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  1. Skysmom

    Swede joining :)

    Hi Emelie! We're glad you're here.
  2. Skysmom

    Our House (Part Three)

    Good Monday morning, everyone. Mona ~ Keeping fingers crossed that the pathology results come back better than last time. Congratulations on being so close to the finish line on the blanket! Hi Debbie! Stay safe and warm. So many are having extreme cold right now - I feel fortunate that we're in the 40's this a.m. Cindy ~ I hope you were able to go out to dinner Sat. night. How is your MIL doing in her new 'home'? I saw the preemie hats you made and they're very sweet. Brenda ~ 100 thread ornaments! Way to go! I haven't worked with thread in years and really admire those of you who do. Judy ~ Have you warmed up yet? Your temps/wind chills are incredible! I love Lucy's trellis pattern and can't wait to see your afghans. DD, SIL and the boys came over yesterday and we had a wonderful day. I made sliders, pasta salad, tater tots and a fruit tray. Talk about picnic food in January! Lol The boys requested the menu except for the pasta salad. (I always put a ton of veggies in it and that could have something to do with it.) Luke taught me how to play Fortnite Monopoly...I definitely need more lessons. We're in for the day and I have a big pot of soup going. Crochet time later!
  3. Skysmom


    Hi Mildred! We're glad you're here.
  4. Skysmom

    Our House (Part Three)

    Hi House. For those of you in the path of all the snow and storms, stay safe.♥ We're just supposed to have a slight chance of storms tonight and then high winds and wind chills in the upper teens and feel very lucky. Have a good night.
  5. Skysmom

    Our House (Part Three)

    'Morning House. Brenda ~ How fun to go to the movies and get a discount, too! I read that you may be getting more snow. The snow is supposed to stay north of us with this next major front coming Friday/Saturday...hope it stays away! Hubby has two appointments today. I try and schedule them a little further apart, but it's not always possible! Better get busy! Have a good day, everyone.♥♥♥
  6. Skysmom

    Our House (Part Three)

    Hi House. Brenda ~ Lots of snow in your area! The picture is really pretty, but I know it's not fun to deal with. I hope your power has stayed on today! We still have two battery operated radios and a weather radio...we've had to use them several times over the years. I just finished a baby afghan and will post a picture soon. We're leaving shortly for another appointment... Have a good evening, friends. ♥♥♥
  7. Skysmom

    Our House (Part Three)

    Good morning, ladies. Thank you for the compliments! I love the pattern and have been using it more lately. It is so very soft and "scrunchy." Mona ~ I hope all goes well with your test tomorrow...at least it doesn't take long, but I know it's not fun. We'll be thinking of you both on Thursday as your hubby goes through the biopsy. ♥♥♥ I hope you can squeeze in a little time with your hook. Judy ~ That is so sweet that you got to see little Tiffany with her new blanket. It's windy and cold, but at least there is no precip. We're staying in today - Yay! Have a good Sunday, friends.
  8. Skysmom

    Our House (Part Three)

    Gee, that picture really is lopsided...oh well, I'll blame it on my allergies. Have a good day!
  9. Skysmom

    Our House (Part Three)

    Good morning, friends. Cindy ~ I'm so glad you are much better now! I finally went to see the PA at our doctor's office thinking it might be a sinus infection. Nope, it seems everyone in North Texas is dealing with "early allergies" due to the warmer temps. So antihistamines for me...except they make be drowsy so I can't take them if I have to drive anywhere. Lol Judy ~ Oh, the RR is adorable! Beautiful work and colors and I just know that little Tiffany will love it. ♥ Brenda ~ Your idea for a Christmas room brought back a memory from the past. (Like in the 70's!) I became good friends with the wife of one of hubby's co-workers. They had a lovely large home and the formal living room wasn't used except for Christmas and formal things. One year she literally forgot about her tree until Spring and of course by then it looked like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree. She was teased about that for years. Hi to the rest of the House, too. Hubby has had two appointments so far this week and tomorrow we go to the dermatologist for two Moh's procedures on his face. They said to plan on 'several' hours, so I will definitely have my crochet bag with me. Here is an afghan I finished before Christmas and finally got around to pictures. It's the blanket stitch - https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/blanket-stitch
  10. Skysmom

    Our House (Part Three)

    Good Morning! It's cold and rainy and thank goodness the ice and snow stayed just west of us. Judy ~ I hope you are continuing to feel better. How did the appointment go yesterday? Coincidentally, our new primary doctor is a woman and a D.O. We've heard lots of good things about her. We both have appointments in April. So glad to read that you're crocheting...I've been thinking about a RR. It's been too long! Mona ~ Your hubby and mine have a lot in common when it comes to paperwork or finances. Lol I hope you're better this a.m. ♥ Thankfully we have pretty much every store fairly close. I'm not a good shopper, except for yarn of course. Hi Brenda ~ Your Christmas sounds very busy! Our family is so small now and DD's hubby's family is small, but we all have so much fun when we're together. My oldest sister Josie lives in Virginia and we don't see her often. When I was in junior or senior high(?), we had a class on basic things like learning to write checks and balance a checkbook. I know kids now are doing everything online, but people should still know how just in case! Better get busy again. We're staying in today, so I'll run errands tomorrow. Have a good afternoon, all.
  11. Skysmom

    Our House (Part Three)

    Judy ~ I've just had a feeling that something was going on with you. My mom had the same thing for many years, so I know how scary it is and you never know when it's going to show up. Please keep updating us so we know how you're doing. Mary's orders...get lots of rest and pamper yourself. ♥♥♥ Mona ~ I'm so glad you're feeling better. Give yourself permission to take it slow for a while! And yes, I used the t** word. Lol Last year was the first time ever I had to rush to get ours mailed on time. Hubby had just had two surgical procedures and I swore I would start very early this year. So we'll see how that goes. Chance of freezing rain starting about 6 in the morning... Hi to the rest of the House, too.
  12. Skysmom

    Our House (Part Three)

    Happy New Year, everyone. We're under a winter storm watch through Thursday morning. 'Hope it all goes somewhere else. Lol Just in case, we have lots of firewood and food so we'll be good. Laundry is going and I've started sorting tax stuff...I procrastinated way too long last year. Have a good day!
  13. Skysmom

    Blues Round Ripple Lapghan

    Cindy ~ Love the colors and your work is lovely! I am playing with colors for another RR.
  14. Skysmom

    Our House (Part Three)

    'Afternoon, friends. Cindy ~ I'm so sorry you're still not feeling well. So many people we know are experiencing flu-like symptoms and/or colds right now. Get well soon! I ran errands this morning and have started putting away Christmas things. Tomorrow I will take down the trees and then we just have to get this stuff back in the garage attic. Hubby's shoulder is better, but his ankle is still bothering him and could for a few more weeks. Thankfully, we have a couple 'handyman guys' we can call. Have a good evening, everyone.
  15. Skysmom

    Cozy Stripe Afghan

    Beautiful work and great colors! Thanks for sharing.