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  1. Cindy, we've had temps in the 80's and on Sunday it's supposed to be 89! Blech.... Enjoy your getaway!! Working on the graph ghan...It's now coming along fine, ever since I set aside all the colors I needed for the GSD face! Not much else going on. Just waiting for Fall to arrive I can't wait for the weather to match my table decorations.
  2. yay for hexie progress!
  3. Well, the doilies went home with the new owner and I've started the first of two graph ghans for the same friend. Christmas gifts. So, school has started and lots of new schedules need to be figured out...hope all is well, ladies.
  4. Hi peeps! Cindy, I hope you have an easier day at work! I can see why nurses often retire early... LeeAnn, don't forget to take care of yourself Mary, maybe you're bored with hexies? My friend loved her doilies! Then, before we went to eat, we went to Hobby Lobby. That store is trouble for me! I love their fabric section - and I never sew just for fun. It's super tempting! Also visited the yarn section. More colored thread somehow jumped into my basket as well as a couple of small skiens of baby yarn (for hats to have on hand next time I'm asked for one!) Plus I now have all the yarn I need for the German shepherd afghans. I don't think I'll be lacking for projects! Have a good night my friends.
  5. BTW, saw pics of Marisa and her groom on FB! She was a gorgeous bride.
  6. Hi peeps... A two hour visit with the dentist - prep for a crown near the back part of my mouth. Blech. Getting dental work done - even though I really like my dentist - is at the bottom of my list of things I'd rather not do. Minus the bottom of the list..... Not much else happening - just waiting for tropical storm Jose and his greeting tomorrow, just when our friends come by. Oh, well. ...hope to relax a bit now.
  7. Thanks Cindy! I have the doilies all stacked up waiting for the owner to come visit on Tuesday. Joanne, congrats on your anniversary! How is DH feeling these days? I'll bet Jali gave you his best smile when he woke up and saw you.... Been playing with the RR off and on since yesterday ...a nice no brainer....
  8. Mary Jo, I'm so glad you have electricity back!! It's a horror to sleep in that kind of weather without it. And you're welcome, for the power company trucks! We were without power for 13 days during Sandy, and the last day we were talking to a lineman from Alabama, I think....the trucks came from all over the country to help! It was only the eastern part of the state that was hit badly by the storm - all nearest the water, of course. ...thanks for the compliments on the doily!
  9. Has anyone seen Mary Jo around??
  10. Doily number 4
  11. Hi peeps. LeeAnn....that yarn is beautiful! Cindy, glad the new toy works well! Mary, men do not make the best patients!! Hope his mood improves.
  12. Hi, peeps! Mary, so glad everything went ok! Yup, as Joanne said, Hot and humid yesterday, and today was hot too. We went by the bay late this afternoon. The sun was hot, but the slight breeze off the water felt good! Doily number 4 is finished. I probably could have gone to a bigger hook than a 7, but being a couple of inches shorter than expected is no biggie. Blocking it a bit ago was interesting! Now it sits and dries overnight, damp and with a dose of spray starch all over it. Our friends are coming Tuesday, so it's nice to get this done in time to give all 4 doilies to them at once. Have a great weekend, my friends.
  13. Hi peeps. Mary, I always get busy when I have too much on my mind too. ...and we have one vacuum upstairs and one down, too! Even DH said carrying it upstairs was no longer doable. Doily progress: on row 20 of 25. And this morning I whipped up a newborn baby girl hat for a friend who needed a gift. I added a flower to it - all she could say was Awwwwww when I gave it to her so she could gift it. We're back with humid weather and high 70's, close to 80 later this week. Mary, you're in my thoughts...
  14. Great news, rat dog! I'm assuming Tampa Doll lost power....I heard areas around her did, too.