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  1. It lasted one week...lol! Working on a UFO I unearthed from my yarn closet last week....a small RR...tea leaf green, soft yellow and white (or soft white ... don't have the wrapper). It'll make a sweet looking drape for an isolette in the NICU.
  2. I just made a batch of dog cookies for our guys - in addition to the whole wheat flour, baking powder and cinnamon, it calls for 1/2 c each of pumpkin and peanut butter along with some water. They know when I'm making them and watch me! I tried adding pumpkin to their food, but the older pup has a really sensitive gut, so I stopped doing that a while back.Right now he gets Forti Flora and benefiber. I hope it helps your pups. I know they love the taste. Cindy, you know me well!
  3. Hi peeps....spending a bit of time at my desk making sure I have all the info for when I load up Turbo Tax. I had having to stop and search for something. This year is super simple, and now that I'm on my third year of using this software I'm hoping I can zip through it even faster! Not sure if I'll try to do it this afternoon - I'm a morning person, and the afternoons are for R&R... I have finished sorting through old patterns, etc, and threw out some more, once I really read through them. I still have a big stack of books and paper...but at least it's a little smaller and neater a pile than before. And MARY....I found some patterns I want to make...like SOON...and actually tucked them in with the yarn that somehow miraculously goes with it. Not to mention the UFO, a smallish RR that I want to pass on to the NICU....and the Hobby Lobby baby yarn that is screaming to be made into hats! I'm in trouble
  4. Like, Jessie! Good thing you weren't still ill when DH had his ER visit!! Hope he's better soon.
  5. Make granny squares - a join as you go project. That would be fun!
  6. I should have included the important fact that this blanket with the GC will be an auction item! I tend to leave out important information when I write...lol!
  7. Hi peeps! TY for the compliments on the ghan. Next one will have a shorter starting chain...lol! This is the third time I've made this pattern and it's always fun to see how the color pattern looks at the end. I may be part of a group that will meet at my church - and will be teaching knitting and crocheting with the goal in mind to make things for people who need a comfort ghan or shawl. We'll see if there's any interest, otherwise....
  8. Hi peeps! Happy Anniversary, MJ! And thank you all for the compliments! Mary Jo - it's a super easy pattern - you just have to remember that UK Trebles are US double crochet! It repeats the pattern and you just have to watch one row where you don't work in the last DC. This is the third one I've made. Next one will be smaller - will shorten the starting chain. I ADORE this! I really have to make it. And you're right: with the large chunks of color there isn't too much of a yarn barf in the back with a bazillion tails waiting to be woven in! That is soooooo cute!
  9. I finished the charity ghan. It measure about 50 by 67 inches. The lady I gave it to said it will likely be paired with a gift card from our local yarn store! The pattern I used is from Attic24, and is called the Cosy blanket
  10. Hi peeps! Mary Jo, I have that Panda pattern - haven't made it yet - I'm taking a crochet break for a while. Last project was this 50 by 67 inch blanket for a fundraiser.. Easy pattern from Attic24.
  11. Hi peeps! So....my crochet hiatus begins. Like any addict, I'll be taking it a day at a time Here's the cosy blanket, a pattern from Lucy at Attic24. Super easy - and this is the third time I've made one. This is for the fundraiser. Measures approximately 67 by 50 inches. Stay warm and dry, my friends!
  12. https://m.facebook.com/redtedart/photos/a.378686431008.153975.370305886008/10155350546381009/?type=3&source=57&__tn__=EHH-R My local yarn store posted the link to this blog. WOW!
  13. Hi peeps! Yes, I'm planning on getting a lot of reading done soon! I just cleaned out two dresser drawers and tossed some old cross stitch projects I'm never going to make. Holding the small needle isn't fun, either. I do have a project I found with one of those painted pictures that has blank spaces for crewel using wool and a little embroidery using thread. That one I'm holding onto - may be doable. Otherwise I'll be working on the last few rows of the cosy blanket today - miserable weather out there. Cindy, i want to share something you;ll appreciate: I went to renew my Brilinta (blood thinner) last week and before the pharmacy did that I got a call from them. Our copay for a three month supply went from 150 to 300. I nearly dropped the phone. Having Government insurance and NOT corporate looks like we get the raw end of the deal. I'm also guessing that we're paying for all the ads on TV.... My cardio approved a switch to generic Plavix (he even called me last night to answer a couple of questions I had and told me to keep his cell number in case I needed to talk to him again - love that guy!) So....now we pay 14 dollars for a three month supply of blood thinner instead of 300. It's been working for my older sister for years, so I'm not anticipating any issues with the switch. As our friend always says: Getting old isn't for sissies. Stay warm and cozy my friends!
  14. Hi peeps! I'm finishing a charity project, then taking a hooky break. My woodland colors will eventually be made into squares after reading comments here and in the FB group. Sorry to see all the problems some of us are having with the pattern. Ripples have sometimes given me an issue, and from the looks of this one, I'm not touching it. I DO love the colors, though.
  15. Bailey and Mary Jo - BEAUTIFUL work!!!!!!!