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  1. 30 by 36 blanket that I added to the already full bag I had ready for the NICU. I also added a handful of beanies.
  2. This is 30 by 36 and I added it, with a handful of beanies, to the bag I had ready for the NICU.
  3. hi peeps I heard we aren't supposed to take ibuprofen before the vaccine, because it might lessen its effectiveness...so it's good that you stopped before the shot! And your reaction sounds pretty good...I've heard more positive stories like that!
  4. Hi peeps! that's so cute!!! Adorable! What a great idea to make the identical outfits! Perfect! And so is the size, from what I understand. Love the blues.... So cute! I love this...in particular with the glasses!
  5. Hi peeps. My 27 yo goddaughter couldn't find sn actual pattern for the stashbuster GS jacket she wanted to make for herself so she winged most of it...she's very creative in other ways, also.
  6. Thanks for the compliments, ladies!! Bailey - each item you make is so very unique and special - you must get a great sense of accomplishment after completing each one. I know I would! My goal, once I get caught up over here...is to pull out my knitting needles and try to improve my extremely basic skills! Working on my own version of a border for the lattice baby blanket and then it's picture time. Very windy today but it's been above freezing for a couple of days now and on the sunny side of the back yard we're starting to see the hardscape again! Even the bare gro
  7. And folded baby blankets...blue one was posted here a while ago and I made the yellow to match... despite looking different I used the same trellis pattern but different yarn.
  8. Hi peeps... The thaw outside is finally starting. Here's Lucy from yesterday
  9. Folded baby blankets. I made the blue one a while back and a neighbor asked if I could make a yellow one to go with it for her twin great grandchildren born at the end of January. Different yarn but same Trellis pattern from Attic24
  10. Mary Jo, that's adorable!!! I saved the link...after you said you could also make it with sc - I never got into c2c.
  11. Adorable work, Bailey!!!! So sweet!! Thanks, MJ. I had to give her the Winnie the other day so I came up with a price - and she added more to the check anyway! Whatever I seem to ask I always get more. It keeps me in yarn and books...lol!
  12. Hi...I hope everyone is surviving this unbelievable weather! Today we have ice overlaying the snow that never went away, in addition to what we got yesterday. Ice shards went flying when I high stepped through the yard for poop patrol. Amazing how my legs are stronger with almost 2 weeks of having to trudge through this stuff. Lucy also seems to to have acclimated to it with little, if any problems. Streets were way too icy to even think of going out today. Fortunately we're stocked up.Completes another baby blanket yesterday - had a blue and white one I shared here a while back and made
  13. Oh, he's cute!!! And I'm making another baby blanket for the lady who wanted the Winnie the Pooh! She had another granddaughter give birth to twins 3 weeks ago...she asked me and I couldn't say no...lol! This one will be a match in style, but different color, to a blanket I already made a while back and hadn't found a home for yet. This time I am using stash!
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