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  1. Adorable outfits! And I love the size of the dolls, too😊
  2. Thanks! Yes, the scarf is big enough to double...my goddaughter is slender, so it's a good size for her.
  3. An infinity scarf for my soon to be 28 yo goddaughter who also shares my birthday. Used a V stitch and a Caron cake.
  4. Here's our son's present for his new home/office. It relaxed nicely after I washed it.
  5. I made an infinity scarf for my soon to be 28 yo goddaughter. I used a V stitch and a Caron cake...
  6. My son's Christmas throw...it relaxed nicely after I washed it. Giving it to him on Thanksgiving so he can start using it early!
  7. Such thoughtful people here...you've blessed many by unselfishly using your talents for others ❤
  8. Adorable, as always, Bailey! And I'm not surprised your hands are bothering you! Rest them when you get a chance.
  9. Cindy, your BIL went through alot. I'm so sorry for your family's loss.
  10. Amazing job! Some people around here really get into it too! Thanks for the pics.
  11. 3 year olds can be unpredictable...it's a shame. Bailey, your outfits are soooo cute! The last doll with the dark hair reminded me of a doll I has when I was little...my youngest brother pulled out the hair! As you can tell, so many years later and I still can't forget.
  12. That's really adorable! Super cute! Our son loved dinosaurs when he was a little boy...he would have loved something like this. Saving the pattern. Just in case .... Most of our small christening blanket group were able to meet at the church a couple of days ago...fist time in probably a year! The lady who started the group is so encouraging..and she also passed along a skien of Caron Pounder white yarn as further encouragement...LOL!
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