking will certainly be a help to you, not to mention, it will be good practice for your children. Joanne, vacation sounds lovely. Hope you have great weather and a really fun time. I've been sick since Tuesday. Not sure what I have exactly, but I think some sort of virus. I have a mild headache, a sore throat, a queasy tummy, and zero energy. Nothing much is getting done around here this week. I don't even feel like crafting or reading. I'm working on laundry today. At least that isn't really all that much work, since my handy dandy electric helpers do most of the work. Dh said he would vacuum later today, and I cleaned bathrooms on Monday. Hopefully I will be fine by Monday. We are geoing to be using new software at work, and I have to go to class for it on Monday and Tuesday. Not exactly looking forward to that. At least the classes are held much closer to my house than work is. Except....they start at 6 AM. Hope everyone has a great weekend.
  5. Hi Mary, no Sprouts around here. Actually I've never heard of it. We have a store here called Kens Fruit Market that sells fresh produce, has a deli, and sells fresh meat and seafood. I don't go there often, (too lazy to make yet another stop!), but my youngest DD does, since its easy to buy just the right amount of what she wants. It's reasonably priced as well. Right now my corner grocery store has fresh local produce and it has a butcher shop worthy meat counter all the time. I sometimes hit the local farmers market at this time of year too.
  6. Good morning. Another lovely summer day here. I spent a grand total of around $20 when I went shopping with DD on Monday. (Only because we went to Trader Joe's and I bought some fruit there since we were out.) DD spent a lot more. Yesterday I did my regular grocery shopping, laundry, cleaned bathrooms and made a few freezer meals, since my next two weeks are shaping up to be very busy. Today I need to dust, vacuum and maybe iron. (One of my least favorite tasks, so I put it off as long as possible.). Tomorrow I have to work. My crafting mojo seems to have left me for the most part. I'm working on an Afghan that is just plain boring. However, it's only a few hours from being finished, so I guess I will keep at it. I downloaded an audio book from the library to listen to while I exercise. Maybe I will listen to it while I crochet as well. Have a great day, ladies.
  7. Hi ladies. Busy, busy, busy day at work. Hopefully tomorrow is better! Mary, I inspired you? Wow! Usually I need to be inspired. No hedges for me though. Too much sewing! Judy, I made a snowflake afghan a number of years ago that was made of large hexagons and ended up with irregular edges. I wasn't sure I would be able to deal with that, but it kind of grew on me. LeeAnn, I'm so glad the job is lining up well with how you want to live your life. Have a a great rest of the weekend my friends.
  8. Hi ladies. Fairly quiet day at work today. We got a bit of much needed rain this morning, but we need more. Judy, what a lovely rose. (Or at least it looks like a rose to me)I really like the color. Joanne, yesterday's commute must have been very annoying. Glad today's went better. Mary, hope your internet is there to stay now. I'm not crazy about doing much with my phone either, although I am glad that I have the option. Have fun with the boys. I finally picked up a project this evening. One of my work friends recently finished up two different Attic24 afghans. She ordered the yarn pack for the second one and said it cost her only $30 including shipping, plus it arrived in a week. That's amazing, considering it came from the U.K.! She finishes a project before starting a new one, and it made me realize that I needed to quit starting things and finish some old ones! I'm nearly finished with a small knit blanket that I think I will give my grand daughter for her dolls. Hope you are all having a great evening.
  9. Good morning. It's a beautiful day again, currently only 65 degrees, although it feels humid already. We could use rain and yesterday I heard there was a possibility for rain later today. Yesterdays teaching was fine, except that the air conditioning was broken in the medical education building. I was stuck in a dinky back classroom and it was hot. My room did have a ceiling fan, but the building used to be an old warehouse, so the ceilings are about 16 feet high. When I got home DD and the grandkids were here, so I visited with them. DD had come to borrow our car top carrier for their vacation next week, and decided to stay until I got home. Joanne, I looked up the Boom pattern. It does look easy. I knit one in a similar asymetric shape a year or two ago. Congratulations on the promotion! LeeAnn, that's going to be a really pretty shawl. Congrats on coping so well with your challenging work day on Saturday. Marlene, I bet you are tired! Remember to take care of yourself. Also, congrats on the new car. My sister in law has a Flex and really likes it. Hope your daughter and son in law don't end up moving. Of course...winters might be much better in Kentucky............:) Mary, has your heat broken? Judy, I am anxious for fall, we can skip winter though. Once I retire, I won't mind winter, but I don't care to drive in snow. My monogrammer works fine, now that I have it put together correctly! Have a a great day, ladies.
  10. Good morning. Beautiful start to the day here, although it's supposed to get really hot and humid. I was hoping for more of the 70 degree weather we had over the weekend. Ds's pups are back home and I was hoping to clean up their mess. They picked most of the flowers off my hydrangeas and I want to trim them back a bit so they don't look so scraggly. Joanne, apparently your rangers blanket has real possibilities as a gift for a few other occasions! It's great that Ryan loved it so much. Of you will have to at least come up with gifts that have the same amount of WOW! for the other grandsons! Judy, I ran into the same problem with a round blanket I made. Counting after every round definitely saved my sanity. But like you, I had to learn the hard way! LeeAnn, I've seen the "shawl in a ball" yarn advertised. The projects in the advertisements looked nice, but I haven't seen the yarn in person. Mary, hope you are cooling down some down there. My cousin, who lives in British Columbia, posted that they are predicting 103 degrees there mid week . That's pretty much unheard of for the Pacific Northwest. 65 to 70 degrees is more their normal. She says most people don't have A/C, it isn't really needed there. There are wildfires in their area, so this adds to that concern as well. We had a busy weekend, and were out and about a lot. Today is catch up on laundry and cleaning day here. Tomorrow I teach all day, not looking forward to it. I need some downtime! Dh always tells me to "just let it lay, it'll keep", but I can't do it. I've tried. Maybe be there will be time to play some more with my vintage sewing machine. I have spent hours already trying to get the monogrammer to work. Dh took one look, and immediately saw what my problem was. I put the hoop that holds the fabric On the outside of the bottom hoop and it kept popping off. (It stays in place with a strong spring so when I say it popped off, I really do mean it popped!). It didn't fit well on the outside either. If you put it inside the bottom hoop where it belongs, it fits perfectly and stays in place. (I am very mechanically inept! In my defense though, when you use an embroidery hoop, you put the top hoop on the outside of the bottom hoop.) As soon as he showed me the right way to assemble it, it was like "Duh of course that's how it fits together"! It seemed so logical all of a sudden. The instruction book is quite thorough, but apparently that was considered such a no-brainer that there wasn't a picture to show that step. Also, I looked up that sewing machine online it dates from 1971 or 1972 and sold for $289 dollars. Today that would be over $1850! (It was a top of the line model in its day, and can do more than my modern computerized machine.) Guess I'd better get back to my to do list. Have a great day ladies.
