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  1. Welcome back Christie! I left FB in January. Life has been more fun ever since...once I got used to finding friends and family other ways! That's a super pattern! Cindy, I really hope the doctor offers a solution to your pain! I found crochetville when u was recuperating from wrist surgery and was looking for patterns for after I healed (young German shepherd pulling too hard on leash and me trying to constantly correct...cause of the injury)
  2. Check out my Gift Making thread for 2021....at least one of the ladies there , Bailey, has access to great patterns for doll clothes !
  3. Glad I live in NJ ...but only at a time like this. We're back to almost all indoor settings, including churches, requiring masks. And I still have a good friend who has bought into the ant Vax hype, who I won't visit with in either of our homes. Outside or neutral ground where I'll be masked. People need to be considerate. . Our hospitals in nj haven't had a surge in admissions, but there has been talk that there will be one soon.
  4. Bailey, your work...and wonderful colors...always make me smile! Cindy, those hats look amazing!
  5. Using stash to make a baby blanket for NICU. Cosy strip pattern...a favorite of mine.
  6. Beautiful work!! It's going to be used all the time, I'm sure! And BAILEY, your work is so cute. My favorite is the baby doll outfit ❤
  7. Hi peeps! I tried taking pics of my last two projects...not happy with the pics...working with stash again, using different brands of white, a leftover skien of light blue, and grays...making squares for a NICU blanket. that's so sweet! I can't imagine what size hook you used for 3 strands of yarn! That is such a cute pattern. That is a smile maker!
  8. Hi everyone! Been making christening blankets, squares, etc... Hubby offered to let me loose in the yarn store - so far I've been trying to use stash....
  9. Oh, Cindy....your baby blanket pattern, Peek a Boo, is now my new favorite for making christening blankets!
  10. Bailey, the pumpkin house is really adorable. I know it's going to be a hit!
  11. They are adorable! And as far as not being crochet, when it comes to gift ideas posted in this thread, anything goes! Thanks so much for the idea!
  12. Hi Cindy...so good seeing you here. And yes, it is a blessing blessing that your BIL feels pretty good. But it's so sad that trying a new treatment is dependent on insurance. That shouldn't be ... He's lucky he has his family! And heat and humidity...AC plus a fan, where I sit and crochet in the house...
  13. That little guy is too cute!!!!!
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