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  1. This is what makes crocheting worthwhile for me.. lately at least. What about you?
  2. Homespun is one of my favorite yarns to work with. Working into the starting chain can be a pain, because it's hard to see the stitches, but once you get going, you get used to it & it gets a lot easier. When making the beginning chain, make it a little bit looser than normal, and even that goes smoothly. Thanks for the compliments everyone
  3. I made this afghan with Lion Brand's Homespun & a pattern on Lion Brand's website. It is actually going to be used as a blanket for my 3 yr old step-son. We only get him during the summer, and he stays with his mom in Pennsylvania during the winter (brr!!) so I wanted it to be warm more than decorative. It is not perfect by any means, but it is my first large piece & it took a lot of work (done entirely in sc - agh)
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone. I edited the original post with an answer I received from a librarian.
  5. That would make a great bikini cover-up skirt at the beach! Great job.
  6. Yes, another copyright question. If I borrow a crochet book from a public library, and make photocopies of patterns for personal use only, is that breaking copyright laws or not? Edit: I've recently learned from a librarian that laws state that one may make one copy of a pattern (or something else from a diff. book) for personal use. So there's the official answer, as far as I'm concerned
  7. snbunch

    Lonely sock

    I finally finished this sock I started last night using the pattern on crochetme, and am very.. unhappy with the results. The pattern was fine, though I modified it a bit in the toes & heel. I used Lion Brand Magic Stripes yarn, and I am less than pleased with the color. I purposely made my first sock with this yarn (instead of the other sock yarn that I have) in case I fudged it, so I suppose I wasn't expecting beauty. Anyhow, here is a picture of a lonely sock that may never find a mate. (The colors are actually a lot worse than they look in the photo.)
  8. Stacey, thanks for all your helpful advice. Now that I can see a sock starting to form, I'm finally having a lot of fun with this pattern.
  9. I need help with this pattern: http://www.crochetme.com/issue_1/socks_in_shoes.html I've got the done, then it says: Sc around for 2 rounds. (I understand this) Sc across front half of tube (understand this). Chain 18, and attach on the other side of the tube. (The space between the cuff & the chain is where the heel will go later.) Okay - there is the problem. Do I attach the ch 18 to the very back of the tube, or directly across? don't get it.. Also - how do I decrease in rounds? Say... decreasing 2 stitches per round? Agh - I thought this was an easy sock pattern..
  10. I agree with everyone else. When I saw it on amazon, I was very excited. Then I got to look through it in Hobby Lobby and was very unimpressed.
  11. Oh, wow! Thanks. You're awesome I'm ordering the 2004 issue right now!
  12. I've looked through a couple of issues of Interweave Knits numerous times, and really adore the style of patterns they present. However, I don't knit and don't foresee that changing soon. Are there any crochet mags that compare to IK in style?
  13. I'm considering purchasing this beautiful pattern: http://www.weirdmirror.org/patterns/shsw.htm I consider myself an advanced beginner-intermediate, and this pattern says beginner, but the description sounds... somewhat complicated. Anyone done this & have feedback?
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