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  1. Hi Marlene Sounds like you have another baby to make an item for .Cindy has some pretty patterns to share . Bet you are enjoying the weather down there compared to up north,although the weekend looksl ike it might be pretty good for this early . Linda great to hear you are happy and regaining your health. What a long,rough spell you had . Yea, Cam will be coming ,but only for a bit tonite,then tomorrow night . I just got out of the hospital this week with pneumonia,so I am about wiped out. Never had it before . sure takes the sap out of you . I'm still so tired,my legs shake
  2. Hi folks Long time no see . I got a note from Tab this morning,so thought I'd drop in to tell you I'm still kicking . I read back a few pages of postss to see at least a tip of the iceberg of what I missed ,so will try to remember a few things from the posts . Mary, Joanne and Cindy -- congrats on the new grandsons (?) I think they are all boys (?) -- Mary sorry to hear about your mom .I think she was pretty elderly ,so it was probably not a big shock ,but it'd still be hard to handle ,no matter what . How is your dad holding up ? The pic of the boys is absolutely priceless . SO cu
  3. Hi folks Just stopped in to say howdy . Been a busy few days around here ,so no time to make long yakky posts right now . Hope all is well with everyone .
  4. Shannon Hope you can get your bills paid soon so you won't have to work so many hours . I don't blame you for not wanting to crochet when it's so bad hot. It's been really humid here again the last few days,but tomorrow is supposed to take a nose dive. Highs in the 60's I think ,so Fall is coming . Jude Yea, that's probably the easiest looking knit slipper pattern I have ever seen . Very little changes to make, and all just knit ,so it should be a good one . I like how it has a bit of a cuff on it ,so it'd probably stay on better too . I'm gonna be glad when the hot weather is o
  5. Morning folks So if I've got my schedule right,we will have a new grandbabe in The House in October, February and March ! Sounds very neat . I think our grandbaby years are over . Our oldest granddaughter will be 15 in January,so we will probably be great grandparents within 5 years or so -- depends on what she decides to do with her life . I'd love to see her go on to college and do things like that first. Plenty of time later for having babies . Cindy Hope you have a nice visit with your brother . I always wished for a brother,but never got one . Jude sounds as though you h
  6. Morning Cindy Sounds like you had a nice quick shopping trip and got it all done . It's supposed to be cool here on the weekend and rain most of it I think . It's weird how our weather was so hot and dry,now it 's turned Fall in the blink of an eye . When is your new grandbabe due ?
  7. Hi Mary Good to hear from you too . Pyper is doing well,still yakking a lot,maybe even more than me,and she NEVER runs out of energy. I've never seen her tired EVER . How much longer til the new grandbabe arrives ? Will be thinking of your sister today. It's good that she will have lots of people in her area to help her out til she is back on her feet again . She'll probably do terrific as long as she follows up with the rehab exercises . She'll be as good as new .
  8. Joanne When is the due date for your new grandbabe ? Sherry What color are you using for the jacket ? I bet you'll get it figured out . Jude The scarf is so pretty, love the color . Those knit ones take a long time,dont they ?
  9. Hi Jude I figured you guys would be watching football tonite . Guess I don't have to ask who you were cheering for in that game . That's nice that your boy came over to watch it with you . Is the scarf the knit one that you were working on awhile back ? Hi Cindy Wow, a night home alone doesn't happen very often,does it ? Hope you enjoyed the quiet . I know I like it myself . Congrats on the new grandbabe coming. when is the due date ? Hi Val How s our "Bama girl" doing ? I' m ok,still hanging in here . Any trip to the old home ground coming anytime soon ? Hi M
  10. Thanks Marisa Also thanks for mentioning the new Arby's sandwiches. That sounds good . Mary Good for you ,for exercising plus crocheting. Killing 2 birds with one stone .
  11. Hi folks Long time ,no see . Sorry I've been MIA . I'll save you all the details and just say I missed you guys . I see we have 2 more of you looking forward to new grandbabies . How exciting ! I bet those hooks will be busy making lots of new baby things . Linda wow, it sounds as if you have had a rough time of it . I'm glad you are on the mend now . Take it easy so your body can get back to normal . Welcome to any new people I missed while I was gone . Hope you have fun in here . Will stop in later - hope you all have a good evening .
  12. Morning folks Linda so sorry for your loss of your cousin. Have you been to the doc for your flu ? Sounds like maybe you should go to see if they can give you something to fight this off . Maybe your body just finally ran out of steam. You've had some hectic months lately . It takes a toll on your body . Let us know how you are doing . Quick howdy to everyone else -- got things to get done this AM .
  13. Hi all Jude Sounds like they are making quick work of your bathroom and wont be long til its complete. I never thought of the dogs with repair guys coming on . They would sound intimidating,with their size ! Sounds like you picked some pretty colors for your 2 new smaller projects. Are they both for Christmas gifts ? Marisa Hope your head is better today. Maybe it's from stress trying to get everything done before leaving for your trip . Marlene I know what you mean about Maya's attitiude. Cam has those spells now once in awhile too. He's reaching the magic age of twelve a
  14. Morning folks Jude Today is the big day for getting your bathroom redone ! Bet you are excited . We need to get a new tub ,too ,just been putting it off due to finances right now . Cindy You sound like me, when I ever tried making 2 of something like gloves or slippers --- thew first one was ok,but the second either never comes out the same or I'm not in the mood to make another matching one . Joanne Glad your flu-bug is almost gone. hope you get to see ryan this weekend . Marlene That's a good idea getting Maya back into schoolwork a bit early,so she will be ready to
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