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[Ended] Snowflakes in July Along


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I have been thinking about choosing a week to do nothing but snowflakes each and every day. Seven days of snowflake goodness. I'd like to have as many flakes as possible available when December rolls around, for gifts, for me, for Christmas cards. Then I started thinking, wouldn't it be fun to have other people doing snowflakes with me during that week? I love Snowflake Mondays to see people making a beautiful flake here and there. It would be much more fun if more of my friends and new friends would make snowflakes too.


Here is the plan:





  • The week of July 25th, the last week of July, we will make nothing but snowflakes. Making it the last week of the month gives plenty of time for you to get your affairs in order. Finish those WIPs you've been diligently stitching away on; get those last minute gifts finished. Three whole weeks to get ready for one week of flakes.
  • Snowflakes can be crocheted or knit, can be actual snowflakes, snowflake doilies or even a snowflake afghan.
  • Only snowflake-y items can be worked on during the week. No fair cheating!
  • I'll make a webpage showing everyone who is making snowflakes, with a running tally of how many each of us made and the group together.

I made a pretty button to tempt you:





So, who's in? It's only one week, you know you can do it!



So far, 41 people have decided to make nothing but snowflakes the week of July 25th. :dance









































Mary Ann











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I've been planning to try snowflakes anyway. This seems a good excuse to start them sooner than I planned. Count me in. Plus we're only 3 months from snow up here...




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Count me in; I've wanted to do snowflakes for my tree and for package decorations and I'd probably never make the time to do it between everything else. This gives me time to pick out some patterns and pick up some thread, and a definite timetable to get it done!

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Yes, count me in on this one. I am totally new to crocheted ornament. Just found some patterns today that I want to try. I am in a ornament exchange that last all year too, just joined. This will give me an opportunity to get some snowflakes made for the exchange, great.

Will you be sending out an email to let everyone know when you get the website up and running?

Betty in TN

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Cool cool cool! I've got family coming in from out of town tomorrow so it will be sometime in the next week for a website. Since the CAL officially is only for that one week I feel I've got a little time to play. :lol I'm really glad you're all signing up!

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Oohhh! Count me in! I always decorate my Christmas tree in white paper snowflakes, but this year I decided to crochet snowflakes, so a few weeks ago I picked up LA's "White Christmas in Thread Crochet." Don't know how good I'll be at it, but I'd love to try it and see if I really can. And if I need enough for a whole Christmas tree, I'd better start now! What a great idea!! Patty

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Oh Julie! I have been planning and planning every year to make enough snowflakes each year and every year I end up making a measly 10 or 15 :( So yes I would love to dedicate one week to making snowflakes !!! Does it matter that I have a few unfinished cals? lol:) PLease put me down for this cal!!!:D




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You're in of course Vims! Since this is only a one week CAL you can feel guilt free at having other CALs and projects waiting until it's over. And a week should get you those 10 or 15 snowflakes with no problem. :clap

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Count me in on this CAL! :clap


I am really excited about this - for those who do not know me that well, I always try to do something new on my birthday, and since it falls at the begining of this CAL week, making crochet snowflakes will be my new "thing" for this year! Last year I tried sushi and the year before that I took some salsa dance lessons! I am a relatively slow crocheter, so no promises for a great number of snowflakes, but I should have fun trying the few that I do complete!

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Can't do the button thing despite my best efforts! However, I found a great pattern for a snowflake granny, which I will produce, then join together as a gift for my first grandchild due in september! What a gift! Might even keep it towards christmas gifts!

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You want to add it to your blog, right?

Use this code:


<a href="http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=9271"><img src="http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a285/withahook/sija.gif"></a>


That should do it. :D

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