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    Me-Mo is my grandma name. Have 2 grandsons-ages 8 and 4 yrs.
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    Crocheting, Reading, playing with grandsons
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    baby afghans, afghans, prayer shawls, dishcloths
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  1. Hi all - hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday. My DS and DIL came up for Thanksgiving, spent Wednesday night to Friday morning with us and then he went to his dad's family dinner and they have now gone home. Both DDs and GSs were here too. It's been a great holiday for us. Only down side is DH had to work the last 2 Saturdays to get Thanksgiving and the day after off. He will do that again for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day holidays. I've been super busy at work (working 12 hour days, 5 days a week). this is the first time I've had any time off in the last month, other th
  2. Good Afternoon!! It's definitely a fall day here--it's cold (51 this morning) but when it's been in the 90's the day before, that's cold and it's been raining. Spent the morning at the Pumpkin Festival with youngest DD and the grandsons. Oldest DD is working 2 jobs now, so youngest one is watching them on the weekends. The boys had a good time. We got 6 pumpkins!! We plan to bake some of them and make pumpkin pies. Joanne - hope you had a great birthday! And it was I love yarn day too!! Hope you were able to purchase some yarn to celebrate your day! Mary - hope your weather i
  3. Hi all, seems as though I don't have a lot of time any more to be on the computer. It's in the boys room and they have "homework" every night on the computer that they have to do and then it's time for them to go to bed. so I can't be on it except when they aren't here. We have a good system (most nights) and have them in bed by 7, of course they really don't go to sleep until 7:30 or later but at least they are laying down and trying to sleep. It's been busy at work, still getting the new boss settled in and "putting out fires" that were left burning when the other ones left. It's ge
  4. Judy - beautiful afghan! I love the colors. Mary - hope things are going well for your DH. I do not like dentists but I found one that I love and she's not in our insurance network But I pay the difference just to go to her. Cindy - Enjoy your day of crafting. When I do a round ripple, I do double strands - goes way faster, less dc to do. But the one round ripple I'm doing for myself (which I recently found when unpacking some more boxes) is single strand dc - and I've got more to do on it. It's something I need to get out and finish. Joanne - glad to see you're almost don
  5. Judy - those hats are so cute!! Mary - what handsome boys!! Getting so big. They grow up so fast! Joanne - hope things are going well for you. I'm on vacation this week. Not going any where since we have the boys. Yesterday the little one wanted to walk to school (it's about 3 blocks from here) and we got to the very first corner (which is the next yard over) and he says his feet hurt LOL. One day was enough, we are now driving to school every day! We do plan on going to the state fair but it will probably next week, payday was the wrong week for us to go this week. Got
  6. Hi everyone! Happy Labor Day! I hope you are having a great holiday. It's been really busy here at home and I've not had time to get on the computer. School started on Aug 19. The little one is in kindergarten again but at least this school has all day kindergarten, so we don't have to pay for a lot of day care now. Oldest one is in 4th grade - where has the time gone? they both love their new school and it's a brand new school as well. No time for crocheting for a while, so hopefully I'll get to do that soon. Christmas will be here before I know it and I won't have anything do
  7. Hi All - I, too, have been MIA (like Marisa). No excuse but that I'm so tired by the end of the day, I just crash in my recliner and rest. The stress in the office has gone way, way down. It's taking time to get things lined out with the new boss but it's working ok. Time will tell. It's still the "honeymoon" stage. LOL. The pups are keeping us busy - laughing. It's so funny to watch them fight over a toy. There's soooo many toys in this house, and they decide to fight over the same one - just like my kids did. Buster Brown seems to want to sit on my lap more than Missy ever did an
  8. Mary - so sorry to hear of all your trials. I would love to join you but unfortunately the bank balance says I can't. You can come here anytime and we'll be here to listen. Wish we lived closer together so I could help you. but you are in my prayers. Glad for the rain for your area. We've been getting some much needed rain and the temps have been sooooo good for June for Oklahoma. Not really too hot (but we still have a lot of summer to get through, so I'm sure we'll hit that wonderful 100 sometime). Joanne - enjoy the little ones! Glad you had a wonderful Saturday. We bought
  9. Hi all!! update on DD - she went back to work but can't drive yet as she's still on pain meds. At least she can go to work this week. She sees the dr next week and hopefully she'll be in a walking cast and be able to do a little bit more. The boys have been pretty good and help her some. Buster Brown and Missy are so cute to watch. Buster has learned to bark (well, squeak maybe) and growl. He's so cute when he barks, one ear goes up. Hopefully it won't be up all the time. Well it's hot and windy here (typical for Oklahoma in June) but at least no bad storms, just a lot of rain
  10. Hi all- I've been MIA again But hopefully i'll be able to be on here more. The new boss is great!!! My stress level is gone way down. We have a "no drama zone" in the office!! Now just to get the old boss to keep from calling several times a day!!! Oldest DD had ankle surgery on Thursday and is doing ok. The pain pump wasn't working, so she finally called the nurse today to find out why. It's working now so maybe she can get some rest. We've had the boys since Wednesday so she'd be able to rest without their bickering (yes, they do that a lot LOL). Buster Brown and Missy are
  11. Good Morning All!! I had to do the pics of the puppy at work this morning. Couldn't get it to open at home. But here's the littlest GS with him. We are so proud of him--no fear of this puppy and he's not afraid of Missy anymore. Going to be a busy day but wanted to share the pics of our new furbaby. Everyone have a great Tuesday!!
  12. Hi All!! Just one more day (if we can both survive until then). The minister that got hurt is not the new one but the lady pastor that is leaving. I'm so sad that she's leaving and that she is hurt. The drs think that there will be no surgery and that the tendon will repair itself. Today wasn't a good day--too much drama. Won't bore you with the details computer drama but I'm so glad that the new boss will be there on Thursday. Can't get the pics of Buster Brown to download from my email. So I'll try to figure something else out tomorrow. I'm so tired now (after all the computer
  13. Good Evening all--glad it's Wednesday! I'm beginning to really dislike the short week--too much to do and not enough time to do it. Buster Brown is so cute--his personality is so different from Missy's. He tries so hard to get her to play, but she has begun to play a little bit with him. We love watching him play and run. Typical puppy. Missy's still mad at us and leaves us "presents" around the house still. Hopefully that will stop soon. Work this week is hectic. One pastor has barely started to pack (he's got a room full of books) and he's only emptied one shelf. The other o
  14. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!! Thank you to those that have had a family member serve in the Armed Forces. We got a new furbaby. He's a full brother to Missy (same mom and dad). The lady we got Missy from is getting ready to move back to the New England area and she couldn't take any of these new puppies with her. She kept talking with DD and finally convinced her to take the pup. His name is Buster Brown (he is totally different than Missy). I haven't transferred my pics to the computer so I can't post it yet but I will try to later today. He's so cute and fuzzy!! But Missy isn't h
  15. Linda - WOW!! What a great picture! You have an awesome talent!! Cindy - Glad that you are able to take the meds and hopefully that will keep the nasty stuff away from you. Joanne - hope you had a good evening! For those wanting to try a c2c, give it a try--it's a quick pattern. I was surprised at how fast it went. A busy day today - school will be over this Friday for both GS. I'll be so glad not to drive the little one to school every day. Sad thing is he will have to do Kindergarten over again. He's ok with "staying in the class again" - not using the term holding him
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