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  1. Bailey...you're amazing.😍 Oh wow! What's not to love about this! The colors, the design....precious💝
  2. I have a RR going - donation or gift pile - and a white baptismal blanket using Attic24's Trellis pattern, the one she used for the Sweet Pea CAL. My hands have been hurting a bit lately - not sure if it's the weather or just overuse. When I take a break I]ve been reading. A friend recommended a book called: The Gown by Jennifer Robson. I LOVE it. I'm an Anglophile, which is a big part of why I like it and it is also great for my sometimes short attention span since each chapter deals with a different character. Never bored - unless I want to be!
  3. Tired of 75 degrees and humid...we have a front coming through today and we'll be getting more seasonable temps.
  4. Hi peeps! Very nice! Looks like you added a couple of rows to the top? I saved that link to to the pattern - thanks for sharing it! That's another good pattern - different! I think I'll be making more fingerless mitts...lol!
  5. I could NEVER have made this! I truly admire your patience with such fiddly projects.
  6. Oh, WOW! The tabletop doily ---you made that too? I see the creepy clown in the corner too...we saw a house with a full size clown on their porch! VERY CREEPY! But I love how so many people have gone all out on decorating. It's something fun to see amid the crazy year we're having.
  7. Hi peeps! It's GREAT! I may be shopping there more - esp now that our baptismal blanket ministry is again starting up... in January Answered you! Off to check out he October table!
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