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  1. LOL! It does remind me of a poinsettia...but it still looks great, and a wonderful idea!
  2. Thanks so much for the info, Mary Jo!
  3. Mary Jo - did you buy the pattern for the placemats? Pretty!!!
  4. Ladies, Joanne just posted on FB some very sad news. Her husband died..... I can't believe it.....
  5. How was the zoo outing?? And yes, they always talk about tracking. Hardest thing about losing weight is maintenance!
  6. Hi peeps! Working on the squares and the christening ghan I started - but I need to finish short bio of Madam Curie that I picked for book club - and we meet on Thursday! I steer clear of women fiction or trendy books whenever i can. I will, however, have to apologize to the ladies for some of the very technical parts of the book...we choose books we haven't read, so... Stay cool my friends -- we have had horrendously hot and humid weather for about three days now, but got some welcome rain last night!
  7. Bailey, I'm sure you came up with something fun!
  8. Thanks, Bailey!
  9. Hi peeps! Colette, I'll be 70 at the end of this year - and my body lets me know it! So, heres the finished "yarn Puzzle". The lady came by to get it today. I wasn't able to get it completely squared off because of the various sizes of the squares, But she was very happy with the finished product. Her mom, who knit the center panel, passed away before the various parts could be finished and put together for her then 25 yo old niece, so I was glad to be able to finish it for her. I used a rev HDC around the ghan. Didn't wash it - wasn't sure if any yarn was wool or not!
  10. Mary Jo - WOW! I can't imagine how small the knitting needles were! Beautiful work, as always, my talented friend. And Bailey, I'm the same way - when I finish something I want it out of the house! You always put a lot of attention into your projects. No everyone is like that.
  11. Hi peeps! Cindy, way to go on the weight loss! I still go to WW meetings even though I've been at goal for almost 8 months. The yarn puzzle is finished. I did the best I could with the odd sizes and I don't think it looks too bad. I finished it off with a rev hdc. Looked better than anything else I tried. The lady who gave me the project also gave me Wanna White yarn in pistachio to border things with. I have to get a before and after picture posted for you ladies. So, now it's back to playing with the Stylecraft yarn and also to start making Christening blankets for the church's knit and crochet group. We thought it would be nice to be able to give a keepsake to each baby. And Mary - yes, the cleaning service should have said NO CATS! We do have to get to the point when we have to stop trying to do it all. Hugs to everyone!
  12. Hi peeps! You made me smile!!! Such a hoot - you will definitely get a laugh from your DH! Such an imagination!
  13. Thanks, MJ! Back to my yarn puzzle...then baby blankets and hats, my favorite things to make! Oh - there are also the squares I'm making with the Stylecraft yarn I got (Woodland pack). Easy peasy.... Happy crafting, my friends!
  14. Yarn puzzle ....on a roll!
  15. Blanket sweater