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  1. I received my reveal package from Jenn today and was just completely, totally blown away. Jenn had already exceeded all my expectations for a secret pal, and then to get this ... she made me an afghan And not just any afghan ... one with strips of interconnecting rings -- oh, just look! (I can't get the colors to come out right, darnit ... the red isn't as red as it looks here. Regardless, it's gorgeous and will be MUCH used and loved.) And as though that weren't enough, she also sent me an assortment of fabulous smelling Republic of Tea teas which I can't wait to try out, a needle case with some needles for weaving in loose ends, a beautiful journal with a cover made of handmade paper, and since I was so taken with the scrubbies she sent in an earlier package, she even tossed in three different colors of nylon netting and the patterns she used for the scrubbies and the dishclothes she sent. Jenn, you have been the most fabulous pal EVER, and I look forward to staying in touch with you in the future Thank you isn't enough ... but thank you!!
  2. thank you for a wonderful package! The dishclothes and scrubbies are fabulous and much needed, and the colors are perfect in my kitchen too. I'm dying to know how you made the scrubbies, they're awesome. And a yarn cutter pendant! I've wanted one forever, it's one of those little things that I just never manage to buy for myself but really want, so it was a very, very thoughtful gift and will be much appreciated and well used. And finally ... A Feast For Crows ... you KNEW I wanted that book, thank you so very much. I'd just finished rereading A Storm Of Swords this past weekend, so your timing couldn't have been better for this fabulous package. And today was a nice rainy day too; guess what I did as soon as I opened the package? If you guessed settle down on the couch with a good book, you got it in one! Thank you again, chum; I've really enjoyed chitchatting with you and can't wait for the note revealing your identity.
  3. To all of those in Swap Group 1: After giving a great deal of thought to what's been going on here at Crochetville recently I have decided to request that my membership in the Ville be removed, as I no longer feel comfortable in this community. I do take my obligations seriously and I will be finishing the rest of the squares I'm committed for in this swap and mailing them all out at once, probably at the beginning of next week; those of you who would otherwise owe me squares, I would request that you send them instead to Drew (http://thecrochetdude.blogspot.com/) to use for his Heart Made Blessings charity work. I wish you all health and happiness in the future. Lani
  4. The title is just what she said, Rowan's Classic Holiday. Here's one link to the book: http://www.royalyarns.com/ptrn/RYC/RYC-BK03-2205/index.html.
  5. Absolutely stunning ... and I totally agree with those who have shawl envy, I'm going hunting for that book!
  6. Mary Anne, this tapestry wool is a 3ply, about I'd say a sportweight or DK yarn. I used it single, using an H hook and primarily using hdc throughout the bag so the fabric was loose and would felt nicely. Crewel yarn is thinner as I recall, about fingering weight perhaps; I'd definitely use that doubled.
  7. Wow, fabulous colors -- I'm definitely going to have to order some of the Flavor-Aid packets since I can't find them locally.
  8. Silly, MamaHooks? I think your list is great! I'd like a room with one wall of windows; nothing like natural light when it's available. Along one full wall would be floor to ceiling built-in cabinets, with baskets or storage totes along the same lines as yours to further organize the shelves. To break up the solid wall of cabinets, how about a section of cubbies like these wine racks, also floor to ceiling: http://www.wineracksamerica.com/WineCubes/120_Bottle/index.html? On another wall I'd have drawers below an ample work surface and open shelves above, with one section set up as a desk. Definitely some of the great daylight lamps, both freestanding and desk variety .. a good desk chair and a pair of comfy chairs by a small table near the windows, maybe with a cozy love seat. Enough dreaming?
  9. I think Gran is right; you may want to ask him. While I know some folks prefer the smaller 'lapghan' size, nobody in my family and none of my friends likes those at all; we all like full-sized 'ghans and throws that we can stretch out under if we lie down on the couch while reading or watching a movie. Even my daughter, who's the shortest person in the family at 5'6", requested that the afghan I made for her family room sofa be at least 6' (72") long, and you don't even WANT to know what size I had to make for my 6'6" son! Why not ask what size your friend prefers, so it can be perfect? If you want it to be a surprise, you could always bring it up casually when you're chatting; just tell him you're making a blanket for a friend and wonder what size he thinks would be good
  10. Oh, I like that! Great use of granny squares there; you inspire me.
  11. Hey, that's a great hat! And one of the small joys of being a parent is getting to embarrass your kids -- I say go for it
  12. I've made the draped bed jacket; it's easy and quick to do and it's very pretty made up.
  13. Spectacular! May I ask where you got the kit?
  14. I got so many colors of the yarn, Joan, that it was easy to do graduations of color .. I have at least 6 or 7 shades of green and even more blues, for example. The flowers, birds and clouds were all embroidered on pre-felting .. just plain ol' long stitch embroidery, nothing fancy. The felting made it all meld together nicely. This seriously was a very fun project to just freehand; I had a mental picture of what I wanted and it just -- worked
  15. I take a project with me any time I go anywhere that I might have to wait ... if I'm just running to the grocery store then no, but bank? doctor's office? any type of road trip, even just to the outlet mall in the next town? You betcha! I'm a dreadfully impatient person so it really helps me to have something to do with my hands, and it's amazing how much you can accomplish a few stitches at a time.
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