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  1. Hi peeps! That dress is so sweet! You have amazing sewing skills! Have you decided where it's going to go yet? Both projects look very warm! Great way to destash! Happy day My friends!!!
  2. Hi peeps! LeeAnn, you have an incredible amount of energy! Good wishes on the YouTube venture!! And yes - it's good for the kids to get a break from school. My 23 yo goddaughter should learn that lesson. Graduate school and producing a musical with undergraduates...and she's a perfectionist. What a combo. Mary, thanks for letting us know about this being Mary Jo's last tote. She's been so generous to so many of us.... Cold winter weather here today - loving it! And this obsessed hooker just order a yarn pack from Wool Warehouse for a CAL Lucy is starting in January - I just had to - love the yarn and the color combo will be perfect for the man cave. Later, gators
  3. Hi peeps! Mary, good to see you! Wow....no hot water! I hope you get it resolved soon. Making Greek chicken soup today. It's called Avgolemeno soup. Eggs, lemon, orzo and carrots with the chicken from the bird I use for the stock. A winter time go-to! Later, gators!
  4. Thanks, ladies! Mary Jo, the little brave is so cute! And love the angels. That was all a lot of work!
  5. Big doily is finished - I had to wing the last round since I couldn't wrap my brain around the written directions. One day I'll decide to work only with charts! I had to stand on a chair to get the picture.
  6. Here's a somewhat better picture of the doily - without the grubby blocking towel...lol!I'm far from the best person to set up a picture!
  7. Joanne, it sounds like I hear relief in your tone that it's over! It's always good to be back home. Hope you get some rest.
  8. Blocking
  9. Rat dog, there's nothing wrong with mailing early! As for me, I've been sending little things already - instead of one day discovering surprises there are several days!
  10. So, I had a routine cardio appointment today and my doc says I'm on automatic pilot, so I've graduated to seeing him only once a year! Cindy, we had a little sun today - not much. The days have been pretty dreary here, too. Have a great evening.
  11. Hi everybody! My friend Ro in FL got an email from her goddaughter in Seattle - she received the blanket and hats I had made and was so thrilled. I read the sweet note she sent Ro, saying she had already told 6 week old Declan how much he was loved. She just wanted to let us know that everything arrived safely and was going to send me a personal thank you. There isn't enough money in the world that could make me feel better than i did the moment I read her email...the note I enclosed to her was from "one adoptive mother to another".....
  12. Awww, Anna that is too cute!! Thanks for the compliments! And Mary Jo, the potholders are a way to thank my cousin (her ex is my first cousin) for sending me a signed copy of the book she illustrated, God Needed a Puppy, by John Gray. We adults - both friends and family - don't usually exchange gets either, but there's no rule against bartering...lol!
  13. Hi peeps! Although DS has a steady girlfriend now, it will just be DS and us for the meal - he'll stay a bit then spend more time with her. We're used to it. Would rather wait to meet any young woman till they're engaged..... I have a great, simple solution for the last round of the doily. Should be ready for starching tomorrow. Hi to everyone lurking!
  14. Oops - forgot to post the potholders (I think!)
  15. Looking forward to seeing the little doll!