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  1. well hello all, I am back on the internet after a really long time and decided that I would jump in on this cal even though our modest winter is over:) I am making mine in peach color(local yarn) and am thinking of using tunisian crochet:) Here is a pic of the first square I made. Let me know if this will work or not please? Thanks Vims http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v223/crochetlady/motifcardigansquare01.jpg
  2. that is absolutely lovely!!! Thanks for sharing it with us! hugs Vims
  3. you rock!!! these are so sweet!!!! love them all!!! hugs Vims
  4. wowzee!!! these are great!! and to work with 3 strands must give them a nice taut look! Great job!!!love the first brown one!!! hugs Vims
  5. wonderful work!! I love them all!!! isn't it great to work with thread! its the pesky ends that annoy me lol :0) hugs vims
  6. Thanks Jackie! Will follow your method and post my work here:) hugs Vims
  7. Oh Jackie could you write down the schematics? I would like to venture out into bead crochet. hugs Vims
  8. Oh I love that bear!! and that dress oh so sweet!!!perfect mothers day gift!!! hugs Vims
  9. Ilene thats a lovely square!! now to see if I have the book Is it just called big book of afghans? thanks a lot! hugs vims
  10. very pretty ! the dresses and your daughter! hugs Vims
  11. ok ladies I am biting!! I have quite a few yarns waiting and I had been wanting to do the yo yo afghan for a long time now. but I am cheating here:) My daughter wants to help me in some project that i am doing so i asked her if she can crochet some yo-yo's for me and I would join them. She is only 9 so i don't know how long she will stay intrested in this Will keep you all posted:) hugs Vims
  12. dazy Love how the variegated looks in the quilt!!! Nice job! Tiffany I too bought the book and now I am having to restrain myself from starting another one! Also I downloaded some quilt blocks from quilterscache or something like that website and am itching to give those a try! maybe a sampler quilt!!! Its good that there are no yarn shops in the vicinity otherwise I would be there in a jiffy! Patricia I can so relate to not doing any other "work" other than crochet!! Yes and just one more diamond to go!!! hugs Vims
  13. Tiffany and Patricia!! your PS quilts are coming along great! hugs Vims
  14. hello ladies, haven't been posting that often here but I wanted to come in and show my progress:) hugs Vims
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