  11. Good morning. Beautiful weather here. We visited friends yesterday evening and it was cool enough to sit around a bonfire with a jacket on. My kind of weather. LeeAnn, one thing I can say about my's never boring! Mary, I wanted to sew on one if my vintage machines. It gave me a ton of problems, most of which I think I finally sorted out...with some help from dh. Vintage machines are mechanical, meaning that if the motif runs and the gears are intact, they are usually pretty easy to fix......if you know what you're doing. I think the big part of the problem was that I hadn't used it in a very long time and it desperately needed oiling. However....I didn't actually accomplish any sewing. Im just doing a few odds and ends around the house today. We are going out with friends this evening. Have a great weekend ladies.
  12. Good morning. It's humid here, but not too hot yet. Sophie doesn't seem bothered by the heat, although we don't walk her. She has about 3 acres to run around in. She's usually out in the woods or the yard when she is outside. However, she's nearly 13 years old so she does sleep a lot, sometimes inside, sometimes outside. I have no no commitments today. I need to do laundry, but it coukd wait until Saturday, so we will see. I think I'm going to sew. (After I empty the coffee Pot!) Have a great day, ladies.
  13. Hello ladies, beautiful weather here, too bad I missed most of it, being at work. It's slowed down considerably at work. Of course things could change overnight. I have to work tomorrow as well. We had a nice, low key weekend. I stayed home, except for going to church on Sunday. DD came over for lunch yesterday, and that was the extent of my socializing. I did a little cleaning and a little crocheting, but didn't really accomplish much. Joanne and Judy, those blankets are beautiful and so is the doily. I can understand wanting to downsize. We have way more room than we need, a four bedroom, 3 bath house on 10 acres, but we're not quite ready to talk seriously about moving. It's come up....but only as a sort of vague "someday in the future" kind of idea. Hope you all have a good evening
  14. Good morning. It's humid here, but currently only 70 degrees. It rained overnight and it's still pretty gloomy. Yesterday was in the 90s. Yesterday, we had our seven year old grandson over for his birthday visit. We took him to the local botanical gardens despite the heat and he had a blast. They have a children's garden there which has a ton of activities. We spent about 2 and a half hours there. The heat got to be to much for the grown ups, but I think he could have happily whiled away several more hours there. His gift was a safari version of Parcheesi. (Remember that game?). I got it at a yard sale, still in the manufacturers plastic wrap, for $1. The playing pieces are animals, and this kid loves animals. Also, winning is not based on skill, but on luck, so when we played it, he won fair and square. Judy, whenever, I see one of your graph-ghans, I am amazed. I'm sure the new one will be gorgeous as well. No scrubby yarn here, but those scrubbers sure look like they would be useful, not to mention quick and easy to make. I've made a bunch of those spiral scribbles, but always out of cotton yarn. My DDs really like those . Mary, sorry about your dh's struggles. Hopefully, surgery will be successful, and the two of you can travel again. We went to Colorado when DD was a senior and stayed near Estes Park. I'd love to go there again. Hope that you can go next year. LeeAn, you are as busy as ever. I'd love to learn how to make soap, so I'm a tiny bit jealous of those lucky kids! Marlene, I was exhausted yesterday, after one day with one grandchild! Hope you are holding up! Joanne, your grandsons sound like they are such a joy to you! On Friday, one of our retired intensivists stopped by to visit. He told me that he was having so much fun with his grandkids, that he thought we should just skip all the work of child raising, and have grandchildren first. Have a a great weekend, ladies.
  15. Hello ladies. Very humid here, and supposed to get worse. I love to be outside, but this is too much, even for me. Dh detests heat, but he offered to grill tonight. (I'm surprised, he usually prefers not to grill in this kind of weather.). So, chicken is marinating, I made potato salad and a tossed salad, and that will have to do. My back is a lot better, I know it's there, but it's barely noticeable. On the other hand, it's looking worse...nice and colorful!:). I had no trouble vacuuming this morning. Of course, I always vacuum in short bursts. Ordinarily, that's all my back can tolerate. I have to work tomorrow, then off for the weekend. I have a month of being busy coming up, starting next week. I teach a couple of days, I need to go to several days of classes for our new computer system, and I also made a bunch of other commitments, way back when it seemed like a good idea. I should have taken a few vacation days in there...but it's too late now. Still in four weeks things will be back to normal. Mary, I know just what you mean about the days getting away from you. That keeps happening to me too. I've been meaning to re-stain the pillars and railings on our front step and our decks. It's already mid July, and I haven't even started. Of I'm wondering if paint would last longer. It would be a lot more work though. Hope you all have a great rest of the day.