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  1. I hope everyone has a good day tomorrow, however you observe mother's day...it can be a hard day for many. Hugs
  2. I hope everyone has a mother's day tomorrow that is just the way you want it to be....I know it can also be a hard day for many. Sending hugs.
  3. Hi ladies! That is sad....but the best thing for the raccoon.... That blanket is so pretty . Love the bright colors. I've had similar problems...sometimes I just end up making NICU hats.
  4. Hi peeps. That is GORGEOUS! I think those are the suggested colors...?? I can't remember... That is super cute! I love it! That's beautiful! I can't imagine how thrilled she's going tp be with it!
  5. Hi peeps! My stash has grown because I tend to overbuy - worried I'll run out of the same dye lot! Today I went to Michaels and stocked up on more white yarn - with the christening blanket project, and using up my colors, I'm always running low on white. I've been using up small balls of white yarn to finish one project - and I THINK they match! This time I bought 4 super big skies (buy 1, get the 2nd 50% off). I should be good now - at least for a while...LOL!
  6. That's REALLY cute! Another great one! Did you see any other patterns in the book that you liked??
  7. I love hotbeds, too. When I was pretty new to the group I received a nice bunch of hotpads from several ladies here and I love using them - they're better than anything you can get from a store: designs are unique and they are super thick! That's really cute!
  8. Welcome, from NJ. Looking for a pattern is also how I found this group many years ago! We have wonderful bunch of people here, and should you ever have questions or are seeking crochet help, there always seems to be a thread on this forum where you can find an answer.
  9. I can't telly you how many times I've either printed out a pattern I already had or was ready to buy a book of patterns I had already gotten rid of years earlier...I think it's a sign we are crochet-a-holics🤣 And I LOVE the clown fish - it's perfect! That is so very sweet! Truly a family heirloom.
  10. What sweet creatures, Bailey!! You're definitely on a role! I just donated a few NICU blankets for the littlest ones they have...Lots of colors involved!
  11. Bailey, the hotbed is way cute!!!!! But the jellyfish makes my fingers hurt looking at all that work! You're amazing!
  12. Hi peeps! Just checking in... I'm playing with baby yarn now, adding to the NICU pile . I hope everyone is doing well.
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