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  1. Cindy, that's my go-to RR pattern! Great job! I know how hard it is when you're on those last rounds! Anna, thank you for the link to the pattern. I saved it for when I'm ready to pick up the needles again. Adorable!
  2. Anna....such beautiful work. I really love knitted items. Maybe one day I'll advance beyond scarves!
  3. Baby blanket with baby's name embroidered on it. Chain stitch. I only had to redo the S twice๐Ÿคฃ
  4. Also...newborn blanket with the baby's name. Used a chain stitch to embroider it
  5. 30 inches square and includes all the colors of the nursery. Not sure how I'll personalize it yet. Lumps will smooth out after a wash and dry.
  6. Hi, peeps! Thanks so much - I love the challenge of working with scraps! Thank you! Hi back at ya!!! Thats a great idea! Your mind must be always churning with new ideas!
  7. Here's a 34 inch rr I made entirely from scraps and added to the pile of hats I left at my nurse neighbor's house this morning.
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