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  1. Here's the baby blanket I made to add to the pile. It's 29 by 33 inches...and barely put a dent in my stash🤣. Next one will be bigger...but I am planning to make a shawl/wrap for a good friend. I think that's next.
  2. Hi peeps. Well...29 inches by 33 and my baby blanket I made to add to the pile is finished.
  3. Welcome! That's how I found my way here also. Enjoy exploring all the various threads.
  4. Hi peeps - working in the border for the baby cosy blanket I'm making....pic to come.
  5. That is HUGE! From one grapgghan maker to another....WOW!👏
  6. Hi peeps! That's so cute! Love the ghost in the house....😍 Very, very nice!! I would never have the patience for this! Great work....looking forward to seeing how you finish it all!
  7. Thanks Brenda! I love the mini stockings! Do you put anything in them??
  8. Hi peeps! Thanks for the compliments! On to another baby blanket for my stash...light blue and white Cosy Stripe from Attic24. I went to open the black cat one and there wasn't any picture. given the way Frankenstein looks, I'm sure it's sweet! Love it! And NJ is ok with trick or treating - so far, anyway. The local PD has been doing a trunk or treat for at least a couple of years now. They go to a parking lot have have goodies in their trunks for the kids - not sure of specifics, other than that. I know the past years they've been doing the trunk or treat it has definitely curtailed the number of trick or treaters.
  9. Mona I don't envy you that yard work. We've recently changed landscapers and the new ones are very reliable...important since neither of us can do much outside. And I was fortunate that hubby had come with me and was in the car in the parking lot! Here are 2 newborn sets I made from scraps. Pale yellow color and others don't show up too well in the bright sun.
  10. Here are a couple of newborn sets I made from scraps....sun was super bright so the yellow and other subtle colors don't show up well.
  11. Mona, I was just going to say the same thing!😂
  12. Don't ever hesitate to vent....we're friends here💕
  13. Has your mojo started up again? I got antsy for another project as soon as I finished the graph ghan, so I finished a small granny square baby ghan and hat....neutrals and yellow ...and now I'm making squares in pinks and purples, lol! Not sure if I'll save them for an emergency baby gift or pass them on to my NICU nurse neighbor. I may run our of places to store stuff...🤣 Bailey, I love how you adapted the pattern to make the haunted house! Yes - crocheting does serve as a good distraction.
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