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    Julie ~ imagine that!
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    I crochet a lot - I am loved by the most wonderful man in the world - I love old B&W movies
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    NW Georgia Mountains
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    crocheting, gardening, Bible study
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    receptionist in a medical office
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    I'm totally in love with anything I can make with thread. Particularly snowflakes and doilies.
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    Almost non-stop since 2001.

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  1. Yep, they're all clearanced out. I managed to get two skeins of the navy blue I needed to finish my afghan thank goodness.
  2. Usually the person coordinating will specify what type of yarn to use, or at least they should. I ask to be sure before starting just to be safe if I can't find it noted anywhere, but it definitely can be different for each comfortghan requested.
  3. The maximum image size allowed here at Crochetville is 480x360 pixels. Any image larger than maximum size will be linked by the Administrators or Super-Moderators, mainly with respect for people on dial-up connections. This is listed in the Rules. We also have posted Tips on how to resize images for your convenience. If you have posted a large picture and find we have linked it for you, you can edit your post with a resized image.
  4. Because I'm guessing we're going to get a fair number of responses, I'm going to move your suggestions to my first post (so they'll be there and easy for all to see). Feel free to yell out if I've got something wrong, okay?
  5. A trick post! After a studied consideration I thought it would be a good idea to post and request some ideas that can be made into a basic reference section for the comfortghans. Those of you that have made squares and received them for joining probably have a lot more ideas than I would on what should go into such a section so I'm asking for suggestions. The first few things I have are: ~ Always tie in ends on donated squares - it causes a lot of work to the person receiving the squares for joining. ~ Identify the stitcher of the squares - this should include name, Crochetville u
  6. I learned all the good basic stuff at Lissa Explains it All. Yes, it's a kids HTML site and yes I was finally able to understand what I was supposed to do. I still refer back to it constantly for quick reference. (I think she was 12 when she started that site, how good is that?) :)h
  7. Julie

    WIP Wednesday

    I'm in, will post to my blog. LOVE the button!! <img border=0 src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v84/crochetville/rowofhearts.gif" />
  8. Yeah, it looks like it. Let's keep our eye on it in the meantime maybe we can come up with another way to tackle these. :thinking2
  9. Cool! When they get their server issues fixed, I'll check it out for sure. :cloud9
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