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    Julie ~ imagine that!
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    I crochet a lot - I am loved by the most wonderful man in the world - I love old B&W movies
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    NW Georgia Mountains
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    crocheting, gardening, Bible study
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    receptionist in a medical office
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    I'm totally in love with anything I can make with thread. Particularly snowflakes and doilies.
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    Almost non-stop since 2001.

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  1. I only do it with the thread intended for snowflakes because I carry a strand of irridescent lurex with it for sparkle. The thread I use for doilies and other projects don't get wound.
  2. My September square went out in the mail on Friday so it should arrive some time this week.
  3. I have that book but have not made anything from it yet. I've had that one marked for some time now. It's beautiful Mary!
  4. Beautiful Lori, just beautiful!! As said before, I'm going to have to make that one for sure.
  5. Beautiful! You're like me, those picots drive you nuts but you can't imagine the doily without them. Great job!
  6. How pretty! Clothespin angels have been on my list of things to do for a very long time but I've not yet gotten started on them. I really like these!!
  7. That's because Lori/homeburrough is your partner - she is the person you are supposed to make a doily for in this swap.
  8. Rest assured, if your (or anyone else's) swap partner does not uphold their end of the swap you WILL get a replacement doily and the partner that did not send out a doily will be placed in the Hall of Shame. However, please keep in mind that there is no requirement for your partner to get in touch with you at any point during this swap other than mailing out your doily. In other words, don't panic yet. The absolute deadline for doilies to arrive (though they all should be in the mail by now!) is August 31st and as stated on the very first post of this swap thread, everyone is required to meet that deadline.
  9. And the title says it all. It went out yesterday so hopefully will arrive tomorrow or Saturday.
  10. Julie

    Green Doily

    Very nice!! I love the bright color.
  11. That is beautiful! I need to do a wheat doily and soon, I love that one!
  12. I'm so glad you are pleased with it Kim. It's one I've always wanted to do for myself but hadn't gotten around to yet. Now I sent it to you and I still don't have it. I know you'll give it a good home.
  13. I have that problem too but not just here. I associate it with Google Toolbar though because I didn't have a problem with it until I added it to my browser (I like the spell check option so I kept it). I've had the Toolbar for such a long time that by now I can't remember if it worked before I added it or not.
  14. Your doily is on the way. We finally made it to the post office yesterday afternoon, it's coming Priority Mail so hopefully it will be there Monday or Tuesday. I hope you like it.
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