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  1. Hi peeps. Thanks! I love non traditional colors for baby hats. I could have bought more yarn...next time🤣
  2. I'm working on another white Drunken Granny, but not before using some more of my leftover scrubby yarn to make a large dishcloth. I combine it with regular cotton, so it does double duty, esp with non stick pans.
  3. 23 beanies for the NICU. Used lightweight colorful yarn for some, called KAI.
  4. Cindy, I can appreciate you not wanting the responsibility for your bil. You've had so much going on since you retired...hugs, sweetie. Miss seeing Mary here....
  5. 23 beanies for the NICU. I treated myself to pretty new yarn, more lightweight, called KAI.
  6. How is everyone doing? I heard that Michigan was going to get hit with bad ice, etc... We're on our second day of spring - went out for a drive with Lucy and saw lots of people out walking their dogs or taking down Christmas decorations - in shorts and t shirts in some cases! We're getting strong winds today ahead of the rain storm we're supposed to be getting tonight. More Spring weather for tomorrow.
  7. My church has a ministry where we give each baby being baptized a blanket. We're trying hard to keep up with the demand😂
  8. Around Christmas I began crocheting christening blankets again... All free patterns, and left to right: a pattern from Gardner's blog: Peek-A-Boo baby afghan; Drunken Granny (aka, the easiest baby blanket); and Trellis Pattern from Attic24 and the Sweet Peal CAL
  9. Hi peeps! That has happened to us a lot ...it's gotten so I keep a list of which bank card we use for automatic payments, etc... I hope you have it all straightened out now!
  10. Beautiful!! That's adorable....❤️ I LOVE this! Also....too cute! That's a lot of tight crocheting - how have you hands held up? I'm continually impressed by the talent on the ville....and you ladies are so skilled. I'm sure everyone who receives your handiwork truly cherish all of it.
  11. Diana, those hats are really nice! Mona, from your list I'm guessing you're already starting on that big list!! Great start, ladies!
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