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  1. Bailey, Yes. Samaritans Purse is there and ready. So many of the staff have had experience with the outbreaks of highly contagious diseases in places like Africa, so they couldn't have sent a better contingent! I saw the Patriots logo on the plane and trucks...totally weird for this Giants fan. I had to have a crown replaced at the dentist this AM. Lots of questions before he said to meet him at the office. Understandable. Brenda, Missouri is weeks behind the containment rules we enacted here in NJ...the numbers are climbing. Cindy, We have a big to do list also - all I'm looking at doing is making an attempt at making some cloth masks for us so I don't need a scarf next time we need to venture out.
  2. Thank you for the compliments... Hi peeps. After 2 weeks my friend is out of her bedroom and in the main part of the house! Still needs to bounce back...not sure how long that will take. Brenda, please take care of yourself first - if you crash, well....😘 Today we had more sunshine, but in the low 40s and very windy. With all that's going on in the world around us I don't know about everyone here, but I feel like things are getting to the breaking point. We've already had restrictions on activity for over 2 weeks and now another month... I was hearing about some younger people having parties, playing basketball together...not paying any attention to the warnings. Has no one seen the pop up hospital in Central Park? The Javits Convention Center turned into aa hospital - and the Navy Hospital ship in NY Harbor? Yesterday at 6AM we went shopping during the Senior hour at the store nearby. I had a scarf covering my nose and mouth, and the store was virtually empty of people - we were able to pick up 99% of everything we needed, TG. Sorry for the rant - had to get it out...even as I keep trying to remind myself to take it one day at a time. Love you ladies....
  3. Thanks, Ladies. I'm sure the blanket will find a home. Bailey, that's so cute! I love how we all seem to have our favorite things to crochet. It seems we rarely cross into a different area...or at least, not for long...lol. Speaking from my own experience.😁
  4. Crib size baby blanket...almost lost a game of chicken with the yarn
  5. Brenda you sound like you are the best medical advocate for your sister. So happy to hear she's doing well! My friend has had no fever for almost 24 hours...but has no sense of taste to speak of. I read about that possibly being permanent. I haven't told her about that... Another month of shut down announced by the president.
  6. Cindy....lovely RR! You have me itching to make them again! MaryJo...can't wait to see the thread tigger. Not sure if I could do such work in thread! And a crib size blanket...I played till I got dangerously close to playing chicken with both the blue and yellow.
  7. hi peeps...working on my online shopping lists. yes. plural...not every source has every thing, but am thankful we have that as an option! The sun is shining and we're healthy...plus my friend has begun to turn the corner on Covid 19 after having had it for 12 days. I'm very thankful.
  8. thanks for the link, RatDog...super easy pattern! Bailey....adorable. You never cease to amaze!
  9. Thank goodness for the negative test...I'm so very sorry your BIL and family are going through this. The environment here in New Jersey is reminiscent of right after 9/11...eerily quiet. Stay well, ladies💕
  10. That's so cute!!! It looks simple, too - is it a free pattern? He's really cute - but I absolutely adore the girl bunny! I can't believe you had so much fiddling to do. I would have given up!
  11. Hi peeps I'm still crocheting...and watching constant TooCute! shows on Animal Planet...a wonderful diversion and makes me smile. Stay well, ladies😘
  12. Made with donated yarn (Thank you!), just used the rose yarn from my stash to add to it. Keeping it in case someone needs a gift A wash will soften it up.
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