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  1. judianne

    Our House (Part Three)

    76 by 48 Sweet Pea blanket, an Attic24 CAL. Couldn't wait to get the border meant for it, so I used the linen stitch on her site. My goddaughter fell in love with the look before it was half finished....so it's hers😍
  2. 76 by 48 Sweet Pea blanket. So soft 😍. Going to my 25 yo goddaughter
  3. judianne

    Our House (Part Three)

  4. judianne

    Our House (Part Three)

    Your lives sound like ours...lol! That should be interesting....lol! Enjoy
  5. Mary Jo, I'm amazed that you were even able to make the arms sculpted like the original....that's really a wonderful job! I think whoever gets her will love her to pieces!
  6. Click http://paapoputiikki.blogspot.com/2015/02/crochet-gorgeous-doll-carry-basket.html?m=1 Free pattern....
  7. judianne

    Thank You FGM

    Thank you, Florida FGM! The scraps of yarn will make cheerful quilt-like blankets for the NICU! And I'm looking forward to trying the cat and shawl patterns, both of which look very doable....you were so amazingly thoughtful😍
  8. judianne

    Our House (Part Three)

    Hi peeps! Mary, the web site your DD has is very well done! I hope they are successful❤️
  9. judianne

    Our House (Part Three)

    Hi peeps! Oh, my - soooo beautiful! I love how the colors blend together😍 I love that stitch too - just get bored making it all one color, so haven't used it in christening blankets - in fact, I frogged one I had started because I was so bored and it seemed to be taking forever to grow!🤣 I'm going to explore that website! I remember back in the 70's when we lived just outside of St.Louis - there was an ice storm and left a couple of inches on the ground and sealed our curbside mailbox. Hubby came home from work and turned into the driveway....but ended up in the middle of the lawn! We'll take snow over that any day! Spring can't come fast enough🌼
  10. Courtney, She'll love it! Two year olds..and kids in general, seem to like bright colors. I must be a kid, too, because I like brights too!
  11. judianne

    Our House (Part Three)

    I almost forgot....we had a former coworker of DH's stop by Saturday and she used to use a knitting loom....guess what she brought me: YARN!!!!! Washable wool, probably #5 size (20% wool) in burgundy and beige - a TON of it. I have the perfect bedspread pattern in mind (Giant squares, because I'm not sure how far it will go) I may never come out from under my yarn stash at this rate🤣
  12. judianne

    Our House (Part Three)

    Hi peeps! Mona, the granddaughters will LOVE the shawlettes! The Stylecraft yarn is so soft, too.... So happy to hear you will have help with the driving if needed❤️
  13. WOW! What a great job! Have you tried the Trellis pattern on Lucy's site? It's for the Sweet Pea yarn pack, and the Cal will be done next week. I'm doing that (my GD loves the colors, so it has a home already). I've also used the pattern for a christening blanket. Super easy pattern - I had trouble getting the Moorland to line up properly.
  14. judianne

    Our House (Part Three)

    Cindy, that's a great ski mask for your hubby! This has been frostbite weather, for sure. I don't remember the temps being this cold, and with the wind!!!! we may be in the high fifties in a couple of days....
  15. Our weather is very weird....we will be in the fifties in a couple of days or so! That's after having to worry about our pipes freezing because of the -18 wind chill record temps!