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  1. Hi, peeps! Mary I'm sorry your DH has to go through so much. It has to be so hard for you too. So, the GSD ghans are for Christmas presents - and the only part of it that might slow me down on the very easy pattern I'm using (paw print) is when I get to the dog's face. My friend is looking for a color we want for the border, to see if they still make it - if not, the fall back color is black, like on ours. Take care in the heat, my friends.
  2. Hi, my friends! LeeAnne, it's said, if you need something done, give the task to a busy person! That's you - the energizer bunny I finished doily number 1 today before our friends came over - it's not blocked yet. She also had an idea for presents for two relatives who each have a German Shepherd puppy...soooo.....her doilies can wait, she said (she is getting her kitchen completely redone at the end of summer, so she's right about not wanting to put them out till after that mess is finished). So I went through my patterns, found what she wanted, and yes, another trip to the yarn store is coming up soon. Meanwhile I'll finish the little ghan for the baby shower. I tend to overbuy, so I told her I would only charge her for what I knew I needed to use for the two (identical) GSD ghans. Get ready....set....GO! I don't like being bored, so life is good!
  3. Hi peeps! Mary, you're funny - I still have one last round to go on the first doily! Unblocked it looks like it's going to be at least the 14 1/2 inches it said it should be - which is perfect. Our friends are coming over tomorrow so I'm going to show her what a doily looks like right off the hook... Cindy, our humidity has been horrendous too. I came in the house a bit ago after watering a few flowers and I couldn't stop sweating. I want my colder seasons back. The mosquitoes have been in an eating frenzy too, so it's almost impossible to stay out, even in the cool (relative) of the morning. Your DH is so sweet to grill for you. So...I had some leftover gray, pink and white and decided to start a smaller never ending granny blanket to compliment the crib size one that I have for the baby shower. It'll be small enough to cover the baby's head as they run around in and out of the car in the Florida sun and also will be the right size for using in the baby seat, etc. So - three things for the little one now. I didn't show the grandma to be the hat I made and I won't show her this small blanket either. Shower is Aug5, so I have more than enough time. Have a good night, my friends.
  4. Anna, love the request you got from your nieces! Adorable little octopi! MJ....love that doll and outfit! Porcelain would never survive in my house - If I didn't drop it one of the dogs would probably send it flying...another reason we haven't used a coffee table in like forever! Doily #1 is coming along.Ready to start row 25 I think, of 28.
  5. Welcome from New Jersey! Yes....dogs have owners but cats have staff! Enjoy exploring this forum!
  6. welcome, from New Jersey! I love that you've already discovered what a stress reliever crocheting can be! Enjoy exploring this forum and stretching your talents! And making anything to wear is still hard for me after many years of crocheting. Many times things don't fit correctly! We all learn where we are happiest with our crochet hooks!
  7. That's a terrific size! A bedspread!! And the pillows....can't wait to hear from her!!
  8. Cindy, It does sound like a bad bruise that's going to take its time to heal Tg it doesn't affect your work! And I chuckled at the thought of sewing your own underwear...I know I would never have the patience for that - but getting a rash from the elastic might be the impetus I would need to at least try! Just finished round 22 of 28 of the doily. Like RRs, the rounds take a little longer each time...lol! At least the repetition of the stitch sequences is so easy I don't have to refer to the pattern once I've finished the second repeat. 'nite, my friends
  9. How big did the ghan turn out to be? Not sure if you mentioned what size bed you had it on for the pictures. I often read posts way too fast
  10. And Mary Jo - you were so organized and fast getting it all done. You're the go-to person when something needs doing! Can't wait for her to see everything!
  11. Marlene, It's great hearing from you! What color are you making the grand baby's RR? If I didn't know the gender I would probably opt for crayon colors! All the primary ones.... Such a fun project for you. Our DS recently turned 42, also. Makes us realize how fast the years are passing by. And stubbornness about not wearing an alert bracelet nearly killed my step FIL many years ago - he leaned over the tub to turn on the water for the shower, lost his balance, and ended up sitting in the empty tub for probably 12 hours. When I couldn't get hold of him and his neighbor didn't see any lights on we went...uhoh....and weren't sure what we would find. The old coot was in such good shape EMS saw no reason to bring him to the hospital! He was lucky. Your friend might not be next time. Those things are waterproof, if I'm not mistaken. No hook time - Monday is cleaning and laundry, so haven't had time or even felt like picking up the hook yet. Have a good day my friends,
  12. Joanne, thanks for the compliment on the doily! It's easy to remember the repeats for each row, so it's actually getting easier, though I hardly did anything on it today. And did you go to the B&N in Holmdel? If you did we missed each other! We were there mid morning. So glad you had a great time with the grand kids! Cindy, any after effects from the spill you took?? Have a great night, my friends.
  13. Thanks ladies!! Have a great day. Off to flea market for dog cookies