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  1. Hi ladies. It was beautiful here the past few days, sunny and close to 40. This morning we woke up to 3 inches of snow. It’s starting to melt again, but it’s cloudy and gloomy. Hubby has been working on the basement. Today he found my yarn stash. He asked me if I knew how much yarn I had down there? Me: of course. Hubby, “there’s 3 crates full, about ten bags and all the drawers in that old dresser. Are you sure you remembered all of that? Me: yup! (I didn’t mention that there’s even more down there....... And I’m trying to use it up. I think I’ve made about ten dishclo
  2. Wow, everyone seems to be having extreme weather. Our temperatures have been hovering between about -5 and 10 degrees for the last week or so and we have around 2 feet of snow on the ground. We had to shovel paths for our dog. The snow is over her head. It was sunny yesterday and today though. And , unlike the poor people in the south, we are used to it and our power companies expect it. I am very slowly making my way through my crate full of cotton yarn. Several more dishcloths but a couple of potholders made so far. I also made each of my grand daughters a purse out of cotton. I’m
  3. My cousin, who lives in Pompton Plains, NJ, just said that they had gotten 2 feet and it is still coming down.
  4. Hi ladies. Nothing much going on here. I’m working on reducing my yarn stash. So far this year I have knit 5 dishcloths, crocheted a double thick potholder and finished a pair of fingerless gloves. Sadly, this did not make a noticeable dent in my stash.
  5. I’m glad to hear from you Mona. Anther online friend who recently lost her husband said the phone calls afterwards seemed never ending. Hope your DS feels better soon and that no one else gets sick. We know a lot of people who have gotten it recently too. Several have been hospitalized but so far all have survived. I’ve never bought a lottery ticket, although I’ve been tempted by those huge jackpots. I never win anything ever though, so I’m pretty sure I haven’t missed a golden opportunity. Judy, as usual, lovely baby blanket and cowl. One of my goals for this year ought to b
  6. Oh Mona, I am so very sorry. Sending hugs and prayers for peace and comfort.
  7. Oh Mona, I’m so sorry to hear about all the turmoil you have been experiencing. Sending hugs and will be praying for all of you, but especially your hubby. You’ve been through so much already this year.
  8. Just dropping by to wish you all a Merry Christmas. 🎄🎁
  9. No snow here. (Not complaining!😂). It’s beautiful though, especially when it’s somewhere else. Judy, I’m glad you and Lucy enjoyed it! Mona, hope all went well for your Dh and that you are taking care of yourself too. Brenda, I was just thinking about getting out my knotty knitter looms. Not sure I remember how to use them, but I imagine I can find a video online to help. I think I’m all set for Christmas. Dh’s big gift has been delayed and it won’t come until sometime in January, but I bought him a couple of small gifts and he won’t mind waiting.
  10. Hi ladies. Judy, Dh is doing pretty well. He got into a research project on a drug that shows great promise at really slowing the progress. Of course, we don’t know if he’s getting the drug or a placebo, but either way, just knowing it’s on the pipeline is comforting. He’s also on conventional therapy and is still walking 3-4 miles every morning. Getting the two slippers done wasn’t as bad as some pairs of things I’ve done they are knit flat so I can match the second one to the first one as I go. I finished knitting them, just need to sew them together. Now I’m working on some
  11. Hello ladies. No sign of winter here except for the cold. Usually we have had quite a bit of snow by now. We had a few flurries about 3 weeks ago, nothing since. Judy that’s a lovely blanket. And, while I like the idea of big projects, you are right about small projects. At least I have a good chance of finishing those. We finally got the tree up and I finished the crocheted purses for my grand daughters. I’m working on sewing a stocking for our youngest grand daughter and also still working on the second knit slipper. (That’s the problem with things that come in
  12. Hi ladies. Just thought I’d check in. It’s cold and gloomy here, and we are on semi lockdown again. Even if we weren’t, we would stay home. The Covid situation is really bad here. Our hospitals are packed full. I’m glad I retired, because my former colleagues are having a rough time. Looks like I will be doing my Christmas shopping online. I made another purse for my 6 year old grand daughter this past weekend. Lining it was more work than crocheting it. I’m now working on another pair of slippers so I can give a pair to each of my daughters. I had already made two pairs but one
  13. Good morning.or rather afternoon. It’s just after noon here. We had a terrific week in the Smokies. We had no problems avoiding crowded areas and we mostly ate at our rental. We only found a handful of restaurants that took reservations (we didn’t think it was safe to wait in a two hour long line for a table, so we made reservations), and had mask requirements and practiced social distancing. It was nice and sunny in Tennessee, but it looks like our usual gloomy winter weather has arrived here. It’s not snowing or raining, so there’s that. This morning I finished a purse our 2nd
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