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  1. Happy Birthday, Judy! I hope you have a wonderful day. ♥♥♥
  2. Hi House. ♥♥♥ I seem to be on a "post every 3 weeks" schedule lately. Our lives continue to be full of appointments and now we have added a neurologist to the list. Hubby's memory lapses have become much more frequent. Of course, it's only natural for him to be unaware (and in denial) and I'm trying so hard to learn everything I can. There is a support group at a local church and I've been twice so far. Luke and Zach are doing great and love school. DD's store is still rocking! And Felix and Tank are so cute...see picture below. Not much crocheting going on, but scarves are my go to now since I don't have to concentrate too much! Lol Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving, friends.
  3. Hi everyone! I'm still alive. Most of the last 3 weeks have not been fun, but we're about back to normal now, thank goodness. I had a virus and lost my hearing in one ear for 6 days. We had our flu shots a week before that but the doctor didn't think it was related to that. Then hubby sprained his ankle. (It wasn't the one he broke last spring.) He will start physical therapy soon. Other not so fun things going on but only affecting my mental health. LOL Thinking of you all and have caught up on posts. I have procrastinated again and need to get a new laptop soon. I still have Windows 7 and mine won't support Windows 10...as of Jan. 14th Microsoft won't support Windows 7 anymore. This week, I plan to clean up all my pictures, bookmarks, etc. and put things on flash drives for the new computer...oh dear! Take care and have a good weekend!
  4. Hi Mary Jo Each and every one is adorable! Your knitting is gorgeous!
  5. Hi House. Judy ~ The afghan is wonderful! Love the colors you chose. Those last rounds seem to take forever, don't they? Lol Marisa ~ Yarn night with friends sounds so nice. Are you working on anything special? I'm glad things are going well at work. Mona ~ Have a great trip to Arkansas! I hope you have some time to relax and enjoy the scenery! Possible severe weather for us tonight. Our temps are supposed to be in the 40's in the morning! DH had an appointment this a.m. and I'm going to crochet later...Yay! Have a good afternoon, friends. ♥♥♥
  6. Good morning, everyone. Judy ~ Looking forward to seeing your latest projects! Your graph 'ghans are always so special. Mona ~ Oh, I hope your shoulder is much better. We had Luke and Zach over the weekend and I was definitely ready for some quiet time. Lol Marisa ~ So glad everything is going well for you all! Will Troy be working from home? My hubby's office was at home for many years, but he traveled over 200 days a year so he wasn't always underfoot. LOL Hi Dianna! Years ago, we had a house built and it had a metal roof. We loved it and never had any problems. I hope you get some relief from the heat soon! Cindy ~ You sound busy and happy. After the hottest and driest September on record, we woke up to 55* yesterday! Over 40* degrees cooler than Sunday...I couldn't stay inside. We'll still have some 80* days, but hopefully no higher than that! No crochet time for me lately and I hope to change that later today! Have a good day, friends.
  7. Skysmom

    Stitch ID

    Hi there! My first thought was the blanket stitch? https://www.mamainastitch.com/simple-crocheted-blanket-go-pattern/
  8. 'Evening everyone. Mona ~ Good for you...you deserve some time for yourself! I goofed off today and crocheted, ignored my desk and the laundry. Will be paying for it tomorrow, though. Lol
  9. Hi! Welcome to Crochetville!
  10. Hi Ladies. I hope everyone is having a good weekend! Mona ~ Did you really get to have a "me" day? I know how hard it is to even crochet for an hour without interruptions. Lol Brenda ~ Wow! You all have done so much. Do you have a date for the final move yet? You're going to love having wi-fi and also having people available to fix things! Marisa ~ Being an aunt and uncle is keeping you all busy...sounds fun! How are your parents doing? So happy for Troy and he will do great! Well, the Geek Squad was here again. I guess twice in a year isn't too bad, considering DH can't see what he's doing on Mac most the time. Even he laughs about some of the strange things that show up. Most the time I can clean it up, but I had no idea this time. Oh well... Take care, friends.
  11. Mona~I'm so sorry about the snake intrusion...how scary! It reminded me of when our oldest grandson, Luke, was 2 or 3 and was happily watching the garbage trucks out our front storm door and I went to check on him. There was a snake curled up and looking in the door! Thankfully it was a harmless rat snake and the door was locked tight. Luke thought it was great and I was a nervous wreck. Lol The pumpkin in my avatar is to remind me that it really is fall - another 96* day today!
  12. Hi friends. I hope everyone is having a good week! Brenda ~ So glad you're nearly settled in your new home! What fun to be able to call people who are friendly and wanting to help you. It sounds like a lovely place. Marisa ~ You have been busy! Such good news about Troy's job...and that it didn't take long to find one. Are the turtles okay? Hi to Deb and Collette, too.♥ 5 more days in September and if the temps don't change, it will be the hottest Sept. on record! We haven't had rain in over 4 weeks. Wouldn't you know we have a back yard full of new sod...water bill is larger than the electric bill. Felix and Tank (DD's kittens) are 6 months old already. They are still adorable, inseparable and very busy. I'll try to post a picture soon. Have a great Thursday.
  13. Hi House! Too long since I've posted, but I've been keeping up with you all. It's been an 'interesting' couple of weeks, but things are pretty much back to normal. (fingers crossed!) Hubby has had two more Mohs procedures and both needed plastic surgery the following mornings at the hospital. At least two other doctor appointments each of the last two weeks, repairmen here for one ac unit and the fridge...life sure gets in the way of my crocheting! I hope everyone is doing okay and enjoying early Fall.
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