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  1. That pattern shows off this gorgeous yarn to its best advantage. Beautiful job! ~L
  2. I LOVE this frog!!! I am making a lily pond blanket for my sister-in-law for her baby shower, and was thinking I should make a frog to go with it, so I NEED to know when your pattern goes into your shop. Another great job! ~L
  3. Very beautiful, and I like the colour combinations! I think you managed a purple-pink look in a VERY adult way! ~L
  4. Or make a bunch for an advent calendar....mmmmmm yummy little chocolate filled stockings:P They look very good, by the way...will be neat to see the pattern for them! ~L
  5. Salos; I just try to buy wool at good prices whenever I can. The wool I'm using for this project is Bernat wool that I bought at a tent sale at their manufacturing site, but I find it to be reasonably priced anyway.
  6. The pattern of the day at Annie's Attic http://www.anniesattic.com/free_pattern_day/index.html for Sept 2, 2006 would be great for Afghans for Afghans 900 Sweater or Vests for Children campaign http://www.afghansforafghans.org/900kids.html Just wanted to put in an extra push for this great cause! Bucky
  7. That is absolutely beautiful...what type of thread did you use? ~L
  8. Great job...I LOVE the pirates you put on it!! And another ringing endorsement for that bag...I have made 2 this summer already for gifts, and they are BEAUTIFUL! I just have to get one made for *me* LOL!! ~L
  9. That is a really pretty colour!!! Very suitable for your little beauty! I made that halter for my dd last summer, and I think I will steal your flower idea as hers is a little risque in the cleavage area LOL!! ~L
  10. That's really nice...what pattern is it? Leanne...also a k^!##er
  11. buckynbabies

    Granny Squares

    Here is the most basic granny square http://www.jpfun.com/patterns/01granny/grannysquare.shtml Have fun! L
  12. Hollier...Here is a link to the Country Button Square http://westwood.fortunecity.com/millen/681/crochetarchive.html#Country%20Button%20Square As you can see it is very solid! Yelutci...Thanx for the encouragement. I am now SOOOO excited to get this started. I saw this type of design in a knit blanket once, and have been looking for something similar in crochet squares for a while now! And to all...I have decided to go with the hopscotch square http://www.spatulagraphics.com/krochet/patterns/hopgrn.html I am going to add 2 rounds to make it the same as the original pattern, and I am going to do row 5 in row 6 (I think...still working that out ) where the solid darker colour in the IQ blanket pattern is. After doing a test with just the WW I had lying around, I actually found this square is fairly lightweight. I forgot how heavy all those 3dc clusters can make things!! I actually used a LOT less yarn!!! BTW, I found all the links to these squares on Bevs Country Cottage web site http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/grannies.html L:hook
  13. Thanks, soar...maybe if I can find a finer weight yarn in the right colours I'll give that a try! L
  14. I could do that, but then it would be a much smaller blanket. I am doing it in very non-baby colours (light blue, dark blue and orange...her favourite colours!!), so I think that if I make it with the hole-y squares, she can just not use it right away if she is worried about little fingers getting caught. Thanks for the thought though...I never thought about making it with thinner yarn! L
  15. I have found the perfect idea for a baby blanket for a friend of mine's baby to be. It is based on this pattern http://www.dustbunnies.com/Crochet/afghans/iqafghan.htm but with different colours. The square that they use is a basic granny with 3dc in the ch1's from the row below, so it is fairly hole-y. Now, my kids slept with that type of crochet blanket all the time because we have so many around the house from dmil, and I think they're fine, but I'm not sure about other moms. I used to make a lot of the Country Button granny when I was doing squares for charity, and it is much more solid, of course, but would it be just roasting for the babe? TIA for any advice! L
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