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  1. Hi peeps! Yes, doing what we love to make is what it's all about. I never want to make this a chore. On my hook now: potholders to match my friend's new kitchen. And more baby hats. I also picked up some of Hobby Lobby's red and green for the NICU baby hats.
  2. Bailey, you sound like you have an assembly line going!! I'm sure you'll get everything done on time😀
  3. Hi, peeps! It took me years to decide what worked for me -involves no bobbins, just small balls of yarn. Or skeins. Then it involves either untangling the mess or just cutting it all and starting again. Mine is not a neat process, to put it mildly🤣 Carry no more than three stitches. I did more sometimes in this case and actually went back to correct, by weaving in the right color to cover the offending sections. My husband actually saw one of the worse offenders! I'm thankful for his honesty, because after mulling it over I figured out an easy fix. See my comment up above re tangling😂 Beautiful work! I hope you feel better❤️
  4. Thanks, Mary Jo and Bailey! I started my first baby beanie for the NICU last night...looking forward to surprising my friend with a batch for the first time in a long time.
  5. Thanks, ladies! And Brenda, it took me years to get to a point where I didn't cringe when I tried graphs...but a former member here gifted me my first graph pattern, a German Shepherd profile, and it was the first of many. I was hooked, but I do get obsessed. Time to go back to simpler things for a while...lol!
  6. Lapghan size, about 38 by 44...though just two colors, because of the detail it took me about a month, much longer than usual. I made a simple border: sc around, HDC, then crab stitch. Now onto simpler projects for the NICU!
  7. hi peeps. Every time our DS asks "What's new?" when he calls we say...not much - which at our age is GOOD news😂 Bronchitis is rough - I hope you're better today💕
  8. Finished! It's about 38 by 44, lapghan size. I bordered it with a round of sc, hdc, then a round of crab stitch.
  9. Mary Jo - that's adorable😍 You know me and graphs...never met one I didn't like, but I especially love the whimsical patterns💕
  10. Hi peeps - been so busy... After reading the posts I missed I hope everyone is doing better. Finished a christening blanket and am working on finishing touches for the firefighter throw. And Mary, after having had such issues with Windows systems I bought myself a MacBook Pro four years ago - have few if any complaints! Have to dash. Hugs to all of you ladies!!!
  11. Hi peeps! I'm in the home stretch with the firefighter's throw! It was only two colors for the graph design, but I hd to pay close attention to the graph because of the different details it has. How is everyone doing? We're having a very rainy and...later this afternoon, windy and stormy day for 🎃 We may be left with a lot of candy...poor us🤣
  12. Just popping in to say Hi! I have the finish line in sight for the Maltese Cross Fire fighter throw! I'm going to make a nice deep border to balance it....friend who requested it will be visit in couple of weeks, so I can give it to her then. It's for her brother.
  13. Wow! They look great...and I love the blue😍
  14. Cindy, enjoy your trip! In our marriage the roles are reversed as far as prepping for anything...lol! I feel so badly for those homeowners. We've seen the effects storms have down here by the shore. Some homes destroyed by Sandy were never rebuilt. More hook time for me - about halfway finished with the Maltese Cross FD throw. Take care, my friends.
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